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Killjoys Lucy aka Tamsen McDonough

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In the superb sixth episode of Killjoys, written by Jon Cooksey and Directed by Grant Harvey, viewers were in for a real treat, the appearance of Lucy (Tamsen McDonough), embodied as an android guest star featured as a character beyond her ever present, and lovely voice of the ship!

To the sheer delight of Killjoys everywhere, we see Lucy near the beginning and in group of a fun sequences near the end of the episode when Lucy saves our heroes from the clutches of the antagonist android bodyguards!

Killjoys S2x06 Johnny and Pawter smooching

Johnny and Pawter smooching

In the considered opinion of this reviewer, Killjoys is a lovely story not only about The Quad bounty hunters somewhere in outer space, filled with action, adventure and mystery, Killjoys is science fiction romance Space Opera, in essence a love story, created by the marvelous Michelle Lovretta and her tremendous team!

Killjoys S2x06 Dutch and Alvis after making love

Dutch and Alvis after making love

The romantic pairings were fairly well set  during the fifth episode in  season two of Killjoys. As of “I Love Lucy”, there are three couples.  The lovers are now confirmed as Johnny (Aaron Ashmore) and Pawter (Sarah Power), Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) and Alvis (Morgan Kelly), and D’avin (Luke Macfarlane) and bar maid Sabine (Tori Anderson), who works in the establishment run by Pree (Thom Allison).

Killjoys S2x06 D'avin and Sabine getting closer to love

D’avin and Sabine getting closer to love

Killjoys S2x06 Pree needs a lover too

Pree needs a lover too

The only person who needs a good lover in the series is our beloved Pree. We here at Team WHR are hopeful that if a romance does not directly materialize for Pree, that he will become the Master of Ceremonies and that Lucy, will be the Disc Jockey playing music during the much anticipated triple pairing, wedding event!

We also hope, but are not completely certain, that Pree could find himself officiating at a “Shotgun Wedding” of sorts, since “canoodling” (kissing in a sexual way, including love making), has become an enjoyable and integral part of many Killjoys episodes.

Killjoys S2x06 Johnny and Pawter have fallen in love

Johnny and Pawter have fallen in love

Our hunch is based on the well presented, and prepared, downright sexy scenes that our lovers partake in each week! Only time will tell when some nine more months elapses if our three beautiful ladies begin season three showing “baby bumps”!

The only question, based on the Level 6 spies who seem to be everywhere, is whether or not all of the Killjoys character couples will survive to make it to wedding chapel!

We will reveal more on that specific subject a bit later in our season two analysis.

Killjoys S2x06 Android Lucy portrayed by Tamsen McDonough

Killjoys S2x06 Sam Romwell with the android bodyguards

Killjoys S2x06 Sam Romwell with the android bodyguards

Normally, we would include the one of great songs that are featured in our Killjoys episodic series analysis. Each week fabulous songs and music themes are utilized by composers Tim Welch and Jim Mcgrath.  In “I Love Lucy” seven great songs were featured as music to complement the scenes they accompanied in the episode. And yes, we did love “seeing” Lucy, aka Tamsen McDonough, in the flesh, who first appeared about eleven minutes into the episode!

For some time now, and this editor knows exactly why, the Green Plasma in Killjoys kept reminding me of a campy 1968 movie made by MGM Studios starring Robert Horton (Wagon Train), Luciana Paluzzi (Thunderball), and Richard Jaeckel (The Dirty Dozen). Each of these actors were huge, famous, top acting stars of their day, with many dozens of credits each in famous television and big screen movie productions.

Click to learn about The Green Slime!Called “The Green Slime”, the movie featured a very catchy song that played as a trailer in many movie theatres across the United States in  1968. Every science fiction loving teenager and young adult, much like the people of today who love Killjoys, had to see “The Green Slime”… multiple times!

“The Green Slime” movie was a space based adventure story about an asteroid threatening Earth. The lead stars mission is an unqualified success, ultimately saving our fair planet from an extinction level event!

Unfortunately, when the aforementioned heroes return to their space station, they bring back a gooey green plasma substance (this is the similarity to a new character in Killjoys who we will find out is named “Mossie”) that breeds on electricity transforming itself into one-eyed monsters with green blood, as you can see in the cover song we are featuring next to Lucy above (whom we do love)!

