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Welcome Warehouse 13 Fans! 

Get ready for a rough ride; our friends at the warehouse are in search of another artifact tonight that might just cause a ‘Fracture’ within the troops! 

Grab your popcorn and soda because here we go!

Our friends return on Monday, September 10! In the meantime, please enjoy a peek at Warehouse 13’s next episode ‘Endless Wonder’ provided courtesy of Syfy!

Warehouse 13 – Fractures:

Warehouse 13 S4x06 In the WH

We join the team as they are seeing Artie (Saul Rubinek) off for a surprise visit to see Vanessa (Lindsay Wagner).   He is thinking about asking her for a more graphically convenient relationship.  Pete (Eddie McClintock), Myka (Joanne Kelly), Claudia (Allison Scagliotti) and Steve (Aaron Ashmore) are sending him off and Artie wants to make sure they call him if ANYTHING at all comes up! 

Pete assures him that ‘Hey, We old pro’s here’!  That is reassuring Pete!  What could possibly go wrong?  Okay, I can think of about 100 things, but nevertheless Artie looks awesome in his new jacket and for now, all is calm at the warehouse!

Warehouse 13 S4x06 Arti new jacket

Warehouse 13 S4x06 Priest St Marys

We are dropped into St. Mary’s Thrift Shop in Rapid City, South Dakota.  As a girl named Kristen (Melanie Scrofano) is helping a priest (Richard Waugh) fold some donated clothing. 

Then she remembers that Ms. Thompson is in need of some pieces of furniture for a bedroom set, the Priest sends her to the back to check on a donated mirror that just came in.  They seem like such nice people.  Do not know about you, but I am thinking we are here for a reason…..Dum….Dum….Dum……

Warehouse 13 S4x06 Kristen Mirror
Kristen goes to the back of the store; she locates the mirror, yea!  She pulls the packing paper off and the mirror is huge and beautiful!  Ms. Thompson should love it!  There seems to be a lamp hanging off the mirror that says ‘Click Me’ on a tag, well that is weird.  Of course, Kristen follows the directions and clicks the light on.  Maybe should have gotten a second opinion on that!

Warehouse 13 S4x06 Click Me

Warehouse 13 S4x06 Clicked Picture
When Kristen clicks the light on, we see a reflection in the mirror that is not Kristen.  Yeah, there is a freaky little girl standing in the Frakkin Mirror!  Poor Kristen!  Kristen hears disembodied laughter coming from all around her and a creepy voice calling for help! 

When she turns back to the mirror, guess whose reflection she sees instead of hers?  Yes, yes, it is the freaky little girl!  Standing there twirling her hair around her finger!  Then the freaky little girl in the mirror holds our her hand and Kristen holds out her hand and pulls the freaky little girl right into her body!  Hello!

Warehouse 13 S4x06 Freaky girl jump to Kristen

Warehouse 13 S4x06 Kristen and the Priest

The Priest hears the commotion in the back and rushes to see if Kristen is okay.  Well little demur Kristen is acting a bit strange.  She comes out of the back twirling her hair and acting as if, well like, she wants to seduce the Priest! 

She lays a big kiss on him, grabs his, well down there, and then knocks him out with a candlestick.  Then skips off to the back of the store.  What is going on? Moreover, what the what just jumped into Kristen?

Warehouse 13 S4x06 Kristen knocks Priest out

Now we are with Artie and Vanessa, they were eating or fixing to order food.  Artie notices that their server is standing by the table and has a very large knife in her hand!  Then she just seems to go a little ‘crazy train’ and starts knocking waiters out and throwing trays of food around.  Artie grabs Vanessa and out the door, they go!   What is happening?  Who was that?

Warehouse 13 S4x06 crazy waitress

Artie called Pete and Myka.  They show up at the restaurant to help.  Pete says something about this has Alice written all over it, okay who is Alice?  Oh, Alice in the looking glass.  Okay, I might be a little slow, but once on the job, I catch on quick! 

Turns out the server has the Alice (Niamh Wilson) spirit in her, the creepy little mirror girl jumped from Kristen to her at some point.  Vanessa suggests that whoever this little girl is not really looking for something as much as someone!  Then Artie realizes what has happened, this mirror girl is Alice and she is hunting HIM!

