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Welcome back WormholeRiders and those concerned about the Killjoys!

Killjoys Lucy aka Tamsen McDonough

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Last week we were left with a suffering Sabine (Tori Anderson) in the green goo. We also got to see Lucy (Tamsen McDonough) take physical form.

And we had some hints of what was going on before the episode even started by creator Michelle Lovretta, who tweeted this, “You guys, for the record, I’m subtitling #Killjoys 206 as “everybody gets some” and she was true to her word. D’avin (Luke Mcfarlane) “got some” but it was not how he expected it to go.

Click to visit and follow April Mullen on Twitter!Heart-Shaped Box, Killjoys seventh episode of season two was delightfully directed by actress, producer, and Director April Mullen (Aftermath, Real Detective and much more).

It was a wild, but fun ride from the very moment the episode began!

I think this is what makes this show so absolutely amazing, once you tune in, you already know you are going to be captivated and on the absolute edge of your seat!

Killjoys S2x07 Dutch in the mirror cube

Heart Shaped Box:

Killjoys S2x07 Dutch has a bad dream

Dutch has a bad dream

The action starts with Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen), Alvis (Morgan Kelly), and a very bad dream! I am enjoying the connection between Dutch and Alvis. And apparently they are not afraid to use a little kink in their sex life.

But the double Dutch seems to be haunting her dreams. I cannot wait to see what the double that Dutch keeps seeing really is.

Does she have a twin, a clone, or an android? Hopefully we will all find out soon!

Killjoys S2x07 Dutch wakes up for kinky sex with Alvis

Dutch wakes up for kinky sex with Alvis

Killjoys S2x07 Dav is horrified by what happened with Sabine

Dav is horrified by what happened with Sabine

Then we see a glimpse of D’avin who is obviously horrified about what happened with Sabine. He seemed to like her, and this was devastating for him. That moment was intense for me too because I really liked the way they were flirting with each other.

In the meantime, Johnny (Aaron Ashmore) is looking for some answers about the walls being built around towns in the Quad.

Killjoys S2x07 Johnny finds out that Sabine is still alive

Johnny finds out that Sabine is still alive

D’avin finally got Johnny to come to look at Sabine and found that she was still alive. In true form, Johnny has a quick response telling D’avin maybe he should “holster that thing.” This is one of the reasons I love this show. I absolutely love the fact that each character has such an intense, unique identity.

Killjoys S2x07 Sabine in the body bag still alive

Sabine in the body bag still alive

“It’s Sabine. Johnny, why did you bring Sabine in a bag?”

All three of our beloved Killjoys are back on Lucy trying to figure out the situation with Sabine.

This gives them an awesome opportunity to learn more about level 6 from Sabine (that is once she has regained consciousness).

Killjoys S2x07 Johnny goes to speak with Pawter

Johnny goes to speak with Pawter

As they are trying to figure out Sabine, Johnny goes to his room to and speaks to Pawter. We learn through their conversation that Johnny is willing to risk his Killjoys badge by making the RAC work for him.

Then Johnny goes back to give Sabine a jolt of epinephrine shot hoping to bring Sabine out of her unconscious state. Then once she wakes up Dutch knocks her back out with a punch stating that “Now she’s normal unconscious, we can work with that.”

Killjoys S2x07 Dutch intensely questions Sabine

Dutch intensely questions Sabine

Dutch intensely interrogates Sabine for information, and Sabine tells her if she’s going to torture her “if you’re going to use that thing, don’t be such a lady and get on with it.”

Again, I absolutely love the writing in this show, it has an intense purpose and the context and phrasing is perfection!

During the intense interrogation, Dutch wants to know why Khlyen (Rob Stewart) sent her to spy on D’avin, and Sabine replies that it was to protect D’avin from Dutch.

Killjoys S2x07 Dav yells he did not like being Spy-Banged by Sabine

Dav yells he did not like being Spy-Banged by Sabine

At this point D’avin speaks up and tells Dutch they need to talk “now.” This is the first time that I have seen one of the brothers step up to Dutch and seriously question Dutch’s actions.

