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Welcome back Warehouse 13 fans,

Syfy logo banner - Click to learn more at the official web site!“An Evil Within” has come to Artie from the process of restoring our beloved Warehouse 13!

Do you like monsters? Do you like monsters that are not really monsters? Well, then you will like this episode, because this Warehouse 13 is full of them!

Before continuing my analysis of “An Evil Within” courtesy of Syfy via You Tube we include the promo trailer for the next episode “Personal Effects” featuring Brain J. Smith of Stargate Universe!

Warehouse 13 S4x02 Freaked out friend
We begin this episode with a couple of guys who walk into a diner to wait for their friend. Seems that they are a couple of Trekkies, comparing the qualities of Klingons vs. Vulcans. Personally, I like Vulcans better. But do not tell the Klingons. Anyway, as they wait for their friend, in a diner with food so bad that even the server won’t eat there, in walks a monster. There is a joke in here somewhere…”A Klingon, a Vulcan and a monster walk into a diner…”

Anyway, the monster is so terrifying that, at first, everyone tries to escape. But someone has chained the back door so that no one can escape. They are thus left with one other choice in the fight or flight scenario. They beat the crap out of the monster, who ends up being Joe, the friend of the two Trekkies. The cops show up. Bad news for everyone; Joe does not have a pulse.

Meanwhile, Artie (Saul Rubinek) is feeling guilty about Claudia (Allison Scagliotti), who decided to leave in the middle of the night. She has her own agenda, save her beloved Steve. You really have to admire that kind of devotion. Artie keeps hearing over and over in his mind, the words of the monk from France – “an evil that will live with you the rest of your days”.

Warehouse 13 S4x02 Pete and Myka confront Artie
Pete (Eddie McClintock) and Myka (Joanne Kelly) await Artie in the parlour, “What’s the plan?” The plan, of course, from Pete and Myka’s point of view, is to help Claudia. Artie corrects them. He will be helping Claudia, they will be in Philadelphia. Artie, while explaining, pulls out his “pocket ping”, a new compact gadget that Claudia created. Pete and Myka are impressed.

Warehouse 13 S4x02 pocket ping
Throughout the beginning of the episode, Artie is very sensitive to anyone who comments about going back in time, or turning back time, so, naturally, those references abound. Artie’s reaction confuses Pete. Artie covers by saying, “I’m hyperbolic…I’m colorful!” I love that statement.

Warehouse 13 S4x02 Enter Father Adrian
Enter Father Adrian (Brent Spiner), the monk that Artie met in the other time line that he is not supposed to have met in this one. It proves a little confusing for Artie. Father Adrian works for the Vatican, “we know an awful lot of things about an awful lot of things”, including the Warehouse. He wants Artie to locate Magellan’s Astrolabe from the last episode. It seems, now that Artie has it, it has gone missing. Or, rather, it has gone missing from Father Adrian’s possession.

Warehouse 13 S4x02 Artie and Adrian
Artie fixates on the danger that Father Adrian states that it represents. The thief (Artie), has to undo the past 24 hours or a great evil will be let loose. When it comes to this particular point, however, the good Father is very cryptic. Artie, who seems to be in a corner, and who might give himself away if he does not seem willing, agrees to help. Father Adrian is emphatic that Artie must find the device and return time to the way it was.
Claudia, is watching a guy with the Eye of Ra tattooed onto the inside of his wrist at the Regents Chatelet. On her tablet is a blueprint that states, “from morgue to B111”. Pete and Myka are in Philly questioning the people in the diner. They come up empty.

Warehouse 13 S4x02 Dental office
Things do not improve. At a dental office, a patient enters the waiting room. Everyone freaks out and attacks him, sending him to his death through a window. As Myka and Pete look for a lead at yet another location, we learn that Myka really does not like any creatures with tentacles. Obviously, before the end of the program, she is going to be encountering a tentacled monster, or many. Otherwise, there is no reason to emphasize her fear as much as the writers are doing.

Warehouse 13 S4x02 Artie and Claudia
Claudia has managed to do quite well sneaking into the Regents building. But she is pulled up short by Artie. She is as determined as ever as she explains to him what she is up to. She intends to bring Steve back, as she says, “if you could use an artifact to set something right, to undo a huge stupid tragedy, wouldn’t you do it?”
Enter Jane Latimer(Kate Mulgrew). Artie immediately attempts to defend Claudia to her. But there is no need. The decision has been made. Claudia can bring back Agent Jinx (Aaron Ashmore). Artie is not only surprised, he is beside himself with disbelief and anger. He tries to convince Jane that this is not alright. He leaves arguing that this decision is wrong.

Warehouse 13 S4x02 Claudia tries to explain
Back in Philadelphia, there is another monster sighting. Pete and Myka show up in time to avoid a possible homicide when a woman’s husband sees her as a monster. Some men sure are particular about their wives appearance. Anyway, Pete and Myka arrive and identify themselves as the FBI. Hubby has a shotgun aimed at the closet door, where the creature has retreated. He asks Pete if they are like the Men in Black. Pete, impressed by the description is happy to take the compliment.

