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Hello Revolution series lovers,

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This reviewer’s analysis offers that the Revolution pilot is deserving of an A PLUS for every aspect of entertainment!

Revolution excels not only with a meaningful message for viewers, it has superb casting, brilliant story arc, costuming, fantastic location shooting, great cinematography, awesome special effects, swashbuckling action, fantastic music score, humor, a huge ensemble cast and crew of professionals and newcomers alike, but perhaps most important of all; a dedication to excellence by the creators!

Is Revolution one of the best science fiction drama series ever presented at NBC since they re-entered the science fiction  drama arena with The Event? We believe the answer is yes! Here at WHR we pick-up series for review and analysis that evoke an emotional response from viewers as well as present concepts which many can relate to.

Revolution poster banner - Click to learn more at the official NBC web site!Revolution is just such a series, providing glimpses of nostalgia of the way things were in “the good ole’ days”, always an appealing methodology of entertainment delivery designed to both delight and satiate the viewing audiences desire for better times.

While we prepared to review and offer analysis of this outstanding series, we noticed several naysayers who appeared to denigrate the message or Single Effect of what Revolution was about to bring to our television screens.

Frankly we were stunned by such unprofessional outbursts, including horribly written reviews replete with poor sentence structure and even hateful comments. Shame on you, whomever you are!  

Where and when I grew up, we were taught “If you cannot say something nice, then say nothing at all”. Fortunately these misguided malcontents, whom we lovingly refer to as “Internet Trolls” have once again been proven to be incorrect for several reasons including a faithful dedication to building each scene to produce a successful Single Effect in the pilot episode!

Revolution S1x01 - Chicago observed in the opening seconds

Speaking of success, Revolution has more than captured the heart and soul of the viewing public with one of the strongest premieres in the history of science fiction drama television entertainment with some fifteen (15) million views who watched the pilot episode live, legally on-line, by DVR and or On-Demand on various cable distributors including XFinity TV.

Revolution is described as follows from the NBC Universal Publicity Unit:

Revolution S1x01 - Bugs Bunny is the last television program before the blackout“Our entire way of life depends on electricity. So what would happen if it just stopped working? Well, one day, like a switch turned off, the world is suddenly thrust back into the dark ages.”

“Planes fall from the sky, hospitals shut down, and communication is impossible. And without any modern technology, who can tell us why?”

“Now, 15 years later, life is back to what it once was long before the industrial revolution: families living in quiet cul-de-sacs, and when the sun goes down lanterns and candles are lit. Life is slower and sweeter. Or is it?” Revolution S1x01 - Young Charlie watches Bugs Bunny

“On the fringes of small farming communities, danger lurks. And a young woman’s life is dramatically changed when a local militia arrives and kills her father, who mysteriously – and unbeknownst to her – had something to do with the blackout.”

“This brutal encounter sets her and two unlikely companions off on a daring coming-of-age journey to find answers about the past in the hopes of reclaiming the future.”

Revolution Pilot:

One of the wonderful aspects about  Revolution? The opening moments with Elizabeth MitchellTim Guinee, young Charlie Matheson portrayed by Morgan Hinkleman, and two year old Danny Matheson portrayed by real life twins Cameron Morrison and  MacEwen Morrison.

Revolution S1x01 - Elizabeth Mitchell as Rachel with Morgan Hinkelman as young Charlie

Revolution S1x01 - Tim Guinee as Ben Matheson arrives with survival suppliesStargate, Lost, V Series and Fringe fans no doubt rejoiced when these two talented actors (Mitchell and Guinee) were observed as anchoring the beginning sequences.

The scenes were quite believable sequences starting with Charlie watching Bugs Bunny on the big screen television, soon to be a relic of technology in Revolution. The scene perfectly sets the stage for what is about to transpire as the lights went out and the ice cream began to melt.

Who could not be brought to tears as Rachel Matheson (Elizabeth Mitchell) and Ben Matheson (Tim Guinee) allowed young Charlie to gorge herself on the what may very well be last ice cream she would see for decades?

Revolution S1x01 - Tim Guinee as a concerned Ben Matheson

Fans of these two actors were disappointed that they played such brief roles, seemingly being virtually removed from the story in the first segments of Revolution.

Fear not fans, according to our sources we will see much more of Ben and Rachel Matheson in flashback sequences in the coming weeks of the series that will round out the fifteen years between the blackout and “present time”.

We ask; Who could not relate to the topic of the power going out as western nation’s bicker about how to give away more yet often produce less, teetering on the brink of bankruptcy as communist nation’s seek to loot the planet and enslave the world? The net result could be the same; Loss of the lifestyle worked so hard for over the past five centuries by the “civilized” western world?

Revolution S1x01 - Captain Neville portrayed by Giancarlo EspositoYou see people this is only but one of the eloquent Single Effect messages imparted by Revolution, a title for a television series that belies the fate of the western world if it does not get its act together!

Political parties notwithstanding, will the evil of the human conditions represented by Giancarlo Esposito as Captain Neville, become our fate in real life?!

