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On this week’s episode, the artifact is not just hard to find, neutralizing it could kill someone. The series also moves two agents lives forward on Warehouse 13!

This weeks exciting episode was written by Diego Gutierrez with another wonderful music score by Edward Rogers in an episode directed by Constantine Makris.

Here we go with another weird occurrence somewhere in America. This time, people are rusting, inside and out. Artie (Saul Rubinek) sends Pete (Eddie McClintock) and Myka (Joanne Kelly) off to figure out what is going on. Just as Artie sends the two partners out the door, in walk Claudia (Allison Scagliotti) and Steve (Aaron Ashmore). They want to know what Brother Adrian (Brent Spiner) is after.

Before continuing my review, courtesy of Syfy, we include the next on and sneak peek of “The Ones You Love” airing Monday September 24, 2012 featuring special guest star Jeri Ryan!

Warehouse 13 S4x08 Second Chance Artie reads

Second Chance:

Instead of answering that question, Artie skillfully changes the subject to the metronome and Claudia and Steve’s need to get detached from it. He pulls it out of a drawer in a desk, nicely nestled inside an old wooden box, and tells them that it used to belong to a composer named Robert Schumann who eventually went mad on this particular artifact.

Good news for Claudia and Jinxy? – Not! However, as Artie continues, Schumann got free of the metronome. How, we all ask. Artie reads, “To live free of this heart one first must find one’s own and make a pure start from whence one comes”.

Warehouse 13 S4x08 - Artie explains to Mrs Fredericks
Artie tells Claudia and Steve to go solve the riddle. Just as he sits down at his desk to try to solve his own problem; Brother Adrian, he gets interrupted, yet again. This time it is Mrs. Fredrick (CCH Pounder), followed by H.G Wells (Jaime Murray) and Leena (Genelle Williams). Mrs. Fredrick demands to know why Artie took such a risk as to turn back time.

Artie explains that he had no choice. If he had not, the Warehouse would be gone, Mrs. Fredrick and H.G would be dead, Pandora’s box and Hope would all be gone. Then he asks sincerely, “Did I do wrong?” “No,” agrees Mrs. Fredrick, “but what are the repercussions?” Again, we hear from Artie that he would be creating an evil.

Pete and Myka interview the first rusting victim as he is in hospital. They find out that the owner of the steel mill has a bad reputation with his workers.

Meanwhile, Jinx and Claudia arrive at his mother’s home in New Jersey. Emma Jinx (Laura Innes) is thrilled to see him. Steve, not so much.

Warehouse 13 S4X08 Myka meets the Union Rep
At the Steel Mill, everyone is on strike as Pete and Myka drop by. At that moment, the owner also decides to show up. We know this is not going to go well. The cops assist the boss to get into the mill, Myka listens to the union rep, Sam Garritty, and Pete gets a call from the hospital. The first victim is in a bad way. Things get worse, of course, as they witness yet another worker fall ill.

Warehouse 13 S4X08 Fredricks explains
Artie stalls as he listens to Pete’s description of the symptoms of the latest casualty. He is still being interrogated by Mrs. Fredrick and H.G. The important information given to us out of the earlier exchange is that, Hank Siskel the owner of the mill changed his name from Hank Blaloc in Warehouse 13 S4X08 Mrs. Fredrick2001.

As Artie continues to explain to Mrs. Fredrick, H.G and Leena, he admits that he has had a vision that Claudia will be the source of the evil that he describes. In his vision, she comes at him with a dagger and stabs him with it, the same dagger that he had asked H.G to find. Mrs. Fredrick tells Artie that if it were Claudia, she would know. The evil is more than likely the man who has been making Artie’s life hell for the past while, Brother Adrian.

Steve’s mom pours tea for everyone. At that moment, as Claudia makes an observation, she notices how much Claudia sounds like her deceased daughter; the same observation that Steve made in an earlier episode.

Mrs. Jinx attempts to have a pleasant conversation with her son and Claudia, but Steve does not make it easy. She asks to visit him, he tells her she cannot. Steve is being so closed off, it has to be very frustrating for his mother. Why is he acting this way?
H.G tells Artie that it is obvious that Brother Adrian wants Artie isolated and feeling guilty. Artie is confused, however. If Brother Adrian is the evil, why is he having visions about Claudia. Mrs. Fredrick explains that it is easy to implant a subconscious thought. In other words, Artie has been manipulated.

Warehouse 13 S4X08 Myka distracts Siskel
Back at the plant (I have wanted to find an excuse to write that for a while),’er mill, Myka distracts the nasty owner while Pete rummages in his office. It is obvious as they chat that neither Myka nor Pete are sympathetic to his argument that he is not the bad guy. Pete is finding nothing as Myla gives the mill owner a hard time.

Although they are as thorough as they can be, it ends up being for naught. Pete gets a phone call that there is another rusting victim, someone who has never been to the mill.

