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Episode 7, Endless Wonder, delivers! Evil must be destroyed and all must help save the world by restoring our beloved Warehouse 13!

Myka (Joanne Kelly) and Pete (Eddie McClintock) begin the episode as they talk to a man who is getting taller. Pete, of course, is up to his usual antics – touching everything in the room. There is method to his madness. One of the articles could be an artifact. Since ordinary people have no idea why Pete likes to fondle, I am sure it looks like Myka is the real agent, and Pete is her adorable but mentally challenged friend.

Warehouse 13 S4X07 Pete and Myka
Anyway, Myka and Pete take a moment to commiserate that Artie may have sent them on a wild goose chase to get them out of the warehouse. Pete is sure, however, that Steve (Aaron Ashmore) and Claudia (Allison Scagliotti) will get to the bottom of Artie’s (Saul Rubinek) extremely odd behaviour of late. When they realise that the victim du jour is telling the truth, they contact Artie.

Warehouse 13 S4X07 Artie and wires
Artie is working on some wires, which turn out to be part of the surveillance system for the warehouse. As warehouse fans will remember, someone has been breaking in and leaving black diamonds in place of artifacts they have taken. Knowing that Steve and Claudia are on the case, Myka and Pete concentrate on their mission. They are off to find a connection to all of the people on their list who are getting taller.

Warehouse 13 S4X07 Claudia and Steve 1
While Artie is engrossed on his wires, Steve and Claudia appear behind him, full of questions. You really have to feel sorry for Artie. He is trying to keep a secret, all the while, he is surrounded by people who are not only naturally nosey, but whose job it is to ferret out the truth. Their bottom line to Artie is, “stop trying to do it alone and let us help.” Unfortunately, that is the one thing Artie cannot do.

Warehouse 13 S4X07 CEO and Deb
Myka and Pete have their first lead. A lawyer who is getting taller is using a heart burn medication that also was used by at least one of the other victims. While they check out this possible lead, we are introduced to a pharmaceutical executive who reports to the CEO about some odd reports from doctors in South Bend, Indiana. The CEO (Steven Eckholdt) is not particularly interested until Ms. Staley (Danielle Nicolet) points out that men want to be taller, “it’s up there with good in bed and more hair”. Brightening visibly, he sends her off to Indiana to investigate further.

Warehouse 13 S4X07 Meet Deb
The two intrepid investigators end up back where they started, with the hypochondriac. When he does not answer the door, Pete breaks it in. They discover that the victim is in great pain as his body forces him to get taller. Once in the hospital, Pete and Myka discover that there are four other Warehouse 13 S4X07 Arties numbervictims who have been brought in with the same condition. Now the link is a gastroenterologist who has prescribed the heartburn medication. When they arrive at the doctor’s office, they encounter our pharmaceutical executive, Deb, who is none too pleased that these two people have walked into the office demanding special attention. As things progress, she cleverly manages to get Myka and Pete to agree to work with her.
Meanwhile, Claudia has pieced together the history of the black diamond that she and Steve found in an earlier episode. She knows that it is a secret society from France. Artie shares that they are the last offshoot of the Knights Templar, but more than that, Brother Adrian (Brent Spiner) has a personal grudge against Artie. He has been taking the artifacts that Artie retrieved in his earlier career. No one knows how he has been getting into the Warehouse. All Artie has to go on is a number. Claudia takes the paper with the number from Artie, telling him she will figure it out.

Warehouse 13 S4X07 Pete and Deb in bed
Next up, Pete gets some. As Myka investigates her leads, Pete and Deb get to know each other a bit better, bantering back and forth about their backgrounds, which culminates, of course, in Pete and Deb in bed in Pete’s hotel room. They are jolted awake by Myka knocking on the door. Deb dashes into the bathroom and Pete opens the door. Myka has information about the last spike for the transcontinental railroad being an artifact that will work to stop people from growing. As she speaks, Myka realizes that Pete slept with Deb. She not only tells Pete that the last victim never took the heartburn medication, so the pills have nothing to do with the situation, but she also asks him, “why are you such a slut?” Deb is in the bathroom, eavesdropping.

Warehouse 13 S4X07 Pete distracts emt
Later, Pete and Myka arrive at an apartment building where a man, clearly in pain, is struggling to get to an ambulance. Pete distracts the medical personnel and Myka has the casualty hold onto the spike. Crisis averted. Naturally, Deb has been watching everything that Myka and Pete have been up to.

Warehouse 13 S4X07 Myka and Pete with spike
Their next stop is a hospital, where, again, they place the spike in the hands of a victim, returning the victim to normal. Deb, again, is not far away. She contacts her boss and informs him of their behaviour and how the objects that they are chasing could have huge advantages for the pharmaceutical company. The CEO is pleased. He tells her to keep digging. As she hangs up, the fiancée of the man treated at the apartment arrives. Deb goes after her to learn more.

