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NBC Revolution logo banner - Click to learn more!Without a doubt, the creators of Revolution are genius’ on relating the challenges citizens in the USA face Today!

Director Michael Offer did an outstanding job delivering the excitement inherent in the “Mis Dos Padres” story arc, a script co-written by revered entertainment industry veterans Rockne S. O’Bannon and Ben Edlund!

Revolution S2x11 - Miles, Rachel and Monroe find Connor in Mexico, but can they escape alive?The glorious adventure of Revolution continued in “Mis Dos Padres” when Sebastian “Bass” Monroe (David Lyons), with the help of Miles (Billy Burke) and Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell), find his son Connor portrayed by Mat Vairo alive and well in Mexico.

The question became; Will Miles and Rachel be able to make it out of Puesta del Sol, Mexico alive? Will Bass save Rachel and Miles from being sacrificed at the hands of the infamous cartel gang leader Nunez (Jesse Campos)!

Revolution S2x11 - Gene Porter  and Charlie on a mission to discover Patriot misdeeds!Or will season two see Miles Matheson and his wild sister-in-law Rachel Matheson buried south of the United States border, never to see Willoughby, Charlie (Tracy Spiradakos) or Doctor Gene Porter (Stephen Collins) ever again?

Rest easy folks, the creators of Revolution would likely never allow such a thing to happen… Or would they?

Revolution S2x11 - Aaron finds Grace Beaumont  in Spring CityAaron Pittman (Zak Orth) has been drawn by mental messages from “Nanite Boy” (Aidan Sussman) to a place known as Spring City.

Here Aaron the source of his being drawn to Spring City, the enigmatic, yet intelligent and powerful Grace Beaumont (Maria Howell) on the deserted main street in the town.

Revolution S2x11 - Grace meets Aaron with a shotgun on main street in Spring CityAll we can say is do NOT mess with Grace! She is packing not only high technology and Nanites, but a danged  shotgun to boot!

Can there be any doubt that Grace is in some measure exerting control regarding the Nanites, and used them to summon Aaron to her side?

We are left to wonder; Does Grace have a plan for Aaron’s  Nanite enhanced powers?

Revolution S2x11 - Aaron links up with Grace in Spring City to a big surprise!Is Grace planning on eventually deploying them against the corrupt administration in Washington D.C. to teach the evil politicians a lesson they will never forget for erasing Atlanta and Philadelphia with horrendous nuclear weapons blasts last season?

What we do know is that Grace reveals a huge surprise for Aaron during “Mis Dos Padres”!

Could it be that Grace had relatives in those cities who have been murdered by the people seeking to re-establish power in what was once known as the United States of America? Will Grace, with Aaron’s help be able to reestablish a Constitutional Republic of Nanites to replace the evil and frankly festering political hacks infesting Washington D.C.?

Revolution S2x10 - Truman gets ready to execute the citizens by poison orangesOf equal import, can we all hope that twisted Willoughby, Texas “Patriot Administrator” Edward Truman (Stephen Culp) get’s his own BBQ courtesy of Aaron to pay for his latest crimes of butchering the defenseless town people with poisoned oranges?

We do not even have to hope so because when viewers find out his “reward” for such heinous behavior at the episodes end, they will be as sick as Truman!

Speaking of Washington D.C., the ongoing political intrigue in between Tom Neville (Giancarlo Esposito), Julia (Kim Raver) and Jason (JD Pardo) an their plans to infiltrate the administration are more than mysterious. No doubt Julia has plans to increase her power base.

Much like the corrupt administrations in Washington D.C. and other locations across both space and time, will Tom Neville ultimately be “thrown under the bus” (to coin an oft used political term), once Julia has achieved her goals of political dominion?

`Revolution S2x11 - Who will ne in Charlie's future Jason or ConnorAnd just who will Jason Neville remain loyal to? Could it be that he and Charlie’s (Tracy Spiradakos) unrequited love will blossom to produce a new generation of freedom loving Neville’s to populate the North American continent?

Or is there another that will fetch the charms of Charlie? Could it be none other than Connor Monroe, son of Bass?! And just what will Uncle Miles have tlo say about that!

Revolution S2x11 - Could Connor be in Charlies futureThese and other theoretical questions will need answers as the outstanding story arc of Revolution continues to be woven in the fabric of our imaginations each week. This reviewer for one cannot wait to see how it all turns out as we approach the pinnacle of the second season adventure!

