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Killjoys: Is Last Dance An End of an Era in Science Fiction Space Opera or a New Beginning?

Welcome back Killjoys! In the superb series finale of Killjoys, written by Michelle Lovretta and Directed by Stefan Pleszczynski, viewers were in for a somewhat rare treat, the orderly wrap of a science fiction series story arc after five years of bringing sheer joy to their fans. The advance planning of the series creators, producers and hosting networks ended the series on an upbeat note. This careful preparation was not …Read the Rest

Killjoys: Johnny Be Good… Easier Said Than Done!

Hello my fellow Killjoys! With the title of this episode being named after a famous Chuck Berry song, I will do my best to do that great, iconic song justice. I am happy that Aaron Ashmore was able to flex his acting chops a bit more in this episode than in previous ones. I enjoyed watching this episode as it also got us closer to answering many questions that have …Read the Rest

Killjoys: Full Metal Monk and the Pine Cone Wonk!

Welcome back Killjoys! On the last episode of Killjoys, we’re left hanging with Johnny (Aaron Ashmore) getting caught breaking into Jelco’s (Pascal Langdale) office and taking the butt of a gun to the face. Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) has put a bullet into Sabine’s (Tori Anderson) forehead. We all know a bullet is not an effective method for taking out Sixes. I am almost positive that we have not seen the …Read the Rest

Killjoys: Heart Shaped Box Means Perpetual Shocks!

Welcome back WormholeRiders and those concerned about the Killjoys! Last week we were left with a suffering Sabine (Tori Anderson) in the green goo. We also got to see Lucy (Tamsen McDonough) take physical form. And we had some hints of what was going on before the episode even started by creator Michelle Lovretta, who tweeted this, “You guys, for the record, I’m subtitling #Killjoys 206 as “everybody gets some” …Read the Rest

Killjoys: I Love Lucy and The Green Slime!

Welcome back WormholeRiders and those concerned about the Killjoys! In the superb sixth episode of Killjoys, written by Jon Cooksey and Directed by Grant Harvey, viewers were in for a real treat, the appearance of Lucy (Tamsen McDonough), embodied as an android guest star featured as a character beyond her ever present, and lovely voice of the ship! To the sheer delight of Killjoys everywhere, we see Lucy near the …Read the Rest

Killjoys: Meet the Parents – Family, Redefined!

Hello Killjoys fans. I hope you are enjoying this season as much as I am. The previous week’s episode I am reviewing is Meet the Parents. Just like it always is, meeting ones parents is never an easy task and this episode proves it. We not only get to see Pawter and her family interact, but we get to see D’avin and Johnny’s father as well. We get to see …Read the Rest

Killjoys: Schooled or Just Who is The Company’s Tool?

Welcome back Killjoys! Was it just me, or was that one hot Killjoys opening scene between Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) and D’Avin (Luke Macfarlane)?! And we all knew it would end with Dutch the winner! While Dutch, the victor, is sitting on D’av’s chest pinning him down, they get a call telling them that Khlyen’s (Rob Stewart) last transmission was sent to a prodigy school. The Killjoys job is to escort …Read the Rest

Killjoys: Shaft – Watch Your Step, Don’t Slip On The Moss!

Welcome back Killjoys! Not stopping to breathe, episode three of this superb sophomore season of Killjoys jumps right in with new questions! The series delivers all the suspense that we have all come to expect from the genius’ of Michelle Lovretta’s terrific team!Thank you! This week’s episode, simply titled “Shaft” is not simple at all. There are several different and distinctive definitions of the word shaft, and ALL can and …Read the Rest

Killjoys: Wild, Wild Westerley Dutch Says You’re Not Gonna Get the Best of Me!

Welcome back WormholeRiders and those concerned about the Killjoys! The tone of Killjoys season two was superbly set in episode one, “Dutch and the Real Girl“.  Our heroes have saved D’avin (Luke Macfarlane) from being converted to a Level 6 operative in “Dutch and the Real Girl”. Dav has rejoined the Killjoys team in “Wild, Wild Westerley” to fight for justice against the crimes against civilization that have been perpetrated by …Read the Rest

Killjoys Go Galactic Bounty Hunting in the Wormhole!

Welcome WormholeRiders, Galactic Bounty Hunters and those Caring About the Killjoys! One of the summer seasons most awaited programs is without doubt Killjoys! Killjoys is a brand new, fantastic, fully arse kicking action science fiction drama series replete with space ships, villains, innocent victims, “Fight Club” like scenes in the premiere, fantastic special effects, superb sets, cool costumes, marvelous makeup, gifted creators, and an incredibly diverse, talented and HUGE cast …Read the Rest

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