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Welcome back Warehouse 13 fans,

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It is the first episode of the new season. Leena (Genelle Williams) has been murdered by Artie (Saul Rubinek).

The rest of the team have to not only try to save Artie, but the world as well. This will be a time honored story about loyalty to the friends and loved ones who have helped you, as well as a message about how some people seem to forget what loyalty is all about in the world.

Before continuing, included below is the extended preview of the next great episode of Warehouse 13, “Parks and Recreation”, courtesy of Syfy!

The Living and the Dead:

After a brief reminder of what has happened so far on Warehouse 13, the episode opens with Artie playing the piano. Leena who is still alive, approaches him, playfully accusing him of helping himself to some food from the kitchen.

Warehouse 13 S4x11 Artie at piano 1

Then we are jolted back to reality. Artie appears to be dead, a dagger still firmly embedded in his chest. Myka(Joanne Kelly), Pete(Eddie McClintock), Claudia(Allison Scagliotti) and Steve Jinks(Aaron Ashmore) hold vigil as his body is transported back to the Warehouse.

Warehouse 13 S4x11 Artie with team

They are met by Mrs. Frederic (CCH Pounder) who tells them that they are all exposed to the sweating sickness, and, unless they find a cure, they will all die. This is when Pete complains about the newest bad situation they are in, “it’s always, ultimately death. Artifacts never release a plague of tickles or an epidemic of kittens”.

Warehouse 13 S4x11 An unhappy team

On cue, Pete’s mother walks in. She informs them they have about 24 hours for the incubation period, then things start to get bad. While they are on the subject, we discover that Artie is still alive but catatonic. They were able to remove the dagger with no internal damage. Mrs. Frederic comments that Claudia is the reason that Artie did not suffer any internal damage. The dagger separates something evil from something good. In this case, she separated the evil Artie from the good Artie.

Warehouse 13 S4x11 Regent and Mrs. Frederic

Jinks adds, “you brought him back”. Not quite, according to Jane Lattimer (Kate Mulgrew). Artie’s mind seems to be failing, she says, they need to reach his subconscious mind and pull him back. There seems to be an app for that, or artifact/gizmo, if you prefer.

Warehouse 13 S4x11 Artie sleeps

Meanwhile, Mrs. Frederic and Myka are busy researching the sweating sickness. They suggest, after concluding that the English Sweating Sickness in Europe, in the 15th and 16th centuries came from this plant, that everything can be stopped by reconstituting the orchid in some way, since that is the way they originally found it. Pete comes up with lots of artifacts that do all kinds of things to plants, but none that bring them back.

Warehouse 13 S4x11 Pete has nothing but paper

Naturally, Myka has the answer. She mentions a man called the Count of St. Germaine who was able to bring sickly plants back to blooming health. Now, how to find the artifact this guy used is the question. After more digging, they come up with a suitable answer, a Columbia University professor who seemed to have studied the count and his friends. That is very handy. Mrs. Frederictells them they are to go and find out what he knows. Before they leave, however, she gives Pete Artie’s artifact bag, “you may need this”.

Warehouse 13 S4x11 The bag

Jane Lattimer has come up with a clock that had belonged to Sigmund Freud as a way to put Artie back together. Jinks and Warehouse 13 S4x11 Vanessa says leaveClaudia join hands and connect with Artie. They find themselves inside Artie’s brain, which manifests as the Warehouse.

Claudia and Jinks reason that in all of the Warehouse, Artie would most likely be in his office. At that moment, Vanessa Calder(Lindsay Wagner) shows up. She tells them they both have to leave, that it is not safe.

At Columbia University, Myka and Pete walk into the disaster that is Professor Sutton’s (James Marsters)office. Since he does not appear to be in his office, Myka politely asks if they could see him. His assistant, an older lady, obviously very familiar with him, pushes a stack of books off his desk and onto the floor and bellows, “company!” Ah, there he is, asleep on his desk.

Warehouse 13 S4x11 Professor asleep

Myka and Pete attempt to ask him some questions, but he passes out, mid sentence, Myka comments, “This is the man who is supposed to save the world”. Pete replies, “don’t tell the world. It will panic”. Pete does manage to get some information out of Professor Drunk, in the name of a garish ring that he always wore.