The Revolution pilot parallels to the real world with a message that is clear. Revolution evokes the feelings of billions of people who were self sustaining for myriad generations, only to be confronted by the tragedy of the welfare states (the USA) and or the slave states of today (e.g. China and North Korea).

Revolution S1x01 -David Lyons as Sebastian Bass Monroe

Does the series portend the inevitability of totalitarian regimes represented by the likes of General  Sebastian ‘Bass’ Monroe (David Lyons) which spring up when people bicker over handouts, stop fighting for freedom, and allow governments to provide that which they used to work hard for in self sufficiency?

As power grids exploded, aircraft crashed to Earth, automobiles stopped working, and all computer based systems failed, all of which run on electricity failed, we segued to the future in Revolution about a small group of survivors whom have banded together, become self sufficient, seemingly in a world without modern conveniences including electric power.

Revolution S1x01 - Moments before Ben is shot and killed by Captain NevilleLow and behold, tyranny raises its ugly head as Captain Tom Neville (Giancarlo Esposito) appears in the settlement seeking to take hostages for the Monroe dictatorship seeking the secrets about why the power went by the wayside.  At first the survivors think it is a taxation visit (much like today’s governments seeking to tax their way out of bankruptcy).

We quickly learn, by way of Ben Matheson being shot and killed in a scuffle, that Captain Tom Neville is seeking Ben and Miles Matheson (Billy Burke) whom General Dictator Sebastian “Bass” Monroe knows had prior knowledge (via the use of flashback sequences) about the disaster that was about to befall humanity.

Revolution S1x01 - Jet aircraft crashes to Earth

At this juncture, one if left to ponder what caused the disaster? Was an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) the culprit? Was it a natural event caused by a wave of EMP that emanated from a distant star whose waves of electrical destruction seared the Earth?

Or was the cataclysm a man made event caused by war in a surprise attack with Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) finally unleashed on the world by corrupt communist slave masters after an equally destructive EMP counter attack by the western allied nations?

For these answers, all must continue to support Revolution, a brave move to present science fiction in prime time television by NBC in a series produced by Warner Brothers via J.J. Abrams and his wonderful firm Bad Robot Productions!

Revolution S1x01 - Aaron Pitmann is given the Tempest DeviceComing from a computer science background and career, I can reveal this: The “Tempest Devices” observed in the opening moments contain the key to understanding what happened and what will become manifest in Revolution.

Pay close attention to the mysterious “Tempest Device” lockets in the possession of cast members including Grace portrayed by distinguished and talented actress Maria Howell.

Back at the settlement subsequent to the death of Ben Matheson , we are introduced to the series protagonists; Danny Matheson (Graham Rogers), Charlie Matheson (Tracy Spiridakos), step mother by default to Charlie, Maggie (Anna Lise  Phillips) and Aaron Pittman (Zak Orth), who offers the series comic relief or more lighthearted characterization).

Revolution S1x01 - Charlie, Aaron and Maggie begin the journey to find Uncle Miles

As the journey of Revolution adventure begins, Danny is taken hostage, no doubt as a bargaining chip to be utilized to trap Uncle Miles Matheson, whom we learn was with Sebastian Monroe (David Lyons) the night the lights went out.

An eerie nighttime flashback sequence from the past reveals Miles and Sebastian observed entering a Marine Corps Depot compound. The scene provides clues as to why Miles left Sebastian Monroe in the first place perhaps before he he consolidated power to form the “Monroe Republic”.

Revolution S1x01 - Eerie Marine Corp Depot flashback where the Monroe Republic began

Our series heroes set out per instruction from dying Ben Matheson to find his brother Miles, last known to be residing in Chicago. Prior to Ben’s death, another “Tempest Device” is given to Aaron Pittman with a severe warning from Ben to protect the device at all costs.

Revolution S1x01 - Danny Matheson is captured by Captain NevilleAs we learned at the episodes end, the devices are not simply memory chips, but contain a power source that can be used to access the remnants of the technology including modem communications computer to computer between what this reviewer believes are groups of freedom fighters seeking to counter the dictator Sebastian ‘Bass’ Monroe who rose to power in charge of a ruthless and powerful militia.

As our group sets out on its adventure, the viewers observe what life without freedom and civilized edifices would be like as they encounter ruffians who would rape and steal to gain advantage over others, much like war torn areas in real life.

Revolution S1x01 - Maggie is held at knife point by rapists

To this reviewer, the situation in Revolution sounds a lot like Marxists and Communists in the real world who take whatever they want from anyone often with the excuse they will “redistribute” the wealth for the struggling masses. A truly hideous version of life that hovers over humanity today now financially enslaved by the likes of Communist China and their evil minions worldwide.

Our heroes fortunately escape their horrible fate and rape at the hands of the malcontents when Maggie bribes them with poison whiskey, killing two before they can rape Maggie and Charlie.

The third evil rapist is shot by crossbow arrow when Nate (JD Pardo) re-appears (seen earlier at a water hole) to apparently assuming the position of protector of our protagonists.

