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Wonderfully written by Nell Scovell and directed by Howard Deutch, a lot is happening in the warehouse with artifacts missing and Artie seems to be stressing about the inventory on a daily basis!  Here’s hoping that the mystery is solved and all returns to its proper place by the end of the night!

Before I get started, we have a sneak peek of the upcoming Episode “We All Fall Down” provided by Syfy.

The Ones You Love:

Warehouse 13 S4x09 - Artie sneaks around the warehouseOur show opens with Artie (Saul Rubinek) and his clipboard checking off artifacts and going isle by isle to make sure nothing else is missing. 

The scene jumps to Artie being confronted by Brother Adrian (Brent Spiner), who happens to be holding D.B. Coopers Rip Cord, and then he grabs Thomas Jeffries Boomerang, throws it down the isle in the warehouse, destroying things in its path and setting off the warehouse alarm. 

Myka (Joanne Kelly) and Pete (Eddie McClintock) come running from the other end of the warehouse and get to Artie just after Brother Adrian disappears. However, not before Brother Adrian whispers into Artie’s ear that he will destroy everyone that Artie cares about. (Where’s the segue when you need it)!


Warehouse 13 S4x09 Thomas Jeffries Boomerang
Warehouse 13 S4x09 Artie and Brother AdrianThe Boomerang almost takes off Pete’s head, but with a flick of the wrist, he catches it in his right hand!  Well tonight’s journey is already disturbing and full of questions. 

Why does Brother Adrian want to destroy everything Artie cares about? It seems Artie was right when he banished Vanessa (Lindsay Wagner) from his life.  I hope that she stays away long enough for this mess to be cleaned up!  Here we go, snag, bag and tag!


Warehouse 13 S4x09 Pete Artie Myka Claudia WH13
Artie gathers Pete, Myka, Leena (Genelle Williams) and Claudia (Allison Scagliotti) in the warehouse office and admits he is going to need everyone’s help on this one!  No more secrets.  Pete asks if Mrs. Frederic (CCH Pounder) is coming and Artie says no, that she is with Steve (Aaron Ashmore) on their own special assignment.

Warehouse 13 S4x09 In warehouse office


Warehouse 13 S4x09 3 hits the ones you loveIt seems Brother Adrian is hitting areas where the agents loved ones live in. Myka’s sister, Tracy (Amy Acker) lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado; Pete’s ex-wife Amanda Lattimer (Jeri Ryan) lives in Yuma, Arizona and the third hit, Menlo Park, California, well it turns out that Claudia’s brother Joshua Donovan (Tyler Hynes) is working on a super secret classified project there. 

Nobody knew where he was. This is not good!  Brother Adrian seems to be everywhere at once and the assumption is he is using an artifact, but which one or one‘s?  Artie is blaming himself.  Pete says ‘No’ that they can fix this!  Myka gets Claudia to check and see exactly what artifacts are missing and could have been sent to these locations. 

However, when Claudia runs the warehouse tracking system, it says none are missing!  Brother Adrian must have disabled the tracking system!  Now what are they going to do?!  Well it seems a few of us are going to be flying the friendly skies!  Get your bags!

Warehouse 13 S4x09 3 All Artifacts Accounted For

Pete takes off for Yuma, Arizona. Myka heads to Colorado Springs, Colorado to check on Tracy, who by the way is pregnant!  Claudia jumps up and receives permission from Artie to ‘Save her brother’! This leaves Artie and Leena at the warehouse to guard off any other intruder alert that might occur via Brother Adrian!  Artie pulls his chair up to the computer and in a determined voice says ‘We will find the good brother’! Oh my! What could happen next?

Warehouse 13 S4x09 3 Artie Leena Warehouse13


Warehouse 13 S4x09  Rome


Warehouse 13 S4x09 Steve and Mrs. FrederickWe join Ms. Frederick and Steve in Rome! They are in the library of the Vatican and searching for information about the Brotherhood of the Black Diamond.  It seems Brother Adrian is a member of this brotherhood and this is the only place in the world where information is stored regarding this order. 

Mrs. Frederick tells Steve that if there is any trouble, she is relying on his ATF training to save them!  Steve reminds her that his weapon was confiscated upon arrival but yes, let us not forget who we are with!  Mrs. Frederick promptly supplies Steve with a tiny little artifact looking gun, and is informed that Claudia made it for him!

