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Last week in Warehouse 13 we noticed that whenever anything hurts Steve (Aaron Ashmore) that Claudia (Allison Scagliotti) feels it.

We noticed this was happening but kept quite, hoping it would clear up. Seeing as Steve Jinks was just brought back to life, it just seems like it might take awhile to get back to whatever “normal” is to be expected.

Before continuing my review, courtesy of Syfy we include the promotional trailers for the next cool episode of Warehouse 13, “Fractures” with special guest star Lindsay Wagner for your enjoyment.

Warehouse 13 S4x05 Warehouse 13

No Pain, No Gain:

We arrive on scene with Myka (Joanne Kelley) and Claudia in some neat Japanese kimonos, which are quite fetching! They have pulled some bad-ass moves and recovered an artifact that Myka tells Claudia not to look at or she will go insane. (Ok, not looking)! Then there is a buzzing sound. At first were worried, but it is just Myka’s phone! It is a call from her sister, Tracie, and she discovers that Tracie is pregnant and she is to be an Auntie! Babies are good, well mostly, lol!

The dynamic duo obviously handled the problem and brought the artifact back to the Warehouse 13 from Japan. Artie (Saul Rubinek) should have been pleased, but hardly noticed them as they came in. Seems he is all absorbed in a hockey game. Pete (Eddie McClintock) is trying to explain how the game of hockey is played, but Artie is not interested in the actual playing of the game. He is more concerned about what is happening with a certain player in the game.

The thing is there seems to a problem with this one player, or not a problem, this seems to be the real problem! Looks like a player broke his arm during a fall on the ice, but when he rolled over; his arm was not broken anymore. Well from what little experience I have, even I know that something is up with that result!

Warehouse 13 S4x05 Myka Claudia

Before we totally get involved in reviewing this weeks episode, here is a cool clip from Warehouse 13 “No Pain, No Gain” provided by Syfy – Imagine Greater!

So, let us dust off the Farnsworth, tune in and see what artifact we are searching for tonight!

Warehouse 13 S4x05 Hockey and He is up

Artie is studying the hockey game while Myka is telling Pete about her sister being pregnant. Pete is giving Myka a hard time about being the ‘older’ sister, ribbing her about the ‘younger’ sister having a baby first. Myka sets him straight, she is actually happy for Tracie, getting pregnant is NOT on her current to do list and Pete need not worry!

Pete makes some funny, weird faces when he says the word babies, or baby or anything related to wee little ones! Artie breaks in and asks them if find an artifact IS on their current to do list! Back to work!

Warehouse 13 S4x05 Myka and PeteMyka and Pete are off to Toronto. That hockey player, Mike Madden (Mike Dopud), with the magical power of recovering from broken bones needs to be investigated. And we are pretty sure there is an artifact involved! Madden went from broken on the ice to super-hero powers in an instant, pole vaulting, as Pete put it, other players into the crowd. Yep, pack your bags, were going to Canada with Myka and Pete!

Warehouse 13 S4x05 Hershey TorontoStill at Warehouse 13, Artie and Claudia have a conversation about how lately, Claudia has been feeling strange, as in kicks to the stomach, cannot quite catch her breath, she seems not be in control of herself. Artie is concerned; he has been having flashbacks or premonitions, for weeks. Claudia has him cornered, is standing over him with a knife, looking menacing and about to cut him to shreds!


Warehouse 13 S4x05 Claudia flashbackArtie asks her why she did not mentioned it earlier and Claudia pretty much blows it off and replies, “Clearly I have bigger problems’. She is referring to the paper Artie just handed her; she has been summoned to meet with Ms. Frederic (CCH Pounder)!

Warehouse 13 S4x05 Myka and Mike

Myka and Pete arrive at Hershey Centre to begin questioning Mike Madden. Myka begins by asking him how he managed to throw a person threw the glass when he had just been injured, also, is he in pain now? He replies by telling her that every member of the hockey team is constantly in pain and that goes for any person playing the sport!

He even offers to let her draw blood and pee in a cup if she thinks he is on something! Instead Myka ask’s him if she can borrow his gold necklace and have it tested, rambles something about the league cracking down on gold! He ends up taking it off, but does seem confused as to the why and what for of this request!