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Killjoys creator Michelle Lovretta

“The Green Slime” was a fun, campy movie that reminds me of Killjoys, itself a very well done campy Space Opera. “The Green Slime” is somewhat like Level 6 “Green Plasma”, part of an invading alien force.

With crisp writing, great VFX, and well acted scenes by the ensemble of character actors in the series, Killjoys certainly deserves many more seasons!

Of interest to this editor, I cannot help but wonder if series creator Michele Lovretta was inspired by, or ever saw “The Green Slime”?

I Love Lucy:

Killjoys S2x06 Dav and the reprobate beggar

Dav and the reprobate beggar

The episode opens with a hooded D’avin buying what appears to be some booze from an old beggar reprobate (R.D. Reid) somewhere in the West Hole area on Westerley.

One of the interesting things about the Killjoys brothers Johnny and D’avin, is their proclivity to be constantly drinking! Is it any wonder that they ever get any work done?

Killjoys S2x06 Johnny shoots the acid out of Dav's hand

Johnny shoots the acid out of Dav’s hand

Just as Dav is about to tag a swig, Johnny shoots the tin cup of liquid out out D’avin’s hand with the contents spilling on the pavement.

As we witness the pavement getting a hole burned into the surface, Dav tells the old man, “You gave me acid”, to which the old geezer says “screw you Killjoy!”. Once again Johnny has saved his brother Dav’s life.

Killjoys S2x06 Dav grabs the explosive tank

Dav grabs the explosive tank

Johnny, always ready for trouble as a seasoned Killjoy, has stealthily shot the old criminal with a tranquilizer dart, stating “I always have a plan!”

It turns out that the old man, who is selling likely illegal liquid explosives crashes his motorized cart with the tank of explosives, enough to vaporize Old Town, according to Johnny. Unfortunately, the tank breaks free. Our two heroes dash down the corridor, stopping the tank from igniting and killing everyone in the area!

Killjoys S2x06 The Killjoys discuss options on board Lucy

The Killjoys discuss options on board Lucy

Segue to Lucy on Westerley, Dutch, Johnny and D’avin are discussing what to do about the Green Plasma that Khlyen (Rob Stewart) and Fancy Lee (Sean Baek) have been using to control people. Viewers may recall that the Green Goo is similar to what was extracted from Johnny’s human-eating centipede, found in episode three, “Shaft”. Johnny has named the furry little creature “Mossie”, stating “Dad never let me have a dog”!

Killjoys S2x06 Dav, Dutch with Johny's pet Mossie

Dav, Dutch with Johny’s pet Mossie

The quips and comebacks between our Killjoys team are most enjoyable. This includes the use of adult language at appropriate times. Referring to “Mossie” as a “little shit” while Johnny carefully extracts some of the Green Plasma liquid for an experiment that D’avin has in mind, moving  some of the green goo in a glass dish with his mind!

Killjoys S2x06 Mossie and Dav mind link

Mossie and Dav mind link

Dutch is worried that doing so could trigger another incident whereby Khylen is able to mind link with D’avin as seen in “Meet The Parents”.
As  D’avin mind controls the plasma, Khylen becomes the least of their problems when Dav summons some goo to touch his fingers. D’avin finds himself in a mind link with “Mossie”!

Killjoys S2x06 Johnny offers Dav some booze after the mind link with Mossie

Johnny offers Dav some booze after the mind link with Mossie

Offered a swig of booze by Johnny, D’avin begs off, swearing “I’ll never step on a bug again!” Without doubt, “Mossie’s” green goo has been contaminated by the circumstances of eating Sixes!

Our Killjoys heroes will undoubtedly need to find some pure green from the same, or an alternate source, to figure out what Khylen is up to and get to the bottom of the Level 6 mystery!

Killjoys S2x06 Sabine and Dav flirt in Pree's bar

Sabine and Dav flirt in Pree’s bar

The scene then moves to the interior of Pree’s establishment, where Dav is observed flirting and playing lovely dovey with Sabine.