Warehouse 13 S4X07 Artie discovers missing thimble
Artie and Steve have gotten the Artifact Removal Detection System back on line. Apparently, another artifact is missing – Harriett Tubman’s Thimble – that allows whoever wears it to look like anyone they want. I sure could use that little device. The possibilities are endless.

Warehouse 13 S4X07 Jinx finds phone
Claudia has discovered a location to the number she received from Artie. All three agents arrive at a condemned building where Brother Adrian is supposed to be hiding. Claudia uses her cell phone to attempt to reach Brother Adrian. The phone rings inside a desk right next to them. I realize these conveniences move the story along faster, but how realistic is it that Jinx would be standing right next to the location of Adrian’s phone?
The ringing phone attracts the attention of Brother Adrian. And the chase is on. Steve informs Artie they are after the “perp” as they run after him. They lose him, but not before Claudia gets a good look at the artifact that Adrian is carrying. She describes it to Artie.

Warehouse 13 S4X07 Cleaned out class
Back at the hospital, Myka and Pete observe the height liberated patients as Myka tries to determine what it is they are still missing. As they talk, Myka realizes that the victims all had a spike in heartburn at the same time. Wow, whatever they all ate, obviously was not very good for them. It turns out that they attended a cooking class taught by the fifth victim, who collects antique cooking tools. Myka and Pete are on a roll. They arrive at the cooking school only to discover that the place has been cleaned out. Deb beat them to it. She informs her boss that everything has been sent to R&D for examination.

Warehouse 13 S4X07 Plank artifact
Leena (Genelle Williams) makes her first appearance of the episode with a quick briefing to Artie about the properties of the artifact that Brother Adrian is protecting, “when placed at the base of anything, it creates an opening”. Artie tells her to keep digging. There is a knock on the door. Deb is standing on the threshold with questions.

Warehouse 13 S4X07 Pete arrives home to Deb
Myka and Pete discover that Moorepark Pharmaceuticals bought the entire cooking school, and shipped everything to their R&D department. Yeah, I know, I just said that. Anyway, Leena phones to tell them that Deb is visiting. So, Pete is on his way back home to clean up his mess, Warehouse 13 S4X07 Deb watchesalthough, it must be said that he is getting a really good vibe from Deb, and Myka is headed to Minneapolis to get the artifact; some kind of cooking utensil.
Deb is at the B&B waiting for Pete as he walks in. He continues to pursue the notion that he has, “rocked her world”, and that she is stalking him as a result of a one night stand. She, on the other hand, has all kinds of evidence of weird happenings that have crossed her radar that she wants to know what is really going on. So, to Deb, you are not all that, Mr. Latimer. Get over yourself.

Warehouse 13 S4X07 Artie and Artie
Brother Adrian has made himself look like Artie. He has taken shots at Claudia and Steve as they look for the plank in the cellar, but is now headed back upstairs to find Artie. Claudia and Steve now look for the plank.

Warehouse 13 S4X07 Bro Adrian returns to normal
Brother Adrian returns to normal. He and Artie face off against one another. Artie demands to know what the evil is that will be unleashed so that he can fix it. Adrian promises to continue breaking into the warehouse and taking things, even if Claudia and Steve find the blank and take it from him. It looks like these men are equal to one another, yet on opposite sides. Neither one is willing to come to some sort of agreement. Will Artie have to kill Adrian? If he does, what will happen? Artie explains, “if I were to restore the other time line, you’d be dead”. Adrian agrees, but admits that if that is the natural order of things, then he would accept that.

Warehouse 13 S4X07 Enter Kosan
Deb continues to press Pete for explanations. Pete continues to deny that there is anything to explain. That is when the conversation is interrupted. Enter Adwin Kosan (Faran Tahir), a Regent. He asks Pete what his vibes tell him about Deb. Pete again states that Deb is a good person and that she is smart. Kosan replies that maybe they should consider another option. Pete gets to tell Deb, “welcome to Warehouse 13”.

Warehouse 13 S4X07 Myka and bowl
In Minneapolis, Myka comes across a lab technician writhing on the floor in pain. She demands of his coworkers to know what he has touched most recently. These are the items that Deb had shipped back to R&D to look over. Fortunately for them, Myka discovers an old bowl with Greek writing on the bottom. She determines from it that there is a connection to Rhodes and the Colossus. She quickly puts it into one of the bags with the neutralizer thereby making it harmless.

Warehouse 13 S4X07 Pete and Deb in warehouse
Most of us would want to be in Deb’s position right now. She is touring the warehouse with Pete. As is her nature, she sees everything as a possible way to make the world better, to cure diseases and solve world hunger. Pete explains that all of the stuff is stored away because it all has a down side, “this can’t be controlled”.