Jane and Claudia have a very dead looking Steve lying on Claudia’s bed back at the Warehouse 13 residence. With the help of the metronome, and Claudia’s great effort to attract Steve’s attention in what must be an afterlife, Jane manages to guide them to safety, bringing Steve back to life. I’d love to see someone question him to ask him where he has been and what it was like on the other side; one of the great questions that has confounded humanity for generations.

Warehouse 13 S4x02 claudia saves Steve
Artie has contacted Father Adrian. Artie still can not get his head around the evil mentioned by Adrian. Adrian does add more information, “it’s an unimaginable evil unique to the user, an evil that will cut through the users heart like a dagger”. Artie discovers that the astrolabe was used before, and when it was, the evil that was released, by Robespierre, at the end of the French Revolution resulted in the deaths of, “tens of thousands of people”.Warehouse 13 S4x02 cthulhu

As Myka interviews the lady who’s husband thought she was a monster, she discovers that the woman had an encounter with a man who said she must have dropped her key and handed her one. Now we are getting somewhere. Pete goes on to remember something further. He states that when he was a kid, he read some comic books about a sea creature named, “Cthulhu”.

Warehouse 13 S4x02 Leena
Pete and Myka learn from Leena(Genelle Williams) that the story came from a writer called H.P Lovecraft who suffered from Night Terrors which also involved a silver key; the key to the gate of dreams. Pete and Myka come to a realization. It is the victims who, “get whammied”, as Pete says. They are the ones that cause others to see them as monsters.

Warehouse 13 S4x02 Bobble head
Pete and Myka’s next stop is at the first victims house to see if they can find a connection. Pete finds a bobble head doll from a championship baseball game. He draws the conclusion that there is some relationship since the guy with the key wore a hat from the same game. The perpetrator and the victim went to the same game. Also, Myka pulls up data on a conveniently located computer that a woman died at that same game.

Warehouse 13 S4x02 Guy with the key
As they view security footage of the woman who died, they see all of the victims who were seen as monsters who refuse to stop to help the fallen woman, and the guy with the key trying to get help for her. It seems that he has blamed the people who did not help the woman for her death. There is, of course, one more person that the perpetrator will be seeking vengeance against; a guy who blocked the ambulance so the medics could not get to her in time.

Warehouse 13 S4x02 Claudia and Steve in garden
Steve is not dealing well with having been dead a while. Claudia tells him she is not sorry that she brought him back. “The world is a better place with you in it, Jinxy”. I think Steve should wake up and smell the roses. Claudia is obviously in love with him.

Myka breaks in to the bad guy, Ron Haskell’s home, looking for him while Pete looks for the next victim on Haskell’s list. As Myka looks around, she discovers a virtual treasure trove of monster models, tentacles and all. Obviously, not one of Myka’s favorite places to be. She calls Pete to tell him that Haskell is not where she is. Pete tells her, “that’s because he’s here”. Haskell runs. Pete chases after him into a building and tackles him. Haskell, of course, is one step ahead, managing to get the key into Pete’s hand, then immediately calling for help.
Myka to the rescue. As a bunch of angry guys from a nearby gym chase Pete, Myka gets between him and them, aiming a weapon at the men to protect her partner. Thank goodness for Myka. After all, monsters are people too.

Warehouse 13 S4x02 Axed
Myka suddenly notices the bad guy in the group, egging the others on. She gives Pete her weapon and goes after him, leaving Pete vulnerable to the crazies with the weapons. Fortunately for Pete, she gets the key away from Haskell and de-whammies it so that Pete looks like a normal guy to everyone again. Just in time too. He narrowly misses getting axed. As the cops take the bad guy away, it seems that just about everything is sorted. Well, almost everything.

Warehouse 13 S4x02 Regents disagree
It seems that the Regents do not quite see eye to eye. Regent Adwin Kosan (Faran Tahir) tells Jane that what she has done is unconscionable. Jane disagrees. To her, Jinx deserved to be saved after what he did for the Warehouse and everyone else. He tells both Jane and Claudia that there are consequences to the act of bringing Jinx back. “He is linked to the metronome and therefore, to the Warehouse and the Regents, forever”.

The metronome will stay with the Regents, and Agent Jinx will be under lifetime supervision. If there is a dangerous downside to the metronome, the Regents will act. Kosan reinforces to Claudia and Jane that their first priority is to protect the world from artifacts.

Warehouse13 S4X02 Dagger
As the show ends, Artie gets a warning notification from his ping. An artifact has been detected. It is a dagger. This episode has a lot going on in it. The theme seems to be all about monsters; be they the scary ones we fear from under the bed, or the ones within.

Artie has the heavy burden of guilt, his own monster, to deal with as he valiantly struggles to find some solution other than watching his friends die all over again as a result of the Astrolabe. Myka has her own monster to fear in her phobia regarding tentacles. At the end of the episode, she had to face that fear head on, forcing herself to identify her monster as her partner and friend, Pete. 

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