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Click to visit Jeremy Myers on Twitter!Images from the convention used herein where taken by an outstanding digital photographer, Jeremy Myers! We thank him for his fine work at Comic-Con 2010! All other images from TRON Legacy are courtesy of Disney Studios.

During Comic Con 2010 WHR  was fortunate enough to have the honor of being in attendance at the  TRON Legacy Panel! Disney Dot ComTRON is the award winning Disney movie franchise coming back to theaters on December 17 2010. That’s this winter 2010 folks and I can clearly remember the fans screaming wildly when the trailers played to a packed house of over 6,500 fans!

The Disney Studios TRON Legacy panel featured a lot more than reported here. The stars and creators talked quite a bit about the news of the developing movie and made a joke that if they keep coming back to Comic-Con, the fans would eventually see the entire movie in promotional trailers year after year!

The new TRON Legacy stars Garrett Hedlund as Sam Flynn, Michael Sheen as Castor, Olivia Wilde as Quorra, and also features the legendary actor Jeff Bridges whom you will see as Rooster Cogburn in a remake of the John Wayne classic True Grit (now in post production), and venerable science fiction actor Bruce Boxleitner. Both Jeff and Bruce are original TRON cast members!

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Jeff Bridges as the MCP in TRON Legacy!

Flynn's video arcade from TRON Legacy!

The nightmare of the TRON MCP continues!

Olivia Wilde in TRON Legacy!

Meeting the MCP in TRON Legacy!

OMG! The MCP looks like Dad!

Can Olivia Wilde help stop the MCP in TRON Legacy!

Play and win or die in TRON Legacy!

Light Cycle ride for your life in TRON Legacy!

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The extended trailer was a blast to see in 3-D at the panel with a ground shaking multi-channel sound system in Hall H of the San Diego Convention Center! WHR will have more detailed coverage of TRON Legacy from Comic-Con soon, but desired to bring you this report and images now for your enjoyment!

2010 Comic-Con Tron Legacy Panel

2010 Comic Con Tron Legacy Panel Bruce Boxleitner

2010 Comic-Con Tron Legacy Jeff-Bridges Michael Sheen

2010 Comic Con Tron Legacy Panel All

Tron Legacy Light Cycle

I for one WormholeRiders - Click to visit WHR on Twitter!was and still am a huge fan of the original TRON which set standards for special effects when released in the 1980’s. The original version of the story, set well before the internet or home computers, became a reality that is revered to this very day.

WHR wants to thank Disney Studios for the wonderful TRON Legacy panel at Comic-Con and for taking time after the convention to send this promotional trailer to our attention to share with you. All at WHR can simply say is we cannot wait for TRON Legacy to continue the saga that is TRON, and so should you or risk being “De-Res’ed”!

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Thanks you for reading and watch out: TRON Legacy is COMING!

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