Warehouse 13 S4x09 Weapon from Claudia

Myka has landed in Colorado Springs at her sister Tracy’s house and it is a surprise to Tracy!  When they hug, Sister Tracy’s eyes are emitting a nice ward glow and she sets off a charge!  Tracy notices nothing, but on the receiving end, Myka gets a jolt!

Warehouse 13 S4x09 Tracy Glowing Eyes

Yep, Tracy is having a bit of a double personality problem, she does not realize it, but Myka does!  Immediately Myka is on the hunt for whatever artifact is causing her sister to go semi psycho!  Since Tracy has quite a few baby shower presents, this could take awhile!

Warehouse 13 S4x09 Pete and AmandaMeanwhile Pete has tracked down his ex-wife, Amanda.  All seems fine until Amanda begin to sweat, takes a drink from a bottle of water and the bottle melts in front of our eyes!  Pete obviously has his work cut out for him too! 

Since Amanda is in the military, Pete does tell her that they are looking for something weird, a boogada boogada thing!  Turns out, she did receive a strange leather box that was empty in the mail today.  In addition, of course she has touched it!


Warehouse 13 S4x09 Empty Leather Box

So, that leaves Claudia and her brother Joshua.  Claudia is entering Joshua’s house, calling his phone and calling out for him.  She finds his phone, lying on a table. Picks it up, turns and see Josh, standing there, completely incased in amber!  Not a good look if you ask me!  O.MY. what is happening?

Warehouse 13 S4x09 Joshua in Amber

Artie and Leena are in the warehouse and Artie is acting a little strange.  He is loading a gun and telling Leena that he is going to do something that he should have done weeks ago!  He says that Brother Adrian is not going to hurt anyone else and the next time he sees him, Artie will be ready!

Warehouse 13 S4x09 Leena and Artie

Leena is heading after Artie but just then, Claudia calls on the Farnsworth.  Claudia needs help; help getting Joshua out of whatever amber coating that has covered him.  Leena begins checking the database to see if any solution to this encasement problem can be revealed!

Leena finds the artifact in the database that caused Joshua’s amber problem, yea! It is a tiny scroll and Claudia finds it! There is just one little problem, it is in Joshua’s hand, inside the amber with him! What is Claudia going to do?

Warehouse 13 S4x09 Claudia Farnsworth

We are back with Myka as she is searching through Tracy’s baby shower presents for an artifact!  What artifact, she is not exactly sure, but something is making her sister’s eye’s glow green and some very odd things seem to be happening in normal town! 

Tracy has added some drain cleaner, but she is calling it catnip, to the tea that she made for Myka.  That is not a very nice sister. Myka did not drink it; our girl is sharp as a tack.  She knew something was up, the tea spilled on the carpet and burned a hole clear through the carpet and it was smoking too!

Warehouse 13 S4x09 Smoking Tea


Warehouse 13 S4x09 Amanda Pete in HospMyka’s Farnsworth starts ringing just in time and it is Pete!  He has Amanda in the hospital and is checking on Myka’s progress in Colorado.  Amanda has a sever fever and Pete cannot figure out what artifact he is looking for either!  Nothing the doctors are doing seems to be helping her, at least not yet. 

Myka notices that a knife is missing from the knife rack in her sister’s kitchen and promptly tells Pete that she has to go!  I am hoping our sharp girl figures this out quick!

Pete is sitting on the hospital bed, talking to Amanda about how she is never scared of anything; she begins to tear up and says she is scared now. They are hugging each other when Pete feels something hot on her back. 

He looks and it is her tattoo and it is frakking glowing! She mentions that she does not have a tattoo!  Then she leans back and her fever is immediately gone.  Just as suddenly, Pete begins to get very warm, then hot, and then we see the same imprint of a cat, glowing on his hand!  What is that? Something has jumped from Amanda to Pete, just by touch!  What kind of artifact is this?!

Warehouse 13 S4x09 Amanda Tat on Fire


The Fire Cat Tattoo is moving up Pete’s arm and has settled on his back, in the same place where it was on Amanda!  What is this thing and how to get in snagged, bagged and tagged?!


Warehouse 13 S4x09 Pete Tat on Back

Myka has called Artie to see if he has any ideas about what kind of artifact could be disturbing Tracy, or making Tracy disturbing, lol.  Artie tells her it could be quite a number of different sibling rivalry artifacts and then her Farnsworth goes dead.  Myka is left on her own to figure this out, at least for the present moment. 

As soon as Myka is cut off, Pete rings Artie and has his own artifact story of the day!  Pete shows Artie the Tattoo and promptly Artie knows what it is!  As it would turn out, this particular tattoo was a symbol for history’s very first suicide bomber!

