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This past weeks episode was fantastic fun now that Artie has been saved and escaped prosecution by The Regents. One of the best parts of the episode was Eddie McClintock doing a Yogi the Bear impression, hence the selection of a fun Yogi song that Kenn and I choose for your enjoyment!

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Warehouse 13 S4x12 Pete things change everyday

Parks and Recreation or Who’s Smarter Than the Average Bear?

As we now know, Artie’s (Saul Rubinek) brain IS or was the warehouse and he did not really want to deal with reality or the things that have happened there. Mainly the death of Leena (Genelle Williams), this, Artie just could not rationalize, at least not yet.

Now we have Pete (Eddie McClintock), Myka (JoAnne Kelly), Claudia (Allison Scagliotti), Steve (Aaron Ashmore) and Artie being brought before the Tribunal Council with their very existence as Warehouse Agents is in the balance! What will happen? Will the Tribunal Council see it as another ‘Artifact’ gone wild? Can we really trust that Artie has recovered from the grip of the Astrolabe?

Warehouse 13 S4x12 WH Agents

Before we get to those answers, I invite you to enjoy a clip, provided by Syfy, of the upcoming episode of Warehouse 13 – The Big Snag

It seems the Tribunal Council agrees with Pete, they do believe that the Astrolabe had everything to do with Artie killing Leena and do not hold him personally responsible. Artie on the other hand totally holds himself responsible for her death and does not seem to forgive himself so easily. Let’s see what happens next as our agents try and regain some sense of normality in their lives.

Warehouse 13 S4x12 Somebody Knows

Warehouse 13 S4x12 Blue GlowThe scene opens with a man seemingly running for his life through a forest, someone is chasing him. He is yelling into his cell phone that somebody knows!

As we ask ourselves, somebody knows WHAT? As he falls down, do not they always fall down?

He is confronted by someone, whose face we do not see. This someone, sends some sort of ‘blue glow’ towards the guy that fell down, they earth opens up under his feet and suck him right down like milkshake through a straw!

The man that was chasing him, turns, zaps the blue glow at the cell phone that fell to the ground, destroying it, and then he turns and walks calmly away! What the what in the heck in going on people?

Warehouse 13 S4x12 Earth sucked him down

Pete has been called to the scene at the Cowan National Forest in Oregon! He has been given what little details that are available. There are not really any eye witnesses, just some day hikers. Several did hear a man screaming, felt the earth shaking and they did see a blue glow! Pete is talking to Myka on the Farnsworth and they agree, this sounds like an artifact gone bad! Maybe quicksand related?

Claudia is with Pete and as she searches around for clues, in all her cuteness, she is mainly swatting at mosquitoes! Ranger Smith, pulls up on an All Terrain Vehicle. Pete seems really excited to meet him and does his best Yogi Bear impression! Come on now….we ALL love Pete’s impersonations! Especially anything to do with forests, campfires and bears!

Warehouse 13 S4x12 Pete doing Yogi Bear

Warehouse 13 S4x12 Claudia finds the cell phoneClaudia has found a couple of clues, in between killing the bugs, one a carving in a tree trunk , and a ‘crunch’ while walking, yes, yes, it is the dead guys cell phone that we saw him drop and that the killer zapped with the blue glow!

Seems it was also sucked into the ground a bit, but never fear, Claudia has dug it up and oh well, it crumbles in her hands. Well, maybe she can still get something off of it – hey, you never know!

Warehouse 13 S4x12 Claudia and her lappyIn the meantime, Pete has found the dead guys ID, his name was Linus Bentley and he was the President of Call-Cast Communications!

Do not for a minute forget kiddos, we have the Warehouse 13 Agents on this case! Claudia pops out her lappy and gets to searching for Mr. Bentley.

She finds that his company is building a substation in the area and it also seems a local non profit, Green First has been trying to shut him down! Claiming that the signals are disturbing the local owl sanctuary and killing the bees! Claudia is a guru on lap top computers my friends!