Myka tests the necklace and it turns out clean no artifact here! Meanwhile, Pete has requested copies of the x-rays taken of Madden’s arm right after the game. The x-rays are not of a person that has had a broken anything, also when Myka shook Mike’s hand, she could tell, there was no fusion, or repaired bones in his arm. Something is up in Hockey Town!

Warehouse 13 S4x05 x rays Mike

Myka tells Pete that they need to get into the Medical office and get a look at the original x-rays! Pete wanted to ride the Zamboni but they really do not need a distraction to get into the Medical office as nobody is really paying them any attention at all. Off we go!

Warehouse 13 S4x05 Myka Pete Medical OfcBack at the warehouse, Artie has told Steve that he needs to do some inventory. Steve picks up that Artie just told him an outright lie! Steve is very perceptive after being revived from the dead! Steve follows Artie and sure enough, Artie is freaking out!

Artifacts have started disappearing from the warehouse, first it was Bobby Fisher’s Marble’s and now Primo Levi’s Scarf! Artie makes Steve promise to keep this information just between them, at least for now! Missing artifacts, we know this is not good! Who or what could be making this happen? In addition, what is the motive?

Warehouse 13 S4x05 Missing Scarf

Warehouse 13 S4x05 Locker RoomMyka and Pete end up in the locker room; they need to find out what is causing Mike Madden to heal so quickly! Myka is digging around in Mike’s locker when Pete and him come out of the shower area!

Yeah, she is busted. Pete drags Myka out of the locker room and tells her that when he went into the shower room, Mike was fighting with another team player. He noticed that in the shower, Mike was obviously in pain. That is NOT the same person they saw on the ice. Therefore, the artifact must be in the rink area. Well, maybe were getting closer!


Warehouse 13 S4x05 Claudia Ms Fredric

We catch up with Claudia as she is meeting with Ms. Frederic for lunch, except they do not get to eat. Ms. Frederic immediately tells Claudia that they need to take a walk and Claudia responds that is what the mafia says when your about to get whacked. She assures Claudia that she is not going to get ‘whacked’ but that they do need to discuss her relationship to the warehouse. Their combined destinies. This sounds ominous. Is this good or bad? Is this the nice or scary Ms. Frederic?

Myka and Pete decide to take a closer look at the rink. Pete noticed that during practice Mike was shaky and he even wobbled. So they figure the artifact could have been in the rink, at least during games. Maybe its one of the fans, maybe one of the fans is ‘bringing it’ for Mike. Also, Mike only seems to have the super hero strength during Home games, not on the road. So, it might be a fan who is only around during Home games! Maybe they are getting closer! But as Pete says, that only narrows it down to about 15,000 suspects!

Warehouse 13 S4x05 Myka Pete RinkBack at the warehouse, Artie has been taking inventory and has noticed that several artifacts are missing! Steve tells Artie to stop freaking out and think. Could any of the missing artifacts be easy to locate? Just one, then that could lead them to whoever has been taking the rest of them or at least the artifacts themselves. Artie remembers that the Hatfield and McCoy rifles have something like a homing devise in them. They are drawn to each other out of hatred. If they can locate this artifact then they can discover who the intruder is and find the missing artifacts! Good thinking Steve!

Warehouse 13 S4x05 Artie McCoy Rifle

We catch up with Claudia as Ms. Frederic is telling her to look beyond what she sees. Claudia is Warehouse 13 S4x05 Frederic Claudia look beyondlooking all around and trying to ‘feel’ the area around her. She walks towards a storefront and spies a woman in the store. Is this what she is looking for?

Does this woman mean something to her or Ms. Frederic? It is this woman! But what is happening? A man walks in and sets a baby-seat down on the counter, walks away. The woman is looking out the window and not seeming to notice the baby. Just then a gunman enters the store and announces that ‘This is a robbery’! Ms. Frederic will not let Claudia intervene.

They remain outside, watching. There is a scream, the gunman freaks out and shoots towards the scream, the baby is in the pathway of the shot. The woman that Claudia had picked up on, jumps in the way of the bullet and saves the baby!