For those who may be unaware, the sentence, “Mis Dos Padres”, can be translated from proper Spanish to English with two meanings, “My Two Parents” or “My Two Fathers”. Of interest is that the word “Padre” translates to “Father” while the addition of the “s” in the word “Mis” is not often used in colloquial Spanish, instead the term “my” is often simply spelled “Mi”.

Revolution S2x11 - Connor Monroe goes to meet his second father BassIn “Mis Dos Padres”, the back story of Connor Monroe is explored subsequent to Bass having dreams of a resurgent “Monroe Republic” back in the “States”. What his son has planned and what happens is a central element of the “Mis Dos Padres” story arc!

The net result of this pending development will be explored in the next exciting episode “Captain Trips” which aired on January 22, 2014 and in “Happy Endings” airing on January 29, 2014 when Monroe heads to Las Vegas, Nevada!

Mis Dos Padres:

Revolution S2x11 - Aaron is reunited with his wife Priscilla!After the initial shock for Aaron wears off, Grace explains that she has been living alone in Spring City since “The Tower”. And the other surprise in store for Aaron? His long lost wife Priscilla Pittman (Maureen Sebastian) is passed out on Grace’s couch! Aaron is astounded to see woman he thought he lost so long ago!

As we soon discover, Pricilla has been suffering from the same visions as Aaron. In a slight twist of the “Nanite Boy” visions, Priscilla’s dead father “told her” to find Grace. In fact, Grace’s husband thought she was so insane that he took the kids and abandoned her!

Revolution S2x11 - Grace tells Aaron about the Nanites he coded in the pastGrace Beaumont knows that the Nanites directed both of them to her. Clearly the Nanites have crossed into a state of consciousness and it appears they have gained an additional ability, the power to network their thoughts. As viewers will recall from season one, Aaron wrote the original computer code for the Nanites. In effect Aaron gave them the Nanites their brains and conscience “mind,”. Priscilla helped with the code writing process, in effect making them their mother. It is these factors that Grace has

Revolution S2x11 - Aaron wonders about the power of the Nanites he helped to createPriscilla wonders why their friend Peter, who also helped write the code, was not called to Spring City as well?. Nevertheless, the Nanite population has exploded. They have procreated everywhere, and no doubt have an agenda and “mind of their own”.

With all this power, Grace desires to determine does his make the Nanites “any different from a God?” Aaron, Priscilla and frankly, this reviewer wonders if they will use their power for good.

Revolution S2x11 - Connor takes Monroe to Nunez villa with intent of capturing him!Connor takes Monroe to Nunez’s opulent villa, where a flayed corpse is displayed as evidence of what happens to those who do the boss wrong.

Although he raised Connor like a son, it is more than obvious that cartel leader Nunez relies on Connor to operate the territory.

We witness that Nunez is pleased with the offering of Sebastian Monroe as a captive. When Nunez asks Connor for his take on Monroe’s fate, Connor suggests auctioning his father to the highest bidder!

Fortunately for malcontent Monroe, Miles and Rachel are already planning to rescue him. However, when Miles reaches him, Monroe refuses to leave, preferring to stay so Connor can take credit for his capture. Good grief! Unfortunately, during the delay, Miles is captured too. Both are dumped beside each other in a locked cell. Thankfully, Rachel will come to the ultimate rescue of these troublemakers a bit later in the episode!

Revolution S2x11 - Gene and Charlie sneak up on the PatriotsCharlie and her grandfather have snuck up on Truman and the Patriots. They are in process of building a large armed camp. Gene Porter sees an old friend, Lloyd Welliver (Ken Edwards). Gene wants to retrieve him immediately, but Charlie knows there is no way that is possible.

Who would have conceived that Gene Porter has the same stubborn spirit as Rachel and Charlie? Well, he is the grandfather and now we know where the gene pool came from! Later that night, Gene Porter sneaks into Edward Truman’s Patriot camp. Gene is shocked to learn that his friend Welliver is already dead. Having guessed Porter would go after his friend, Charlie rescues him from a guard. Unfortunately a few seconds later, Gene and granddaughter Charlie are captured by Patriot guards!

Revolution S2x11 - Tom delivers flowers to Julia as a ruseWe move back to Washington DC. Seemingly romantic Tom Neville is delivering congratulatory flowers to Julia. Naturally, it has nothing to do with romance.

The entire contrivance is an excuse to determine if Julia has convinced her husband to hire Neville onto his security detail. Tom is disappointed to learn that Julia has not proceeded with “their plan”.

Revolution S2x11 - Tom and Jason come to odds over what must be doneTom is further disappointed when he discovers that Jason stole documents from Allenford that lay out plans for numerous reeducation programs that are administered by Julia’s husband Doyle. Having survived the torture of reeducation himself, Jason is adamant that something must be done soon!