Warehouse 13 S4x09 Artie warehouse

While talking to Pete, we see as Artie does, from down an isle in the warehouse Brother Adrian comes walking at a fast clip towards Artie.  Artie quickly tells Pete to get the tattoo off his body, cut it off if he has to! He shuts down the Farnsworth and turns to face Brother Adrian.  It is time for a showdown of epic proportions.

Warehouse 13 S4x09 Brother Adrian WH

Amanda is trying to cut the tattoo off Pete but every time she begins to get near it, well, it moves.  Up down sideways, traveling all over and around Pete’s body!  His entire chest is glowing, and just when you think it could not get any worse, the radiation detector alarm starts going off!

Warehouse 13 S4x09 Pete glowing tattoo

Claudia on the other hand has taken to brute force to save her brother and disassemble the amber!  Claudia mentions something about reading on the internet that flames can cut amber, so a blowtorch it is!

Warehouse 13 S4x09 Claudia brute force

Steve and Mrs. Frederick cannot seem to find any information on the Brotherhood of the Diamond’s in the Vatican library.  There does seem to be a lot of dust though.  Almost at the same time, they realize that what they are looking for might not be in written form, or could be hidden.  A secret panel could be the door they are looking for! 

They begin pushing and tapping on walls, Mrs. Frederick gets a hollow sound when knocking on a certain panel. When she turns to see what Steve thinks, she looks where he was standing, and poof! Steve is gone. Into thin air. Except when she looks a little closer, at a painting of some priests, there he is! Steve is now in the painting! You heard me, Steve has been jumped into this painting!


Warehouse 13 S4x09 Steve jumps in picture

Back to Crazy Tracy and Myka!  Yeah Tracy has turned into a crazy woman! She tried to get Myka to feel the baby kick and instead grabbed Myka and a throw down ensued!  Wow!  Girl-Fight! Myka tells Tracy that she is a trained Secret Service Agent and Tracy says well yeah, but she completed the Insanity workout!  Okay – I say that’s a frakking tie! In addition, Tracy might have another edge, she did have the knife.  She has it hidden under a blanket and now pulls that sucker on Myka!  Myka gains control, takes Tracy down and down she stays!

Warehouse 13 S4x09 Myka Tracy Girlfight

Pete has decided that the only way to stop the tattoo from jumping to anyone else is for Amanda to put him into a containment locker.  Pete goes in and tells Amanda to name something after him, just not a ball!  He got a smile out of her, one last smile he says before he closes and locks the door down. 

Amanda admits that she never stopped loving him.  It’s one of those moments in time, when you think someone you care about could die, maybe what she said will give Pete the insight to get through this crazy situation!

Warehouse 13 S4x09 Pete Contained


Warehouse 13 S4x09 Pete Leather BoxPete makes one final call to Myka, to say goodbye.  Myka notices that Pete is glowing and she starts asking him about how the tattoo originally got on Amanda and what it came with.  Pete mentions the leather box that showed up and that he had tried to neutralize it without success.  Myka says ‘The box is made of leather, what is skin really? Leather’! 

They figure out that the leather box is covered with the skin of the suicide bomber! Euhhhh! Pete says that this job can be so gross sometimes!  Pete needs to get the leather box to touch the tattoo; he lies down on the floor with the tattoo touching the box and walaa! Back on the box it goes, then into the neutralizing bag! One artifact down!

Warehouse 13 S4x09 Claudia Scroll


Warehouse 13 S4x09 Claudia Joshua amber freeAs we join Claudia, she has cracked the amber on Joshua’s hand and is grabbing the tiny scroll and dropping it into the neutralizing bag!  Yea!  Two artifacts down and one to go!  This is a very busy team of warehouse agents! And keep in mind; they are working solo on these hunts so each is showing his or her own vibrant energy and agent working skill-set!  Rock On!

Warehouse 13 S4x09 Steve in PictureBack at the Vatican, Mrs. Frederick has taken the picture off the wall and out of the frame.  She has set it upon a table she pulls out a device from her purse, points it at the picture and poof! Steve is transformed out of the picture and once again standing by Mrs. Frederick! 

She explains that Rembrandt’s Master Framer; he used wood from the Tree of Life to construct this very frame.  It captures the people who view it!  (She also mentions that this is the reason that Rembrandt’s paintings are incredibly life like). 

