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Welcome to the two part finale of the wonderful altered reality season four of Discover Haven!

Haven S4 banner logo - Clicl to learn more at the official Syfy Network ChannelThe creators, writers, cast, crews, composer have more than outdone themselves as in the opinion of this editor, their Discover Haven team pivoted absolutely perfectly to the two part season four finale beginning with “When the Bough Breaks!

Haven S4x12 - Evil William is out to get Audrey to create The Troubles!As is known by Haven admirers the world over, in season four, our heroes Audrey Parker (Emily Rose), Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour), Nathan Wournos (Lucas Bryant), Dave Teagues (John Dunsworth), Vince Teagues (Richard Donat), Dwight (Adam Copeland), Jennifer (Emma Lahana) and “Stan the Cop” (Glenn Lefchak) have been plagued by the wildly warped William, portrayed deftly by veteran actor Colin Ferguson.

DiscoverHaven-LIVE-STREAM-Dec0613- Image courtesy Syfy LIveStreamIn the first of a two part season four finale, Shernold Edwards and Speed Weed blended in incredible aspects to the evil and obsessed Wiliam’s character to the point where most fans of the series where frankly ready to shoot William as Nathan had done.

If not for the sympathetic capability of Audrey to be hurt from whatever happens to William also happening to her, this reviewer has no doubt that Duke, Nathan, Vince, Dave, and perhaps even Jennifer, would gladly BBQ the wormhole bar barn stalker with a flamethrower if given a chance an it would not hurt Audrey!

DiscoverHaven-LIVE-STREAM-Dec0613-1When considering the outstanding quality in the body of work produced by the “writing room” of Haven, Shernold Edwards and Speed Weed stepped up the plate and “belted in a grand slam” setting up the thirteenth episode of the fourth season of Haven!

Written by the talented Shernold Edwards, whom we had the privilege of interviewing (included below) subsequent to the airing of “When the Bough Breaks”, and her able co-writer, Speed Weed, the sheer terror of the developments most definitely put a chill down everyone’s spine under the able direction of industry veteran Lee Rose!

DiscoverHaven-LIVE-STREAM-Dec0613The excitement we felt last weekend began with Shernold Edwards appearing on a Syfy sponsored live stream, hosted by Colin Ferguson!

The gala event featured a number of the castr and creators including Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant, Eric Balfour, Shawn Pillar, Matt McGuiness, and special guest Laura Vandervoort who appeared in the third season of the great Haven series!

The delight continued on the live stream for nearly an hour and was followed for us the next morning when we interviewed Shernold Edwards about the great work she and Speed Weed accomplished working together writing in the “When the Bough Breaks” episode!

Haven S4x11 - Jennifer can see the Guard symbol glow on the bookOne of the aspects that has been most intriguing is the theory of “the heart of Haven” discovered in the previous episode, “Shot in the Dark”, when Jennifer was able to decode the secret messages in the book “Unstake My Heart” that shimmered as she read them to our heroes Audrey, Nathan and Duke revealing that Jennifer can summon the “door” in the wormhole bar barn to send obsessed William back to where he came from… hopefully without the alternate version of Audrey as his willing or unwilling prisoner!

Haven S4x12 - Finding the heart of Haven message in the book Unstake My HeartBefore beginning my analysis of the When the Bough Breaks episode itself, and while I have enjoyed each of the three previous seasons, it is no exaggeration to share that season four of Haven has excelled taking the series to new heights in ratings and Twitter trending statistics each and every week!

Therefore, “When the Bough Breaks” receives an “A PLUS” from this editor for the well deserved accomplishments by the cast, crews and creators of Haven that produced an awesome episode eloquently revealing series story arc secrets that superbly set up the season four thirteenth episode “The Lighthouse!” including a special role for Gloria (Jayne Eastwood) whom will play a pivotal part in the final two episodes as we have theorized on previously.

When the Bough Breaks:

Haven S4x12 - The Trouble comes from the sound in the airAs the opening sequence begins, we are far above the town. The clouds appear to be warping as a hideous sound approaches a man mowing his lawn.

The man senses that something is awry, but is oblivious to his fate only moments away.

As the amplitude of the sound increases to a horrendous level, the poor man becomes the first victim and falls to ground; dead!

Haven S4x12 - Tennis kills via WilliamThe next segue is to a scene on a tennis court where two other citizens have just finished playing a set of tennis. One comments to the other; “what’s that awful sound?”. Before the two can do anything the audible signal has reached them and the older man falls to the ground dead while his tennis partner gasps in sheer horror!