D’avin was not thrilled with being “Spy Banged” but he thinks Dutch needs to handle the situation a little bit, and that she is taking it too personally. He thinks they need to take her to Turin (Patrick Garrow), who has some experience with interrogating level sixes.

Killjoys S2x07 Sabine beheads creepy Phil

Sabine beheads creepy Phil

The interrogation does not go well, and Sabine quickly takes care of the Creepy Interrogator Phil (Chris Hoffman). I believe Dutch called her “Betty Beheady.” (Have I mentioned that I love the language in this show? Maybe once or twice? lol.)

All of which leads them to discover that creepy Phil was also a level six. And it results in Sabine feeling the kill, and asks D’avin what he has done to her.

The flirtation between Sabine and D’avin continues, even though Dutch disapproves of it and tells him that she is playing him.

Killjoys S2x07 Sabine and Dav flirt after the ordeal with Phil

Sabine and Dav flirt after the ordeal with Phil

Killjoys S2x07 Johnny figures out the Level 6 brain chemistry

Johnny figures out the Level 6 brain chemistry

In the meantime, Johnny is figuring out what is going on with the brains of level sixes. “It is like an infection that shuts down the parts of the brain that allow for bonding, empathy and love.”

In other words, it basically leaves them as “engineered psychopaths.” So, Dutch asks if D’avin is the cure for level sixes. Johnny continues to explain that the brain was beginning to heal itself as Sabine walks in and asks how long she has before she goes back to being a lethal level six.

Killjoys S2x07 Johnny pays a visit to Bellus for a warrant

Johnny pays a visit to Bellus for a warrant

Johnny visits Bellus (Nora McLellan) to sign on for a level 2 warrant and asks her not to tell Dutch and D’avin. I love Bellus, she is no nonsense, no bs mentor who always has useful information for the team. She locks Johnny in, trying to remind him of the “shit sandwich” that happened the last time that Johnny took a warrant without telling Dutch. Johnny tells her it is none of her business what warrants he takes, and Bellus agrees that it is not her business and lets him go. Before he is out the door, Bellus tells him that his team “deserves better from you.”

Killjoys S2x07 Dav and Sabine share a space hot tub together

Dav and Sabine share a space hot tub together

The next scene opens with Sabine and D’avin in some kind of space hot tub. Sabine explains that the green plasma goo is a type of neurobinder that has all the combined memories of level sixes get stored in the plasma.

So D’avin and Sabine go for the green goo and starts sharing information. It is clear that Dutch is not pleased at all with the situation.

Killjoys S2x07 Dav and Sabine see a mirrored cube while bonded

Dav and Sabine see a mirrored cube while bonded

After the memories start, Sabine pulls D’avin into a place that she wants to go, a mirrored cube that Sabine wants to enter. Then the system starts reacting to it and Johnny can’t stop it, so Dutch separates them physically, ending the connection.

Dutch and Johnny leave Sabine on board of Lucy and go into Old Town to see if they can verify some of the level sixes that D’avin saw before Sabine hijacked the connection.

Killjoys S2x07 Dutch in a very hot outfit

Dutch in a very hot outfit

Wow, I mean MEOW WOW, Dutch looked absolutely sexy in the outfit she wore to Old Town! Her hair, her makeup and the outfit was awesome, and the way she sauntered around blowing bubbles with her bubble gum was on point.

Michelle Lovretta, casting agents, and crew, including costume, makeup and hair, it is a total impeccable package. They are bringing SciFi back in an in-your-face, escape and get lost into our world and be mesmerized, this is what SciFi was meant to be.

Killjoys S2x07 Dutch and her booby weapons

Dutch and her booby weapons

Johnny, always quick with the perfect response to everything, is always providing Dutch with new ways to do her job and get it done effectively. “Aha, boobs are awesome, they’re like tactile weapons only squishy”

I about spit my soda out at that line! Aaron Ashmore is fantastic and always using the right timing and tone of voice with inflection, he delivers the goods every time. And of course, the gum was an intricate part of the plan.