Thankfully it turns out the woman lived, and as she saved the baby, her bracelet became an artifact. We have just witnessed the ‘Birth of an Artifact’! Ms. Frederic explains to Claudia how these things occur and why she is receiving this information. An object, a person and a moment.

Warehouse 13 S4x05 Birth of Artifact

Back at Hershey Centre, Myka and Pete are trying to explain to Mike that they think one of the fans is boosting his ability to play the game. Are there any fans that he interacts with, he assures them that he is only friendly towards his fans.

Mike tells them that if he is receiving some sort of outside help, he doesn’t want it, in his mind that cheating and he wants none of it! They have devised a plan, to gather all of Mike’s hardcore fans into one area and raffle off a dinner with him for after the game. Mike will take a fall and pretend to be hurt very badly. Myka and Pete will monitor the fans closely to see if anyone pulls out anything that could be an artifact.

Warehouse 13 S4x05 Pretend Injury

At the warehouse, Artie and Steve are setting up the Hatfield rifle. The thing is there is a pull between this rifle and the missing McCoy rifle due to the hatred between the families. If Artie gets it set properly, this rifle should lead them right to the position of the Hatfield rifle! Steve looks through the site of the Hatfield rifle and he is seeing what the McCoy rifle’s sight is looking at! Way Cool! Steve describes what he is seeing to Artie, which is the picture of a cow. Artie knows exactly where that cow is and claps his hands in glee! Here we go!

Warehouse 13 S4x05 McCoy sight

Back to hockey! The stands are full and ready for the game. Mike is flirting with Myka and it works! He takes Myka’s hand and says since the first time he met her he didn’t want to let go of her hand! So cute! Swoon! He asks Myka for a good luck kiss and yes, it happens! WOW!

Warehouse 13 S4x05 Myka Mike KissWe seem to have an angry fan, watching every more that Mike makes. And Pete doesn’t see, he is checking out a keychain from a fans bag. A little boy comes down the ramp towards Pete and it looks like Pete is rummaging through a strangers bag.

Pete immediately drops the keychain back into the bag, yes he looks guilty! Could that be the artifact? But still he misses seeing how angry this fan is! We can see though and this lady does not look very happy seeing Mike and Myka kissing before the game starts!

Warehouse 13 S4x05 Angry Fan PeteMike takes the bad fall and seems to be injured. Its weird, at the same time he falls Myka seems to get a stomach ache. Coincidence? I’m thinking there are no coincidences related to Warehouse 13, what do you think? Myka is running for the bathroom and yes, she is violently sick!

And when she comes out of the stall, whoops, Myka has a baby bump! How, what, who, where? Myself, I’m just glad you can’t get a baby bump by proxy, or maybe you can? Jezzzz! Pete figures that someone whammed her, with an artifact and I bet WE know who did it. Could it be the angry fan? Well, let’s just follow them and see what is up!

Warehouse 13 S4x05 Pete chkin fans mike down

Warehouse 13 S4x05 Myka babybump

Steve and Artie have headed over to where that sign with the cow is located across town. As they pull up and Steve gets out of the car he has the Hatfield rifle in his hands and it begins pulling him. Artie knows its pulling him towards the McCoy rifle and they stop for a minute to construct a plan! Just then Myka and Pete call Artie on the Farnsworth and the first thing Myka says is ‘I’m pregnant’!

Artie is taken aback but hardly misses a beat! Gotta love this guy! Artie figures out that between everything that has happened the artifact they are looking for could be a Wish Fulfillment artifact! Artie wants to know who exactly Myka has touched. Myka realizes that she did kiss Mike. Artie hangs up saying ‘No more kissing’!

Warehouse 13 S4x05 Artie Farnsworth

Pete realizes that he was in contact with a key chain when he saw a little boy. Pete tells Myka that the key chain had allot of stuff hanging off of it and she thinks they should find this key chain and neutralize it as soon as possible. She’s got to pee first though!

