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Here we are again for Catch Me If You Can review. It was a really exciting episode, especially for Stefan Salvatore; Paul Wesley did an outstanding job this week, his character’s strength and weakness at the same time was really well performed.

Claire Holt was incredibly amazing this week as Rebekah. She is my favorite “Original” vampire of all of them. Rebekah is so fragile, despite being both strong and mean…

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Before beginning my review of “Catch Me If You Can”, we include the promo trailer for this weeks episode “A View To Kill” courtesy of The CW Network.

The Vampire Diaries S4x11 - Damon and Jer discussing the hunt for Klaus

Catch Me If You Can:

The Vampire Diaries S4x11 - New vamp feedingThe episode began where we were left last week, Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan) had found Jeremy Gilbert (Steven R. McQueen) some vampires to kill in order to have his mark complete. Remember that Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) had promised Jeremy to do it in a way that he would not harm innocent people, come on, right?

Let them do it the easy way getting some vampires, kill vampires, then done! You have your mark. Easy easy! Not so easy, before going all bossy on Klaus saying that Hunters cannot he compelled, Jer should have thought of his surroundings and should not they all have learned by now that they cannot simply disobey Klaus? That death would happen either way?

Ugh! They never learn the god-danged lesson.

 The Vampire Diaries S4x11 - Jer and Matt out in the woods hunting vamps or being hunted

The Vampire Diaries S4x11 - Elena saving MattAnyway, here is what Klaus did and I found it amazeballs. If Jer did not obey and killed the vampires, Klaus would have compelled all those vamps to hunt Matt Donovan (Zach Roerig) down so Jer would be forced to kill them one by one to protect his beloved friend.

Is not Klaus a genius? Well done, well done.

So, the challenge is, Jeremy would have to kill them all with the help of his coach, Damon. Does this sound as bad as I think?

Damon really helped them out when the vamps were getting close, he slowed them down so the boys could get home safely and that’s when Matt was attacked by one of the vamps to be rescued by whom? Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) herself. That is so poetic!

 The Vampire Diaries S4x11 - Jer and Elena getting in the Gilbert house

I do not know, but that sentence “They are coming” reminded me of something else, The Vampire Diaries S4x11 - Elena discussing Damon's methodssomething extremely painful I cannot begin to explain, something I might have experienced in another universe where people were in real danger; Does it ring you any bells? OK, skip that xD

Back to Jeremy in the wood! What happened there? Nothing.

Well, when I thought there would be some deaths and blood and biting… No YAYs! No reason to be sad though, it gets better. As they got in the house, Elena and Damon had one of the funniest moments ever, in my opinion.

Elena was mad at Damon, because he was the mad daddy who could not teach the baby hunter how to hunt putting him in danger what drives mama Elena crazy. It really looked like mother and father taking care of the baby boy who was not even allowed to speak.

 The Vampire Diaries S4x11 - Mama Elena is inda house

Elena, dear… This is Mystic Falls we are talking about, it is a dangerous place and if you have not understood it after meeting Katherine Pierce, her deliciously evil doppelganger, Rebekah (Claire Holt) and Klaus, I am so sorry, but this is not the world for you.

I mean, people die. Sometimes they even die twice and Jeremy is a grown man, strong one by the way, so get over yourself, honey. We would appreciate it.

 The Vampire Diaries S4x11 - Damon and Jer

The cure is so over rated, is it not? I mean, who the heck would like to be human again after receiving the bless of vampirism? Honestly, I cannot understand LOL oh wait, I can. More hybrids to Klaus if Elena is human again. The conversation kept going and they decided to go hunting again for the new vamps because the city would be in another great danger if they let the vamps on the loose… again!

The Vampire Diaries S3x15 - Beautiful Candice Accola as CarolineYou know, newly born vamps are a bit crazy. You guys remember Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola) in the beginning of her vampire years, right?

Sweet days… So they had to find them and kill them anyway, regardless of the fact that they were once good innocent people? Or not?

Who cares, just kill them all and give me some cool fights!

 The Vampire Diaries S4x11 - Kol

The Vampire Diaries S4x11 - Kol's victimsWhat they did not expect was that they would bump into Kol Mikaelson (Nathaniel Buzolic), the really cool, funny and eccentric other Original vampire.