While Dav and Sabine (the two lovers to be) are flirting, Dutch is provided a clue by Pree that might help her, Johnny and D’avin obtain pure, uncontaminated green plasma. The Killjoys set a course for someone named Sam Romwell (Keon Alexander) whose ship happens to be an asteroid.

Killjoys S2x06 Keon Alexander as Sam Romwell

Keon Alexander as Sam Romwell

We then meet one Sam Romwell (Keon Alexander), a 432 year old supplier of rare items that he keeps in inventory using a molecular printer and computerized keys to access his treasure trove, including what he calls his “green magic”.

Romwell, as we will find out, has been treated by nanites and “The Green Slime” which accounts for his advanced age and not looking a day over 30!

Once inside Romwell’s ship (the asteroid), our heroes make him an offer for the “green magic”. Unfortunately, what Romwell wants in exchange is Johnny’s new pet “Mossie”! “Mossie” can survive being cut in half, so a Faustian bargain is made for the “green magic”.

Killjoys S2x06 Romwell and his molecular printer

Romwell and his molecular printer

We then learn that Romwell is a scam artist, collecting rare objects often by stealing or black mailing people for them, then using his molecular printing device to place the objects in to his growing inventory. His so called “green magic” is not up for trade (that he claimed he is willing to sell to the Killjoys). Instead, Romwell, now with half of the toothy creature will provide some of “Mossie’s” green plasma in an attempted swindle of our heroes.

Killjoys S2x06 Dutch draws down on Romwell

Dutch draws down on Romwell

Dutch is suspicious of Romwell’s intentions, holding him at gun point to threaten Romwell’s regarding his 300 outstanding arrest warrants as leverage.

Romwell scoffs, not willing to provide the actual product in his molecular printer which is much like the Replicator in Star Trek. The molecular printer in “I Love Lucy” is much cooler with the outstanding VFX employed in Killjoys!

Killjoys S2x06 Tamsen and the androids defend Romwell

Tamsen and the androids defend Romwell

A standoff seems to ensue when Romwell’s summons his gorgeous android security staff to his defense.

The androids (Lisa Rose Snow [voice], Sierra Wooldridge, and Erica Cox) who are apparently invulnerable, immediately draw their weapons. One of whom is none other than the gifted and gorgeous Tamsen McDonough!

Killjoys S2x06 Get naked says the android

Get naked says the android

As a result of the impervious androids, our heroes are forced to surrender. D’avin and Johnny are taken away to be disintegrated by the molecular printer and placed into Romwell’s inventory of “rare objects”!

Android Tamsen McDonough has a great line in “I Love Lucy” when she tells the boys to “Get Naked”!

Killjoys S2x06 Dutch gives Romwell her instrument

Dutch gives Romwell her instrument

In the meantime, Romwell demands, and is is given control of Dutch’s musical instrument so he can better understand her back story. It is obvious that Romwell plans to keep Dutch as a “live” collectable aboard his asteroid museum of ill gotten items!

Utilizing one of his corruptly acquired technical devices, a memory reading tool, Romwell is able to ascertain Dutch’s past history story from her own point of view.

Killjoys S2x06 Dutch makes Romwell play her instrument of death

Dutch makes Romwell play her instrument of death

Dutch demands that he play the Cithara while she sings to reveals it history of death! The Dutch back story informs viewers of how she came by the musical instrument as a young girl while being trained by Khylen.

During this segment, Romwell discusses how organic alien visitors came to his home planet. This is how he acquired “The Green Slime” which apparently have the same properties now being used by the nefarious Khylen and his growing army of Level 6 operatives!

Killjoys S2x06 Lucy hacks the android

Lucy hacks the android

This is when lovely Lucy makes a different sort of appearance, within the android body! While D’avin and Johnny were being threatened by Romwell’s androids, Lucy is able to successfully hack one of the three android beauties (the one portrayed by Tamsen McDonough of course). Lucy saves Dav and Johnny from capture and possible death!

In a fun scene, Lucy asks to kiss Johnny to collect “data”. Johnny agrees, whereby Lucy literally blows sparks of excitement from one of her fingers as the three move to link up with Dutch.

