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The Revolution pilot directed by Jon Favreau is an absolutely superb creation by Eric Kripke co-executive produced by Philip Sgriccia in association with  J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions in conjunction with Warner Brothers!

As discussed recently by Mr. Abrams himself in an interview about the new series starring Billy Burke, David Lyons, Tim Guinee, Tracy Spiridakos, Maria Howell, Elizabeth Mitchell, JD Pardo, Graham Rogers, Anna Lise Phillips, Giancarlo Esposito, Zak Orth and Daniella Alonzo (to name but a few),  each of the main actors deliver superb performances as do the supporting cast which make this new science fiction series a delight to watch! 

Revolution S1x01 - Elizabeth Mitchell as Rachel with Morgan Hinkelman as young Charlie

Revolution S1x01 Tim Guinee as Ben Matheson and Anna Lise Phillips as Maggie

Revolution S1x01 Giancarlo Esposito as Captain Tom Neville

Revolution S1x01 - Preview city bannerWe look forward to bringing you our analysis of this outstanding science fiction program in the near future.

In the meantime, enjoy the delightful Revolution pilot interview series included below courtesy of the great team of professionals over at NBC Universal Studios!

Revolution S1x01 - Tracy Spiridakos as Charlie

Revolution S1x01 - In the bar looking for uncle Miles

Revolution S1x01 - Billy Burke as swashbuckling Miles Matheson

Revolution S1x01 - Charlie Matheson and uncle Miles Matheson

Revolution S1x01 - JD Pardo as Nate

Revolution S1x01 - Graham Rogers as Danny Matheson

Revolution S1x01 - Maria Howell as the enigmatic Grace

Revolution S1x01 - David Lyons as Sebastian 'Bass' Monroe

Revolution S1x01 - Maria Howell as Grace with secret computer

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