Profiles in History Debbie Reynolds: The Historic Auction at The Paley Center for Media!

Hello Hollywood Memorabilia lovers! On June 18, 2011 you could own a piece of Hollywood history. This is the day a vast amount of Hollywood memorabilia collected by Debbie Reynolds will be up for auction by Profiles In History at the Paley Center for Media. You may click here to download the catalog and here to register at iCollector to bid. Continuing tomorrow June 15, through Friday June 17, 2011 …Read the Rest

Mad Mel and the Marradians: Hilarity and Science Fiction About to Slay New York City! (with video)

Hello science fiction, drama theatre and comedy fans, In honor of the Tony Awards held in New York City this weekend we discovered, errr uncovered a dastardly plot being hatched in New York City involving Mad Mel (rather than Mad Max) in a science fiction stage play that will be opening one month!! One thing we can be certain of is this live stage production going to be both entertaining …Read the Rest

Less: Losing is Everything – An Epic Southwest United States Film Premiere!

Welcome back fans of Indie films! This news article about LESS: Losing is Everything is a film (in its Southwest Premiere at Dances with Films film Festival) June 05, 2011 at the Laemmle Theatre that should be dear to the heart of everyone and anyone who has lost a job, had their career “outsourced” overseas to slave labor in totalitarian societies! Perhaps more importantly to the some 26 million United …Read the Rest

Dances With Films: STAGS World Premiere by Jamie Greenberg Featuring Benim Foster of Fringe!

Welcome back movie fans, Something quite exciting is about to take place in West Hollywood tomorrow evening! What could it be? Well folks it is something called STAGS, an adult drama that I am sure we can all relate to. STAGS is half bromance / half dysfunctional romance making its World Premiere Friday, June 03, 2011  9:30pm at the Laemmle Theatre, 8000 Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood. STAGS is part …Read the Rest

Awesome Debbie Reynolds Hollywood Auction 45 by Profiles in History!

Welcome back Profiles in History and Hollywood Treasure fans, In only three weeks from today one of the finest and most comprehensive collections of rare Hollywood memorabilia EVER will be auctioned off. Of what and whom do we speak? Why of course we are discussing the outstanding Debbie Reynolds auction to be conducted by Profiles in History at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills California on June 18, …Read the Rest

Priest: Exclusive Interviews with Min-Woo Hyung, Paul Bettany, Lily Collins and Cam Gigandet!

Greetings Priest Fans! It was teamwork that prevailed at WonderCon to bring you this combined Priest press room, photo opportunity and panel coverage conducted on Saturday April 02, 2011 during the convention. Many thanks go to both OffWorldTravelr (Ginger) and SciFiFanGirl616 (Rigel) for helping to bring you these exclusive video interviews, panel coverage and still images courtesy of Sony Pictures Entertainment and Screen Gems Studios during the exciting and fun …Read the Rest

Gregg Hurwitz of V Series Announces “You’re Next” Coming Home to USA with a Cool Contest!

Hello Gregg Hurwitz and thriller fans, While we wait with baited breath to find out if V Series will continue in a third season, acclaimed author V Series writer and producer for 18 episodes, Gregg Hurwitz is staying busy on a whirlwind book tour for another of his outstanding novels “You’re Next“! After his smash success with “They’re Watching” (now in its second printing), “You’re Next”  has been aptly described …Read the Rest

Echoes Series Presentation Pilot – Behind The Scenes Interview with Mark Savela, Ken Kabatoff and Andrew Karr!

Welcome once again science fiction fans. On Saturday, April 16th while on a trip to in Vancouver British Columbia, WR_Systems (Kenn) arranged for me to conduct an interview with three of the creators of a new pilot presentation being formulated called Echoes . Featured in the interview are well known television series creative talents Mark Savela,  Ken Kabatoff and Andrew Karr whom we all know and respect from years of …Read the Rest

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