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CW Network Banner - Click to learn more about The Vampire Diaries!Welcome back fans of The Vampire Diaries!

Season 4 has started off with a bang! Tyler Lockwood (Michael Trevino) is back into his own body and not only is Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) transitioning into a vampire but she also chose which Salvatore brother she wanted to spend the rest of eternity with.

For us Delena fans, the season four opener, “Growing Pains”, was a sad episode. This past weeks episode “Memorial” was all about our Mystic Fall teens saying goodbye to loved ones.

This week on The Vampire Diaries episode “The Rager” will help set the tone for this season. We include the promotional trailer below for your enjoyment courtesy of The CW!

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Last time we saw our teens of Mystic Falls, Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola) had a sexy scene with the person she thought was Tyler but was actually Klaus (Joseph Morgan). I love to hate Klaus. I get all misty from his sweet side and I rather enjoy his evil side. It keeps his character balanced. Having met Joseph Morgan I can honestly say his sweet side is the true him.

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Bonnie Bennett (Kat Graham) used dark magic to try and save Elena from transitioning into a vampire. Bonnie attempted it against her grams, Sheila Bennett (Jasmine Guy) pleas. Of course, it came with a price!

Not only did Klaus force Bonnie to use the dark magic to return him to his body but she lost her grandmother for a second time in a way I am not sure Bonnie will ever get over. Pastor Young brought his council to the church only to turn the gas on and burn them up. Shocking!

The Vampire Diaries S4x01 - Sheila Bennet warns Bonnie about her new source of power, the darker magic

The opening scene of this episode was not my favorite. For all of us Delena fans, watching Elena chose Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) over Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) was not exactly what we were hoping for. Come on Elena! Those eyes! Not to mention Damon loves her.

I would give anything to be in her shoes because without a doubt I know which brother I would chose. Sorry Stelena fans.

The Vampire Diaries S4 x 2 Elena and Stefan

It was fun watching the brothers fight over how Elena should feed. Whether it be on bunny blood or human blood. Damon with sense of humor told Stefan “you better hope she isn’t a fan of Bambi”. Next scene, Stefan has Elena stalking a deer. I was not sure if she was going to do it or not. She fed but did not kill it.

I want to see more of Katherine Pierce (Nina Dobrev) come out in Elena! That is what I miss most about Katherine. She is one bad ass vamp that kicks some serious butt! Not to mention she has made out with both of the Salvatore brothers.

The Vampire Diaries S4 x 2 Deer Elena was hunting

Stefan knew Elena could not live with herself if she had taken someones life. Damon knows that it happens to every vampire at least once and she will get over it. Stefan protects her and will not let her do what she wants to do. However, Damon will let Elena do what she needs to do and wants to do.

It would only seem fitting to have Stefan teach Elena how to become a vampire and handle her blood lust. Even though at one point in his life he was considered “The Ripper”.

The Vampire Diaries S4 x 2 Stefan as The Ripper

What started off as a hunting lesson quickly turned into a very hot sex scene! Nothing dampens the mood like having to run away and throw up. Blood at that! What was happening to Elena? Maybe Damon was right, she needed to feed from the vein of a human.

The Vampire Diaries S4 x 2 Stefan and Elena making out

There is a new vampire hunter in town and he is ruthless yet hot. Todd Williams does an outstanding job as playing the new bad ass vamp hunter Connor Jordan. Not only is he trying to figure out how the council all died, he is hunting every vampire in Mystic Falls. Starting with Tyler!

The Vampire Diaries S4 x 2 New vampire hunter

The Vampire Diaries S4 x 2 Liz and DamonLiz Forbes (Marguerite MacIntyre) showed up at the Mystic Falls grill looking for Damon. Liz suspects Damon was the one who blew up the town council.

Damon reminded Liz with his awesome sense of humor that if he was going to get rid of the council he would not blow them up he would have a dinner party. Then asked her to stop looking at him that way because she was freaking him out. Connor Jordan walks into the grill and introduces himself to Liz and Damon.

Matt Donovan (Zach Roerig) was feeling a lot of guilt over Elena becoming a vampire. With everyone so focused on Stelena and Delena we forget that there was once a Matlena. That would be something to see Elena quit focusing on the Salvatore brothers and start focusing on Matt.

Jeremy Gilbert (Steven R. McQueen) saw April Young (Grace Phipps), his childhood friend, and told her how sorry he was her father passed. Could this be a new love interest for Jeremy?