Warehouse 13 S4X07 Rain coat
There is a reason behind Deb’s obsessive need to see the artifacts used for good. We discover that her father had Parkinson’s disease, “he was a brilliant man and his body betrayed him”. Pete listens thoughtfully. He tells her, “I have something I want to show you.” Pete takes Deb to a butchers knife. He tells her, “this artifact would have cured your dad. But to use it, you have to give the disease to someone else.” Then he points to another artifact, “this raincoat boosts your immunity to the point that nothing can hurt you, but it turns you into a serial killer. There are things here that could wipe out a country or start a famine. How do we tell the world about some of it, and keep the rest of it a secret?”

Warehouse 13 S4X07 Booby trap
Claudia and Steve discover the location of the plank, but to get to it, they have to remove a grouping of piled up chairs. Again, I have to wonder how did Adrian manage to set up the position of the plank and then get back to one of the upper floors to chat with Artie so quickly. Certainly, he could have used the plank to walk through a wall, but then, how does he get out again after he has set the plank up in a corner behind the gauntlet of chairs? He also had time, apparently, to set up a booby trap. Adrian tells Artie that he will never stop taking away every good deed and isolating him from the people he loves. Artie realizes that Claudia and Steve are in danger. As he tries to contact them, there is an explosion.

Warehouse 13 S4X07 Claudia and Steve 2
Letting Adrian escape, Artie rushes down to the cellar to look for Claudia and Steve. He fears the worst. There is rubble everywhere. That is when Claudia approaches from behind and tells him, “Relax Obi-wan, we’re safe.” In fact, Artie’s warning alerted them to the trip wire, and they tripped it on purpose. Jinx retrieves the plank and all is well for everyone.

Warehouse 13 S4X07 Storage space six
Well, except for one. The Pharmaceutical CEO and the Senator, who is missing two very important votes, by the way, walk along a corridor that looks remarkably like the tube that joins the warehouse to the outside world. As they enter, they are welcomed to, “Storage space six”. Oops.

Warehouse 13 S4X07 Deb and Kosan at warehouse
Now that Deb has no job, she seems very unconcerned about it. The words from her father’s oath, “first do no harm”, have rung true for her. She Warehouse 13 S4X07 Deb laughsfeels that the least harm she can do is to keep the Warehouse secret. Regent Kosan enters again and asks Pete for a moment with Deb. Pete heads to Artie’s office. Kosan, smart Regent that he is, offers Deb a position with the Warehouse organization. She agrees immediately.

As Kosan leaves and walks back into Artie’s office, he states, “Put that down”, to a small crash. Pete is misbehaving again. Deb laughs; things have worked out for her.
Back at the B&B Artie tells Claudia and Steve thanks for the help, but they are not going to learn anything more about what he is dealing with. “You are done, understood?”

Claudia seems far too willing to agree that they will not learn more. Steve and Claudia walk out of the room together. They are not done.

Warehouse 13 S4X07 Artie and H.G
Enter H.G Wells (Jaime Murray)through the garden doors. She tells Artie that she assumes he wanted to speak privately, which he does. He asks her about a knife. She has leads. Then she goes on the offensive. Artie has left evidence that he has been involved in time travel. “You knew things that the rest of us couldn’t,” she tells him, “you’ve been ahead in time and back again.”

Artie seems stunned. He tells her she can not tell anyone. Her answer, “I already have. I shared my suspicions with Mrs. Fredrick (CCH Pounder). Artie, I don’t know why you’ve kept this a secret, but I believe you’ve used Magellan’s Astrolabe”.

Artie’s burden has got to be great, not being able to tell his friends what he knows about the other time line. I am very much looking forward to see how the writers resolve this problem for Artie. I do hope they do not use an easy out after all the build-up they have given this season.

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ArcticGoddess1 (Patricia)


  • avatar WR_Systems says:

    Hi Patricia,

    Quality review and analysis as always! Such an intriguing episode with Ms. Nicolet being added to the cast (apparently). Should make for an interesting lead up to the end of the season!

    Thanks for your review!

    Best Regards,


  • avatar Cheryl says:

    I just found your site last night, so I’m still exploring, but so far I am blown away the jaw-dropping creativity put into this. If only all sites looked half this good. You’re very skilled at this. (Claudia, is that you? 🙂 ) OK, enough with the fangirl stuff….

    Question about this episode: Did you notice on the bumper (or whatever it’s called) before the commercial break right after they introduced Deb’s character, that she was shown in a bronzed chamber? Red herring?

  • avatar WR_Systems says:

    Hi Cheryl,

    Thanks for the nice comment. Yes I did notice the bronzed scene, “Red Herring” indeed! This exciting development was not followed up on… Yet! This part of the story arc will certainly be interesting as Warehouse 13 continues!

    Best Regards,


  • Cheryl:

    Thanks so much for the kind thoughts. Kenn Weeks, our Managing Editor, is the visionary behind this web site. He is the one who deserves all the credit for the way we do things at WHR. We are very fortunate to have him.

    Arctic Goddess

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