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Zero Dark Thirty News Analysis:

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Zero Dark Thirty Banner BoxThis reviewer found the Zero Dark Thirty as a movie to be entertaining reflecting accurately that the mission to capture and ultimately kill Osama bin Laden was planned by former President George W. Bush and ultimately adopted by President Barack Obama to put an end to his reign of terrorism.

However, not all reviewers are in agreement about Zero Dark Thirty including Steve Coll as noted below.

“It is not unusual for filmmakers to try to inject authenticity into a movie’s first frames by flashing onscreen words such as “based on real events.” Yet the language chosen by the makers of Zero Dark Thirty to preface their film about events leading to the death of Osama bin Laden is distinctively journalistic: “Based on Firsthand Accounts of Actual Events.” As those words fade, “September 11, 2001” appears against a black screen and we hear genuine emergency calls made by victims of al-Qaeda’s attack on the World Trade Center. One caller describes flames spreading around her and says that she is “burning up”; she pleads against death and then her voice disappears. Before any actor speaks a single fictional line, then, Zero Dark Thirty makes two choices: it aligns its methods with those of journalists and historians, and it appropriates as drama what remains the most undigested trauma in American national life during the last several decades.

Quote above from Steve Coll of The New York Review of Books.

Zoey Francis feels differently as noted below.

“…N……., ….Main Stream Media (MSM) owned by corporate interests and news reports dictated by spin and sensationalism, social media platforms such as Twitter as well as daring filmmakers fight to reveal the hard truth. Such is the case with”Zero Dark Thirty‘.

Zero Dark Thirty “is not a documentary, but it may as well be. On Tuesday evening at the premiere on Capital Hill, director” Kathryn Bigelow “and screenwriter” Mark Boal “found themselves defending their film to Washington lawmakers. It had reignited the debate regarding the use of enhanced interrogation techniques on detainees, in an effort to procure actionable intelligence.”

Editors Note:

All videos, images and Fair Use audio in this article were researched and sourced from legitimate studio sources by the Managing Editor of WHR and properly copyright linked back to the copyright owners official web site as required under “Far Use”.

Zero Dark Thirty -Examining

“Following the premiere, a number of posts and articles were published that accused the filmmakers of advocating torture in their film. After seeing it on Wednesday January 09, 2013, I had to ask: “Were we watching the same movie?”

Zero Dark Thirty‘ begins “with a dark screen, as the audience is pulled back to September 11, 2001 with recorded audio of 911 calls. It is a moment of collective grieving as we hear the desperation of victims in the attack, and those reassuring them that help is on the way; to stay calm and hold on.

Chris Tookey of the Daily Mail differs in stating that:

Zero Dark Thirty - Jessica Chastien as Maya in the field“Chastain does what she can with a poorly written role, emphasising her few moments of vulnerability: revulsion when she witnesses a CIA chum torturing suspected terrorists, fear when she is nearly blown up, horror when she learns that her one and only friend has been killed — plus, at the end, tears of relief and exhaustion when she realises her mission has been achieved.

But it’s a glaring defect that she’s such a cold, opaque, one-dimensional figure, as involving as a pre-programmed cyborg.”

Editors Note:

We concur with the opinion of Mr. Tookey that the role depicted (that of Maya) by the outstanding actress Jessica Chastain in Zero Dark Thirty does not accurately reflect the real life person being portrayed.

Another Area REDACTED by a false DMCA claim: “The film then moves to a graphic sequence where a terrorist with definitive ties to 9/11 is being interrogated by the CIA. Whenever he refuses to cooperate, they resort to torture.”

More redacted area that may be caused by false DMCA claimant(s): “Further along in the film, there are a few other scenes of interrogation and imprisonment. At one point the CIA analysts, while still in the Middle East, watch President Obama on TV as he reassures the American public that torture will not be condoned or used against detainees any longer.”

Zero Dark Thirty - Reflection at flag

“These particular scenes are not meant to advocate torture, in any shape or form. The filmmakers were simply illustrating the course of events in the decade following 9/11.”

“To not depict the progression of an administration that implemented such practices to one that sought to end it, would be ignoring an important chapter in our history.”

“Bigelow and Boal understood that after 9/11, our nation had become one raw, exposed nerve, and we would have agreed to anything (which we foolishly did) in the name of capturing Osama bin Laden. That is exactly why the opening of ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ is nothing short of brilliant.”

