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WonderCon 2011

Mysterious Island: Jules Verne Movie Blasts Open Wormhole in Time!

Welcome back science fiction fans! In a short 48 hours on February 11, 2012, a wonderful recently created film will grace our television screens with a fantastic new re-telling of an ancient tale: Mysterious Island produced by “K2 Pictures” from the ageless by Jules Verne novel. Using a modern scientific theme featuring a wormhole in time, “Mysterious Island” becomes a delightful destination for viewers whisking contemporary citizens from the present …Read the Rest

Green Lantern: In Brightest Day, In Darkest Night – HD Video with Geoff Johns, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds at WonderCon 2011!

Greetings Green Lantern, fantasy and science fiction fans! Tomorrow June 17, 2011 the greatly anticipated new movie, Green Lantern, by Warner Brothers Studios hits the theatres! During our travels this year we were fortunate to be at WonderCon 2011 when stars Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds and creator Geoff Johns discussed this fantastic new movie! Now the comic book series is coming to the big screen and based on the previews …Read the Rest

Priest: Exclusive Interviews with Min-Woo Hyung, Paul Bettany, Lily Collins and Cam Gigandet!

Greetings Priest Fans! It was teamwork that prevailed at WonderCon to bring you this combined Priest press room, photo opportunity and panel coverage conducted on Saturday April 02, 2011 during the convention. Many thanks go to both OffWorldTravelr (Ginger) and SciFiFanGirl616 (Rigel) for helping to bring you these exclusive video interviews, panel coverage and still images courtesy of Sony Pictures Entertainment and Screen Gems Studios during the exciting and fun …Read the Rest

WonderCon 2011: Priest, Immortals, Gods & Heroes, and Green Lantern Emerald Knights!

Hi movie and convention fans, WONDERCON 2011: A look at the glorious films “Immortals”, “Priest,” and “Green Lantern: Emerald Knights” This past weekend in San Francisco, WonderCon offered a dazzling array as the studios showcased some of their upcoming star-studded films and tantalized fans with previews, sneak peeks and teasers of such amazing films as “Immortals,” “Priest” and the animated DVD “Green Lantern: Emerald Knights”. Our thanks for several images …Read the Rest

San Francisco on Comeback Trail for Movie and Television Production!

Hello Movie and Entertainment Fans, San Franciscans recently rejoiced when top notch celebrities such Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law, Kate Winslet, Marion Cotillard as well as other actors and extras appeared in San Francisco to film the upcoming film “Contagion” in their fair city. “Contagion” is a full length science fiction based feature film set for release in October 2011. Written by Scott Z. Burns the film is directed …Read the Rest

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