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This episode begins with Agent Jinx (Aaron Ashmore) packed and looking like he is is leaving town. He picks up his bag and gives a last look around to what appears to be his bedroom. Claudia (Allison Scagliotti) enters to see if he is ready to leave.

We include a sneak peek of “There’s Always a Downside” courtesy of Syfy!

Personal Effects:

Jinx comments on a photo of the two of them which he then packs in his bag. After one last look at the room, he leaves with her. That is when we discover that it is all part of a dead agents vault. Since Jinx is no longer dead, he does not need to be there.

Warehouse 13 S4x03 Personal Effects

But why there is a bed in such a place and it is made up to look like a bedroom left me a little unsettled. Do the Regents just leave the body to lie on the bed in repose and mummify just in case they may need it again?

What about the families of the dead agents? Or, is this, as one of the characters commented in the last episode, like “The Men In Black”?

Warehouse13 S4x03 the gang

Meeting up with the rest of the gang, Pete Latimer (Eddie McClintock) has a bee in his bonnet. He likes his 30 minute showers which leaves no hot water for anyone else. The very important issue of Pete’s personal grooming does not get resolved this episode because Artie (Saul Rubinek) has arrived with a new mission.

Someone in North Dakota, (“as barren as South Dakota but colder”)has got all the symptoms of a spider bite with no actual Warehouse 13 S4X3 Pete and the plastic foodindications of a bite. Artie shares that it is the very rare… agent Jinx has the answer: Theraphosa blondi. Everyone is surprised that Jinx has that information. Is he psychic? No, apparently, he has seen the artifact; a small wooden token. It belonged to Walter Sykes. It, along with many other artifacts was in a crate marked A to Z Technologies.

Nevertheless, the group is off to find the crate and the artifact at a place called Devil’s Lake, which is a four hour drive away. Pete and Myka (Joanne Kelly) arrive at what they believe to be Sykes’ safe house. It is basically a prop house not used on a regular basis. So unused, in fact, the pastries in the kitchen are made of plastic. Pete finds out the hard way. Plastic does not usually taste quite as good as the real thing.

While Pete heads down to the “creepy basement”, Myka looks around the dining room and finds the wooden artifact they were looking for. Pete calls out for Myka. She rushes down into the basement to discover that the crate they were talking about is empty.

Meanwhile, it is not Sykes who has made off with the artifacts. Instead, it is a local bad guy, Jesse Ashton (Brian Jacob Smith), who has broken into the empty house and is now attempting to pawn the goods. As he does, he chooses to keep a pipe with unusual properties.

Myka and Peter let the gang at the Warehouse know about the empty crate. Myka, smart Myka, realizes that the alarm system did not summon the security company. So, the person who took the artifacts must have known the code. Their investigations lead to the security company’s desk guy who admits that he let his buddy into the house for a share of the profits. In exchange for not going to jail, desk guy tells Pete and Myka the location of the pawn shop.

Warehouse13 S4x03 Introduce the pipe

As Myka and Pete arrive, Pete has a bad vibe, followed immediately by an explosion. Bye bye pawn shop. Time to call for back up. Artie, Claudia, Jinx and Leena (Genelle Williams) join the fun at the destroyed pawn shop. Unfortunately, the pawn shop owner’s records indicate that several items from the crate had been sold, so Artie, Leena, Jinx and Claudia have some retrieving to do.

Warehouse13 S4x03 at the pawn shop

Pete and Myka, of course, get to pursue the villain. The first logical location to check is Jesses’s apartment. When they enter, they notice something very peculiar. There is no ceiling, unless one calls the very pleasant blue sky with nice fluffy clouds as one’s roof.

Warehouse 13 S4X03 Invisible guy

Jinx and Claudia head to a lingerie shop where someone working there has bought a pair of sunglasses. Apparently, the stock boy is a peeping tom. Once they have an idea of the general location of the invisible stock boy, whom Jinx discovers can be seen on video, it becomes a fairly simple matter to take him down and get the glasses back. Unfortunately, there is a nasty side effect – temporary blindness. Claudia also has picked up another side effect of an artifact. She feels Jinx’s injuries and Jinx feels hers.

Warehouse13 S4x03 laptop image

Meanwhile, Pete and Myka have discovered through the magic of laptop internet surfing, that Jesse is off to the bank. Upon arrival, it is snowing, and the ATM is now damaged goods hanging off the side of a brick wall. They have arrived too late. Pete and Myka realize that Jesse is learning to control the power of the pipe.

Warehouse13 S4x03 contagous violin

Artie and Leena head to a music school for the violin. They come across a teacher and her young pupil as the pupil practices with the suspect violin. Each scratched out note creates a minor explosion as if it were a floating time bomb. Artie easily convinces the teacher to let him have the violin by telling her that he and Leena are with the Department of Contagion. Looks like the violin lesson is over. Gee, these folks are awesome fibbers.

Myka and Pete drop by Jesse’s mother’s house. While they listen to her describe Jesse, Myka sees bills with “Past Due” printed all over them. It is obvious that there is more going on then just an errant child. Pete reasons that they do not need to predict where Jesse is headed next, they just need to predict the weather.

