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Killjoys Lucy aka Tamsen McDonoughWelcome WormholeRiders, Galactic Bounty Hunters and those Caring About the Killjoys!

“Come the Rain” begins with a little montage of how the Killjoys; Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen), John (Aaron Ashmore), and D’Avin (Luke Macfarlane) are dealing with the aftermath of episode seven: Kiss Kiss, Bye Bye.

(Quick recap: D’Av went a tad, okay a lot, berserk and tried to kill Dutch. Then he stabbed his own brother.) D’Av has barely left the ship.

Killjoys BannerAnd Dutch, let’s just say her coping mechanism is a little more graphic but I guess it tells a story.

I have to say it was hard for me to decide how to proceed with reviewing episode 8 without it coming off scattered. There were pretty much two separate story lines, yet they were combined. Confusing right? My solution is to untie the stories at the beginning and tie them back a little at the end. So off we go!

Come the Rain:

WarrantAnd so begins the untying. John has taken out a warrant in Dutch and D’Avin’s names to try to get the teams mojo back. And with his bossy pants on, John isn’t taking no for an answer.

The two agree and go see Bellus, played by the joyful Nora McLellan. She really is a joy! Bellus on the other hand scares the he** out of me, but I love her ‘tude!

She gave the Killjoys their orders. Bring the package back to Westerly in one piece. ‘Shouldn’t be too hard… Even with your team in the sh***er.’ Bellus, did I mention she’s also quite the sweet talker? But she has one more little matter of business before sending D&D on their way. Boss lady would like to have a word in private with D’Av. She wants to dish out a little payback for him hurting Dutch. He knows he has it coming and before he can completely finish agreeing to one shot, Bellus gut punches him. He got off easy so easy! She was ready to throw down!

Trust TestD&D hop ship with the package and tear off to Old Westerly where Lucy, who we know in the real world as Tamsen McDonough, updates them on the ‘black rain’ event that is headed towards Westerly. (Not good, but we’ll get to this later.) Next thing you know, Lucy loses steam, and it appears this device has taken control.

We soon learn that this was all planned by John to get Dutch and D’Avin to communicate with each other and heal. It’s a fancy lie detector of sorts. If they answer truthful, pieces of the device shift back into place and Lucy will restart. John is a determined Killjoy who wants his crew fixed!

Right away we know how D’Av feels about team building exercises. Hater. Also, can we get a big ‘AWWWW’ as we learn D’Avin feels he will never be good enough. I wanted to hug my TV! And we sadly learn that Dutch either does or doesn’t trust D’Avin. But through a trust test that Dutch herself puts into motion with knife throwing (wait… what?!) we do learn she does indeed NOT trust him completely. Would you if someone tried to snap you like a twig? You WANT to believe he won’t switch back into crazy town mode.

Black Rain FluxWhile the two are playing John’s game I noticed that it looked like Lucy was getting seriously close to the eye of the black rain event over Westerly. This is confirmed when, during their trust tête-à-tête, Lucy interrupts telling them they are caught in the black rain’s flux. There’s something mentioned about orbital decay. There’s another ‘badlands’ word for ya! Gloom and doom. The magnetic field has rendered John’s little experiment useless now so Dutch deactivates it Dutch style therefore saving the day and getting Lucy on her way. There she goes being bad*** again.

Black RainOn to fun times ahead for John, Alvis (Morgan Kelly), Pree (Thom Allison), and Pawter (Sarah Power) back in Westerly.

After John sends D & D on their way, as he and Pawter are outside debating his health, sirens sound. Remember the black rain event Lucy warned of? This was their warning it was on its way. Also noted: what’s up with Pawter?

She’s acting odd, like she’s hiding something.

ShackledBack inside we see Pree knows how to prepare for disaster! He offers safe haven and, yep, cold beer to anyone who couldn’t make it home safe before the impending chemical rain. Maybe Pree should rescind that offer as in walks what looks like trouble followed shortly by Alvis.

Outside the Company (law keepers) are shackling some poor misguided fellas to a stand and riveting it to the ground. DO NOT get in trouble with the Company! These guys punishment for crimes committed? ‘Exposed to the elements until dead’, I’d say that’s a little extreme! I’ll be good, I swear!