Revolution S1x01 JD Pardo as NateNot so fast people, Nate is obviously an undercover agent of the Sebastian Bass Monroe’s dictatorship as we will learn a bit later in the series pilot.

Maggie does not trust the handsome young devil in disguise as evidenced by her packing poison whiskey which she feeds to the evil Maxists rapists. YAY! Maggie!

In the meantime, it is clear that young Charlie has a crush on this striking young fellow and he on her.

We will have more on that aspect of the story thread a bit later in our analysis of the series as developments unfold each week on NBC Revolution!

Revolution S1x01 - The ghostly past as Chicago Wrigley field looms in the backgroundCharlie, Maggie, Aaron and undercover Monroe minion Nate arrived safely in Chicago.

A hugely effective and somewhat ghostly reminder of past glory of humankind is that of Wrigley Field, which is used as a tantalizing, yet tragic visual backdrop.

Apparently, the World Series has been indefinitely postponed due to the calamity that has befallen the human condition. Maybe next year for the Cubs!

Revolution S1x01 - Monroes bad guys prepare to attack Uncle MilesSubsequent to the re-introduction of Uncle Miles Matheson to the series after Charlie, Aaron and Maggie track him down, viewers are treated to a fantastic swashbuckling sword fight sequence.

Miles takes on a dozen of Monroe evil minions. It was quite nice when he quickly dispatched the entire foul group!

In a lighter moment, Miles prepares for battle, but only after he savors the last bottle of Single Malt Scotch that is available in Chicago!

Revolution S1x01 - Uncle Miles takes a shot of Single Malt before the battle he knows is coming

I must say that any hero worth his salt, errr Scotch certainly must have a few “belts” before engaging in battle.

Billy Burke delivers an outstanding performance as Uncle Miles the swordsman in stunt scenes coordinated with Jeff Wolfe. Also enjoyable is that Miles is obviously a dedicated imbiber of fine Single Malt Scotch!

The question we viewers must consider is where will Uncle Miles find another supply of Single Malt? Or will he stoop to drinking Aaron’s home brewed variety of hooch?

Revolution S1x01 - Uncle Miles enjoys the last of his Single Malt before joining Charlie on her mission

WAIT, maybe Uncle Miles can steal some from the evil dictator Sebastian Monroe private stash (as pictured above)!

Revolution S1x01 - Charle takes aimCharlie and Maggie themselves enter the fray to save Aaron Pittman while assisting in the process of dispatching a few of the soldiers of Sebastian Monroe including a turnabout sequence whereby Nate saves Charlie when she is being attacked.

Could Nate be a triple agent? Or is his interest in saving Charlie a bit more of a romantic dalliance in the making to liven up the adventure that is inherent in Revolution?

With Uncle Miles agreeing to join the resistance, and Danny Matheson captured, escaping, then recaptured by Captain Neville after being saved by Grace at gun point no less.

Revolution S1x01 - Maria Howell as the enigmatic Grace

In another well played turnabout, Grace promptly surrenders Danny to Captain Neville to save herself and, as we learn, her own “Tempest Device” for her critical “mission”.

As the pilot episode winds down to an exciting conclusion, we are treated to the ultimate cliffhanger when Grace opens a locked door to what appears to be a rundown shack.

As Grace removed her “Tempest Device” from its protective locket, suddenly the lights come and a computer powers up as we learn that all power has not gone from the world!

Revolution S1x01 - Grace activates her Tempest DeviceGrace type outs the code and logs into a communications network. We the viewers are unaware exactly who she is communicating with, however, the message clearly delivers the potent message; there is an organization “out there” preparing to “do something”.

On the Tempest Device powered computer screen, what we assume is the higher authority inquires about whether “it” (her “tempest device”) was discovered? The superb pilot episode ends with cryptic messages on the screen “The Militia was here, did they find it and … So what now”, setting the viewers up for the next outstanding episode “Chained Heat”! 

Revolution S1x01 - What now

As related in the beginning of this analysis, the Revolution pilot deservedly earns a grade of a solid A PLUS.

Here at WormholeRiders we look forward with great anticipation to more of the adventures of Uncle Miles, Charlie, Maggie and Aaron!

What will they find as they fight the forces of tyranny that have apparently swept the world after the catastrophic events that befell the Earth fifteen years earlier?!

The Revolution pilot is superbly directed by Jon Favreau from creator Eric Kripke, co-executive produced by Philip Sgriccia in association with J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions in conjunction with the fabulous team at Warner Brothers!

Starring Billy Burke, David Lyons, Tim Guinee, Tracy Spiridakos, Maria Howell, Elizabeth Mitchell, JD Pardo, Graham Rogers, Anna Lise Phillips, Giancarlo Esposito, Zak Orth and Daniella Alonzo, each of the main actors deliver outstanding performances as do the supporting cast which make this new science fiction series a delight to watch!

I know that this reviewer will be doing so each and every Monday evening as Revolution sweeps the world to save humankind from dictatorship on NBC and be back each week with more analysis of this great program!

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