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Killjoys Lucy aka Tamsen McDonough

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Season two gets off to a “Bangarang” in an exciting episode written by gifted series creator Michelle Lovretta who has brought joy to many with her outstanding work on Lost Girl, The Secret Circle, and Instant Star!

“Dutch and the Real Girl” is Directed by entertainment industry veteran Stefan Pleszczynski  well known for his work on Motive, Supernatural, and Being Human, to name but a few of his many accomplishments.

We here at WormholeRiders love the Killjoys series! The attention to detail is manifest in the stories, the drama, the politics akin to our world today, the humor, and the marvelous music (Radar by Danger Twins outstanding in this episode!) which drives us to tweet our #TeamWHR hearts out each week!

Killjoys S2x01 Green eyed Dutch

Killjoys Creator and main characters

Image courtesy Syfy and Syfy PR

Our glee is directly related to the return of fan favorite main series stars Aaron Ashmore (Warehouse 13, Lost Girl, Smallville) as Johnny, Hannah John-Kamen (The Ark, Happy Valley, Dark Souls II) as Dutch, Luke Macfarlane (The Night Shift, Person of Interest, Over There) as D’Avin, Thom Allison (Repo! The Genetic Opera, The Road to Christmas, Leaving Metropolis) as Pree, Rob Stewart (Dark Matter, Defiance,) as Khylen, Sean Baek (Lost Girl, Alphas) as Fancy Lee, Sarah Power (The Good Witch, Californication, Lost Girl) as Doctor Pawter Simms, Nora McLellan (Saving Hope, Orphan Black, The X-Files) as Bellus Haardy, Morgan Kelly (The Strain, Played) as Alvis, and one of my favorite actors, Tamsen McDonough (Motive, Lost Girl, The Incredible Hulk) as Lucy, the VERY cool, ebullient, and sometimes sarcastic Killjoys “space sled”.

Killjoys S2x01 Our Live Warrant heroes will have tough times ahead

Our Live Warrant heroes will have tough times ahead

Season two  of Killjoys continues the superb action packed science fiction adventure of a terrific team of interplanetary “Live Warrant” Killjoys also known as bounty hunters.

Our team of heroes have tough work ahead as they attempt to reveal Khlyen’s dubious agenda that appears to include an infiltration takeover of The RAC by modified humans known as “Level 6” agents!

Beginning in “Dutch and the Real Girl”, terrifying truths are about to be exposed that the Killjoys must confront if they are to overcome the corruption that threatens The Quad!

Killjoys S1x10 Rat king and sis

Rat King and his sister watch the bombings.

Dutch, Johnny, and D’avin’s sadly realize the galaxy’s notorious and nefarious criminals are no match to the threat that comes from inside their own organization, The RAC, which appears to be directly related to rogue elements of The Company that included the near destruction of Old Town at the end Escape Velocity in season one to put down a rebellion similar to what The Company perpetrated earlier in The Sugar Point Run.

Our heroes, Dutch, Johnny, and D’avin will need to muster their intestinal fortitude since their resolve will certainly be put to the test as they fight to find the answers surrounding The Quad’s politics, attempting to set right the evil that has infested their lives, their homes, their friends, and their families.

KillJoys S1x01 The RAC Prisoner Intake Facility

The RAC Prisoner Intake Facility

In many respects, Killjoys story arc reflects vile government corruption that appears to have reared it’s ugly head around the world in the 21st century. In season one, The Company, via The RAC, now a corrupted institution, appeared to do the correct things for the betterment of citizens in The Quad.

We know now that The RAC has been compromised. Much like corrupt governments the world over today, our heroes must face the truth: The warrant may NOT still be all, instead it was a vicious tool being manipulated by deceitful, power mad politicians!

ISIS Bombing July 10 2016

Muslim Man Hugs ISIS Suicide Bomber Moments Before Explosion, Saves Hundreds Of Lives

Egregious examples of such contempt for civilization range from the miscreant murderer rapists of ISIS on one extreme who have infected the Middle East and have threatened to dominate the world, to the communist criminals in North Korea, China and Russia. Tragically, even the once benign EU, has devolved into a devious dictatorship usurping the rights of member nations forcing England to BREXIT!

Click to learn about Licensed to Lie - The Corruption of The United States Justice Department

Licensed to Lie

Lastly, the utter lawlessness in the 21st century United States, including the Judiciary, the Executive Branch, and the completely corrupt Justice Department are no longer trusted by a majority of the citizens who have voted out over 1,000 corrupt politicians in the past six years of the lawless Obama regime.

Sadly, and to the shame of good Muslims the world over, it has been well documented over the past seven years that the United States Executive Branch and The Justice Department has been protecting the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR National, both well known for terrorist funding of ISIS, Hamas and other previously identified and convicted criminals. That the Justice Department and educational institutions even forbid many forms of free speech in 2016 is beyond the pale!