Warehouse 13 S4x06 Arti Alice hunting

Back at Warehouse 13, Steve, Claudia and Leena are looking at a mess.  Yeah, it looks like someone is behind on the inventory!  Claudia is saying how she did think she would get to it sometime before her 40th birthday!  So cute is she!  Have to love that Claudia!  Leena (Genella Williams) has a file for Claudia and Steve with drawings in it.  Maybe this will help lead to whatever artifact is missing from the warehouse!

Warehouse 13 S4x06 WH13 Mess

Turns out, they are trying to help Artie, Vanessa, Pete and Myka.  Therefore, I guess Claudia gets to put off the inventory for a while!  Claudia takes the file and is explaining to Steve and Leena that warehouse agents from the past drew the pictures in this file and that each represents a certain artifact that does a certain thing. 

They seem to be looking for an ancient Hookah that can draw a person’s spirit into it.  Creepyville at the warehouse!  Now if only they can find it in time to help Artie!  Leena takes an isle over while Claudia and Steve begin with the huge inventory stack.  Then Claudia spies what seems to be a Hookah pipe of some sort, way, way at the very top of the stack!

Warehouse 13 S4x06 Hookah pipe

While climbing up the stack of crates to reach the Hookah pipe, Claudia seems to have knocked another artifact off the stack, a spear.  When it hits the ground, it transferred a jolt to Steve then it seems that that same jolt transferred back to Claudia who is still balancing on the stack of crates. 

Leena saw the jolt, jumping back and forth between them.  Claudia seems fine.  Leena mentions to Steve that she has seen this happen before and it did not end well.  This is probably not good, but Claudia did find the Hookah pipe!  Leena tells Steve to be careful!

Warehouse 13 S4x06 Steve Jolt

Okay, we are back with Artie, Vanessa, Pete and Myka at the scene of the restaurant uprising!  Artie says that Claudia and Steve are on the way with the Hookah pipe, somehow this pipe can pull the Alice spirit into it and save the day.  First, they have to find whomever Alice has jumped into!  Pete remembers that Myka has some kind of mirror sunglasses that allows the wearer to see spirits!  Myka pulls them out, puts them on. Then she and Pete start hunting Alice!

Warehouse 13 S4x06 Myka hunt Alice

Myka and Pete find a couple of bystanders that do have Alice in them, but as soon as they get close, Alice jumps out and into someone else!  They must keep her from getting to Artie!  Claudia and Steve arrive and Artie devises a plan to catch Alice!  They are going to put Artie in the middle of a lobby and with him surrounded by warehouse agents holding mirrors, they will force Alice into the Hookah! 

Everyone spreads out, hiding behind plants, stationed at the front and back entrances.  Then Artie wants Vanessa to get as far from the area as possible.  Vanessa assures him she is going nowhere!  She convinces Artie that he needs her eyes, he hands over another mirror, and they all get into place.  Time for a little Alice catching!

Warehouse 13 S4x06 Vanessa Artie

Warehouse 13 S4x06 Alice grabs VanessaSeems everyone has the lobby under control.  His team safely surrounds Artie from all side and even above.  Then Steve notices a patron has fallen to the floor and rushes to see what happened. 

What happened was Alice jumped from that person into someone else, but who?  Just then, Vanessa is heard calling for help!  A bellhop is holding her by the neck with a sharp piece of mirror at her throat!  He pulls her into an elevator as Artie, Claudia, Steve, Pete and Steve watch helplessly!  The doors slide shut and they are gone!

Artie realizes that it was not really him that Alice wanted, it was Vanessa!  They all take the stairs with Pete reaching the room first.  He pulls his laser and pops the bellhop who releases Vanessa and falls to the floor.  Artie reaches Vanessa who says that Alice did point the mirror at her but she feels fine.  Whew!  That was a close one!

Warehouse 13 S4x06 Pete zaps Alice

As Claudia is getting the Hookah ready to load Alice into it, Myka realizes that Alice is no longer in the bellhop.  As they are all wondering where Alice is, they turn to see Vanessa holding the mirror shard at Artie throat!  This Alice jumps quicker than a flea in a circus!  We might need a bigger net people!

