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We are back after the holiday hiatus for terrific episode of The Vampire Diaries named “After School Special” where we actually got to see the teens in school for a change at Mystic Falls High School. Will wonders never cease?!

The Vampire Diaries S4x10 - Rebekah re-appears at Mystic Falls High SchoolIn an episode directed by series favorite  David Von Ancken, written by talented Brett Matthews, we are treated to a story slightly reminiscent of “The Breakfast Club” (1985)), or the more recent and campy “Bad Kids Go To Hell” (2012) where our favorite characters are in in the library at Mystic Falls High School up to a new set of trick Rebekah (Claire Holt) suddenly appears out of nowhere!

Before beginning my review, we include the latest promotional trailer for the next episode “Catch Me If You Can” courtesy of the great people over at The CW!

After School Special:

The Vampire Diaries S4x10 - Carol Lockwood's memorialThe “After School Special” episode starts off rather sad with the memorial service for slain Mystic Falls citizen Ms. Carol Lockwood (Susan Walters) mercilessly killed in an earlier episode.

Just as the viewers are grieving for Carol Lockwood, only for us to be jerked right into a shocker. April (Grace Phipps) calls Elena (Nina Dobrev) out and then she is suddenly knocked out and kidnapped.

April is of course compelled by Rebekah to forget the whole things ever happened and becomes her minion in the process!

The Vampire Diaries S4x10 - April is compelled after knocking out Elena

The Vampire Diaries S4x10 - Elena wakes up in the Mystic Falls High School libraryElena wakes up in the Mystic Falls High School library, Rebekah, of course, having been the culprit. I really wish I could just kick that girl for being such a jerk hole to everyone she meets.

Rebekah makes a calls Stefan (Paul Wesley) to start making demands and let him know that she had captured a little prize of his, Elena!

The Vampire Diaries S4x10 - Damon does a little trainingJeremy (Steven R. McQueen) is training to be a better hunter with Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and is on the verge of killing him for all of the work. Honestly, I can’t blame him. Damon is like a cruel slave driver and doesn’t give him breaks very often. They are in a rush though, so I can understand the hurry too.

The Vampire Diaries S4x10 - Rudy Hopkins is given a taskBonnie’s (Kat Graham) father, Rudy Hopkins (Rick Worthy) is now the mayor of Mystic Falls and has been given the task of learning the town’s history. I think this actor plays a better Vampire alpha in a different show because of the voice, but he does have the authoritative air in this show as well. Kudos to him for putting the fear of God in the other characters!

The Vampire Diaries S4x10 - Bonnie gives her Dad a hard timeBonnie gets onto his case for setting up a dozen rules and he tells her off for not letting him be a father and protect her from the dangers in Mystic Falls.

I do not blame either of them for their sides of the story but he does need to have a better understanding of the town and what all has happened so far.

Rebekah wThe Vampire Diaries S4x10 - Poor Caroline is being stalked by Rebekahas a witch again and staked Caroline (Candice Accola) who I am finally starting to like.

She has still been a bit whiny but she has grown more useful. She drills Elena, Stefan, and Caroline for information only for Stefan to finally say in front of Elena that she slept with Damon. Rebekah seems all too pleased about this and I want to just slap that smug look off of her idiot face.

The Vampire Diaries S4x10 - Rebekah is quite pleased with herself at kidnapping Elena as Stefan confronts her

The Vampire Diaries S4x10 - Elena fess up about sleeping with DamonBack to the gang in the Mystic Falls High School library, Elena finally admits that she slept with Damon because she loved him, not because of the bond.

Stefan, in reciprocation fesses up to Rebekah to the information of where the professor works, who is later kidnapped as well by evil Rebekah!

The Vampire Diaries S4x10 - Bonnie tells Shane she no longer needs his helpSegue to Bonnie, who is with her mentor, Shane (David Alpay), and he says that she no longer needs his help. He tells her that she has graduated from his help and gives her some sort of charm made of human bones. 

