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We are all still reeling from the loss of Leena (Genelle Williams) murdered by Artie (Saul Rubinek) while he was under evil influences that threatened to destroy the world.

While Myka (Joanne Kelly), Claudia (Allison Scagliotti), Jinks (Aaron Ashmore) and the rest of the Warehouse 13 team saved Artie, and the world as well, in a plot twist, a new proprietor of the Bed and Breakfast, with seemingly ulterior motives, Abigail Cho (Kelly Hu) is introduced to Artie by Mrs Frederick (CCH Pounder) to help him deal with the stress from his recent harrowing experiences.

Before continuing my analysis, included below is the sneak peek of the next great episode “Instinct” courtesy of Syfy!

The Skys The Limit:

“The healthy man does not torture others. Generally, it is the tortured who turn into torturers.” Carl Jung.

The concept Jung was talking about is, if you inflict enough pain on someone, they will be consumed by hatred and turn evil. More often than not, it comes down to this simple theory: Pain is bad, so if you add enough pain to someone, they become bad!

Only, in this episode, the reverse is also true. Artie has done bad, so the pain he endures because of it is tormenting his soul. We see this throughout the story. Artie valiantly tries to keep Leena’s ferns alive, but then becomes dejected as they do not respond to his ministrations. When, we ask ourselves, will he forgive himself.

Warehouse 13 S4x14 Arty waters plants

Artie sends Jinx and Claudia off to England to investigate race horse jockeys who have been drained of adrenaline, a hormone that gives us all an extra boost of energy during emergencies.

While that is happening, Charlotte Dupres (Polly Walker) makes another appearance this season. She is watching the Warehouse from afar. What is she up to?

Warehouse 13 S4x14 Charlotte

Pete (Eddie McClintok) and Myka are stuck with administrative duties at the Warehouse. Pete takes the opportunity to get a little R&R as he does his work using an artifact to transport him to a tropical paradise. It is a pity that Artie spoils all the fun by hollering at him so that the illusion vanishes.

The visual effects in this episode are great overall, and on this one scene by the visual effects department. So, because it has been a rough year, Artie offers Pete a weekend in Vegas. Myka’s comment is typical for her – “wait for it”.

Warehouse 13 S4x14 paradise lost

Who would have thought it? Pete and MykaWarehouse 13 S4x14 Myka and Pete investigate are off to Vegas to investigate a corpse on a golf cart that just seemed to have dropped out of the sky.

The guy has no artifacts on him, just a wallet and information about where he is staying. Myka recommends that they check out his room before the maid gets there.

There is nothing like being jolted awake after a night of partying; especially when it is done by air horn.

The three party animals not only experience one of the rudest awakenings of their lives, thanks to Pete, but they also discover that their buddy is dead Warehouse 13 S4x14 Myka and Pete wake up the drunksvia drop onto golf cart.

Myka and Pete get some leads based on where the guys were partying the night before. Oddly, Pete wants to question the employees at a strip club all on his own.

Somewhere else in Vegas, a group of people think they have hit pay-dirt when casino chips start dropping out of the sky. That is not all that is dropping.

A middle-aged compulsive gambler from the Midwest has all the same conditions of death that the golf cart corpse had.

What they have in common, Myka discovers, is the same gambling casino.

Warehouse 13 S4x14 Dropping out of the sky

Back at the Warehouse, Mrs. Fredrick (CCH Pounder) drops in the new owner of the Bed and Breakfast, Abigail Cho (Kelly Hu). Mrs. Fredrick asks Artie to show her around then vanishes. Artie comments, “yeah, you’ll grow to hate that.”

Warehouse 13 S4x14 New B and B owner

Questioning the concierge about the latest victim, Pete and Myka discover that she might have attended a magic show by a magician with levitation as part of his show. Now we are getting somewhere.

Warehouse 13 S4x14 Questioning concierge

In England, Claudia and Jinx are on the case, but as is Claudia’s tendency, she is more interested in what is happening at home Warehouse 13 S4x14 Claudia will not drop itwith Artie and the Regents than she is with her assignment. Jinx, on the other hand, wants to complete their assignment.