Warehouse 13 S4X08 Steve and Claudia
The time is at hand. Now that Steve is from whence he came, Claudia explains how she assumes things are supposed to work out to break free of Warehouse 13 S4X08 Tully'sthe metronome. Unfortunately, she does not quite get it right, and when they stop the metronome from its constant beat, both of them nearly die.

The situation has not improved for Myka and Pete. They are still grasping at straws as they attempt to determine where the illness is coming from. The next victim seems to have no connection until Myka notices that she has a Tully’s gym bag. The gym is the connection.

At the gym, Pete asks the usual questions which seem to aggravate the guys from the mill who are at the gym working out. Sam Garrity appears to be the ring leader. Pete’s thought is to talk to the guys, one on one. How? Why, in the ring, of course, with Pete getting knocked around as he questions his opponents.

Warehouse 13 S4X08 Claudia and mrs jinx
Claudia and Mrs. Jinx chat about why Steve is so angry. It turns out that Steve’s sister was killed in a robbery gone wrong. Where Mrs. Jinx did not see a reason for the murderer’s family to lose their son to the death penalty, Steve only wanted revenge. As Mrs. Jinx looks at the poem that Claudia and Steve were working from, she tells Claudia that the birth of her children was the most pure moment of love she had for her children.

We return to the gym where Garrity is cheering on his boy at the fights while Pete accuses him of having a motive to get even with Siskel. When Garrity begins coughing up rust, they realize that it is not him. Their next lead is the fighter, Cody Bell’s father.

Warehouse 13 S4X08 Arm armor
As Pete gets Garrity to an ambulance, Myka discovers something new. She has taken a photo with her cell phone and finds, Cody (Pooch Hall) has some sort of image around his arm that cannot be explained.

Warehouse 13 S4X08 Steves nonforgiveness
Claudia finds Steve in his sister’s old bedroom. Claudia jokes that in a parallel universe, she could see the bedroom being hers. Then she attempts to explain what she thinks might be a solution, only to have it rebuffed by Steve. She asks him, “why are you so angry?” Because,“he killed my sister”, Steve states. He is still working on the forgiveness thing.

Warehouse 13 S4X08 Steve upset
Enter Mrs. Jinx who attempts to explain things from her point of view, but Steve still doesn’t get it, “I want to let go, but I don’t know how.” Claudia’s words are as much as she knows how to offer, “Do what your mom does, think about Olivia”.

Warehouse 13 S4X08 super arm
The next interview for Myka and Pete is Cody’s father. He tells them that Cody was not only on the gantry that collapsed, but he saved his father’s life. “I’m 220 pounds and he pulled me up with one arm.” Cody’s dad explains that his son saved the lives of two other marines in Bagdad after an explosion at the National museum.

Warehouse 13 S4X08 Pete and Myka putting it together
The museum was housing items from the Greeks at a time when they were at war with the Spartans. Artie tells them that it was Spartan armor that was said to be “imbued with their strength and defiance”. Myka puts the rest of it together. Cody was struck by shrapnel at the explosion of the museum. He doesn’t have an artifact, it is inside him. Cody comes up behind them and overhears that he is to blame for making everyone sick. He runs off.

Warehouse 13 S4X08 Jinxs claudia
Steve apologizes to his mother. He tells her that if he let go of his anger, it would be like letting his sister go. He hugs his mother. Claudia steps over to hug too, but touches the metronome by accident. All of them connected to it seem to make it work the way it is supposed to, except this time, it is mom who cannot breathe and seems to be dying.

Steve panics. He does not know what to do. Frustrated, he throws the metronome at the brick fire place destroying it. That seems to break the spell. Mom is okay. His act of pure love.

Warehouse 13 S4X08 Inject
Meanwhile, Cody is leaving a trail of destruction at the steel mill. Myka and Pete catch up to him as he is roughing up the bad guy mill owner, Siskel. Cody is about to punch Siskel in the face, when Pete gets in the way and gets hit. He gets the disease. That was fast. Myka stops the fleeing Siskel and accuses him of cutting corners under two different names. Cody continues his rage against Siskel, beating on Pete so he can get after Siskel.

It turns out that Siskel had rigged the gantry for the insurance money, but he did not want anyone to get hurt. With the admission, Myka runs to Pete who is now seriously ill. To save Pete’s life, Myka realizes that she has to get the purple neutralizer onto the shrapnel, which means, she has to inject it into Cody. Success, Myka manages to get the neutralizer into Cody. And, as Pete says, “now that’s a purple heart”.

Warehouse 13 S4X08 Astrolabe
At the Warehouse, Mrs. Fredrick retrieves the astrolabe with Leena and H.G from Arties hiding spot. She tells H.G to disappear with the astrolabe and trust no one.

I am not sure I feel satisfied with the way Mrs. Fredrick deals with the evil that Artie faced. It was built up to be a great concern, then explained away easily as an idea that was put into Artie’s mind. Another curious situation is when Mrs. Fredrick tells H.G to trust no one. Could she be Brother Adrian using the thimble again? After all, they never retrieved that artifact from him.

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