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CW Network Banner - Click to learn more about The Vampire Diaries!Hello The Vampire Diaries fans,

Here we are for another review and my analysis of this past week’s terrific episode of The Vampire Diaries “Down The Rabbit Hole”!

Click to visit and follow Rosi Golan on Twitter!As we have been on “New Scotia” for a while now, I was waiting for some major resolutions in this one. Well, what can I say? We were given much more than a major reveal, right? But everything in its time.

First, we feature a song from the extremely talented Rosi Golan to celebrate her song “Been a Long Day” that was featured in the “Down the Rabbit Hole” episode. We like “Can’t Go Back” released in November of 2012.

Why? Our Managing Editor (Kenn of WormholeRiders) feels this is exactly what is happening to poor Elena (Nina Dobrev) in The Vampire Diaries, she can’t go back!

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The Vapire Diaries S4x07 - Nina Dobrev as Katherine PierceFirst things first. Remember “Catch Me If you Can”? In which we saw that there was someone else on the island apart from Atticus Shane’s (David Alpay) group? We got more of that in this week’s episode.

There are certainly more people involved in the mess around raising Silas. My bet? It was Elena Gilbert’s (Nina Dobrev) doppelganger, Katherine Pierce was one of them, also portrayed by the delightfully talented and gifted actress Nina Dobrev.

We soon found out that there was another Vampire Hunter following them who managed to capture Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) named Galen Vaughn (Charlie Bewley) who I believe has a terrible Scottish accent!

Before continuing we include courtesy of the great folks at the CW Network an extended preview of tonight’s The Vampire Diaries episode “Stand By Me”.

The Vampire Diaries S4x14 - Damon and Vaughn

Down The Rabbit Hole:

This new Hunter dropped a huge revelation to Damon, not to my surprise. There is only one dose of the cure and it was supposedly made to be shoved down Silas’ throat. This was the mission given to the brotherhood of the five, apparently. At that moment, it was crystal clear that things were going to get ugly, very ugly.

The things about that hunter’s mark is that when Jeremy Gilbert (Steven R. McQueen) had his mark complete, all other hunters in the world had it complete too, so it was likely to have more people there. Elena wanted the cure, as well as Rebekah (Claire Holt), Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) wants it too, let’s not forget the new hunter who wants it as well ad the mysterious new players in the game.

The Vampire Diaries S4x14 - Massak dead body

Speaking of whom is probably responsible for killing Massak (John Gabriel Rodriguez) as it was neither Damon nor Vaughn, I believe it was that new team. Also, who the hell is this new hunter?

He seemed to know a lot about everybody however, we have never seen him. How did he gather all this knowledge he has? Somebody must have helped him; given him some hints where to look at…

The Vampire Diaries S4x14 - Tyler holding the hunter's sword

The Vampire Diaries S4-14 - Sword's symbolsIn the meantime, good ole’ Klaus (Joseph Morgan) was locked up by Bonnie Bennett’s spell in Mystic Falls, with Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola) and Tyler Lockwood (Michael Trevino) keeping him company for good measure.

As we had seen earlier, Galen had no idea what the mark meant all because there is a key element to The Vampire Diaries S4-14 - Caroline trying to decipher the Sword's symbolsdecipher the map which was the hunter’s sword in possession of Klaus.

I find it funny how things always go round the end up in Klaus’ lap all the time. The freaking language they had to decipher was Aramaic, old Aramaic and Klaus was the only one who could help LOL Caroline found the sword and deciphered it with whose help?

Klaus, of course and just to spicy things up a little bit, while Caroline was telling Rebekah about Silas’ location, his voiced over the phone to tell her about the only dose of the cure so she would get it first.

The Vampire Diaries S4x14 - Elena on te phone

The Vampire Diaries S4x14 - Rebekah on te phoneI already know that Rebekah is not evil, well… Not very evil. She is so kind and cute, no? Ok. So, here I was thinking about what she was going to do about the only dose of the cure knowledge. If I were her, I would absolutely never ever give it to Stefan.

Not even under torture, maybe if I was an original and had the white oak three stake pointing at my heart… You know what? Love is pathetic, most of the times. Who doubts that Stefan would give Elena the cure right away?

He is so cool, so soft in the mind and heart; I really believe he would do it. I have to be fair here, thinking beyond my hate towards Delena. Is she to blame for destroying Stefan’s heart?

Or is it the SIRE BOND SHIZZ fault? I really do not care, I just hate Delena too much.

The Vampire Diaries S4x14 - Massak

Team Shane was way ahead all of them, with Bonnie and Jer they were getting closer and closer to rising Silas when we learn that the freaking headstone was just for bargaining the help of that powerful wizard who grabbed them some episodes before what Atticus claimed to be very valuable.

Shane’s words: raising the most power immortal creature that has ever existed. She still thought that it was a good thing. I mean, Klaus is immortal. Is he a good thing? He was put there hidden for a reason the same way Bonnie’s mother put Mikael to sleep back in season three, remember? They are nit good things.