Killjoys S2x07 Johnny and Dutch question why there are so many Sixes

Johnny and Dutch question why there are so many Sixes

They start questioning why so many level sixes were in Old Town; why were they there, what were they doing and what were they waiting for? The questions just keep coming.

What comes next was a double surprise. Dutch tells Johnny to go back to Lucy and that she was on her way. Johnny answered in an affirmative manner. Here’s the kicker, neither of them were going back to Lucy right then. Is our trusting team starting to waiver, each with different agendas filled with secrets, lies and hidden alibis? Could this be the downfall of our favorite team of Killjoys?

So. Many. Questions…

Killjoys S2x07 Dav and Sabine discuss the situation

Dav and Sabine discuss the situation

Killjoys S2x07 Sabine crosses her fingers hoping Dav has saved her

Sabine crosses her fingers hoping Dav has saved her

In the meantime, D’avin and Sabine continue to discuss the situation they are in. Dutch heads to Sabine’s room, and Johnny heads off to work on his warrant. Neither of these events end well.

Although, I loved Dutch’s response when someone walks in on her in Sabine’s room. “Ooh, nice stick, I’ve had bigger” Dutch sneers as the man (Michael Brown) says he is with Black Root. This leads to Dutch realizing that Sabine was there to get them to lead them to Khlyen.

Killjoys S2x07 Johnny finds Artura to get answers about Jelco's wall

Johnny finds Artura to get answers about Jelco’s wall

Johnny finds Artura (Oluniké Adeliyi) and tells her that he has a warrant for her, and that if she helps him figure out how to shut down the wall, he will not take her back to Qresh. Johnny tries to figure out what Jelco (Pascal Langdale) is planning to do by making these walls.

Dutch returns to Lucy to find that D’avin has let Sabine go and Johnny has not returned to the ship. D’avin had placed a tracker on Sabine to track her. Since Johnny hasn’t returned, they go after Sabine on Leith.

Killjoys S2x07 Jelco captures Johnny

Jelco captures Johnny

Johnny gets caught trying to break into Jelco’s personal quarters. Johnny calls his bluff by saying that he is a RAC agent on an assigned warrant.

Jelco responds, “Breaking into a high ranking officer’s personal quarters and stealing company intelligence, my my care to show me the warrant that covers that.”

Johnny is shocked when he is then put into a cell for his actions.

Killjoys S2x07 Dutch goes after Sabine

Dutch goes after Sabine

Meanwhile on Leith, Dutch goes after Sabine. Sabine gets close to the mirrored cube, but is caught by Dutch before she gets into it. We then get to see awesome fight scene between Dutch and Sabine.

Sabine tells Dutch that Khlyen rebelled over Dutch, that he broke her from her crib, insinuating that Khylen had started with his plan when Dutch was a baby.

The fight ends with Dutch killing Sabine and Dutch entering the mirrored cube. The cube is apparently a safe house made for Dutch by Khlyen.

Killjoys S2x07 Johnny in Jelco's cage

Johnny in Jelco’s cage

So we end with Jelco holding Johnny in a cage and Dutch gets another red box. We are left with many more questions. Will Sabine come back, will they rescue Johnny, what is the real story about the level sixes and Black Root, will the team come clean about lying to each other?

Then the ultimate question, can this show get even better than it already is? I can’t wait to see what happens next for everyone!

Syfy has not given word about season three for Killjoys. Make sure to support the show, keep spreading the word and use the #RenewKilljoys to let Syfy know how much we love this show.

Also, please let Michelle Lovretta know how much you love the show via Twitter, she is awesome about reading and responding to tweets. The cast of this show goes above and beyond for fans, many of them live tweet every episode, and they are great about responding as well. This show is helping to make SciFi great again, lets help them continue to support them!

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    Good evening Jenah!

    Thank you for a wonderful analysis of Heart Shaped Box! I completely enjoyed reading your thoughts about the dire circumstances Dutch, Johnny and Dav find themselves in with the Level Sixes! I too was saddened when Dutch killed Sabine since she and Dav had seemed to hit it off so well. And dang it! Jelco that scum captured Johnny!

    I appreciate you getting the review to me despite the Internet issues you experienced. Thanks again!

    Best Regards,

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