So, in the midst of their investigation, Claudia stops Jinx because she is certain he knows more about what is going on than he is sharing.

Being Claudia, she points out that Jinx is far better off giving in and telling her what he knows, because, well, it will just be easier on him if he does.

Jinx replies that he was told to keep an eye on Artie. If an agent is not in control, he does not belong in the field, states Jinx. The conversation, Claudia tells Jinx, is not over.

As they approach a very fancy racing club, and, apparently, not dressed up Warehouse 13 S4x14 At the fancy clubenough for the occasion, they are sent packing with Artie’s credit card for appropriate clothing. Claudia, the rebel, chooses to go with a purple outfit and hat.

Claudia identifies herself as an American agent looking for information on the owner’s horses. He is less than willing to be of assistance.

Moments after she is rebuffed, a jockey falls off a horse onto the track unconscious or dead. We are not privy to that information.

This exonerates the owner. Thinking quickly, Claudia turns on the charm accessing the owners information on all his horses. Clever girl.

Warehouse 13 S4x14 Claudia gets charming

At the Warehouse, Artie is showing Abigail around. She makes the mistake of asking him if he wants to unburden himself about his guilty feelings, she would be happy to talk to him.

Artie gets more than a little annoyed, gives her an earful, and stomps off in a huff, leaving her among the artifacts.

Warehouse 13 S4x14 Artie release your burden

In Vegas, Pete and Myka are snooping around backstage when Val Preston (Steve Valentine), the magician confronts them. He escorts them to the nearest exit, not at all impressed with their credentials, when he begins glowing and begins to float.

Startled, Myka and Pete do not manage to grab him before he becomes airborne and floats upward and away. Now that is a great magic trick. It is too bad he could only do it once.

Warehouse 13 S4x14 Preston up in air

It turns out that Preston had a big outdoor show coming up and, not having any new material was a problem. So, he decided to spy on Monty the Magnificent (Joel Grey), another Vegas magician with a new levitation trick. Pete and Myka are off to learn about Monty.

Warehouse 13 S4x14 Pete meets Monty

At the Warehouse, while Abigail continues to try to find her way back to Artie’s office, Mrs. Fredrick pops in. Abigail admits under her breath, “that is annoying”.

She also tells Mr’s Fredrick that arrogant closed minded big mouths like Artie were the reason she got out of counseling.

Warehouse 13 S4x14 Mrs. Fredrick pops in

Pete and Myka visit the home of Monty the Magnificent. He has a heart condition and is being encouraged by his doctor to get out of show business. Now that he has a new trick, which he calls real magic, this does not seem likely. He offers to show Pete and Myka the trick at his matinee.

While they are chatting, Pete does what he always does. He lets Myka do the chatting while he explores all the bits and pieces of items around the room that might be artifacts. As usual, he breaks or knocks something over. Myka spends that time looking uncomfortable. It must be a real joy working with “Agent Clutz”.

Warehouse 13 S4x14 Jinx and Claudia study docsAt the race track, Claudia is examining the documents she managed to filch. Jinx arrives to update her.

None of the items he found with the horse whose rider had fallen off were artifacts. However, all of the horses affected had recently been seen by a veterinarian.

Pete and Myka attend Monty’s show. He is determined to show that the levitation trick he uses is safe so he announces that he will levitate himself. His assistant shouts out, “no”, but he tries it anyway, floating Pete.

Perhaps the assistant knows more about whatWarehouse 13 S4x14 Floaty Pete is going on then she is letting on. She also directs the two agents on a wild goose chase to Monty’s house. It is not a wasted opportunity, though.

Myka locates a book in Monty’s library about a historical figure that was said to be able to levitate. Myka and Pete come to the conclusion that the assistant, Rose, who is really Monty’s granddaughter, has discovered the artifact.

Instead of just giving it to him, she uses it, making him think that he is actually making the magic happen. When he thought he could no longer control it, his perspective changed.

Warehouse 13 S4x14 Levitating Friar

Now, sitting on the stage in the empty theater with Rose, Monty tells her that he thinks he is done, “When your eyes go, you stop painting. When your knees go, you stop dancing.