Zero Dark Thirty - Soldiers at the wall

Zero Dark Thirty - Pointing the way to Osama bin Laden“The partnership of” Kathryn Bigelow and Mark Boal “has been an extremely successful one. For those that are mindful that American cinema is still an industry dominated by men, there’s a deep appreciation for what Bigelow has been able to achieve.”

“Her thoughts on being a female director says it all: “If there’s specific resistance to women making movies, I just choose to ignore that as an obstacle for two reasons: I can’t change my gender, and I refuse to stop making movies. It’s irrelevant who or what directed a movie; the important thing is that you either respond to it or you don’t. There should be more women directing; I think there’s just not the awareness that it’s really possible. It is.”

Zero Dark Thirty - Accepting awards

Kathryn Bigelow’s “films include”Near Dark‘, ‘Point Break‘, ‘Strange Days“and”The Hurt Locker‘. Her ex-husband,” James Cameron, “wrote and produced ‘Strange Days’. Given their history, it was rather interesting when in 2010, they were both nominated for many of the same prestigious awards (he for”Avatar‘, “and she for ‘The Hurt Locker’).”

“Bigelow went on to become the first woman to win the” Critic’s Choice Award, a BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television), “the” Director’s Guild Award “and two” Oscars. With ‘Zero Dark Thirty‘, she has won awards from film critics in Boston, New York, Washington D.C., and the” National Board of Review.

“She has also nominated for this year’s” Best Picture Oscar “and a Golden Globe for Best Director. Mark Boal has won two BAFTAs, a Writer’s Guild Award, a Venice Film Festival Award, and two Oscars for ‘The Hurt Locker’. He’s also nominated for a Golden Globe, and two Oscars for ‘Zero Dark Thirty’.”

Zero Dark Thirty -Night vision

“With their latest release openinZero Dark Thirty -Thinkingg widely in the U.S. Friday January 11, 2013,” Kathryn Bigelow and Mark Boal “can rest assured that their dedication and perseverance have paid off. The reviews by film critics and moviegoers have been largely enthusiastic, with some hailing it as the best film of the year.”

“This had been a long and arduous road for the filmmakers. Prior to SEAL team 6 locating Osama bin Laden, Bigelow and Boal had already started their project. Given the monumental historical development, they had to scrap their original script and Boal went to the task of quickly writing another one.”

Zero Dark Thirty - Jessica Chastien as Maya“Alongside the challenges of production, the filmmakers were under intense scrutiny by certain members of Congress. As is often the case in the political vaccum of Capital Hill, accusations flew that the White House and the CIA had provided classified information to Boal and Bigelow.”

“Politicians pushed for an investigation, even saying so far that they wanted to stop the project already in progress. This became a witch hunt of sorts, with conservative members of Congress fearing that their party would be painted in a damaging light, and that the film would somehow aid in President Obama’s re-election.”

Zero Dark Thirty -Seal Team Six on the move

Zero Dark Thirty -the movies maligned heroine“None of this came true, of course, but that hasn’t stopped certain politicians from continuing their investigations. Having seen the movie for myself, there’s nothing in it that justifies the feigned worry and concern over breach of national security. The film is not political in the slightest; as I mentioned earlier, it only depicts the chain of events after 9/11, leading up to the capture and killing of” Osama bin Laden.

“The movie is the result of painstaking effort in details (before becoming a screenwriter,” Mark Boal “had been an embedded journalist), and the narrative comes from firsthand accounts.”

Zero Dark Thirty - Chastain at work tracking down OBLAs for revealing anything pertinent to national security, the film chronicles events that were already covered by the media, at the time that they occurred.”

“With regards to the CIA targeting analyst (and her real-life counterpart) and her hunt for” Osama bin Laden, “of course there were details that were revealed.”

“But again, nothing that would warrant the knee-jerk reactions of particular politicians. And certainly nothing to justify the CIA’s action of denying her a promotion after everything that she achieved for them.”

Zero Dark Thirty - Quad image

“I highly recommend ‘Zero Dark Thirty’. It’s my hope that this film will provoke an examination into our identities as individuals, as a nation, and as a species. The political games that our countries play within themselves, and with each other have caused incalculable strife and suffering.

As a result of this, we’re threatened by serious blowback, sometimes even lending justification for retaliation. We must learn from our mistakes to prevent further tragedy: by ensuring that war is only fought when absolutely necessary, that politicians and our government are held accountable for their actions, and that as a country, we follow through on our words and promises to others.”

