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Revolution: Mis Dos Padres Means Action in Three Cities!

Welcome back WormholeRiders dedicated to Revolution! Without a doubt, the creators of Revolution are genius’ on relating the challenges citizens in the USA face Today! Director Michael Offer did an outstanding job delivering the excitement inherent in the “Mis Dos Padres” story arc, a script co-written by revered entertainment industry veterans Rockne S. O’Bannon and Ben Edlund! The glorious adventure of Revolution continued in “Mis Dos Padres” when Sebastian “Bass” …Read the Rest

Revolution: Three Amigos is Three Story Arc’s Providing Answers!

Welcome back WormholeRiders dedicated to Revolution!, Without a doubt, the creators of Revolution continue demonstrating their  genius on relating the challenges the United States of America and world faces today! Director Charles Beeson has done an excellent job with the script delightfully written by David Rambo and Anne Cofell Saunders! Much has happened since our heroes arrived in Willoughhby, Texas only to find out that the Patriots had infested the …Read the Rest

Revolution: Dead Man Walking or Just Who in the Heck Has Been Talking?!

Welcome back Revolution lovers, To this reviewer’s sheer delight, “Dead Man Walking”, awesomely directed by Steve Boyum is THE pivot point in the Revolution series first half of season two! Many, including myself had waited to learn more about what the motivating factors for key characters are and have been, why several were at, or have been at each others throats for the past twenty-five episodes. Beautifully written by Paul …Read the Rest

Revolution: One Riot, One Ranger Means One Bullet, One War!

Welcome back Revolution lovers, The story is nice presented by seasoned Director Fred Toye about the struggle to overcome zealots out to take advantage of the human suffering and misery subsequent to the destruction of Philadelphia and Atlanta by nuclear blasts promulgated by so-called “Patriots”. The previous episode of Revolution, “Patriot Games”, sets up “One Riot, One Ranger” as the exciting post apocalyptic adventure of life in the United States …Read the Rest

Revolution: There Will Be Blood – But Why, Who Is Involved, and What Is It Used For?

Welcome back Revolution lovers, Excellently written by Paul Grellong, and directed by Philip Sgriccia, the situation in the second episode of season two of Revolution for our erstwhile band of heroes is escalating, both for the good, and unfortunately, for the bad. With the exception of Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell), Miles (Billy Burke), and Aaron (Zak Orth), we still do not fully understand how they all have become separated after the …Read the Rest

Revolution: Born in the USA – “When You Burn Down the Old” Do As You Are Told!

Welcome back Revolution lovers, It has been some time since the superb Revolution season one finale “The Dark Tower” When Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) attempted to convince her former professional colleagues Dan Jenkins (Glenn Morshower) and Grace (Maria Howell) to turn the power back on. It has been even longer since I wrote an analysis of Revolution. More on that at the end of this review of the second season premiere …Read the Rest

Revolution: Ghosts – That Which Haunts Our Souls and Shapes Our Future!

Hello Revolution series lovers, This is my first review of this relatively new apocalyptic series. However, I have watched the show since it premiered. There has been much talk of Revolution ratcheting up the story telling a notch since the series went on hiatus 4 months ago. From my personal observations, it was needed. Some of the writing was pretty bland. Suspense was slow in coming, and when it did …Read the Rest

Revolution Pilot Analysis: The Consequences Delineated from the Good Ole Days!

Hello Revolution series lovers, This reviewer’s analysis offers that the Revolution pilot is deserving of an A PLUS for every aspect of entertainment! Revolution excels not only with a meaningful message for viewers, it has superb casting, brilliant story arc, costuming, fantastic location shooting, great cinematography, awesome special effects, swashbuckling action, fantastic music score, humor, a huge ensemble cast and crew of professionals and newcomers alike, but perhaps most important …Read the Rest

Revolution: Wormhole Opens to a New World!

Hey Revolution fans! The Revolution pilot directed by Jon Favreau is an absolutely superb creation by Eric Kripke co-executive produced by Philip Sgriccia in association with  J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions in conjunction with Warner Brothers! As discussed recently by Mr. Abrams himself in an interview about the new series starring Billy Burke, David Lyons, Tim Guinee, Tracy Spiridakos, Maria Howell, Elizabeth Mitchell, JD Pardo, Graham Rogers, Anna Lise Phillips, …Read the Rest

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