To save their time, Kol had already killed all of them, all the vamps just because he likes intimate gathering more; See? The guy is completely eccentric and awesome.

It was just a little crowded when he arrived. LOL The big fat question here is why is Kol so afraid of this very dangerous someone they risk waking? Silas, right?

Why is he the only Original who is freaking out? He is getting in Klaus’ way again, so it must be something really dangerous!


 The Vampire Diaries S4x11 - Kol's intimate gathering

The Vampire Diaries S4x11 - Kol and Damon fighting, it is more like Kol fighting and Damon losing itTriggering the end of all time? What is that exactly? Man, when I thought there was not anything more intriguing to be added to the mythology, surprise surprise!! I guess I have to thank Julie Plec and the writing team, Kevin Williamson, Brian Young and Michael Narducci for the headaches I will have trying to theorize these new stuff.

Well, let’s get going with it. Being immortal, Kol said he is opposed to time ending so I guess it means that if Silas rises, good bye vamps? I cannot be okay with it.

Ok, short theory: I this this great danger will rise and fall and as he is immortal, it is pretty much going to be like this, he will be alive forever trapped under a huge rock he cannot move and everybody else will live happily ever after.

Well, I really hope so, would be poetic and tragic being immortal, alive and going no where seeing no light. Or what if Silas is not a person, but a thing that gives the human who possesses it immortality?

Jeremy is a smart lad, man I cannot avoid the laughter… I just love Kol everytime he opens his mouth. Too much goodness for this world in his words. 

The Vampire Diaries S4x11 - Stefan and Rebekah

The Vampire Diaries S4x12 - Rebekah shares a few words with StefanIn the mean time, Stefan has had some bonding time with Rebekah which was really awesome and also the awesomeness of Rebekah’s team dynamics regarding the hunt for the cure in which she intended to let team Klaus out in the cold.

Is she not freaking sweet?

I just wanna hug her all the time when she opens that sweet mouth to speak with that sweet voice of hers…

 The Vampire Diaries S4x11 - Atticus and Bonnie

The Vampire Diaries S4x12 - Bonnie has a chat with annoying Professor ShaneAlright, gotta keep focused on what matters, the episode! xD

We also had some moments between Bonnie Bennett (Kat Graham) and professor annoying Atticus Shane (David Alpay).

This scene reminded me of a animated series I have recently watched called Avatar, The Last Airbender.

The moment Bonnie lit the candle and her voice got rougher, I thought she was gonna start flying with shining bright eyes like when Avatar Aang was in the avatar state. Would not it be cool? Crazy super powerful Bonnie and totally out of control… Delightful!

 The Vampire Diaries S4x11 - Rebekah and Stefan, sexy

One question posed to Stefan by Rebekah was a trigger to all my “feels” regarding this amazing ship of mine, the 20’s! Rebekah asked what happened to him since he used to be a lot more fun back in those years!

He just stated the fact that he was a psychotic killer, “The Ripper” I miss a lot without any emotions; He was a blast back then, right Rebekah? Every time I see them together in this episode I was like screaming and begging them to kiss, how can they look this sexy??? Man, I do not even remember shipping Stelena anymore! 😛 Haha!

 The Vampire Diaries S4x11 - Rudy and Bonnie

Now here is Papa Rudy Hopkins (Rick Worthy) talking about the weak minded! LOL He isThe Vampire Diaries S4x11 - Shane, Bonnie and Liz at the interrogation room tough and I like him, he has some sort of thing I find hard to put into words, it is like when he speaks, all other people get quiet to listen.

The new mayor is also daring, he went to another city with ELizabeth Forbes (Marguerite MacIntyre), the sheriff, to arrest Atticus Shane for questioning out of their jurisdiction. I have to say Ms. Marguerite was awesome again as usual in her lines, she is really a wonderful actress.

Even though Bonnie has been manipulated, Shane also helped her get this new magic, so I think it is a win-win, no? No, the guy is a creep and her dad and Liz were right mistrusting him.


 The Vampire Diaries S4x11 - Shane is such a lier

This daddy-daughter relationship is really nice because her dad does not have any power, and he used to think it was not good to use them so of course they would have issues because again, who would say no to possessing this kind of power??? It is so cool… xD I think of Sheldon Cooper trying to explode people’s head witches thought and start laughing!