Warehouse 13 S4x06 Vanessa mirror Artie

Warehouse 13 S4x06 Alice in mirror Artie
Alice is holding the mirror shard to Artie’s throat and speaking of all the horrible things she will do to Vanessa once Artie is gone!  Pete, Myka, Steve and Claudia run in and surround them. 

Claudia blows smoke from the Hookah and as the smoke covers Artie and Alice, Pete gets choked up from the smoke and takes his eyes off Alice for a mere second.  Just as quickly, Alice flashes the mirror shard at Claudia and makes the jump into Claudia!

Warehouse 13 S4x06 Alice jumps Claudia

Warehouse 13 S4x06 Dark Claudia

Claudia turns on Pete and takes him down with the Hookah, down he goes!  This sends a shockwave through the whole room and knocks everyone back a bit!  Claudia throws down the Hookah and grabs the mirror shard. 

Claudia then says ‘To Hell with the Bloody Plan’, takes the mirror shard and makes a run for Artie!  Artie is again flashing back to his nightmare of dark Claudia and with Pete and Myka screaming No! Steve steps in front of Artie and Claudia sticks the mirror shard into Steve’s shoulder!

Warehouse 13 S4x06 Mirror in Steve

Claudia reels backwards, feeling the pain in HER shoulder.  Remember, she feels every pain that Steve feels!  Steve quickly rebounds with the mirror shard and his laser gun, Myka grabs Claudia, well Alice and Steve says ‘Get out of my friend you bitch’! He is holding the mirror shard up to Claudia’s eyes with his laser pointed at it as Alice spirit is forced back into the mirror!

Warehouse 13 S4x06 Steve Force Alice

Then just as Steve is throwing the mirror shard with Alice in it into the protective warehouse bag, Alice tries to make a jump into Myka!  Leaping Lizards!  Steve blasts the bag with his laser and stops Alice; the mirror shard with Alice is safely in the bag!

Warehouse 13 S4x06 Alice jumps Myka

They caught Alice!  Claudia has a sore shoulder; Steve needs to be patched up a bit, while Pete and Myka are headed home.  Artie decides that he should leave too.  He is telling Vanessa that it was a mistake to think that his and her relationship could be anything other than platonic, she is arguing with him saying that anyone connected to the warehouse is constantly in danger.  Vanessa says that them being apart will not keep her any safer than being together. 

Artie is not compromising at all; he is determined and tells Vanessa that it is over.  Vanessa tells him that when he realizes that cutting himself off from the people that love was a bad idea, that he should call her!  On that note, Artie walks away as Vanessa turns and says she is not going anywhere!

Warehouse 13 S4x06 Artie Vanessa Goodbye

Warehouse 13 S4x06 Steve Claudia Talk

Steve and Claudia are finally discussing her phantom pains.  Steve is worried that should he be mortally wounded, Claudia would join him.  We know that would not be good.  It seems if he stops taking the Metronome the phantom pains could stop, but he could also expire. 

Claudia says that since she now knows what is causing the pains that they can figure out a solution together!  Therefore, for now at least, things will remain the same.  They are a team, she saved him and my hopes are that he is going to save her right back!

Myka and Pete are discussing Artie and how he seems a little more quite than usual since they have returned.  Turns out Claudia has been doing a little research, trying to see how the mirror was removed from the warehouse in the first place. 

It turns out someone from Artie’s past is sneaking into the warehouse and removing artifacts.  Nothing is showing up on the security feeds but Pete has this spidey sense and it has been kicking up videos lately. 

We see Artie, in a locked room of the warehouse, checking on a certain artifact to make sure it is safe.  He is screaming to the walls of the room!  He says that whoever is doing this is trying to take all he loves from him and that they will not succeed.  He promises that he will find them and stop them!  Artie leaves the room and we are shown what he cannot see.

Warehouse 13 S4x06 Artie Artifact safe

Warehouse 13 S4x06 Hidden Danger Leena

So, it seems Leena was hiding in the room.  Myself, I am not jumping to conclusions.  We are all going to have to let this play out to see what is really happening here at Warehouse 13! Until next time, keep your warehouse in order and know what might be missing from your inventory on Warehouse 13!

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