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Killjoys Lucy aka Tamsen McDonough

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Welcome back Killjoys!

On the last episode of Killjoys, we’re left hanging with Johnny (Aaron Ashmore) getting caught breaking into Jelco’s (Pascal Langdale) office and taking the butt of a gun to the face.

Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) has put a bullet into Sabine’s (Tori Anderson) forehead. We all know a bullet is not an effective method for taking out Sixes. I am almost positive that we have not seen the last of Sabine.

Now let’s see how things play out for Johnny Jaqobis and the rest of the Killjoys!

Killjoys S2x08 Johnny is caged by Jelco

Johnny is caged by Jelco

Killjoys S2x08 Sarah Power as Pawter Simms

Full Metal Monk:

Johnny CagedFull Metal Monk begins with Johnny locked in a cage and Dutch telling him she’ll get Pawter (Sarah Power) to get him out.

He had been working behind her back with Pawter and she wasn’t very pleased about it.

But poor Johnny, he’d gotten quite the pounding.

Exploding EyeballsThen the fun really starts. D’avin (Luke Macfarlane) and Turin (Patrick Garrow) are in Westerly-Old Town tracking down an alleged Six, Hoolian Ducat (Patrick Kerton).

They find him and a fight breaks out between the three. This is where one of my favorite Killjoys moves comes into play, the “pine cone” punch!

As Hoolian is getting the best of D’av, D’avin learns a new plasma control trick. This new trick leads to Hoolian’s eyeballs exploding in D’av’s face. Can we all say eww? Guess that’s one way to end the fight.

Pawter PowerWe learn that Dutch’s call to have Pawter get Johnny out of his situation was a good one. I am so loving Sarah Power’s character, Pawter, more with every Killjoys episode!

Pawter completely dominates Jelco when she’s telling him how things are going to go down if he doesn’t release Johnny. She was both terrifyingly dark and utterly amazing! And it works as Johnny is released.

Jelco tells Pawter: ‘Power looks good on you Seyah.’ (I have to agree, Sarah Power killed that scene!) As Johnny and Pawter leave, the ‘sh**bag’ (sorry Pascal, Johnny’s words) calls for Seyah Kendry (Mayco Nguyen). That can’t lead anywhere good.

MeanwProofhile, Dutch tells D’avin that she and Johnny have temporarily suspended their partnership until the two finish their separate endeavors. D’avin, deciding that Johnny could use a time out for lying to them, decides to help Dutch find Alena (also played by Hannah John-Kamen), so off they go.

On Westerly, Pawter thinks she knows why the Company has walled in the town and that she can prove it. She and Johnny discuss the theory of execution eugenics (using a biological containment that kills the elderly and the weak). Johnny refers to it as ‘culling the herd’.

Westerly WallAfter Seyah Kendry and Jelco have spoken and she knows Pawter and Johnny are in Westerly investigating.

She tells him to show Pawter and Johnny what the wall is for.

I must share at this point that I really hate these two characters working together!

Jelco then activates the boundary wall.

OlanOn Leith at the Scarback Monastery, Dutch and D’av have gone to see Olan (Ricardo Hoyos). Alvis (Morgan Kelly..he’s my zen hero) tells them that Olan is broken and that he’d tried to kill his own little brother.

Dutch asks Olan if he knows what a Level Six is. She goes on to ask if he has nightmares and tells him that she has them about someone who looks like her. Dutch asks him if she says the name ‘Alena’, and that’s all it took. Olan flips, visions flash, and he starts yelling ‘devil’.

Olan begins to draw on the monastery wall. He tells them it’s a map of the rivers on Arkyn (Arkyn has no rivers). He tells them he felt water and he could hear people screaming and they were drowning. Olan pleads with them not to go there.

No ContaminatesInside the walls of Westerly, Pawter and Johnny have found no biological contaminates in any of the samples they’d collected to help Pawter get proof of whatever the Company is up to.

Via a conversation with the fabulous Pree (Thom Allison) they’ve come to the conclusion that despite supplies not coming in, no one has lost any weight due to starvation. Pree tells them that it’s being smuggled in and Pawter states ‘maybe it’s in the food!’

Monk Me UpOn Lucy (voiced by Tamsen McDonough) as Dutch, Alvis, and D’avin are arriving in Arkyn’s atmosphere, D’av interrupts Alvis’ meditation. He tells Alvis about how he made Hoolian’s eyes explode and Alvis asks ‘Did you touch his eyeballs?’

D’Avin goes on to tell him how he can control the plasma in the Sixes and wants Alvis to teach him how to control it. He refers to it as ‘Monk me up a bit.’ Alvis’ suggestion was to start by NOT wishing death on someone. D’av replies: ‘Baby steps Monk.. Baby steps.’ The entire time, Alvis stays so Zen. That was just one of my many favorite scenes between these two. They bring more later.

ArkynLucy and her crew arrive on Arkyn and in what was the source of the main river the crew discovers another of Khlyen’s (Rob Stewart) safe houses.

I have to give a HUGE shout out to whoever created this scene! As Dutch, D’avin, and Alvis are approaching the cube, the imagery was just stunning in that shot!

While Alvis and D’av have zero luck with the safe house, it responds to Dutch’s touch. The three enter and the cube spins and free falls into the earth. They’ve gone so deep that they’ve lost communications with Lucy and have come out into what appears to be an abandoned lab.

Alvis complains about how the tiny weapon Dutch has given him isn’t very intimidating. D’av quips ‘Says the grown man in a cape.’

CarlJohnny and Pawter have found Pree’s supplier, Carl (Jameson Kraemer), who fan girled over Johnny over a previous meet. They test the smuggled food and still find no contaminates. Pawter mentions rats and gluten free and Carl rapidly spits out the food, spatting ‘gluten’.. Rats dude.. R.A.T.S! He mentions a special delivery coming via the Company. I wasn’t convinced they’d find anything there either.