Well, he is her father and he is worried about his daughter and poor Bonnie still thinks Shane is an angel, the poor girl was fooled by his angelical hair style, does not fool me for a second.

 The Vampire Diaries S4x11 - Bonnie sets the room on fire

The Vampire Diaries S4x11 - Shane trying to calm Bonnie downApril Young (Grace Phipps) had heard his confession to Rebekah and told everything to the cops; Bonnie still does not believe. Does not it remind me something from the bible?

Well, he actually confessed her everything moments later to her and her only shock. I think she was the last to know he is a monster.

That sentence of hers, “you are full on crazy” sounded so sexy and I really thought she meant another thing! xD Dear, it is time to wake up…

The Vampire Diaries S4x02 April and ElenaAfter the confessing, Bonnie got crazy and out of control setting fire at the interrogation room after he got her attention and interest asking whether she would like to know what was happening to her grant at that moment, such a fool falling in his trap again. How could she not see how manipulative he is?

He provoked her using her granny’s torture image from the other side to get her to lose control, what a bloody bastard! He then, was also the one to helped her come to her senses. Seriously, I have no other word to describe him apart form awful, dangerous, bad.

 The Vampire Diaries S4x11 - Matt slaps Elena with Words

I could not believe my eyes and ears when I heard Matt saying that the Elena he knew would never have left Jeremy with Damon, which is the most absolute naked truth.

Here it goes, I do not hate you anymore, Matt Donovan! I now consider you the smartest person in town! Thank you very much for that sweet moment between you and Elena. Slapping with words big time.

 The Vampire Diaries S4x11 - Klaus calling Kol

The great scenes do not stop coming to me, now it is Elena begging for Klaus help who acted like a little kid towards Elena’s request. “You are in no position to make demands, love!” was such a great line. He again mentions the cure hebwasnt to use on her so he can make more hybrids, he also mentions that it is not the only purpose he has.

I was thinking here. What if this cure is a lie told just to keep them looking for it in order to bring Silas back to life eventually? The conversation kept going with Elena begging almost humiliating herself to get his help when he finally gave up and called off his brother, which was of no use. Kol would not kill Jeremy, but he compelled Damon “Darling” Salvatore to do the job.

 The Vampire Diaries S4x11 - Damon


The Vampire Diaries S4x11 - Jer and dagger

Elena insisting that Damon had saved her brother’s precious life when he clearly had saved his map is obvious to everybody, but to Elena, this sire bond is starting to annoy me. And also Jer who looks to be growing really tough-hunter like; it just makes my understand clearer, he is danger like a bomb about to explode, he raised his dagger without even noticing.

When Damon arrives after being compelled, he looked for Jeremy at the Grill who to my surprise realized that there was something really wrong going on with him and prepared for worst, Damon was hunting him. What followed was a boring rat and cat play in the tunnels. Jer is a really cool guy; he had the chance to shoot Damon in the heart but he did not do it!

Instead he shot Damon in the head. Not a very smart move since a head shot caused his life to be spared by Jeremy, he still complained about the boy calling him all sort of names. What about just being thankful, Damon?

The Vampire Diaries S4x11 - Jer

 The Vampire Diaries S4x11 - Rebekah

All that talk that Rebekah actually enjoyed other cultures, she had learned that caring sucks shebwont way possible since her life is just about being betrayed by her family and staggered over and over again, she started speaking in her low sexy voice that they had had fun back in the 20’s because they did not care; they just did what felt good.

Well, let’s get down to business, shall we? Rebekah plus Stefan results in crazy sex. LIFE = MADE!

The Vampire Diaries S4x11 - Rebekah and Stefan, sexy hot

The Vampire Diaries S4x11 - Mysterious manSomething weird, a guy I had not seen until now sneaked into Shane’s room to steal the head stone team Rebekah wanted to get in the game, so who is this person working for?

It was really cool part in this episode because the subject was on vervein not to be compelled and he managed to cut his own tongue with his teeth to prevent himself from saying anything about who is his boss and then…

He got Rebekah’s knife and stabbed his own neck and we have another team in the race. I do not know about you guys, but KATHERINE was the name I had screaming on my head!