# # #

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DMCA has often been abused by those seeking self aggrandizement, whether or not for monetary gain, stifling expression which jeopardizes “Fair Use” as documented by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Electronic Frontier Foundation banner logo - Click to learn more at EFFAny such disputes are required to be litigated in United States Federal Court in the appropriate jurisdiction in the event a “Counter Notice” is provided to a DMCA claimant, however, DMCA abusers often use threats and illegal harassment without regard for existing law.

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United States Copyright Office - Click to learn more at the official web siteAlthough the fraudulent DMCA claims of a certain individual named Zoey Francis of San Diego California are in themselves unethical, immoral, and are in fact illegal under DMCA, some people like her, have, upon more than one occasion, made contributions to news agencies (similar to those under our company policies), only to subsequently attempt to breach their binding contract after publication, demanding their contribution be removed after they gained notoriety by being associated with an entity larger than themselves.

To be clear, each news article, analysis and or review published at WHR is a dual copyright work having additional content added with final editing (as at any news agency) performed by the Managing Editor. Why is this done? Most often such activity corrects copyright violations made by contributors like Ms. Francis (her submission was rife with image thefts and other copyright violations).

So as to be in compliance with United States Federal Statute governing such matters, the Managing Editor corrects such omissions, and adds content so that over fifty percent of the work in terms of person hours is performed by the Managing Editor.

Therefore, this article will quote Ms. Francis in “italics” as provided for new analysis under “Fair Use” for news articles. Additional quotes from other sources will also be named and quoted which counter Ms. Francis opinion. Areas not quoted, including legitimate videos represent the work of the Managing Editor, which prove beyond doubt that amount of work by Ms Francis was in the minority from the very beginning of this collaboration.

Adactio banner logo - Click to learn more at the official web site!The requisite ten (10) days is allowed for Ms. Francis to seek a United States Federal Court injunction and filing of other federal documents for her to be allowed to prove her unfounded DMCA claim. Should such documentation not become manifest at the United States Copyright Office and in United States Federal Court in San Francisco, California, it will prove beyond doubt Ms. Francis’ DMCA claim is a fraud and incorrectly reported with regard to her improper and abusive DMCA claim as discussed in this example at Adactio.
Editors Notes:

Click to see proof that Zen4Zoey aka Zoey Francis place the image in the Public Domain documenting her DMCA claim is a fraud while engaing in in illegal Internet Stalking harassment on more than one occassionWe were honored at one time to provide a review of Zero Dark Thirty here at WormholeRiders Movie Magic courtesy of Zen4Zoey (image link to proof image was placed in the Public Domain by Zoey Francis is pictured right) whom freely contributed some text representing less that 50% of the work required to post a professional movie analysis. Many person hours were invested to correct her many copyright violations from her original draft to be in compliance with all provision of Federal Statute and DMCA. We note Ms. Francis should correct those violations still in existence at her own private blog.

We used to respect the person (pictured right) on Twitter prior to her breach of ethics, breach of contract and violations of DMCA with her misleading claims in the pursuit of attention.

You may ask how she was motivated to become dishonest? We cannot answer that question, but have documented that she was assisted in her harassment of WHR by several dozen Twitter accounts, most of which were fakes. How sad that such a person who we once believed had high journalist potential failed at the most important aspect of journalism; honesty.

In closing, our advice if Ms. Francis or other misguided people she associates with follows you on Twitter? Try to ignore these malcontents, and like WHR, if that proves to be impossible, do the obvious, block them. Thank you.

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    I have been trying to post my comment here for some time but it said I had to be a registered user? What’s up with that stuff?

    Anyways, I think I know who this Zoey person is and she has pulled this crap before to gain attention and try to blackmail people for money. You should report this bitch to the cops for the type of harassing she does. Just my two cents of advice.

    You guys are the best indie group out there. Keep it up! Thanks.


    • avatar Kenn says:

      Hello Chris,

      Apologies, we upgraded the layout here and the comments where switched off during the upgrade.

      Yes, we are aware of this malcontent person and have consulted law enforcement who confirm such tactics are “Internet Stalking” harassment. Next steps have proved the DMCA claims are false.

      Thanks for leaving a nice comment.

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    Zoey is an ass. It is clear that she is an unprincipled person and a ranter making such a big thing of this that it is obvious she has major anger issues.

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