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Haven S4x03 - Kate Kelton as Jordan McKee "Bad Blood" Episode 403 -- Pictured: -- (Photo by: Michael Tompkins/Syfy)We are honored and pleased to announce that Kate Kelton of Haven, is returning to WHR You Decide for an indepth interview this Sunday, October 13th at 10AM Pacific time!

During what will certainly be an exciting and revealing interview, you will have an opportunty to call in and chat with Kate Kelton, the best “Bad Girl” by calling 347-838-9722!

Click to visit and follow the Haven Darkside Seekers on Twitter!During our interview with Kate, we are going to delve into Darkside Seekers detail about her fascinating portrayal of the mysterious character, Jordan McKee of “The Guard”, from the hit series Haven, based on Stephen King’s novel, The Colorado Kid now in it’s fourth superb season!

Who and what Jordan is up to in season four? What plans does she have? How does her former lover and Haven Sheriff Nathan Wournos, portrayed by Lucas Bryant, who has returned to Haven to find a different, “Troubled”, altered reality, fit into the picture?

Haven - S4x01 - Nathan returns to an altered reality in Haven!

Haven S4x01 Kate Kelton as Jordon McKee in "Fallout" Episode 401 -- Pictured: Kate Kelton as Jordan McKee -- (Photo by: Michael Tompkins/Syfy)

Haven S4x01 Kate Kelton behind the scenesAs seen of Syfy in the United States every Friday, on SyfyUK in England and soon to be seen on Showcase in Canada, the Jordan McKee character has fascinated Kate Kelton’s admirers the world over the past two seasons since her characters introduction!

For this editor, and millions of fans across the globe, Jordan McKee, keeper of secrets, influential member of “The Guard” spurned lover of Nathan Wournos (Lucas Bryant), ally of Sheriff Dwight Hendrickson (Adam Copeland), and shotgun toting vixen who can give Audrey/Sarah/Lucy/Lexie (Emily Rose) a run for her money, McKee is sure to play a pivotal role in determining what William (Colin Ferguson) is doing in Haven during season four!

Kate Kelton FB Images - The Guard tatoo!As we have stated previously in out first interview in November 2012, actor Kate Kelton is among the few celebrity names millions across the globe recognize for her distinguished entertainment career.

Highly active on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, Kate responds to thousands of her followers, sincerely sharing her own, and their glee on social media web sites across the Internet about all manner of fun activities including movies, television programs, travel, photography and of course… Haven!

Haven - S4x02 - Emma Lahana, Eric Balfour and Kate KeltonThis year in Haven season four, all those seeking to Discover Haven, everyone, including Team WHR members Karina and I love Friday nights because when Ms. Kelton tweets with her fans, often ending up in “Twitter Jail” with other fans from sharing so many of her Discover Haven tweets in the Twitterverse. Like Kate, we love going to Twitter Prison as the program trends week after week, to the sheer delight of all Haven and her fans!

Haven S4x01 - Jordan McKee stops Nathan and Duke from returning to Haven in "Fallout" Episode 401 -- Pictured: (l-r) Kate Kelton as Jordan McKee, Eric Belfour as Duke Crocker -- (Photo by: Michael Tompkins/Syfy)Not only is Kate Kelton currently blasting her way to stardom, via shotgun or pistol against all the evil doers in the world of Haven as produced by the fine folks at Canada’s Entertainment One, Kate has recently completed a television commercial for the “MKZ Hybrid” manufactured by the luxury Lincoln Motor Company (included below).

Outside of her commercial work and having just completed filming season four of Haven, Kate is working on new entertainment projects that she will discuss with all of us on Sunday October 13, 2013!

Kate Keltons’s Entertainment Career:
(excerpts from Kate’s previous feature article)

Haven Cover Kate Kelton FB ImagesIt seems as if there really cannot be too many actors left in Canada with all the talent headed across the border. Names such as Victor Garber, Ryan Gosling, Seth Rogen, Sandra Oh and Jessica Steen jump off the page as very talented Canadians making a living as actors in the United States.

We now add to the list, Jessica Steen’s co-star from the Canadian dark comedy, “Bullet In The Face”, Kate Kelton!

Kate Kelton plays Martine Mahler, a member of a group of crime lords who’s days are numbered as they face down the good guys. Jessica Steen plays Commissioner Eva Braden who spends more time out on the streets fighting crime than she does in her office.

Kate Kelton FB Images - Haven CollageKate has been involved in several indie films and TV guest spots, and a famous Tic Tac ad campaign which ran for nearly ten years!

Those in the know remember that Kate was the first non-blonde ever to star in a campaign for them. This quickly followed when she slayed the world in a memorable role in Shaggy’s hit music video, “It Wasn’t Me”.

Kate then made her big-screen debut at the Toronto International Film Festival, in a brief cameo in the Oscar-nominated director Deepa Mehta’s, “The Republic of Love”. But the real reason she may seem familiar is because of her unforgettable turn in cult-classic, “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle.”

Kate Kelton FB Images - Bikini topKate is only just getting started with her career. The thirty-four year old former model has booked a recurring role in the immensely popular “Haven” on Syfy (USA) and Showcase (Canada).

Her character, Jordan McKee, has a “Trouble”, says Kelton, that causes her to be virtually, “a human taser”. When Jordan touches someone’s skin to skin they go down writhing and screaming in agony”, with the exception of one character, for those familiar with the Haven mythology.

Haven S4x01 Episode "Fallout" -- Pictured: -- (Photo by: Michael Tompkins/Syfy)Kelton believes that is why there was an interest in exploring a love arc between her and Nathan (Lucas Bryant) because, of course, Nathan does not feel anything.

In an inverted type of scenario, it would seem likely that a similar situation to him and Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) will be established because she is the only one that he can feel, and he is the only one that Jordan can touch. It appears that there may be a love triangle on the horizon since Kate is scheduled to appear in at least three episodes.

Costar Lucas Bryant is also quite familiar with cross border living. He was born in Canada to American parents. Born in 1978, he and Kate Kelton arHavenTCe the same age. Lucas has dual citizenship and currently lives in Los Angeles.

Since Haven is filmed in Chester, Nova Scotia, the location definitely has emulated that New England feel that the producers were looking for. Haven has just wrapped the third season of this popular show this past September. The citizens of Chester are justifiably proud of having their little town highlighted internationally.

Like true people of the Maritimes, they have been very friendly and accepting of the cast and crew, inviting them to local weddings and other events throughout the summer.

Haven 2013 - Comic book cover

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