I hope it means Katherine, really, I really wish she will return this season. Maybe it is team Kol trying to destroy anything leading to the cure… I seriously hope not. I think it is Katherine because if there is something she loved above anything is herself and no way she would let anyone find something that can exterminate all vampires.

The Vampire Diaries S4x11 - Mysterious man dead

Look, Elena, calling your ex-boyfriend for help is the humiliating point, honey. I really could see someone put some sense into her head like that. It gets worse, she talks to Rebekah about it as if Stefan would raise a hand to help her or whatsoever. I mean, I would help Jeremy, sure… I like him but Elena is really that little stone inside our shoes that we cannot get rid of, is she not?

I love Elena, but recently she has been doing so many bad things I cannot look at her. Right now, I want no Stelena anymore, it hurts too much to see where it is right now. For me, Stelena is dead and buried.. For now!

 The Vampire Diaries S4x11 - Rebekah picks Elena's call to Stefan

The Vampire Diaries S4x11 - Rebekah tries to dagger her brotherWhen Rebekah pointed a dagger to Kol’s back, he did something I had no idea he would. He whines that this cure has destroyed the family, how absurd! What about Klaus staggering them over and over again?

The whole hybrids thing too, when he clearly choose his hybrids instead of his family… Families are like that, he hate it, we love it, we hate it again to then love it some more, but daggering one with a white stake or three is a whole different thing.

Poor Rebekah, my heart nearly stopped at this moment, please that this cruelty may never fall upon up!

Right after that, Klaus could make it even worse by saying she needed a lesson of how to dagger a sibling properly as he is the master of such a thing.

 The Vampire Diaries S4x11 - White oak tree dagger pointed at Rebekah

Elena found Damon in time to stop him saying that hebis strong enough to fight it and that he could do this for her because of their great big love… Well, guess what? He is not that strong and he was there, in front of Jeremy ready to have some dinner.

When Jeremy shot, guess who came to save the day? Stefan! LOL He bled his brother out and jailed him to have him weakened die to the sire bond. Now his conversation with Elena was something incredibly awesome. She had the courage, the audacity of asking him what he was doing with Rebekah as if it was of her business.

 The Vampire Diaries S4x11 - Stefan and Elena

Stefan’s “Nobody is perfect” line was a huge slap in her face, which I loved! She broke the poor guy’s hear and expected what? She even thought hebwasnt trying to punish her!!! Dear, he does not love you anymore, HELLO!!!

Apologize? Did he ask for your damned apologies??? The smartest thing she said in the episode: you are hurt. No, imagine… of course he is, What did you think? This girl really needs to get over herself, seriously!

The Vampire Diaries S4x11 - Finale, Rebekah and Stefan end up having sex

The conclusion to Bonnie and Papa Rudy was nice, he admitted Shane was right, she needs help dealing with her new magic and Klaus trying to keep Jeremy safe, one warning for free? Kol will not stop and he will come to the Gilbert house.

Rebekah said that her brother lost his mind, has not all of them? xD She admitted she has hidden the stone head and again, it ended in sex. OMG twice in the same episodes? Thank you very much, Julie and everyone!

The episode ended with Elena saying that Jeremy will kill Kol and I am sure it is all to set Damon free from the compelling. Well, the slow torture continues next week… xD

The Vampire Diaries S4x11 - It hurts like that

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  • avatar Kenn says:

    Well Raph,

    You have done it again! Superb review with so many reveals about just what the devil (pun intended) is going on in Mystic Falls! Your analysis always makes me smile because you “hit the nail on the head” when you write about TVD!

    Yes, no doubt, Claire Holt is really coming into her own this season! So evil and so good! Now as for poor Elena. let’s hope for the best!

    Let’s “Don’t tell them anything…” as “The Neighbourhoud” would say in their hit song “Female Robbery”. A perfect song for TVD!

    Thanks for the hard work!