 Warehouse 13 S4x12 Clue on Tree

Warehouse 13 S4x12 Artie rides offMyka and Steve are searching the Stacks for Artie; they find him doing some maintenance, much needed by the looks of a list that Steve finds. Artie explains that this is Leena’s list, things that must be done in a timely manner so the artifacts do not get out of sync and cause bedlam, so they stay in balance! I am rolling my eyes folks!

Myka and Steve offer to help Artie with the list, it does seem like a long list, but Artie gets mad, and rides off! He tells them that he has been doing this job alone for 35 years and does not need or want their help!

Claudia and Pete are starting with a little visit to the offices of the non profit Green First where they meet Autumn Radner (Emily Bergl). Autumn has all kinds of complaints about Linus Bentley and what his company is doing, until they tell her that he is dead.

Then she gets weird, says that somebody else in the office can answer their questions and that she needs to make a phone call! She is acting very strange…….this Autumn Radner! My guess, were going to see more of this woman!

Warehouse 13 S4x12 Green First offices

Warehouse 13 S4x12 Fine Young CannabisClaudia comes through again and has cloned Bentley’s sim card! His last call was to a place called Fine Young Cannabis! Guess where were going! Bawahahahaha!

As they walk into the store, all seems fine until they realize that the answering machine has messages on it and nobody seems to be coming, even after they yelled that they were not the police!

Claudia hits the “Play” button on the machine and they are hearing the last words of Linus Bentley! As the message finishes Pete sees a mysterious blue glow coming from under the door in the back room!

Warehouse 13 S4x12 in Fine Young Cannabis

Warehouse 13 S4x12 Same clue numero 2Well the glow is from the glow lights and as Pete remarks Holy Ganja Batman! Claudia see a lump under a sheet on the floor, the sheet has the same symbol on it that the tree in the woods had! It is a clue my friends!

Then Pete throws back the sheet to discover another body, covered with dirt, taking a dirt nap. Pete seems to think he has seen this symbol before, and not just on the tree in the woods, he hit’s the Secret Service database and bing-da-da-boom – there it is! It i’s the symbol for an organization called The Last People on Earth!

The organization has been dormant for years, but it seems they have come out of stasis and have major problems with cell phone towers…..who knew? Turns out they are going for the source, killing anyone that seems to be harming the environment!

Warehouse 13 S4x12 LPE headquarters

Warehouse 13 S4x12 Leenas room WHAs Myka and Steve search for Artie in the Stacks, they come upon him in a circular room. Artie is standing in the center and Myka remarks that she has never been in this room before, Arties says, This is where Leena worked’.

Leena was able to determine artifacts energy in this room; it does seem very peaceful in here! Artie sits down and holds up the artifact and says ‘It’s time this one had a home’, the porthole, the artifact that needs a home, begins emitting a glow and the circle starts rotating around with lights! It reminds me of a Stargate!

When the circle stops turning there is one address that remains a glow – this is where the artifact will live out its days in the warehouse! Now it even more resembles a Stargate! I really like this room!

Warehouse 13 S4x12 Artifacts finding a home

Pete and Claudia have gone with Ranger Smith to the last known headquarters of the LPE, a cabin in the woods, only now, this cabin has seen its better days! Current day it looks more like a bunch of burnt sticks holding up some shaky walls!

It seems the LPE has probably moved on to a different hide out! Our amazing Pete nevertheless finds a clue, one that ties back to Miss Autumn (Emily Bergl) at Green First! So buckle up! Here we go!

I knew we would be running into this blonde again! Has Autumn managed to get her hands on an artifact? Don’t ya just love when our favorite agents start tying up the facts with a pretty bow! I do!

Warehouse 13 S4x12 LPE current day cabin

Warehouse 13 S4x12 Pete Claudia and AutumnClaudia and Pete roll up into Autumn’s driveway just as we see that inside the house, Autumn is packing a bag and digging around for something in a drawer. Pete and Claudia enter her house and start carefully inside, searching for Autumn!

