Taken Back: Finding Haley – An Inspiration For Parents Who Have Lost Hope!

Hello Amanda Tapping and Lifetime movie fans! “Taken Back: Finding Haley” is a Lifetime original movie, which is based on true events. One normal day out with her daughter at a carnival, a mother who is taking photos of her 3 year old daughter on a mechanical horse. She looks away for a moment, only to find her daughter missing. After over a decade, she still believes she is alive, …Read the Rest

San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Interview with Talented Creator of Dust Up Ward Roberts!

Hi Dust Up fans! On Friday July 13, 2012 while in San Diego during our adventures at Comic-Con, and just after we had the pleasure of interviewing the terrifically talented Ms. Amber Benson of Dust Up, we were treated to  a chance encounter with the films creator Ward Roberts. By this I mean that I had completed the scheduled Amber Benson interview and was relaxing between appointments at Comic-Con, a …Read the Rest

Vivarium: A Film For Today, A Message For Tomorrow!

Hello Indie movie fans! Something new and exciting is being created for science fiction fans the world over to consume! What is it that the world is almost ready to produce and subsequently gleefully consume? The new product is called Vivarium, an exciting science fiction film with a message not only for today but perhaps a glimpse of the future for life here on planet Earth! Featuring a world in …Read the Rest

San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Interview with Gifted and Gorgeous Amber Benson of Dust Up!

Hi Amber Benson fans! On Friday July 13, 2012 in San Diego during our adventures at Comic-Con, we had the pleasure of interviewing the terrifically talented Ms. Amber Benson! We all remember Ms. Benson fondly as the lovely Tara Maclay in Buffy The Vampire Slayer as well as the recurring character Lenore in Supernatural among her many memorable roles including recent appearances in Private Practice, Grey’s Anatomy and Ringer! As …Read the Rest

Profiles In History Presents The Dreier Collection, Animation and Hollywood Auctions “By Your Command”!

Heads Up Profiles In History fans! Less than one day to go until the most epic auction filled with loads of Hollywood Treasure is set to rock the world! We are speaking about the fabled Dreier Collection, a decade long effort, in fact a labor of love by , this outstanding collection contains some of the most of the priceless items in television and movie history and you can click …Read the Rest

Transatlantic Coffee: Reveals Real Life and Love at Dances with Films Festival!

Hello once again indie movie fans, Some of the very best movies ever created are about adventures in life. Particularly favorite are those that accurately reflect life’s experiences in the real world such as The Sound of Music, The Glen Miller Story and It’s a Wonderful Life. Taking nothing away from comic book heroes or science fiction themed products, in the opinion of this reviewer, the real gems of the …Read the Rest

Jules Verne’s Mysterious Island Blasts Open USA Wormhole Today at RedBox and Wal-Mart!

Welcome back Jules Verne Mysterious Island fans! Hooray! Our wait for the classic Jules Verne Mysterious Island movie as presented earlier this year on Syfy  is finally over! Today Red Box began distribution this enjoyable film we have all been waiting for on DVD release has arrived at two mega retailers so we can all own our own copies to play over and over again! As you may recall, Syfy …Read the Rest

Death Do Us Part Movie Sure To Scare the Dickens Out of You!

Welcome back horror movie fans! Recently we learned of a fantastic new movie being produced in Canada known as Death Do Us Part, also known as DDUPMovie on Twitter. This wonderful film, now in post production, features many fine creators and actors of whom we are all aware and have great admiration for.  DDUP is directed by award winning Nicholas Humphries honored in 2011 at Los Angeles for “Best Short …Read the Rest

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