Later that evening, Neville tells Julia that Doyle is responsible for nearly killing Jason. Now he wants her to get him into Doyle’s office to steal what he needs so he can blackmail his way onto the desired security position. Julia warns Tom that she may not be able to protect him if he sneaks into Doyle’s office. Tom’s facial expression exhibits a good deal of paranoia. We, like time begin to wonder just whose side is Julia really on?

Revolution S2x11 - Miles and Monroe argue about what to do nextMiles and Monroe argue long into the night. Monroe wanted to give Connor something, some help, and all he has to give is himself. Of course this leaves Miles trapped inside the inner sanctum. In the next room, Nunez toasts Connor celebrating his  capture of the famous Miles Matheson!

Coupled with Sebastian Monroe, the two cartel legends will have success, equating the two captured men means more reward money! Somehow, Nunez cannot believe Connor rescued Monroe, the most ruthless man in the world. As a test of his loyalty, Nunez makes Connor whip Monroe fiercely!

Revolution S2x11 - Monroe gets a licking and keeps on tickingMonroe, strung up in front of a crowd of howling citizens takes it all in stride. He is sure that in the end Connor will rally to his cause to reestablish the Monroe Republic!

Sure enough, as the situation looks bleak for Monroe, his son Connor stops further beatings of Monroe. Connor asks Nunez , “Do we want to sell him? Or bury him?” Nunez’s, always a greedy bastard, agrees with Connor and stops the whipping.

Revolution S2x11 - Rachel will come to the rescue to save Miles and BassRachel has just bribed her way into the Cartel’s inner sanctum when Connor hands her the key to Miles and Monroe’s cell.

Unfortunately, they are unaware that another of Nunez’ henchmen is watching. The three are just running off when they are stopped by Nunez. Ruthless Nunez takes a knife to Connor’s throat!

Revolution S2x11 - Someone is none to happy at developmentsPower mad Nunez cannot afford to allow anyone thinking he is now all powerful . This forces Connor to make his choice, loyalty for his father over the cartel madman! As Connor makes a move, Miles, Monroe and Rachel are there to back him up.

After an escape from the cartel compound, Connor tells them that helping Monroe was the first mistake of his life. However, Monroe really does think he can regain all the power of the Monroe Republic? Monroe makes a solemn promise; “that together, father and son will take back the power” and more! Yikes!

Revolution S2x11 - A break-in at the WhitehouseBack at the White House, Doyle has called his security detail to his office after finding out that there has been a break in! Scared that Tom Neville has proceeded with his plan, Julia sneaks into the soldiers’ camp to scold him, only to realize it was Jason who broke into Doyle’s office.

Furious that his parents continue to scheme while the entire country is going to “hell in a Patriot handbasket”, Jason admits his crime, just as soldiers come to detain him for questioning.

Revolution S2x11 - Charlie learns she is in a Typhus epidemic campEdward Truman removes the handcuffs from Charlie and Porter. Truman hands each of them makeshift face masks and escorts them into tent that has been sheathed in plastic.

The situation is dire and it does not take Doctor Porter and Charlie long to realize that Edward Truman’s mishandling of the situation in Willoughby has produced a deadly typhus epidemic!

Revolution S2x11 - Truman and Porter get ready for the Typhus epidemicTo make matters even worse, Porter’s “patriot” friend Lloyd Welliver  was to become the first victim of the Typhus epidemic. More deaths are certain to follow in the next episode dealing with this tragedy of epic proportions!

Due to their bungling, Edward Truman and the Patriots are forced into building a quarantine camp to halt the in advance of the Typhus outbreak.

Revolution S2x11 - Gene does not see eye to eye with Truman but must work with him to stop the epidemicGene Porter and Edward certainly do not see eye to eye, however both realize they must work as a team to stop the infection from destroying the entire population of Willoughby, Texas!

The “Mis Dos Padres” episode eloquently demonstrates a smooth story arc continuing the Single Effect of the Revolution series. This reviewer cannot wait to see how it all turns out as the outstanding adventure in season two continues to unfold!

Revolution S2 cast banner -- Pictured: (l-r) Elizabeth Mitchell as Rachel Matheson, JD Pardo as Jason Neville, Zak Orth as Aaron Pittman, Billy Burke as Miles Matheson, Giancarlo Esposito as Major Tom Neville, Stephen Collins as Dr. Gene Porter, Tracy Spiridakos as Charlie Matheson, David Lyons as Gen. Sebastian Monroe -- (Photo by: Nino Munoz/NBC)

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