As she is explaining this, one of the Priests that have been ensnared in the picture lands a few feet away from them! Mrs. Frederick deducts that Brother Adrian must have entrapped these Priests of the Brotherhood in the painting before coming to the warehouse.  The freed Priest immediately begins yelling, pulls a weapon from under his robes, Steve is quicker though, pulls his weapon that Claudia made for him, zaps the Priest and down he goes! Mrs. Frederick tells Steve to keep his weapon on the ready, as the other half a dozen priests that are still in the painting could be arriving shortly!  Whew! This is getting creepier and weirder by the second!

Warehouse 13 S4x09 Steve Zaps Priest

We are back with Myka and Tracy, Myka has tied her up to the baby bed and is going through all the new baby presents trying her best to find the artifact that is making sister Tracy so bipolar!  Pete runs in the room, thank the gods he figured out how to neutralize the tattoo artifact!  Surely, they can zero in on the problem now that the dynamic duo is together! 

Pete says to Myka that it looks like she has gone through everything but the wrapping paper!  The wrapping paper!  Myka has not checked the trash!  Myka leaves Pete with Tracy and rushes out to check the garbage!

Warehouse 13 S4x09 Myka Tracy babybed

Warehouse 13 S4x09 Myka check garbage

Warehouse 13 S4x09 Artie and Trailer

We are returned to the warehouse and come upon Artie, he seems to be wandering around with Trailer (Trailer the Dog) who is trying to alert Artie about something!  Oh, here we go, Brother Adrian has again materialized coming around a corner of an isle! 

Artie heads to meet Brother Adrian, pulls his gun and without hesitation, shoots Brother Adrian in the left shoulder!  He then states that Brother Adrian will not get out the warehouse alive, this time!


Warehouse 13 S4x09 Trailer the Dog


Warehouse 13 S4x09 Artie Brother Adrian WH


Warehouse 13 S4x09 Joshua Claudia wraphandBack to Claudia and Josh who is wondering how Brother Adrian even knew about him or where he was?! Then Josh mentions to Claudia that Artie is the one that setup the assignment in Menlo Park.  What? Artie acted as if he did not know anyone who was in Menlo Park when the artifact hits came in, but in reality, he is the one that sent Josh there!  What is happening?  I have that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, something is wrong.  Claudia seems to have the same feeling!

Myka found the garbage bag from Tracy’s baby shower.  Her and Pete are going through it, Myka tells Pete to look for something old.  Just then, Pete is pulling out an old hat looking thing made of ribbons.  This ribbon hat is an old-fashioned tradition at baby showers and yes, this is the missing artifact!

Warehouse 13 S4x09 Ribbon Hat Tradition

The ribbon hat happens to have an old cord weaving through it that does look somewhat out of place.  This is the actual artifact and as Pete pulls the cord out of the ribbon hat, Myka and he realize that this is the artifact she has been searching for! We are three for three now my friends!  They neutralize the cord and it looks like were home free, except nothing happens!  Then Myka says that maybe they have to do something else to it – maybe ‘Cut the Cord’?  Yes!  Cut the Cord!

Warehouse 13 S4x09 Cut The Cord

Tracy is now back to normal, and thankfully she remembers nothing but seems to have had a bad dream!  Tracy does notice the destruction that occurred in her new baby nursery, Myka blames it on a windstorm, in Colorado Springs!

Warehouse 13 S4x09 Tracy Myka Destruction

Pete is checking with Claudia to see how things are going with Joshua.  Claudia relays to Pete and Myka that Artie is actually the one that sent Josh to Menlo Park.  Myka blames Artie’s distraction on the worrying he has been doing regarding Brother Adrian.  Pete is getting one of those weird vibes he gets when things are not right.  Myka has told Pete that the warehouse interface is down, but Claudia would have been alerted to that fact, she has a safety warning system in place.  They all need to get back to Warehouse 13, as soon as possible!  Something is amiss on the home front!

Warehouse 13 S4x09 Artie Brother Adrian Caught

We are plunged into the warehouse with Artie telling Brother Adrian that this is how warehouse agents deal with the worst of the worst!  Artie has Brother Adrian in a Cryogenics containment pod.  Brother Adrian is telling Artie that he is making a big mistake and that Artie needs him!  Artie responds yeah, like he needs cancer!

Warehouse 13 S4x09 Artie Cryogenics

Artie pushes the button to close the container pod, and the Bronzing begins!  Leena comes upon a panel Artie was messing with earlier, replaces the screen and it tells her ‘Bronzing Activated’, Trailer comes running up, Leena tells Trailer to take her to where Artie is!  Off we go!