The Vampire Diaries S4 x 2 April and Jeremy at school

The Vampire Diaries S4 x 2 Elena and Stefan celebratingDamon called Stefan and Elena while they were celebrating to tell them about the town council being blown up. Yes! I was not wanting to see Stefan and Elena make out again. Team Delena!

Just like Liz, Elena asked Damon if he blew them up. Damon, with his sense of humor, said “Am I wearing my I blew up the town council t-shirt?” I love his humor! Even when he is crushed by Elena’s choice he still can make jokes.

The Vampire Diaries S4 x 2 Elena and Damon at Grill

Elena told Damon that she could not keep any of the animal blood down and she needed his help. His answer was like walking through the food court at the mall. He told her she had a choice of Asian, Mexican or good ole’ American comfort food. I am a sucker for a guy with gorgeous eyes and a great sense of humor.

The Vampire Diaries S4 x 2 Damon showing Elena the buffet

Damon took Elena to the storage room and locked the door. He bit his own hand and told her to drink. The only thing he asked was that she not tell Stefan. I could understand why he said that after she bit into him and her body language alone gave it away! Very hot moment for us Delena fans.

The Vampire Diaries S4 x 2 Elena drinking Damon's blood

There was so much making out this episode! This episode should have had a different name than “Memorial”. Connor showed up just as Caroline Forbes  and Tyler were deciding whether or not “grief sex” was something they should be doing.

The Vampire Diaries S4 x 2 Caroline and Tyler

Todd Williams does an excellent job as the new vampire hunter. He is pushy, arrogant and not to mention hot! Who challenges the Mayor of Mystic Falls? Connor does! He knows that it was a cover up job. As he put it “this was no accident, even a rookie fireman could tell you that”.

The Vampire Diaries S4 x 2 Connor and Carol

Tyler walked down the stairs and wanted to know what was going on. Connor reached his hand out to introduce himself. He must have had vervain on his gloves because when Tyler shook his hand it started to burn him. Connor knew immediately he had a vampire. He took out his weapon and shot Tyler at point blank range to the chest.

Carol Lockwood (Susan Walters) yelled at her son to run and Tyler opened his eyes and went through the window. Caroline ran down the stairs half dressed to find a pool of blood where Tyler once laid.

The Vampire Diaries S4 x 2 Tyler and the new vampire hunter

The Vampire Diaries S4 x 2 Tyler

Stefan was the one to pull the bullets out of Tyler. He tried to touch them but they burned him. Stefan noticed that they had strange etchings on them. Caroline suggested that maybe they were spelled. Connor will definitely be a thorn in the backside of every supernatural living in Mystic Falls.

Bringing someone else in that is evil other than Klaus  was a smart move. Shake things up a little. However, I would love to see Klaus bring Connor down!

The Vampire Diaries S4 x 2 Tyler after being shot

The Vampire Diaries S4 x 2 The bullet that came out of Tyler

With everything Elena was going through I cannot believe she found the time to decorate the church for a service for the council members! I love to see how much Matt cares for Elena! He was struggling with so much guilt this episode over her dying and being turned. Things will never be the same for Elena that is for sure.

The Vampire Diaries S4 x 2 Matt and Elena

Elena noticed April sitting in the front of the church and walked over to hug her. She had not seen April since her parents funeral. It was only fitting that Elena show up for April’s dads funeral. Since she was her childhood friend Elena took it upon herself to look after April.

However, Elena’s blood lust was definitely getting in the way of things. It was hard for her to sit and talk to April without hearing her heart beating.

The Vampire Diaries S4 x 2 April and Elena

Elena excused herself and ran to the bathroom where she vomited blood violently. It was horrible to see! Poor Elena. Her body must have been in terrible pain. To make matters worse, Connor was knocking at the door. Terrified Elena called Damon to bring her a new outfit. Damon arrived at the church and Elena took the outfit into the bathroom and closed the door.

The Vampire Diaries S4 x 2 Elena throwing up blood in the bathroom

Connor walked up to Damon to shake his hand. He introduced himself as Connor and without shaking his hand, Damon introduced himself as a germaphobe. LOL I guess that maybe vervain is a germ to vampires. One that burns like hell to the touch! When asked why he was in town, Connor said he was in Mystic Falls as part of an environmental cleanup. He heard the town was polluted. Duh! With hot guys!