Warehouse 13 S4x05 Find the Key chain

Steve and Artie are entering the garage where the McCoy rifle should be. When they open the door they are bombarded with gunshots! Artie quickly closes the door and Steve is saying ‘What the Hell, I could have been shot’! Artie responds that it’s really okay since he’s on the Metrodone, that he would not have died.

Steve blurts out ‘But Claudia might have’. Artie is like what the what? And Steve tries to retract what he said but it’s too late. Artie is figuring it out. Steve admits to Artie that every since Claudia brought him back that they have been connected. Every time Steve gets hurt, Claudia feels the pain. Artie says they need to get Steve off the Metrodone, which is what could be causing the link between Claudia feeling Steve’s pain. Now what Claudia said earlier to him makes more sense.

Warehouse 13 S4x05 McCoy rifle shooting

Myka and Pete head over to the Madden fan area and are looking for the lady with the keychain. Some of the other fans, they seem to know her, say when Mike kissed Myka; she was super mad and left! Good thing Pete has a list of all the Madden fans names and what their seats are. They figure out which one has left. Her name is Judy Giltoy (Kirsten Nelson), they even have her address! I think were going for a ride! Buckle up!

Warehouse 13 S4x05 Buckle upArtie and Steve put the Hatfield rifle in the trunk of the car so they can enter the garage without getting shot. They enter carefully and begin seeing all the missing artifacts! Artie is so smart! But, who has done this? Where are they now and what is the purpose of taking all this stuff from the warehouse?

Artie finds a box of precious stones and when he touches one of them, he begins acting kinda weird. He tells Steve that there is a protocol to follow and for now they just need to get all these items returned to the Warehouse 13 as soon as possible! Steve sees some shipping supplies in the corner and now they need to worry, maybe this is not everything that has been taken! Oh, no!

Warehouse 13 S4x05 Missing ArtifactsPete and Myka arrive at Judy’s address only to find her apartment empty. There is allot of ‘Fan Girl’ stuff all over her walls and shelves, enough to convince them that this Judy lady is the problem. Judy even has some pictures of herself with Mike Madden, only thing is, her picture has been photo-shopped into the pictures! Scary! Before taking off, Pete notices an urn, after reading the inscription, he figures out this is Judy’s father.

Then they notice a newspaper article framed next to the urn. it’s a story about Judy’s grand-father who during WWII, urged his friend to not give up, and with 20 miles left to walk kept telling him over and over again how they were going to make it.

Myka responds, ‘He compelled his friend to perform an extraordinary feat, he wished so hard, he made it true. Judy’s grand-fathers dog-tags are hanging on her key chain. Friends, we have discovered another ‘Birth of an Artifact’ and how it happens!

Warehouse 13 S4x05 Judy photoshopped

Warehouse 13 S4x05 Judy Mike CarWe arrive at the Hershey Centre just as Mike Madden is leaving and guess who pulls up, Yeah, its Judy! She gets out of her car and invites Mike to get in with her. When he gracefully refuses, she holds her key chain and wishes that his broken arm was not healed. He slumps over in pain and she escorts him to her car. She basically kidnapped him. Hold on!

Once they are buckled in, she turns to Mike and says ‘Let’s start again, I love you Mike, and you love me, you just don’t know it yet’. Well, okay, she’s going for the award here guys! Hope help is coming soon! This could turn into the movie ‘Misery’ really fast!

Myka needs to pee again. When she comes out of Judy’s bathroom she fills Pete in on few things. Judy’s toothbrush is gone; drawers left open and it looks like she left in a hurry. Judy is not coming back here. Waiting for her to return is just wasting time. But where could she have gone? Pete asks her about her female intuition, because she has never been more femalely than she is right now.

Pete says ‘If you were an unstable female, where would you go’? Nice gliding over the ice Pete! Watch it! Myka spots a picture of Judy with her grandpa at a cabin. They figure if grandpa left her the urn, and dogtags, then he probably left her his cabin also. Pete says they can get the address from Artie and off we go!

Warehouse 13 S4x05 Grandpa cabinAnd yes, that is exactly where Judy has taken Mike, the cabin. We drop in on them as she is bringing him some hot cider. She begins by telling him that she has wished him on, all season, to skate harder, hit faster and throw that guy through the glass and he probably did not even know they were a team.