Such is a regime that one could never be imagined by the Founders of The United States Constitution. Much like The Company and RAC corruption in Killjoys, both are a terrifying testament to the degradation of once great organizations within the United States Government that not once, but twice helped save the world as it sought to foster freedom and liberty worldwide!

Dutch and the Real Girl:

Killjoys S2x01 Dav is the subject of Level 6 experimentation

Dav is the subject of Level 6 experimentation

The Killjoys adventure in season two segues from where we left our heroes in season one.

D’avin is still being imprisoned on Arkyn. Worse, he is being used as a live “Level 6” human experiment on by none other than Khlyen!

We learn that Khylen is a previously unknown “Level 6”, a self healing and virtually impervious modified human that normal weapons have little effect on. Prior to season two, “Level 5” was the highest level we were aware of.

Killjoys S2x01 Johnny and Dutch plan to save Dav

Johnny and Dutch plan to save Dav

As a result of these devilish developments, Dutch, Johnny and Pree, have fled Old Town. We find them aboard Lucy formulating a plan to save D’avin. Even Lucy is concerned about the stench of corruption that may ultimately result in the death of D’avin!

Lucy transports our heroes to Eulogy trying to assist them to obtain entrance get into secure location on the grounds. We learn that Eulogy is rife with outlaws that use shielding to hide their nefarious activities in an enigmatic high technology town. We also learn that Lucy, even at full defense mode cannot breach the shields on Arkyn!

Killjoys S2x01 Bellus provides intel on how to breach the shield

Bellus provides intel on how to breach the shield

Dutch, Johnny and Pree need assistance getting past the defense shields on Arkyn.

Visiting ever loyal Bellus provides intelligence pointing them towards a group known as the Connaver clan.

The Connaver’s are a group of criminals who possessed a high technology device that will allow our heroes to breach the defense shield allowing them to save D’avin. To do so, the Killjoys enter the criminal barter town of Eulogy seeking the device.

Killjoys S2x01 Johnny and Pree enter Eulogy

Johnny and Pree enter Eulogy

Both Johnny and Pree play act like hardened criminals to blend into the environment. As a further distraction, while Dutch seeks to locate the device needed to deactivate the shield, Pree and Johnny have some hilarious lines pretending to be an arguing married couple. Michelle Lovretta does an outstanding job of writing some of the best one-liners ever imagined!

Dutch, via the distractions of Johnny and Pree find the source of the defense shield. That is the good news. The bad news? The shield technology has been installed inside the body of a bionic modified woman!

Killjoys S2x01 Clara the shield portrayed by Stephanie Leonidas

Clara the shield portrayed by Stephanie Leonidas

We learn the woman’s name is Clara (Stephanie Leonidas). A modified human, Clara is a secret device herself who has been held prisoner against her will by the criminal Connaver clan.

Thankfully, after a few tense moments in the storage locker where Clara was being held prisoner, Clara agrees to help Dutch. However, Clara has yet to agree to help save D’avin.

Dutch and Clara help each other via some awesome ass kicking and quick weapons work to make good their escape to Lucy.

Killjoys S2x01 Dav in a Level 6 immersion tank freak out

Dav in a Level 6 immersion tank freak out

In the meantime back on Arkyn, poor Dav is in the midst of being converted to Level 6 technology. He is suffering nightmares induced by the process, memories of past events, and or memories are being injected into his mind by the terrible technicians working for Khlyen.

The danged Level 6 process seems like torture if you ask this editor!

D’avin wakes up immersed in a tank of Level 6 fluid that is destined to become his blood if the conversion from basic human to Level 6 is successfully completed. It becomes obvious the Level 6 conversion is not working on him. Khlyen is becoming very pissed off!

As the episode draws to a definitive conclusion, D’avin is experiencing the aftereffects of Khylen’s evil experiments. Waking or sleeping, D’avin is having extremely realistic, often vicious nightmares and hallucinations.

Killjoys S2x01 Khylen learns the Level 6 treatments are not working on Dav

Khylen learns the Level 6 treatments are not working on Dav

The primary manifestations in D’avin’s mind are that Dutch and Johnny have finally arrived come to help him escape Khylen. Other gruesome “dreams” are of people bleeding green blood that we learn is a sign of Level 6 beings. Other nightmares include the often devastating violence, and the horrible happenings on Arkyn!

Fighting the modification to be forced to become a brainwashed minion, D’avin is able to resist the conditioning that is being rammed into his skull via the horrible hallucinations. Khylen’s so called scientists are both amazed and frustrated that D’avin’s subconscious is fighting, effectively resisting the Level 6 brainwashing. Noting that no person has ever successfully fought the conditioning to Level 6, the crazed scientists redouble their efforts.