Warehouse13 S4x03 angry Artie

Leena and Artie arrive at the Country Club for their next acquisition, the set of golf clubs that cause extreme outbursts of anger. The gentleman who bought them for his wife is unconscious in a chair with everything but the Nine iron lying nearby. His wife, on the other hand, is nowhere to be seen.

As Artie says, “my guess is she is out to take a divot out of one of your hang out buddies”. Artie is right, and she is on a rampage. Who can blame her; her husband is a pig. Before Artie can get the Nine Iron back into the golf bag, he actually grabs it with bare hands instead of the magic purple gloves. This brings out some anger that worries Leena. Artie rambles about saving everyone and he cannot tell anyone about it. When Leena confronts him with being very angry, Artie replies, “I’m always angry. It’s my raison d’etre. Grumble Grumble”. I love that line.

Warehouse13 S4x03 Falling truck

Pete and Myka catch up to an unusual storm system extremely localized over a warehouse. It turns out that Jesse has cuffed the driver of an armored truck to a pipe and is now attempting to access the money inside. He has used a tornado to lift the truck off the ground. Myka and Pete approach him, guns drawn. However, he is faster than they are. He tells them, “heads up”, as the truck, without the tornado to support it, comes falling back to earth. Myka notices that Jesse has a bandage on his arm. He recently either had an injection, or had blood drawn.

It seems that Pete and Myka attempted to get away too aggressively. They ended up under debris and unconscious, giving Jesse the opportunity to escape with the loot. “The piggy bank principle”, says Pete.

Warehouse13 S4x03 Angry Birds

Off to the bird sanctuary with Claudia and Jinx. Jinx is playing the scarecrow and Claudia is playing the cowardly lion as angry birds have a bead on them both. Jinx tosses the bird cage that caused the angry birds to be angry, at Claudia, and they both run for their vehicle which conveniently has a big vat of purple liquid in it, neutralizing the cage and taking the angry from the angry birds. Afterward, Claudia is sure that she has gotten scratched by one of the birds, but Jinx cannot see any mark. That’s because he is the one with the deep scratch, and he notices it when he finds blood on his fingers.

Warehouse13 S4x03 blood

Now at the hospital, we discover that Jesse’s brother is very sick. Jesse has been making anonymous blood donations to his brother. He is also collecting all the money from his heists to pay for his brother’s medical treatments. Jesse offers a satchel full of cash to the hospital administrator (Dee Wallace) but she tells him they need a compatible heart donor – that there are other factors stopping them from helping his brother. Jesse does not believe her and kidnaps the woman and takes her to the hospital roof to prove his determination.

Warehouse13 S4x03 Jesse with money

Pete’s spidey sense is tingling again. He knows that Jesse is nearby… and so is the bad weather.  Once up on the roof, Jesse gives them an ultimatum. Fix his little brother or he will destroy the hospital. He does not care if other people get injured.

Pete and Myka, and the hospital administrator get blown back into the stairwell while Jesse parties with his personal storm. As they try to come up with a solution to the problem, Claudia and Jinx show up. Claudia may have a solution. They head back to the roof.

Warehouse13 S4x03 Myka on the roof

As Myka distracts Jesse, Pete puts on the glasses that make people invisible when they wear them. He approaches Jesse. Unfortunately, the high wind sends a vinyl tarpaulin Pete’s way, not only making him visible, but knocking the glasses away. Pete is blind. He attempts to stop Jesse anyway causing the bad guy to drop the pipe. The storm dies away. Myka holds her gun on him and warns him she will shoot him if he tries to grab for the pipe.

Warehouse13 S4x03 Lightning strikes

Defeated, Jesse agrees. All he wanted, he says, is to help his brother. He was not there for him when he should have been. Then, Jesse makes a decision. He grabs for the pipe and creates a lightning strike on himself, that kills him. Now there is a compatible heart for his brother. No one is happy about this ending.Warehouse13 S4x03 Jinx makes a hole

Back inside the hospital, Jinx and Claudia accompany Pete and Myka to get something to eat. Jinx believes there is a problem, so he uses a pin to poke himself. Claudia reacts in pain. It looks like he is right and they both feel each others pain. This is going to be another big problem.

Back at the warehouse, Leena again asks Artie about his angry outburst earlier. Artie again says that it is nothing, “just the ramblings of a crazy warehouse agent”. Leena is not buying it. She tells him that whatever burden he is carrying, not to carry it alone. Warehouse13 S4x03 Claudia owie

As she leaves, Artie makes a phone call to an unknown person. I think it is likely to be the regent Jane Latimer. He tells the person that he needs them to look for a certain artifact, completely off the books, before it finds him. As he asks for the assistance, he looks at a photo of the dagger.

This episode had two very impressive guest stars: Brian Jacob Smith, well know to Stargate Universe fans, and Dee Wallace, best known as the mother of the young boy on E.T. It is always nice to see sci-fi stars come back to do more science fiction, whatever it may be.

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