The Vampire Diaries S4 x 2 Damon and Connor

Stefan went to Bonnie’s house to ask her about the symbols on the bullets but more importantly, to check up on her. It was like she was having to grieve the death of her grandmother all over again. There was a price to pay for Bonnie using black magic against her grandmothers wishes. Bonnie told Stefan that the symbol on the bullets were not from a witch. She really was not sure what they meant.

The Vampire Diaries S4 x 2 Stefan comforting Bonnie

Damon took Elena outside of the church. This episode was funny to me in the fact that they put vampires in a church. They did not burn or explode! I love all the vampire myths. Damon handed Elena a bag of blood and she tried to drink it but could not. She was afraid she was dying but Damon assured her she was not dying. Maybe it was just her doppelganger side rejecting the transition.

The Vampire Diaries S4 x 2 Elena drinking blood

Stefan arrived at the church to find Damon outside with the bag of blood. When asked what he had Damon said “a midnight snack”. Damon told Stefan the blood was for Elena because she was starving. He told Stefan his four legged plan had failed and that she needed to drink from the vein.

Stefan said he feared if she killed someone that she would lose her humanity. Possibly become Stefan and turn into the Ripper or as Damon said, become like him. Damon even let it slip that Elena drank from him. Oops! I bet not. Damon enjoyed telling Stefan that Elena drank from him. There is hope out there for Delena fans yet!

The Vampire Diaries S4 x 2 Damon and Stefan talking

Seeing all those vampires in the church made me giggle I admit. Elena was clearly struggling with her lust for blood and the pain she must have been feeling. She looked for April but did not see her. Of course not! Connor had stabbed her and had her tied up above everyone in the church.

Stefan was shocked to see Tyler there considering Connor had tried to kill him earlier. Caroline said she would kick his ass if he showed up. He was there! Obviously loading his gun with more vervain dipped bullets.

The Vampire Diaries S4 x 2 Vampires in church

Damon walked into the church, dipped his hand in holy water and made the Sign of The Cross. He said under his breath “I don’t know why but that always makes me smile”. Elena went to the podium in April’s place to say some nice things about Pastor Young but clearly she was struggling.

April’s blood was dripping down onto the floor. It was a trap Connor set up to see which would vampire would “bite”. Each of them realized it was a trap though. Stefan went to the podium and rescued Elena. To Connor she was just very upset.

The Vampire Diaries S4 x 2 Damon making Sign of The Cross

The preacher asked everyone to stand and sing. Elena could not hold it together. Damon was ready to go rip Connor’s head off and Matt asked what was wrong with Elena. Stefan told Matt she needed to feed. Matt offered to let Elena lean on his shoulder and feed from him.

Elena put her head on Matt’s shoulder and then fed from him. It was this point that both of the Salvatore brothers realized Matt could give Elena what they could not. The look of jealousy on Damon’s face! Connor was searching for any vampire that was willing to make the first move after smelling the blood from April.

The Vampire Diaries S4 x 2 Stefan, Elena, Matt, and Jeremy

The Vampire Diaries S4 x 2 Elena drinking Matt's blood

Tyler stood up knowing that Connor was watching him and walked to the front of the church. I guess he was using himself as a distraction for everyone to be able to make it out of the church. When he started talking Connor shot a huge wooden bullet into him.

Everyone ran out of the church and Carol told Elena and Caroline she was calling an ambulance for Tyler. Even though he was going to be OK the whole town just saw him get shot. Elena went searching for April.

The Vampire Diaries S4 x 2 Tyler speaking at the funeral

The Vampire Diaries S4 x 2 The vampire hunter trying to shoot Elena

Connor jumped into his truck and was trying to leave when Damon ripped the door off and jerked him out of his vehicle. Go Damon! He did mention earlier in the church he wanted to rip Connor’s head off. I love Damon’s mean streak.

Connor shot several bullets into Damon and when he heard Stefan calling for his brother he got in his truck and left. Stefan went to help a wounded Damon up and ended up punching him. Talk about kicking a man while he is down! Ouch! We all know why he did it we just did not like seeing it.

The Vampire Diaries S4 x 2 Damon

Elena found April in the top pew of the church covered in blood and barely alive. Before she could think she was lunging for her. Not hard to believe since she has basically been starving herself. Caroline stopped her and reminded her that April was not dead and she was her friend. Elena put her fangs away and decided to worry about her friend instead of eat her.