The Vampire Diaries S4x14 - Caitlin Shane

Atticus is absolutely a great manipulator, but look how silly and dumb the poor guy looks now? He could not cope with the grieving of his dead wife, Caitlin Shane (Camille Guaty) and it was all Silas needed to manipulate him into raising him. I thought Atticus was evil, but look how manipulated he was?

I feel kind of sorry for him, despite being responsible for the death of nearly 30 people. That was not cool at all. This Silas guy has no heart and no feeling at all, worse than any other villain we have seen and we have not even seen him yet. When the wizard left with the stone saying that he would say a prayer for them!

I swear to holy Katherine Pierce bloodline that I started singing “I’ll say a little prayer for you” xD it could be really fun if the cast suddenly started dancing and singing at that moment what reminded me of American Horror Story: Asylum. It is so hard to keep focused here! LOL

The Vampire Diaries S4x14 - Sheila Bennett

The Vampire Diaries S4x14 - Poor BonnieAs Team Shane continued the search for the tomb where Silas was burried, Bonnie accidentally hurt herself, so it was a sure thing we sould see her gran, Sheila Bennett (Jasmine Guy) again. There was just one plot hole in Silas act. Jeremy!

He can see the dead and if he did not see Sheila as Bonnie did, so it was not her gran she had seen. As if Bonnie has not seen enough harm, this bastard uses her as a reminder of everything Bonnie has been through maybe, as a way to at least shake her emotions badly?

I do not know if you guys feel the same way, but the way things happen in this episode, it really looked and felt like it was getting hotter and hotter as they got closer and scarier too.

The Vampire Diaries S4x14 - Bonnie

How can Bonnie be so sure she is in control of the expression? The Vampire Diaries S4x14 - Jer and BonnieFirst, she has never used it and secondly, it is one thing to inflict pain and another thing to raise the most powerful immortal creature that got her ancestor killed for putting the same creature down.

She is fearless and stupid, in my opinion. It is like if she was calling death to pay her a visit on a daily basis. I really hope she will not fall for her powers over usage. She kept going with the hunt absorbing the hunter’s mark in what I believe, was the absorption of the knowledge of Silas location. Cool, very cool.

I would love to touch my school books and just absorb all knowledge like that xD. Also, she was with her dirty naughty hands all over Jeremy’s bare chest… Dirty witch, huh?

The Vampire Diaries S4x14 - Bonnie and Jer = Sexy

Bonnie‚Äôs spell worked. She had full knowledge of where to go to find the beast. What I found funny was that they left Shane behind; who was trapped under the rocks that had fallen after Bonnie’s spell.The guy is guilty of a huge lot of deaths even if he did not killed anyone directly.

So, yeah. I was super okay even after seeing his reactions to his wife hallucinations caused by Silas. The poor guy could never let go of his family and it just doomed all mankind, vampire kind and werewolf kind too; any type of living thing is doomed actually as they get closer and closer to raising Silas.

The Vampire Diaries S4x14 - Shane

The Vampire Diaries S4x14 - Rebekah and StefanWhen Rebekah decided to open up to Stephan about the only dose of the cure and their hopes, she asked him kind of telling him in fact, that if she was to give him the cure, he clearly would give it to Elena and that was when she snapped his neck to get some advantage.

You know what, one student of mine said that I should behave and take care with what I say on social networks because I could come to look bad when I posted something about Valentine’s Day like I give no crap about it. I AM RIGHT! Sorry, love sucks and Stefan should have let go of Elena.

Does he not know anything about self respect? She will never be human again and the sire bond will be there forever. Rebekah was there for him but he sucks for a romance that is not even there anymore. Very good, Mr. Salvatore.

The Vampire Diaries S4x14 - Elena

The Vampire Diaries S4x14 - Klaus in the throneAs the only thing the guys could think about was the cure, they kind of forgot about Klaus and the fact that Bonnie’s spell is wearing off and he will be on the loose to kill everyone they love in town to avenge Kol’s (Nathaniel Buzolic) death.

They still needed the cure to shove it down his throat, make him human, then harmless. It was a wondrous plan, but it seemed they still have no idea what they are dealing with. They still had not realized the danger it was to raise Silas to get the cure. Klaus is a little frightened puppy compared to Silas.

Well, it is what I feel from all the fuss we have seen around him since Shane arrived. In the meantime, Tyler is already in the doom state thinking of running away from Klaus while Caroline tried to solve all the problems with her charm. LOL it seems it did not work and I cannot stop wondering what the hell did that last conversation of hers with Klaus when he finally felt the house as Bonnie’s spell wore off.

The Vampire Diaries S4x14 - Caroline beggs Klaus for mercy

The Vampire Diaries S4x14 - Damon and Rebekah

Back in the cave, Rebekah had found Damon and the hunter Vaughn to face some hunter’s tricks while trying to escape. Both got much damaged, but who cares? They heal. What must have been ridiculous to Damon was that Stefan arrived to save him, with Elena.