We hear a door squeak, as Claudia asks Pete is he thinks that Autumn escaped through the window, Pete plays along while opening a door to the closet! As he opens the door, Autumn sprays him with mace!

Warehouse 13 S4x12 Pete Claudia AutumnAfter the spray clears from Pete’s eyes with Claudia holding Miss Autumn at laser gun-point she starts spilling the gravy! It seems Autumn, Bentley and the dead guy from the Cannabis shop were ALL members of the LPE organization back in the day!

Autumn says she was trying to run because she thinks somebody knows they were part of the LPE organization and is killing them off one by one! (I know its different words but that line made me think of #Firefly #River Two By Two, Hands of Blue)

Autumn says that one by one all the former members of the LPE organization that participated in the local uprising are being murdered or dying! Autumn is naming the people in the picture she is showing Claudia and Pete, Linus, Jeff, Annie, herself and Ryan.

When Autumn was a member of the LPE they were concerned with a company called Lockhart Logging who was involved in the deforestation of their local forest. No one was supposed to actually get hurt. She admits that they were all young, idealistic and dumb. Autumn says that the owner of Lockhart was at the last site they attacked and was hurt in an explosion! If anyone has a grudge against the LPE, it would be him! Pete takes off to go try and find Lockhart while Claudia stays with Autumn!

Warehouse 13 S4x12 Autumn Pete and Claudia LL

Warehouse 13 S4x12 Ranger with a blue glow

While guarding Autumn and looking through more old photos, they hear the back door open! Claudia has the laser gun at ready and goes to investigate! Who do we have here? It none other than Ranger Smith! With a blue glowing lantern! This must be the artifact! Ohhhh My! He knows Autumn and she knows him!

His name is NOT Ranger Smith! His name is Evan (Patrick John Flueger), and he was Ryan, the LPE member that died in prison’s brother! He says he had to change his name, says it’s kinda hard to get a government job when your related to a convicted terrorist!

Yep, I would say this one is bitter! Claudia says that the lantern must be what has caused all the destruction and before the girls can say, Baby light my fire, he demonstrates its properties by promptly plowing up the floor thus throwing Claudia and Autumn into the wall! As Claudia lays unconscious on the floor, he grabs Autumn and escapes!
Warehouse 13 S4x12 Evan artifact lantern

Warehouse 13 S4x12 Pete taking a dirt napPete shows up just as Evan is dragging Autumn outside into his car! Pete levels his gun on Evan, who Pete thinks is still Ranger Smith, and says for him to hand over the lantern! Well, we have seen how this goes!

Evan points the lantern at Pete and the earth starts moving beneath his feet, digging a grave size whole where Pete promptly falls into! The last we see of Pete is his hands as they are sticking up out of the dirt that has completely filled the hole! Evan has Autumn and speeds away! What can possible save Pete now?!!

Just in the nick of time, Claudia comes running out of the house sees Evan’s care speeding away, turns and notices Pete’s hand waving out from under the dirt! Thank the gods!

She pulls him out and he is a bit shaken and stirred, but breathing! Pete and Claudia jump into their car and take off after Evan! Pete thinks he knows where Evan is going! I surly hope so, I do know but well, that’s why THEY are the warehouse agents and not me! Here we go!

Warehouse 13 S4x12 Back at the warehouse

Warehouse 13 S4x12 artifacts calmed downThere has been some action back at the warehouse! Things are moving around and obviously not as Leena would say ‘Balanced’! Artie, Myka and Steve are looking on as we try and see exactly what and how many artifacts are involved in this uprising of the artifacts!

Artie pulls something out of his bag of tricks and he calls it a Cluenaid, says Claudia invented it! (I tried finding this on the artifact listing, it might be new but it surly must be awesome if Claudia invented it)! He chunks it into the aisle of misbehaving artifacts and all the chaos stops! Wow, what an awesome invention!