SuspendedBack on Arkyn, D’avin discovers a room full of suspended, and quite dead, mutated bodies. One body has a stent and D’Av says it’s the same thing he had in his neck on Red 17. Dutch then referred to their surroundings as the first Red 17. In another room, they hear Alvis talking to someone.

They rush in to see him talking to an ancient Scarback (Julian Richings) who’s alive but in a trance-like state and entrapped behind the same type of wall that surrounds Westerly.

Alvis brings it to the Killjoys attention that with the body count, ten, that they’d found suspended and the one whose remains they had found in Westerly This ancient Scarback is the twelfth of the twelve Monks who came to Arkyn in the past to fight the devil. Dutch goes old school and takes down the wall with her weapon.

Killjoys S2x08 Pree singing his heart out

When we flash back to Westerly, we get a huge treat! Pree, Thom Allison, is singing: “What brought me here, she’d like to know.” I knew Thom Allison was talented, but wow.. He has such a beautiful voice. I think that I and other Pree fans would love to hear more of Thom singing. Very swoon worthy Mr. Allison!

SteamyJohnny and Pawter are working on a plan to get their hands on a sample from the Company’s convoy.

Things are getting a little steamy between the two when Pawter gets a little giddy and starts talking about how great she feels.

Thinking back to Pree singing, he was wearing a little giddy grin himself. I pretty sure it had something to do with that wall being activated around Westerly.

AmbushMoving from the active wall to the wall that Dutch has brought down around the ancient Scarback, Alvis is able to communicate with him.

But the old Scarback sees Dutch and yells ‘devil’ thinking she is Alena. They’re going to use it to their advantage. Dutch says the ancient Scarbacks didn’t come to fight the devil.. they came to fight Alena.

When they catch up to him, he ambushes them. He’s a Six which means D’avin can control his plasma but he REALLY needs Alvis’ help. Especially since he tells Alvis that he’s ‘doing the eyeball thing.’ Seems like D’avin had regained control but the ancient goes for Dutch again and she thwacks him and knocks him out.

AruneThe crew on Arkyn is having zero fun while on Westerly, Johnny and Pawter have lost their minds. Or as my brother-in-law says ‘their cheese has slid off their crackers’.

Arune (Holy sh*t it’s none other than Dolls from Wynonna Earp, Shamier Anderson) arrives for his proof that Pawter promised him and is puzzled by the duos behavior. He asks if they’re high?

I’m going with a big old YEP. Something is definitely going on here and the two admit to feeling high. Pawter thinks the contaminate is in the Company rations but at this point I’m going with something about the wall as well. And when Jelco pops his head in the door, Pawter and Johnny barely bat an eye!

Last RitesIn the old Red 17 experiment/death chamber, Alvis has managed to help D’avin calm down and control the plasma. It wasn’t easy to persuade the old Scarback that Dutch is not Alena.

But he finally answers and we learn Alena called Khlyen ‘father’. Dutch is beside herself. (Another amazing shot and set for this scene!) The ancient then begs Dutch to kill him. I actually got fairly choked up during this scene. D’avin offered to do it for her but she knows she should be the one.

After Alvis performs the ancient Scarbacks last rites, Dutch does the deed. I thought this was a very touching scene and that Hannah John-Kamen, Morgan Kelly, Luke Macfarlane, and Julian Richings played this out beautifully. Kudos to you all.

TroubleIn Westerly, Jelco is still up to no good. Johnny and Pawter are of absolutely NO help to Arune. They’re in a happy little bubble and not quite in control of themselves. Jelco puts their compliance to the test and bye-bye Arune. Pascal Langdale sure is good at being bad.. OMG!

Then he has the ba**s to frame Pawter and Johnny for Arune’s death, geez Jelco! Then to test Johnny after Johnny tells him he’s bad, he licks up Pawter’s neck trying to get a rise out of Johnny. I so wanna throat punch him myself!

But even though Pawter and Johnny are both wall wasted, they still know they are going to get Jelco and prove what the Company is up to. I knew they were still in there somewhere, but they are unable to resist Jelco as he gets them ready for their close up with Arune. The only consolation is that we still hear Pree singing downstairs.

Good DayWith Dutch and D’av back on Lucy, Dutch asks what I know I have been thinking since the introduction of Alena: ‘What if I’m her? ‘ (I’m also leaning towards a twin theory or clone.)

After D’avin tries to assure her that she is not Alena. He has Lucy explain to Dutch what the wall in Westerly does. According to Lucy, it kills fear and triggers euphoria. Dutch inquires ‘where’s Johnny?’

We then get our answer as ‘Bootsie’ and Pawter walk out of Pree’s place hand in hand. And despite what has happened with Arune and Jelco, Pawter states ‘what a beautiful day’..

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  • avatar Kenn says:

    Good evening Tonja,

    I agree completely! While I love everything about the three main Killjoys characters, with poor Johnny caged by that dirtbag Jelco, Dutch killing arse as usual, Hannah John-Kamen playing a dual role, with Dav teaming up with Dutch during Johnny’s hiatus, Sarah Power and Thom Allison were really “Shiny Happy People” (pun intended) with outstanding performances in Full Metal Monk. Pawter has grown much in her character development. She is an amazing actress! And Pree singing! OMG! Thom Allison really is the man with the pipes!

    Thank you for a detailed review in length sharing your thoughts about how wonderful a program Killjoys truly is! My fingers are crossed that this superb science fiction adventure is renewed for many more seasons!

    Best Regards,

    Kenn of #TeamWHR

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