Mike says no, he did not realize that but does ask her what she wants. She says that they should begin with a kiss. Mike tells her to close her eyes, she does and he throws hot cider all over her! Run dude! As he is running, Judy grabs the key chain and obviously wishes for him to fall flat on his face, which he does.

Warehouse 13 S4x05 Mike is down

Pete and Myka show up, Myka is asleep in the car. Pete proceeds without her, but does leave her a weapon on top of her baby belly! Thanks! Judy hears something outside, looks and sees Pete coming up along side the cabin. She grabs an axe and takes off. Pete comes storming through the door. He finds Mike on the floor, in agony. Pete only stops long enough to tell Mike ‘Dude, your leg is not suppose to bend like that’, Mike says ‘I KNOW’! Pete takes off to try and find Judy.

Warehouse 13 S4x05 Myka Judy tiedWell, the weapon did no good, Judy found Myka and has her out of the car and her hands tied behind her. Pete comes around the side of the cabin and sees that Judy has Myka, and threatening to cut her with the axe.

Pete tells Judy that he will take Myka, get in the car and leave. Judy, I guess, is not stupid, might be psycho but not stupid. She takes her key chain and wishes that Pete’s lungs would collapse, and then wishes that he was taking his last breath. Pete is going down. Myka is yelling ‘No’!

Warehouse 13 S4x05 Judy Myka axe

Warehouse 13 S4x05 Pete going down

Warehouse 13 S4x05 Myka japs JudyJudy runs over and feels for a pulse on Pete and he grabs the key chain and jumps up! Just then Myka flipped the weapon from the ground and hit Judy with a laser charge. Myka is having problems, she needs to pee again! Pete bags the artifact and saves the day! And just as quickly, Myka’s baby bump disappears!

She and Pete are dancing around, celebrating; she’s shaking her hips and feeling awesome again! Then they hear Mike screaming from inside the cabin, they better go check on him. He is going to be feeling all the pain from all the bone breaks he has ever had.

Warehouse 13 S4x05 Myka bump gone

Myka and Pete took Mike to the hospital. Myka says that only her romantic comedy would turn into a Steven King movie, Pete does remind her that they had a great twist at the end though! Then Myka realizes that Pete must have faked not being able to breathe. Pete says well maybe the artifact only works if you love the person you’re doing the wishing about.

Then he slips up and says like when I wished you….. And Myka is horrified. Pete is the one that wished her pregnant! Pete loves her, but he says he also loves fajitas, and cage-fighting. Hey, friends can care and love each other, its okay guys! They get all serious and Pete tells Myka that when it happens for real, he thinks she will make a pretty good mom!

Warehouse 13 S4x05 Myka Pete Friends

The closing scene is Ms. Frederic taking Claudia to meet someone really special. It’s her grandson. The thing about having Ms. Frederic’s position with the Warehouse, it seems to stop the aging process. Guess who is replacing Ms. Frederic…….

Warehouse 13 S4x05 Ms Frederic grandson

Warehouse 13 S4x05 grandson

While Myka was saying bye to Mike, it seems Pete has been having his own little moment. We catch him dreamily staring at a newborn baby in its father’s arms.

I am going to leave you guys with this final picture.

Warehouse 13 S4x05 Pete baby dreams

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  • avatar WR_Systems says:

    Hey Holly,

    Just about to head off for conf calls and other business and wanted to thank you for a wonderful review on “No Pain, No Gain”. This was a super fun episode with Mike Dopud guests starring as “Mike” 😛

    Poor Myka getting pregnant. Reminds us all that one kiss can lead to a baby bump!

    Thanks again.

    Best Regards,


  • avatar Carter says:

    I really liked this episode of Warehouse 13. It was a nice episode that kept the main story arc going but still filled in the time between big episodes. I have been watching Warehouse 13 since season 1 and I always recommend it to all of my friends and coworkers at Dish. This is probably the best season so far, and what I’ve decided to do is record every episode of the season on my Hopper to re-watch after the season is over, while still leaving plenty of room for the rest of my shows. I am so excited for the potential of this season; it has been absolutely incredible so far!

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