I guess it is just their doom to be together, you know. Doom is the right word here. They proceeded with the hunt with Stefan finding Shane and what he told the professor was really amazing, about having hope and seeing it go away.

The Vamoire Diaries S4x14 - Bonnie

It was so freaking sad to see Jer telling Bonnie about the hallucinations that it was not her gran she was seeing. The look in her face was just so sad and like what the heck? Someone really needs to shove that cure down Silas throat and kill the mother effing son of a bitch!

It was a lovely scene though. It seemed like the romance was going to be back. The love and care for each other. I just love these two…

The Vamoire Diaries S4x14 - Caroline

The moment Klaus told Caroline that they were the same; I knew it was going to bite him back. That is exactly what she did. She might be fearless and like the power and who she is now but if they care really the same as Klaus had said, he would have to show mercy and compassion. She asked him to let Tyler live and it seemed fruitless.

Klaus would just give him a bit of a head start and would hunt him all the way and kill him! Poor Caroline, she should know nothing good comes from Klaus. My favorite couple ever, Forwood, break up was so horribly sad. Tyler had to run for his life and leave Caroline behind.

The Vamoire Diaries S4x14 - Bonnie backstabbed by Vaughn

The Vampire Diaries S4x14 - Vaughn stabs BonnieIt is show time! Remember that other team in the game? The mysterious team? So here they are. They attacked Elena and when Jer and Bonnie had finally found Silas body, that new hunter that came from where the heck I have no idea, stabbed Bonnie in the back so she would not interfere with his plans to raise Silas, cure him and kill him.

I should mention here that Vaughn kicked Jer’s butt in a fight that looked really cool. Well done guys! Now guess who else joined the party? Elena, I mean, Katherine Pierce. XD I knew it was her, Kathb!tch is back!

Yes, Katherine Pierce as I had thought. Bonnie had realized that the creature had been frozen like Michael was and they would have to feed him their blood to get him moving so they could get the cure. That was when Katherine showed up. Who would not guess it was not Elena there? She was going to kill Vaughn as if she had not gone trough what it is like to kill a hunter. Easy one.

The Vampire Diaries S4x14 - Kath is back

The Vampire Diaries S4x14 - Elena after Katherine hurricane passed through

The Vampire Diaries S4x14 - little BratKath had left a barely alive Elena to be found by Stefan, who only said “she is here!” and how delicious did that sound? I have been waiting for this for so long… She is here! Another hint that Jer missed, “Elena” did not care about dying Bonnie from the stab in her back and they were best friends.

She only cares about the cure and then she said something just marvelous: god, I forgot what a brat you are! It made me burst out laughing. I love Katherine, that is all. XD She cut little Jeremy’s wrist to feed the monster and then bite his neck and leave him there to be drained of his blood to escape with the cure.

I bet she wants to shove that cure down the throat of someone else. Let it be Klaus!

It would be the revenge she has always wanted, for her family. We were left to an about to stand up monster with his hands on Jer’s neck, that was snapped in a second. This is how we were left, Bonnie starring at dead Jer on the ground.

The Vampire Diaries S4x14 - Jer's death

I have to end this oost by giving the prper praise to the writing team and the director. They did a really outstanding job from its beginning to its ending. Jose Molina did a beautiful job with the dialogues and the dynamics worked really well as characters in one sequence completed the dialogues of other characters in another sequence happening elsewhere.

It is a mark on TVD that I have always loved… Another thing was how it all ended with Jer’s body on the ground while Bonnie starred at it, a brilliant final touch!

The Vampire Diaries S4x14 - Jeremy died in the end

The Vampire Diaries S4x11 - It hurts like that

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  • avatar Kenn says:

    Good evening Raph.

    As always your analysis of The Vampire Diaries is so spot on target! This was an episode with a tragic ending reveal. We can only hope that things will turn out alright.

    I hope you enjoyed the Rosi Golam song I selected?

    Thank you for the great review of “Down The Rabbit Hole”!

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  • avatar Ann says:

    Hello again. I love your reviews and the matching music videos are great!

    Ann xoxo

    • avatar Kenn says:

      Hey Ann!

      I completely agree. Raph does superb reviews of TVD. He is an expert on the mythology of Mystic Falls, the characters and the actors as well.

      Thanks for dropping by. Hope to see you again.

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    You guys have the best TVD reviews anywhere. So detailed and with good thoughts on the series. I wish you could post more news about the stars like the people at Vamp_Diaries on Twitter and sulia,com. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I like your stuff.


    • avatar Kenn says:

      Thanks Terrie!

      I am sure Raph will appreciate your comment (as do I). As for, we have great respect for their work.

      Here at WHR we are primarily a review and analysis web site, not a news site for the TVD celebrities, however I appreciate your encouragement. Something to consider in the future. Thanks again.

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