Warehouse 13 S4x11 The world will panic

Moving back to Claudia, Jinks and the warehouse of Artie’s mind, Vanessa tells them that if Artie’s mind shuts down Warehouse 13 S4x11 Snakes in a bagcompletely, while they are still there, they could get locked inside with him. Then, Artie’s bag appears. Claudia is so into saving Artie that she is sure he dropped it for them because he wants them to help. She rushes to it to discover that it is actually a bag full of snakes. Well, snakes in a bag are better than snakes on a plane.

At the university, Pete and Myka continue to piece things together with the tipsy teacher. Finding the ring will not be easy, he says. The Count who is buried under the City of Paris, in the Catacombs, is also in a secret vault with some elaborate and deadly locking mechanism. Myka has the answer. She always has the answer, “Pete, we have Bodan’s map”. Who, we ask? He was a French explorer who mapped the catacombs, Myka comments. Very convenient, wouldn’t you say? Yes, I would.

Our stewed scholar then begins to negotiate a fee since he has a legend for the map, “I always travel first class when others pay”.

Warehouse 13 S4x11 Professor negotiates

Claudia and Jinks have troubles of their own. As they attempt to negotiate the maze of aisles between artifact stacked shelves, Warehouse 13 S4x11 Claudia frustratedtheir progress is continually blocked by Artie’s mind. So, Claudia does what she always does when frustrated. She feels sorry for herself, “I hate this. The warehouse was supposed to do good, and instead, it keeps killing the people I love”.Jinks has a ready answer, “the fight. That’s what matters”. It sounds to me like Claudia is getting burned out from her fight. In a real world corporate structure, Claudia would be given time off to regroup. She would also get counselling if she needed it.

Now, a news message from MSNBC. Vanessa Calder, who is really at the CDC in Atlanta, has provided information about the disease, that the reported states was originally believed to be dehydration and has spread, “to virtually every corner of the globe. The CDC has classified this as a pandemic..” Scary stuff.

Warehouse 13 S4x11 News reporter

Myka and Pete are now in Paris and still having issues with the inebriated instructor, who must, by now, be overcoming one heck of a hangover. That may explain his underhanded way of doing things. The three of them are now standing outside the home of a female collector of antiquities who Professor Sutton says is a rival, and who is conveniently out of the country on a wild goose chase, thanks to him. Not only has he gotten rid of the competition, but he has put two and two together and figured out what is really going on. That must be why he is the professor.

Warehouse 13 S4x11 Professor breaking in

Back in Artie’s head, Claudia and Jinks are cocooned as Artie’s mind makes more effort to stop them. It turns out that an Warehouse 13 S4x11 MacPhersonartifact, a hat owned by the top dude of the Bronx Zoo, has caused the two to be wrapped in cocoons. Fortunately, there is a spear left haphazardly on the top of the shelf behind Jinks. He carefully rocks back and forth until the spear falls, directly onto the hat. What luck! This releases the both of them from the latest Artie trap. Moments later, as they continue to head toward the office, James MacPherson (Roger Reese) shows up and shoots at them. He continues to pursue them as the embodiment of everything evil, Claudia reasons. Jinks decides to be heroic. He distracts MacPherson then grabs him and falls into the dark, kicking Jinks out of Artie’s mind.

After breaking in to the home of Sutton’s rival, Myka and Pete end up spending more time chasing after Sutton to make sure he doesn’t take more than the legend. Unfortunately, they get caught. Sutton’s rival, Charlotte(Polly Walker), did not get to Barcelona. The airports were shut down due to the sweating sickness.

Warehouse 13 S4x11 Suttons rival

At the warehouse, Claudia reaches the office, which, of course, is locked. In frustration, Claudia calls Artie’s name. As she does, the door opens on its own. Can we all say, “Open sesame?” Entering, Claudia does not end up in the office, but, rather, in Leena’s Bed and Breakfast where Artie is playing the piano.

Warehouse 13 S4x11 Claudia finds Artie

Myka is focused on convincing Charlotte that Sutton is not really with them, that breaking into her house was necessary to save the world. Would I believe her? Not a chance. If the movies have taught me anything, it is that the FBI shows up with a small army of paramilitary soldiers who have no problem kicking butt and taking names. Anyway, Pete uses the old, ‘distract the person with the gun’ trick, giving Myka the chance to zap her. Sutton, of course, is thrilled. This gives Myka the opportunity to punch Sutton in the face. You go, Myka.

