Lauren Watson: Rising Vancouver Celeb Stars in “From Beneath” as Filmmaker Guns For Hollywood!

Welcome back Indie movie fans! We are more than pleased to announce that a  rising star Vancouver celebrity, Ms. Lauren Watson has helped “Local Vancouver Filmmakers Go Gunning For Hollywood Using New Technology to Make “From Beneath” A Small Horror Film With Big Heart And Big Audience Appeal!”! An exciting new film by David Doucette is now in the final post production in the Vancouver area using new technology now …Read the Rest

Mysterious Island Movie Wins K2 Pictures and Syfy Ratings Acclaim!

Welcome back science fiction fans! On February 11, 2012, we were treated to a wonderful new movie of the week, Jules Verne Mysterious Island produced by “K2 Pictures” from the classic 1874 novel. In our “Mysterious Island” pre-review we discussed a wormhole time warp theme that proved to be very popular with the fans of the science fiction genre garnering over 2.4 million viewers on Syfy the evening it aired. …Read the Rest

Mysterious Island: Jules Verne Movie Blasts Open Wormhole in Time!

Welcome back science fiction fans! In a short 48 hours on February 11, 2012, a wonderful recently created film will grace our television screens with a fantastic new re-telling of an ancient tale: Mysterious Island produced by “K2 Pictures” from the ageless by Jules Verne novel. Using a modern scientific theme featuring a wormhole in time, “Mysterious Island” becomes a delightful destination for viewers whisking contemporary citizens from the present …Read the Rest

Ashes: A VanCity Love Story!

Welcome back Indie movie fans, As you may be aware we love seeing independent movies created by rising talent in the film industry. Recently we learned about an exciting new modern love story film named Ashes that is about to lift off in “VanCity” (Vancouver British Columbia), and YOU can be there to help this project blast off to the success it deserves by donating to make this project a …Read the Rest

The Epic Adventures of Lake Girl: Interview with Marjorie Roden – A World of Indie Film Making Insights!

Hello once again! On November 19, 2011 I had the privilege to interview Ms. Marjorie Roden, an independent Canadian filmmaker from Winnipeg. Ms. Roden is the producer, writer and director of an exciting “indie” film entitled “The Epic Adventures of Lake Girl”. “Lake Girl” focuses on saving Lake Winnipeg after the plight of years from abuse by humankind. Now threatened for it’s very survival, this precious natural resource is the …Read the Rest

Morlocks: A New Take On An Old Classic or “We Are Not in Atlantis Anymore”!

Hi David Hewlett and Robert Picardo fans, If you were expecting a remake of the classic “The Time Machine”, by H.G. Wells, you would be in for a surprise. This Morlocks film is nothing like the original 1960 version with Rod Taylor, or the panned 2002 version starring Guy Pierce as the traveler and Jeremy Irons as the Uber Morlock. One of the greatest fun aspects of the movie was …Read the Rest

Comic-Con 2011 “The Composers” Press Room Interviews

Welcome back movie and television music fans, On the evening of Saturday July 23, 2011 I had the distinct pleasure to attend a special press event after the Composers Panel for Team WHR where we interviewed several of the talented individuals who make the series and movies we all love what they are. These gifted person weave melodies seamlessly into the entertainment products we all enjoy and do so so …Read the Rest

Update: Once Upon A Cure Celebrities Do More than “Wish On A Star” For Hunter Syndrome Children!

News Update: September 12, 2011 Welcome back fans and supporters of the Once Upon A Cure children charity fund raisers! We are very pleased to announce that great progress has been achieved by the wonderful team of people at Once Upon a Cure have been hard at work to make your time at their Hunter Syndrome Charity Gala set for September 24, 2011 not only enjoyable, but rewarding as well! …Read the Rest

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