Kal CsoortMeanwhile, John has become suspicious of the guys that walked into the bar. He discretely walks past one man and scans his image, which pulls up alerts for this man. Kal Csoort (Dru Viergever) and his partners have been busy boys and are wanted for armed robbery and murder of Company personnel.

John also notices one gentleman who has entered the bar is Company personnel. He urges Pree and Pawter to move because the trio is in the line of fire, and before Company man can do something … stupid.

Acid FacialToo late, Captain Hector Feraanz (Dewshane Williams) steps up and flashes his sidearm and attempts a call at back-up. Feraanz pulls his weapon and when the gunfire stops, Kal has been hit.

So we have a new bad guy in charge, Surja (Dwain Murphy). It’s hostage time! And as John closes the doors to Pree’s bar, we see the onset of the gruesome punishment for the poor misguided fellas from earlier! The rain on their upturned faces and skin are incompatible. (I think I’m gonna be sick.) Pawter steps in to help save Kal and takes him upstairs for repairs. Again I’m noting, something is definitely not right with Pawter! John has taken note too and realizes she is suffering withdrawals.

Pree sassI guess better withdrawals than what we flash to in the streets? We get another beautiful scene of the truly gruesome execution by elements. The black rain has pretty much eaten face! A big EWWW from me!

Let’s go back upstairs at Pree’s bar and see how Pawter is doing with her ‘jack’ withdrawals. She’s a little twitchy. Now Pree, Alvis, and John convince Surja they need medical supplies to save Kal, but they’re really going in search of a fix for Pawter.

When Surja, Mr. Positive, inquires how they plan on getting past ‘since it’s black raining, bi***es?’ Pree came back with ‘that’s why God invented basements.. bi***es.’ So sassy Pree! Okay Alvis and John, you’ve got thirty minutes!


Into the rabbit hole they go where they snag the jack and upon return are stopped in the tunnels by the Company. They were following a beacon that Feraanz had activated. (FYI, the camera shot in this scene is phenomenal!!) Alvis and John convince them they can end this without more bloodshed. Again with the time limit, John is given thirty minutes or the Company is storming.

FeraanzPawter gets her fix and, after omission to killing someone from a previous surgery, a cover up, and being sent to Westerly, the surgery to stop Kal’s bleeding is successful. John informs Surja he still can’t be moved until a after the rain. Surja ain’t havin’ it.

He shoots Feraanz and pushes him out into the chemical rain prompting action from the Killjoys. He and, following shortly, Alvis go save the poor guy. There’s a bonus for John though!  He’s found a rivet gun left behind by the Company.

John Is RivetingBack inside, Surja tells John he needs to fix this. You actually see and maybe hear John snap. It was magnificent! No more Mr. Fix It. ‘In the last 10 days, I have been attacked by a face hugging biotech! Stabbed by my brother! Had major surgery! Helped perform major surgery! Been beaten, bullied, and burned! I am DONE… fixing thing.’ Now, I’d have snapped long before. John has shown remarkable restraint, until now.

The little bonus for John mentioned above gets to come out and play. He pulls the rivet gun he’d found outside and shoots dead on into the three remaining con’s heads, effectively ending the hostage situation. I think he enjoyed this a little bit, and I KNOW I did. The shot of booze and the chuckle afterwards implied that. John! Not me!

Alvis and FeraanzAs the Company comes in and starts cleaning up, Feraanz asks Alvis for a blessing. Did anyone else know they were in cahoots? Feraanz discloses to him that the Company is stockpiling weapons all over town.

The Company won’t tell them what it’s for, but they’re preparing for something BIG. He then passes a card to Alvis with blueprints and locations to stockpiles.

The JaqobisAnd, tying the Killjoys back together, John and D’Avin meet up in Westerly where the new Mr. No Fix It tells D’Av he’s done cleaning up after him.

Since things didn’t exactly work out with the planned Lucy lock down, he tells D’Avin that if he wants to fix it, he needs to figure it out. So let’s hope D’Avin makes progress because we NEED that Killjoys Season 2!

Hope to see all back for S2 #RACpack!

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