Warehouse 13 S4x09 Leena Trailer Artie

At the Vatican library, Mrs. Frederick and Steve have their hands full with all the priests coming out of the picture!  Mrs. Frederick is explaining that Steve and she are Warehouse agents, the priests have all been trapped in the painting for several months, one of the warehouse agents was forced to use the Astrolabe, which means an evil was created.  That is the tie in to the Brotherhood of the Diamond, one of the fellow priests, Brother Adrian has gone rogue!

Warehouse 13 S4x09 Steve Mrs Frederick Vatican

Artie is releasing a sigh of relief.  In the Cryogenics containment pod, Brother Adrian has completed the Bronzing process.  It seems things might actually get back to normal!  Never mind, what is normal here at Warehouse 13?   Artie says out loud, ‘It’s finally over’ and smiles to himself!  I hope so!

Warehouse 13 S4x09 Brother Adrian Bronze


Warehouse 13 S4x09 Brother Adrian It will never

Warehouse 13 S4x09 Artie saying no
Then from behind Artie, comes a voice, ‘It will never be over’ and Artie turns, to face Brother Adrian!  What the What?  Come’ on!  What?!  Artie turns to the containment pod and yep, it is empty!  We just saw Brother Adrian in there, Bronzed!  How, What, Who?! 

Evil has definitely been released and how to contain it now?!  I sure hope Myka, Pete and Claudia show up soon!  In addition, where are Leena and Trailer?  Come on people!


Warehouse 13 S4x09 Artie Leena leave her alone

In the library, Mrs. Frederick and Steve are telling the priests about what Brother Adrian has been up to and they are in shock!  Then all of a sudden, Brother Adrian comes flying out of the painting! Poof! However, this is not the Brother Adrian from our Warehouse 13; this one knows nothing about his evil twin or anything about the havoc and destruction that have been raining down on the agents and their family members!

Warehouse 13 S4x09  Brother Adrian library

Warehouse 13 S4x09 Leena pleads Artie
Artie is pleading with the Evil Brother Adrian to not touch a hair on Leena’s head. The Evil Brother Adrian is laughing and when Artie tried to shoot him, again, it did nothing, this might be a hologram or a vision, but how could this be? Oh, the Astrolabe, using it has released an evil, a bad, unimaginable evil! 

Moreover, just because we can see the Evil Brother Adrian does not mean he is really there!  Leena is crying and pleading with Artie, saying that there is no one there!

Warehouse 13 S4x09 Artie all alone

Artie is very upset!  He tells Leena that Brother Adrian has tried to kill Claudia, Steve and much more than that!  Leena tells him that at least today, that she was standing there for a while and Artie has been talking to air, nobody was there!  Artie is losing it.  Leena assure’s Artie that they can fix this, that they can figure it out!  Artie is so sure that Brother Adrian has been there, trying to get him to use the Astrolabe!  Leena’s Farnsworth goes off and it is Mrs. Frederick, she tells Leena to leave the warehouse, to go now!

Warehouse 13 S4x09 Mrs Frederick Farnsworth

Warehouse 13 S4x09 Artie Evil Bro Adrian

Artie has had some kind of psychotic break.  Artie has completely fabricated the Evil Brother Adrian in his mind.  He has become a risk to himself and everyone around him!  Hurry Leena!  Run! 

We see that it was Artie who took the tiny scroll to Menlo Park, the cord to Colorado Springs and the tattoo to Yuma.  Artie is the one that turned rogue!  He alone threw the boomerang that almost took off Pete’s head!  It has been Artie destroying and removing warehouse artifacts all this time!

Warehouse 13 S4x09 Artie no Bro Adrian

Leena turns to go but she cannot, she turns back to Artie and offers to help him.  He seems to calm from his paranoia for a moment and mutters something about it being in the Dark Vault.  Leena say Artie stop, then Artie turns to her and when he looks at her his eyes look dead, it is not Artie.  Leena even asks, ‘Who are you’? His response is ‘You’re in my way’.

Warehouse 13 S4x09 Leena your in my way

Pete and Myka are rushing to the warehouse when Pete slams on the brakes; he is getting one of his vibes!  Not in a good way vibe!  Says he just was hit with a big one!  Pete tells Myka to call the warehouse, call the warehouse now!

Warehouse 13 S4x09 Pete Vibe

In the warehouse, we come upon a scene of horror, our pretty, beautiful, loyal, trusted friend, Leena is dead.  Her Farnsworth is lying on the ground with blood splatters all around her.

Warehouse 13 S4x09 Leena beautiful Leena

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