We are left to wonder why only one of the two men is killed, however before we can think too hard on the subject, a third victim is slotted for death, no doubt by crazed obsessed William. A pretty young woman is washing her car not far away when the death screech sound reaches her and kills her instantly!

Haven S4x12 - A third victim falls dead from the Harker curse

Haven S4x12 - Stan the Cop secures the perimeter of the hideoutLeveraging a nice, neat scene that pays attention to previous elements of the story arc detail, we find ourselves In a special hideout of Duke’s outside of town.

Nathan is observed chatting with Stan the Cop on the police radio about securing the location against an assault by William or his minions known to still be lurking around the environs of Haven!

Haven S4x12 - Duke discusses the secret nature of his hideoutWhile briefing Audrey, Jennifer and Nathan on why the location is perfect for defending against an approach by William, Duke states why he has keep the place secret for years, for precisely the possibility of threat posed by William.

None of our heroes at this point realizes that William has selected a version of “The Troubles” from the past in which geographic seclusion will have a defense factor of ZERO!

Haven S4x12 - Audrey discusses the impact of the book on WilliamEach believe they may be able to simply “shove” William through the wormhole bar barn door using Jennifer’s power which she demonstrated with the Rougarou (which disintegrated when it touched the “Unstake My Heart” book) in “Shot in the Dark”.

Duke refers to Jennifer as “Obi-wan” since she appears to be their “only hope” with a nice play on words from Star Wars!

Unfortunately, William has seemingly planned for any contingency as we learn that the three victims have been exposed to a new trouble whereby a baby’s crying voice, a member from Gloria Harker’s family, has the power to selectively kill it’s victims via the amplified sound waves of a crying waif named Aaron Harker.

Haven S4x12 - Nathan finds out the truth about AudreyWilliam knows that “The Harker Trouble” has afflicted Haven many times in the past as well as killing victims in far away towns! From the interaction which occurs subsequent to Nathan, Duke and Audrey investigating, this particular version of “The Troubles” has been a curse in the Harker family for many generations.

Audrey and Nathan quickly get confirmation that William is afraid of directly approaching Jennifer and apparently has selected the baby scream version of The Troubles to circumvent her ability to trap him and send him back through the wormhole bar barn door.

Haven S4x12 - William with a box full of The TroublesNevertheless, William belligerently appears to brag about what he has done and that he will prove that Audrey belongs to him. An expert on creating “The Troubles” (with the alternate version of Audrey), William has leveraged the Harker family curse which they have successfully controlled for years by training the members of their family to avoid crying. Why? Because whenever someone in the Harker family utters a cry, someone else in Haven will hear the sound and perish immediately!

Although Gloria and her boyfriend in the Harker family went to great extremes to not cry and kill anyone, because the Trouble previously started at puberty when they had time to train the afflicted, deviously devilish William re-activated the curse to affect a new member of their family; baby Aaron Harker who is too young to be trained!

Haven S4x12 - Troubled Aaron Harker with Mom and Dad, Riley Raymer as Ashley Harker, Christian Campbell as Ben Harker We then meet the father and mother of the child. Portrayed by Riley Raymer as Ashley Harker, and Christian Campbell as Ben Harker, both are more than aware of the awful circumstances that have once again been unleashed on their family in general, and hapless victims of Haven in specific! They are terrified of what will transpire!

As we discover to in our absolute state of disbelief, Audrey is powerless against what William has planned to convert her consciousness back to what she was in an alternate reality; an evil woman who took pleasure in creating new and ever more virulent versions of “The Troubles” to obliterate Haven!

William informs Audrey, that the only way to stop the Harker baby from killing more people is for her to create and give a new “Trouble” to someone else that will contain the crying waif.

Haven S4x12 - Audrey thinks she can outsmart WilliamConvinced that she can either overpower and or outsmart William, Audrey believes she can keep the baby from crying by using her “Audrey Power” of empathizing with people to help them understand and thereby control their version of “The Troubles”.

But Audrey cannot communicate with the baby and is confronted by William’s guile, a Trouble that can only be fixed by infecting someone else with another Trouble!

Haven S4x12 - Duke and Jennifer decide they must separate to stop William and save HavenMeanwhile Jennifer learns from Duke that another person in town has also seen a pulsating Guard symbol similar to what is in the “Unstake My Heart” book , Vince Teague’s (Richard Donat).