Caroline fed her vampire blood to save her life and told Elena that she had to compel April to forget what had happened to her. She was doubtful she could do it but managed to make April believe that she had sat through her father’s service and it was beautiful. Elena’s first compulsion as a new vamp!

The Vampire Diaries S4 x 2 Caroline and Elena

The Vampire Diaries S4 x 2 Elena helping April

Connor was at the grill and overheard Jeremy and Matt talking. He asked Matt what happened to his neck and Matt said “girlfriend went a little overboard”. I believe she did and that would be ex girlfriend to Matt. Jeremy saw a huge tattoo on Connor’s arm and told him “nice ink”. He wondered how Jeremy could see his ink. Matt also wanted to know what Jeremy was talking about since he did not see a tattoo on Connor.

The Vampire Diaries S4 x 2 The vampire hunter's tattoo

Elena knew Stefan was angry at her she just was not sure why. When she asked he told her that he was angry because she went to Damon instead of him. To make it worse she fed off of Damon. Elena told him it was because she did not want to hurt him but could that really be the reason?

She needs Damon in a different way than she needs Stefan. Damon lets her be who she is. Stefan tries too hard to protect her. Elena said all she could feel was everyone’s grief over the loss of their loved ones. Stefan told Elena to come with him.

The Vampire Diaries S4 x 2 Elena talking to Stefan

Stefan called everyone to the park. Caroline and Matt were sitting together. I actually just learned that Candice Accola and Zach Roerig are a couple in real life. How exciting! Three couples are together because of this wonderful television show. Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev (Go Delena) are together and so are Paul Wesley and Torrey DeVitto. Stefan wanted everyone to light a balloon and release them in memory of their loved ones.

Matt said goodbye to Vicky, Caroline to her father, Jeremy to his parents and Anna, Bonnie to her grandmother, Stefan for his uncle Zach and his friend Lexi and Elena to her parents and Aunt Jena. Damon refused to light one and left. Who would Damon had lit one for?

The Vampire Diaries S4 x 2 Everyone getting together for a memorial

The Vampire Diaries S4 x 2 Everyone let go of their lanterns

At the end Damon was downing a bottle of booze in the cemetery talking to a headstone. That headstone belonged to Alaric Saltzman (Matthew Davis). It was sad losing Alaric last season and especially for Damon. He was basically Damon’s only friend. He told Alaric that he did not get the girl and that he was stuck there fighting with his brother and babysitting the kids. There was Alaric sitting right beside him!

Why has Jeremy not seen Alaric yet? Maybe he will this season. When Damon left Alaric said “I miss you too my friend”. Definitely a tear jerker!

The Vampire Diaries S4 x 2 Damon talking to Alaric

The Vampire Diaries S4 x 2 Alaric

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  • avatar Kenn says:

    Hi Angie,

    What a season this is going to be! As we theorized, I think Elena will end up back with “the other guy” (meaning Matt!) her first love back in the beginning of Mystic Falls!

    Poor Elena being a vamp was a bit scary for me since I was hoping that she would be saved by a spell rather than becoming “one of the gang”. I do enjoy see new characters as well including Grace Phipps joining the series.

    Great analysis! Thank you.

    Best Regards,


  • avatar Angie says:

    Thank you Kenn. I do believe that Matt will be able to give something to Elena that Damon and Stefan cannot. This was a really good episode. I would love to see a hint of Katherine come out in Elena.

    • avatar Raphael (@raphaelbragan) says:

      Hi Angie, I have to agree with you there on that part about Katherine, I do need to see that bits of her in Elena too;I really miss Kathb#tch xD. Great review by the way. I love your writing.

      Kind regards, Raph.

  • avatar Kristen says:

    Seriously Damon talking to Alaric’s grave was the saddest thing. It is a side of Damon we do not get to see very often. I think we are going to see a different Elena soon and hopefully one that plays well with Damon.

  • avatar Kenn says:

    Hi Kristen! 😀

    I agree! Seeing Damon talking with Alaric was sad. This past week seeing Klaus was even worse especially the final scenes when he plans to betray everyone in Mystic Falls.

    “Just say NO to EVER trusting Klaus about ANYTHING!” 😛

    Best Regards,


    • avatar Raphael (@raphaelbragan) says:

      Hey Kenn, and Kristen,

      I have to agree with you that it was indeed very very sad I just wanted them to see each other again!!! Deeply missing Alaric…. and Klaus is just the worst untrustable miseble ugh… hate him! I cannot wait for what’s next!

      Best, Raph.

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