Houston, we have a problem! Well, yes the artifacts did calm themselves but as Myka has discovered, there seems to be a crate that was busted open from the inside out – the tag says ‘Da Vinci’s Gargoyle’! That does not seem like a good thing to have flying around in the warehouse!

Warehouse 13 S4x12 Da Vincis Gargoyle

Pete and Claudia have gone to the Ranger station looking for Evan; it seems Evan took Autumn somewhere else! They find some clues and a map of the forest, their next guess as to where Evan took Autumn is the Lockhart Logging camp! Come’ on! Let’s Go!

Warehouse 13 S4x12 to lockhart logging camp

Steve is nursing his arm, Da Vinci’s Gargoyle slammed into him! Artie explains that the Gargoyle is one of Da Vinci’s lost inventions, it is a machine! The tag says the agents from warehouse 8 were able to hit it with a bolt of lightening and stunned it long enough to crate that sucker up!

They need something that creates lightening! Artie spies an artifact that can actually help them! Piano Wire? Never forget that Artie is the expert on the catalog of items in the warehouse and if Artie thinks it can help then we are trying it!

Warehouse 13 S4x12 need a bolt of lightening

Pete and Claudia have arrived at the Lockhart Logging base camp! As Evan is screaming about what the LPE did to his brother to Autumn, Claudia and Pete sneak up behind him, Claudia zaps him with her laser gun, gotta love that laser gun, and finally Evan goes down! But as he does, the lantern falls from his grip and begins rolling down a gully…..it catches on a tree root, just hanging there!

Warehouse 13 S4x12 lantern hanging by a root

Warehouse 13 S4x12 Gargoyle downArtie has managed to talk Steve into acting like bait for the Gargoyle! Steve takes off running down the aisle as Myka gets ready to shoot it with another artifact, the Piano String!

Just as the Gargoyle begins to swoop down on Steve, Myka fires on it! Artie has sent a charge of electricity thru the Piano String that hit’s the Gargoyle! Gargoyle Down!

The Lantern is emitting its blue glow and turning the gully into a very deep pit! Pete has taken off his belt, lowering Claudia down to try and grab the lantern and stop the damage! Claudia grabs the lantern, drops it into the containment bag and whew, saves the frakken day! I am exhausted!
Warehouse 13 S4x12 contain blue lantern Artie says that the porthole has not been placed on the correct aisle, that is what is causing all the disarray in the warehouse. He has returned to Leena’s room to try and get another aisle address but at this point it has come back with 5 different aisles!

This is not right and Artie says he is putting this off for the agents of warehouse 14 to deal with! Myka suggests that all of them should help with Leena’s list, that they can all work together to figure out where the artifacts should go, Artie does not need to do this all alone.

Steve reminds Artie that Budda says that Peace comes from within, as Artie hands over the porthole and Steve tries his hand at finding the correct aisle for its permanent home! None of the previous aisles have made any sense but this final one, indescribable beauty, well that one does!

Warehouse 13 S4x12 Peace comes from within

As we saw at the Tribunal Council, Claudia is still fighting her own demons when it comes to what she had to do when she killed Artie, it was not really Artie, but still, she has regrets that it occurred! When she returns to the warehouse after bagging and tagging he blue glow lantern, its

Artie sees her first and he might now remember or know what happened but we see the love Claudia has for this man, the man of Many secrets and wonderful gifts! Do not forget it is also Claudia that brought back, brought back the real Artie, by pushing him back into reality!

Warehouse 13 S4x12 Artie and Claudia

Back at the Tribunal Council, they gave Artie a flash-drive of Leena and her agreement with the warehouse. They told Artie that watching it might make him understand how committed she was and it just might make losing her make a little more sense.

Artie now picks up that flash-drive, inserts it and as it begins to play, we see Leena once again and maybe we can all understand the oath they all undertake to work there and the hope they all hold for the future, to make the world a safer place, a better place.

Warehouse 13 S4x12 Artie and Leena

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