During this sequence we learned that Dave Teague’s (John Dunsworth) does not have the power because he was adopted and is not a blood brother to Vince.

Haven S4x12 - The Heart of haven is The LighthouseWe also learn later that Vince has become a compass of sort that is pointing them to the “Heart of Haven”; The Lighthouse, which, not coincidentally, will become the subject matter and title of the thirteenth episode of season four.

Of course The Lighthouse is key, we have been seeing the structure in the promos of the series for four years for goodness sakes!

Haven S4x12 - Vince acts as a compass for The LighthouseAs Vince, Jennifer and Dave head to “The Lighhouse”, where they will find a secret door only she can see, she very reluctantly agrees with Duke to go and help Audrey stop William. Duke is also hesitant, but listens when she says the book is protecting her from harm as he heads off to assist Audrey and take on the Crocker family curse he believes he can control.

Supremely confident William informs Audrey that all she has to do, using her innate Troubled ability, is simply create hold the baby soothingly rather than create a new Trouble, It does not work. The baby cries and this time Ashley Harker is killed.

Haven S4x12 - William rubs it inThe horror of the event leaves only one choice;  to address the Harker curse by forcing herself (Audrey) into infecting someone else in town just as William desires!

The transparency of William is clear (pun intended). He is convinced that in the process of Audrey creating a new Trouble, will rekindle memories within Audrey of her former alternate reality self.

William is sure that then Audrey will willingly return as his lover so they can complete the process of utterly destroying Haven once and for all time!

Haven S4x12 - Michael Hogan as Gloria's boyfriend

Haven S4x12 - Gloria is in tears at the prospect of Ben sacrificing himselfTrying to outfox William, Audrey agrees to create a “Silence if Golden” Trouble in Gloria’s boyfriend Lincoln Harker (Michael Hogan) who volunteers for the task. Medical Examiner Gloria is concerned and upset, revealing that the Harker course has eluded containment in previous epidemics of the “Harker crying death curse” and relates that in its most virulent form, people in far away locations were killed!

Audrey believes that since Gloria’s boyfriend is partially deaf in one ear, by giving him a “Silence is Golden” Trouble it will create an impenetrable barrier that will lock down the audible sound of baby Aaron and protect other people from being killed.

Although Audrey is successful in creating the new Trouble, a aura surrounds her and an evil smile appears on her face for a second or two. The situation appears to prove that William has been telling the truth, that she did create The Troubles of Haven to begin with!

Haven S4x12 - Ben Harker says killing himself is the only chance to save baby Aaron and havenMy theory is that the alternate Audrey discovered how terrible she had become and created a version of The Troubles to make herself forget who she had been and somehow tricked and trapped William in the wormhole bar barn to render him powerless.

When Audrey activates the new Trouble, it does not have the intended effect. Aaron Harker’s cries are intensified and five more people are killed!

Haven S4x12 - Audrey faces the deadly truth she must give Duke his Trouble back to save baby Aaron Harker and HavenAs the first part of the two part finale draws to a conclusion, Audrey wants to make another attempt. Duke, who had joined his best friend in town, had witnessed that Audrey enjoyed the power of creating The Troubles and offers his services to deflect the problem.

Duke, who has just come from Jennifer on the dock, advises Audrey to reactivate the Crocker family curse so that he can kill the baby’s father Ben Harker, and end the Harker family Trouble curse once and for all. Gloria is in tears speaking with Ben. Ben is convinced that baby Aaron can be spared in the future if he sacrifices himself using this hideous concept, but apparently no one has any other choice.

Haven S4x12 - Black hand Audrey infects Duke as the screen fades to blackAs black hand Audrey takes one of the evil black Troubled contagion flowers to infect Duke, the screen fades to black.

Only a few questions must be considered;

Will infecting Duke to kill Ben Harker work to stop the wormhole alternate reality obsessed William?

Or has evil duplicitous William planned for an unexpected contingency regarding this eventuality as well?

Haven S4x01 - Audrey moves to infect DukeAs mentioned above, “When the Bough Breaks” is a superbly written and directed with wonderful music composition that accentuates the “feels” the fans so often talk about on Twitter, Facebook and get Getglue.

This reviewer and members of our team cannot wait for a renewal of the Haven series.

I am sincerely hoping that both Syfy and Showcase agree with our assessment that Haven is a fine product worthy of many more seasons to continue the epic supernatural science fiction drama that has captivated millions around the world!

Haven S4x12 - Audrey moves to infect Duke with the Crocker family curse

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