Rebekah calls Tyler to lure him to the high school to get Caroline and hangs up just in time for her brother to bring in Shane. Yeah, I’m ready to kill her.

The Vampire Diaries S4x10 - Klaus shows up at the lake houseKlaus (Joseph Morgan) shows up at the lake house to check in on the progress they are making with Jeremy and to see how many vampires he has killed.

He is not pleased at all and ticks off Damon who then shoots him. Later, he and Klaus talk around a camp fire together about how to get what they need for their plans. Damon freaks out, wanting to know what Klaus did.

The Vampire Diaries S4x10 - Rebekah forces Elena to tell the truthRebekah comes back and forces Elena to tell Stefan everything about her relationship with Damon. Then she has to tell Stefan how he makes her feel which is just a little toy or project.

She turns to Stefan and makes him tell Elena if it hurt or not, telling him that it’s the same as having a dagger being shoved through your heart by the one you love. She compels Tyler to turn so that he will kill the others. OH MY GOSH I WANT TO SLAP HER!

The Vampire Diaries S4x10 - Let's all slap Rebekah for forcing Elena to tell the truth

The Vampire Diaries S4x10 - Bonnie is about to save the dayBonnie comes into the school to save the day for Shane and tries to build a protection spell around him with the pendant he gave her.  

The downside is that April gets the effects turned onto her and begins to choke up the water that Shane was sucking into his lungs. Rebekah and her brother are furious that Shane wants to release Silas. They stab Shane which puts a hole in April. It’s okay. I didn’t like her anyways. Too much of a brat.

The Vampire Diaries S4x10 - Tyler is battling with himselfTyler (Michael Trevino) is still battling himself for control and the others are trying to stay away from him, running through the building to evade him and trap the teen in the library until he changes back. Poor guy. Rebekah is trying to force him to kill his girlfriend? Rude.

The siblings get into a squabble and storm out, leaving Shane to wake up and pull the rod out of his chest. Stefan and Elena found Bonnie and April and heal the poor girl before locking themselves in the science lab.

The Vampire Diaries S4x10 - Rebekah uses her power to hold them at the school libraryThey cannot leave the school because of Rebekah. They get into a heated argument and who walks in? Rebekah. Caroline finds Tyler and covers him with a blanket, trying to soothe him. The poor dear breaks down and feels terrible, taking the blame for everything. He misses his mom, can you blame to sweet thing?

Rebekah tries to get Elena to say that it is okay to erase Stefan’s memory. However, he asks for it instead and she tells him no, saying that it would not be fair after what Klaus did to her. She frees them, leaving the pair in their misery of the situation.

The Vampire Diaries S4x10 - Stefan walks out on ElenaYeah, I hate her. Stefan will not listen to Elena and promptly walks out on her.

Elena calls Damon to let him know that Stefan knows about them now and thanked him for taking care of Jeremy.

Elena tells Damon that she loves him, regardless of the Sire Bond.

The Vampire Diaries S4x10 - Cute smile on Damon's face after call with ElenaHe tells her that he wants her to get in the car and get to him right then. About time he stops pushing her away. And such a cute smile after he hangs up!

Shane starts trying to teach Bonnie to use a more neutral magic so that nothing bad happens again. I still do not see why she trusts the guy so much.  She finally agrees and she’s back to being his student again.

The Vampire Diaries S4x10 - Stefan tries to make a deal with RebekahStefan calls Rebekah to his house and tries to work out a deal with her, breaking the news of Shane still being alive. She tells him that Shane has dark reasons and ways to get to the tomb and its contents. He explains why they should work together to get to the cure and she relents. Bad move but it is your undead life brother!

The Vampire Diaries S4x10 - Klaus is happy to kill the hybrids in the bar

Klaus kills half the bar to make them into hybrids to get closer to the cure. He wants Jeremy to kill the transitioning vampires as they awaken to get more of the map. It’s pretty smart on Klaus and Damon’s part though really cruel.

Not as much of a show stopping ending as the previous episode, but it is definitely another Mystic Falls cliff-hanger!

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