    Best Regards,


    • avatar Raph says:

      Aww Kenn,

      Thanks a lot for the very nice compliment; writing about TVD is a sweet pleasure and Julie and team makes it very easy with their amazing talent…

      Well, regarding Elena, I could not care less LOL just kidding. I know she still loves Stefan but due to the damned site bond she does not love him anymore. It is sad and she vroje poor Stefan’s heart really badly. I guess that aftrt all, I could not care less. In the meantime, I have enjoyed Rebekah and Stefan so much, the chemistry between Paul and Claire is so hugely awesome, I gets me multiple sighs.

      What did you think of what I said about Katherine possible return? Man, when the idea came to me, I nearly fell from my chair xD I. NEED. THIS. lol That mysterious man really looked like Kathy#tch’s work, did it not? The’re were sighs of her everywhere. She would never let her plans known so easily and she learned to be like that all thanks to Klaus, I want it to be her so badly I think I have been seeing things where there is nothing… It has got to be her!

      Now if Kol dies, I will be very sad… They could just dagger him temporarily to break the compelling thingy and he would be able to return, sometime… He is too good to die just like that xD just to free Damon, I don’t know…I just know that Kol is too awesome to be let go, it is too soon, despite the horrible thing he tried to do to Rebekah, I still like him a a lot xD

      Well, thanks again for the very nice comment, Kenn. It is a great pleasure writing TVD.

      Kind regards,

  • avatar Kathy says:

    Hello Raphael,

    I love your reviews because you do not just recap like so many others do. You have a real talent for getting at what the episodes are really all about. Thanks.


    • avatar Kenn says:

      Hi Kathy,

      Thanks for dropping by again to leave a nice comment for Raph. You are 100% correct, Raph does not write recap, he shares the meanings of what the heck is going on in Mystic Falls!

      Best Regards,


    • avatar Raph says:

      Aw Kathy,

      Thanks a lot for the comment, that was really sweet of you. When I am writing something, I mostly have fun being mean and complaining and putting into words whatever thought I hAve at the exact moment I firsts watch the episodes; it ends up being just like that…

      Well, thanks again for the very nice compliments,
      Kind regards,

  • avatar Kenn says:

    Hey Raph,

    I agree that Katherine must return to the mix in Mystic Falls. Perhaps to save Elena from her sire bond and really piss Klaus off? You may be correct that she is the mysterious person!

    As for poor Kol, yes something has got to be done top save that boy, AFTER somebody daggers him!

    Thanks again for your passionate reviews on TVD.

    Best Regards,


    • avatar Raph says:

      Hey Kenn,

      The idea Katherine would do that just to miss Klaus off is just great lol I would love to see that too xD

      I am really not ready to say goodbye to Kol, his accent and the way he speaks, his choice of words is just too awesome to let go xD

      Thanks again,
      Kind regards,

  • avatar Ann says:

    Hi, I believe your reviews are the most awesome on the web. An experience with music, video and great pictures. How do you get the videos to play like this with a portrait of the star being highlighted? I know this song and you started it at the perfect place for this.


    • avatar Kenn says:

      Hi Ann,

      Never seen you here before. Thanks for visiting. Yes, Raph does a wonderful job expressing the meaning of the episodes in all his reviews.

      As for the music start offset and positioning of the featured celebrity, its simply a matter of understanding code as it relates to working with WordPress. I am glad you enjoyed my including “Female Robbery” by “The Neighourhood” in Raph’s review and in the msuic score of the episode. I love the song and had a lot fun setting up the exact start offset in code to match the meaning of Raph’s message.

      Thanks again.

      Best Regards,


    • avatar Raph says:

      Hi Ann.

      Thank you very much for the very nice comment. The technical genius is Kenn, he helps me a lot with this details, if it wasn’t for him, my posts would not be this cool xD Thanks again.

  • avatar Louise says:

    You are an absolute genius Raph, your reviews are always so amazing and in depth. There’s always a passion evident in your writing and it just makes the review so enjoyable to read.

    I liked your link to Fringe hehe very cool.

    So I guess all that’s left for me to do is catch up on the vampire diaries huh 🙂

    • avatar Raph says:

      Hey Lou,

      Thanks a lot, honey. That was so sweet of you *—* and yes, the links to Fringe were very cool, right? I couldn’t stop laughing when I had the idea xD I love writing like that, it is fun xD and yes you really need to catch up on TVD xD it is really awesome and it only gets better.

      Thanks again! ;))

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