Killjoys S2x01 Johnny explains to Dutch how modified Clara works to defeat the shield

Johnny explains to Dutch how modified Clara works to defeat the shield

Once back on Lucy, Johnny has found the answers. He shares with Dutch that the bionic shield deactivation device is inside modified Clara, the method utilized that allow ingress and egress for the Connaver clan criminals to pass through the Arkyn defense shields unharmed.

The really bad news is that in doing so, Clara is being harmed. Clara is being slowly cooked to death by the Arkyn shield radiation each time she uses the device to gain access to Arkyn.

Killjoys S2x01 Clara's bionic hearing allows her to overhear Johnny and Dutch

Clara’s bionic hearing allows her to overhear Johnny and Dutch

Fortunately, our lovely, yet modified Clara, who has been given extraordinary bionic hearing abilities, overhears the conversation between Dutch and Johnny about rescuing D’avin and the need for her bionic shield defeating skill set!

Putting two and two together, Clara observes that Khlyen is akin to Dutch in a fashion that the criminal Connaver’s were to her own enslavement. Good person Clara now dedicates her own life to help the Killjoys in their mission!

Killjoys S2x01 Khylen helps Dav escape

Khylen helps Dav escape

In a rage that the Level 6 conditioning is failing to work on Dav, Khlyen unexpectedly kills all of the the sociopathic scientists and helps D’avin escape!!

 We are left to wonder why he would do such a thing? Is Khylen really a double agent? Or is this more realistically part of his long term obsession with Dutch?

Khylen ultimately admits to D’avin that his only intention to make him a Level 6 operative was in order to send him back to guard and protect his beloved Dutch! D’avin listens to Khylen and will do something that no Killjoys admirer will be able to fathom! Believe him! Protect Dutch From what? Khylen refuses to delineate the precise reasons.

Killjoys S2x01 Fancy Lee is shot during the escape only to rise again because he was converted to Level 6

Fancy Lee is shot during the escape only to rise again because he was converted to Level 6

At episodes end, Dutch and Johnny arrive to rescue D’avin and Fancy Lee who was also being held at the conversion facility.

A sad thing occurs when we learn that the Level 6 process did work successfully on Fancy Lee who is apparently killed in the process of escape, only to heal from his wounds.

Our heroes are reluctantly forced to shoot Fancy Lee multiple times to blow him out the airlock door and leave him behind on Arkyn.

Being that Fancy is now a Level 6, and will certainly heal from his wounds, we are most likely to see him again in the future of Killjoys as a real bad guy!

Killjoys S2x01 Khylen allows himself to be captured by the Black Root

Khylen allows himself to be captured by the Black Root

The perplexing thing is that D’avin lies to Dutch, claiming that Khlyen has already escaped the mayhem.

In fact, adding even more mystery to the Killjoys calamity, Khlyen has allowed himself to be taken prisoner by a new set of villains, known as the “Black Root” who use multiple stun devices to immobilize Khylen.

This planned diversion is how D’avin, Dutch, Pree and Johnny make good their escape from the corrupt criminals in control of Arkyn.

Killjoys S2x01 Dutch and Johnny say goodbye to Clara

Dutch and Johnny say goodbye to Clara

Safely aboard Lucy, Johnny and Dutch reluctantly say a sad goodbye to Clara. Lucy really liked Clara and wanted her to join the crew. Clara indicates she may see them again, but that she must follow her own path.

Last, but not least, D’avin confesses to Dutch the details about his conversation with Khlyen. D’avin admits he was convinced by Khylen, who is somehow attempting to to protect Dutch. Dav says this is reinforced by the fact Khylen helped them all escape.

Killjoys S2x01 Dutch as seen in Johnny's dreams while under Level 6 conversion

Dutch as seen in Johnny’s dreams while under Level 6 conversion

D’avin also speculates, since they have learned about Level 6, could there actually be a Level 7 or higher? Is this what Khylen is seeking? D’avin also shares with  Dutch that he visualized her in one of his dreams. Khlyen interpreted these nightmares to D’avin as remembering ancient memories. What ancient memories?

Dutch is astounded that she could have been killing people on Arkyn, since she has never been on Arkyn before their trip to save D’avin. Or could it be that she was brainwashed by Khylen and had her memories erased?

Killjoys S2x01 Fancy Lee with Khylen in the stasis pod

Fancy Lee with Khylen in the stasis pod

As speculated above, in the last few minutes of the episode, we observe Fancy Lee is alive. He is seen rolling Khylen away in a stasis pod of some sort. Just what the heck is going on Killjoys!?

Answers to these Killjoys questions will no doubt be found, but only by tuning in each Friday on Space Channel in Canada and Syfy in the United States so we can all have a chance to become a Level 7 or beyond!

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