Killjoys S2x06 Lucy sparks after kissing Johnny

Lucy sparks after kissing Johnny

Killjoys S2x06 Dutch slits Romwell's throat

Dutch slits Romwell’s throat

Not to be tricked by Romwell, Dutch’s reveals that she has impregnated her musical instrument with a paralyzing poison! Dutch’s moves to put an end to Romwell by slitting his throat with a string from her musical Cithara!

Thinking she has freed herself of Romwell, Dutch moves to his collection chamber in search of the plasma, but there are too many keys. Using her head for more than a hat rack, Dutch realizes she can find  the correct key by scanning for Johnny’s DNA when he touched “The Green Slime” key earlier!

Killjoys S2x06 Dutch puts Romwell in a head lock

Dutch puts Romwell in a head lock

In a turn of events, Romwell will not be killed off because he has “The Green Slime” in his blood, in effect, Romwell is a non six, six!

Dutch and Romwell do battle. Fighting to a stand still, Dutch puts Romwell in a head lock. Romwell then confesses he has led an empty life and agrees to help Dutch, Johnny and D’avin escape.

Killjoys S2x06 Lucy sacrifices herself to save Dav and Johnny

Lucy sacrifices herself to save Dav and Johnny

A problem develops in that Romwell’s androids are apparently stuck in “kill mode”. Romwell tries but cannot turn the crazed androids off!

Lucy, really an app downloaded to the android body, sacrifices herself while D’avin uses most of “The Green Slime” to make a small nuclear bomb using energy rocks on the asteroid Romwell has called home for hundreds of years! To do so, our heroes seemingly have given up their research sample of “The Green Slime”!

Killjoys S2x06 Lucy escapes the nuked asteroid in the nick of time

Lucy escapes the nuked asteroid in the nick of time

With the evil androids in pursuit, having blasted Lucy android, Dutch brings Romwell onto Lucy to make peace with her former adversary. Romwell has a surprise, he made an extra vial of “The Green Slime” and gives it to Dutch with an ominous warning; The invaders that came to Romwell’s home planet are planning on conquering the Quad!

In the final sequences of “I Love Lucy”, our trio of lovers link up with each other after the adventures they have all survived.

S2x06 Johnny and Pawter

Johnny and Pawter

First we witness Pawter trick Johnny into thinking she is there via holographic projection they have used to communicate.

The surprise, in seeing his partner there, in reality, on board Lucy, is palpable!

A huge smile breaks out on each of their faces as they hug and kiss.

Pawter asks Johnny “these comm links turn off for privacy, right?”. As the door closes, we hear Johnny respond “Thank’s Lucy”!

S2x06 Dutch and Alvis learn about the history of the green plasma

Dutch and Alvis learn about the history of the green plasma

Then we are with Dutch and Alvis behind bedroom door number two. It is apparent they have been making love. Dutch has been napping while Alvis has been reading an ancient book with pictures and text about a mythical tree with green sap known as “the sap of life”.

Alvis gently touches Dutch’s shoulder whispering for her to wake up to share his research. “The Green Slime” sap, when made into an elixir, conveys eternal life, according to the legend documented in the book.

Killjoys S2x06 Sabine bleeds out green slime after her orgasm with Dav

Sabine bleeds out green slime after her orgasm with Dav

Last, but not least, D’avin goes to visit his soon to be lover Sabine.

As  Sabine and D’avin are reaching a mutual climax, Sabine has much more than an orgasm,  “The Green Slime” is seen pouring out of her body.

Dav is shocked to learn that Sabine must be a Level 6 spy! As the screen fades to black, viewers are left to assume Sabine will recover in the next episode from her Level 6 Green Plasma Slime recuperative powers!

With these developments in mind, we must then ask ourselves a few questions about where Killjoys, as a series, is headed:

Since legends and myths are often based in historical fact, is this what Khylen has discovered, a tree of life offering immortal status?

Killjoys BannerAre the invaders inherently evil, and will they use their bio technology to conquer the Quad?

Is “The Green Slime” what the invaders of the Quad are using, and promising immortality to adherents who join them?

Have the invaders tried this in the past as seen in the book of history ?

And if yes, what ultimately defeated them, and can our heroes do the same?

To find the answers to these questions, tune in each Friday on Space Channel in Canada and Syfy in the United States so we can all have a chance to have a third season of Killjoys!

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