Warehouse 13 S4x11 Charlotte zapped

Finally, we get to the root of Artie’s desire to keep Claudia away. With Leena nearby, and Claudia attempting to convince Artie to return to the real world, he admits that if he did, he would have to remember Leena’s face as he killed her.

Warehouse 13 S4x11 Claudia will not give up on Artie

Now they drop the bomb; Professor Sutton not only is an expert on the Count of St. Germaine, he is the Count of St. Germaine. Then she falls on the floor as the sweating sickness begins getting to her. That is not what they focus on, however. Instead, they all sit down and have a pleasant chat about how old Sutton is, and how he got that way. Uh, guys, I thought you were running out of time, and, even if you are not worried about yourselves, how about the rest of the planet?

Warehouse 13 S4x11 Professor is the count

We do eventually learn that Sutton has found the legend for the map. It looks surprisingly like a compass with an interesting line of lettering. Once inside the catacombs, Sutton fills us in further about his exploits with Marie Antoinette. That is, until they come across his crypt. Then Myka and Pete are all business. Myka opens the crypt with her artifact key. I suppose the guys that Sutton sent to break in and who did not make it, would have appreciated Myka’s key.

Warehouse 13 S4x11 the Key

Inside the crypt, all is going well. Myka finds the ring they desperately wanted on the sculpture of a hand. Also available for light-fingers Sutton, is a jewel on top of the stone crypt. As he helps himself, the supporting structure for the ring does an “Indiana Jones” and sinks into the crypt lid. Then the chilling but benign skulls decorating the walls become deadly as darts are fired in all directions.

Warehouse 13 S4x11 Finding the ring

Sutton, who, we must remember, caused the problem in the first place, steps in front of a dart aimed directly at Myka, and gets shot in the chest. Myka, not realizing that Sutton has been a cad until the end, is now quite upset that he has passed away, and in his own crypt, no less.

Now with the ring attached to the flowerless orchid, it blooms. As it does so, the black insect like disease that has caused everyone to be sick, wafts its way from the mouths of its victims, and down to the crypt in the catacombs, then to the orchid. They have saved the world.

Warehouse 13 S4x11 Orchid returned

What about Artie? He is fighting his own demons. Leena, or the image of Leena, who has been very present with Artie, fades away as Artie admits that she is gone. Claudia continues to argue with Artie and tell him that she will continue to try to get him to return to them no matter how angry he gets at her. Claudia finally quotes Jinks. She tells him that he is not done fighting, that, “it’s the fight that’s important”. At the last minute, Artie again says, ‘no’, but Claudia pushes him through a door that would bring him back to the real world.

They both find themselves awake back in the real world. As Artie realizes that he is back, his expression is one of grief and disappointment. Claudia manages an, “I’m sorry”, before she leaves the room and walks right past Pete and Myka. It looks like this might take a while.

Later, Mrs. Frederic enters as Artie is at the piano, attempting to play. Artie continues to blame himself about Leena. Mrs. Frederic responds that it was not him. She and the people who are in his life will help him get through this.

Charlotte has arrived at Sutton’s tomb. We discover that he is no longer there. He has absconded with Marie Antoinette’s ring and, he was also Charlotte’s husband. What is more, she is not finished with him yet.

Warehouse 13 S4x11 Charlotte returns

This looks like Sutton will be back in future episodes, along with Charlotte. Recurring characters, especially characters that we find compelling and personable can be very popular with fans. I think James Marstairs did a superb job as the ethically challenged University Professor, Dr. Sutton. He is an actor who could easily carry his own series. It seems a waste that he has not been given that opportunity yet. As for Charlotte, is she a current Mrs. Sutton, or is she as old as he is. Could she be Marie Antoinette? Hopefully, we find out.

As an aside, we, at WormholeRiders like to provide links to historical, celebrity and geographical information mentioned in shows. However, when information is entirely fictitious, such as the mention of Bodan’s Map, we like to provide some further information so you do not think we are getting lazy and falling asleep on the job. Bodan is famous for maps, but it is a company from Sweden and not a French explorer. There was, however a French explorer called Antoinie de Cadillac who founded the city of Detroit in 1701 and was the governor of the Louisiana Territory from 1710 to 1716 or 1717. Now you know.

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