And when you cannot do what you do best, you walk away with dignity”. Rose manages to convince Monty to go for one more show, thanks to the disappearance of Val Preston. They will steal his audience.

Warehouse 13 S4x14 Family moment

Back in England, Jinx and Claudia learn about the dirty side of horse racing – abuse of horses by their jockeys to get them to run faster. This, of course, leads to injuries to the animal.

Claudia guesses that someone might be as angry about the behaviour as she is and would take action against the jockey. Fortunately, the trainer has the information of a stable boy involved with all the horses, including one that is about to race.

Warehouse 13 S4x14 Claudia and Jinx talk to trainer

As Artie is explaining the flying Friar to Pete and Myka, Abigail enters. She has brought him Pancho Villa’s boots. He did terrible things but was never bothered by them, causing the boots to have the same effect on their wearer. Sounds to me like psychopathic behavior; not exactly the best personality trait out there.

Warehouse 13 S4x14 Artie gets boots

We discover a bit about Abigail. She really does not want to counsel anyone since she has had a very negative experience in her past and has not overcome it herself.

Well done, Regents, sending in a basket case to help another basket case. In this scene, Abigail offers her profound thoughts as they pour out of a frustrated counselor with nothing left to lose, “grief, Agent Neilsen, real, gut wrenching grief, is not something you can power through or ignore.

There are no detours, no shortcuts. You look it in the eye, and you do battle and you keep doing battle until you are finished with it and it is finished with you. And if you are not willing to accept that, it will eat you alive”. After that intense speech, she turns and walks away, leaving Artie to think about things.

Monty introduces himself to the crowds at Val Preston’s great outdoor show. He is still missing, but Monty is eager to replace him and show off his new magic trick. Pete and Myka have also arrived. Afraid the Pete could float up into the air at any moment, Myka convinces him to stay inside the car with the offer of cookies in the glove compartment. Pete, distracted, excitedly heads back to the car.

Warehouse 13 S4x14 Pete grabs Rose
Pete is inside the car for only moments when Rose is levitated. She is wearing a medallion around her neck, which she clutches to levitate herself. As she does so, Pete starts to float as well.

How can this be a problem, we ask ourselves? Simple, the car has a sun roof. Despite his effort to stop himself, he floats out of the car and manages to grab Rose as she passes overhead!

Pete is able to convince Rose to bring the both of them down, but before Pete’s feet touch the ground, Myka places the medallion into one of the neutralizing bags. Pete hits the ground like a very large sack of potatoes.Monty also finds out that his magic was not magic after all. He feels as if he has been made a fool of.

Warehouse 13 S4x14 Jinx gets the kid

In England, Jinx chases after, and holds the stable boy responsible for taking things into his own hands. He thinks they should be punished. Jinx reminds him they could die and asks him if he is a murderer. That deflates the young man. He tells Jinx that the artifact is an old Native American blanket hidden under the saddle of the next horse that will be affected. Jinx tells Claudia and Claudia, at the track. Claudia hails the jockey.

When he will not cooperate, Claudia hops on the horse. As the jockey begins to go unconscious, Claudia finds the blanket and manages to get it into the neutralizer bag. She gets off the horse only to run into Charlotte. Charlotte uses the pretense to inquire about Claudia’s health in order to take a photo of her to send to an accomplice.

Warehouse 13 S4x14 Charlottes Claudia photo

Myka and Pete make a grand gesture to Monty. They introduce him to the Warehouse and the very cool artifacts within, including some cool pieces from Houdini.

Monty, of course, comments that he could put together a whole new act. Pete and Myka immediately argue against that idea. Monty assures them that he was not serious. So funny.

Warehouse 13 S4x14 Monty visits the Warehouse

As they head off to look at some more cool stuff, Monty shop lifts one of the artifacts. Claudia and Jinx have also returned home to place the blanket on one of the Warehouse shelves. Karma bites Claudia in the backside for her earlier enjoyment of Jinx’s fear of horses and all seems well with the Warehouse World.

Warehouse 13 S4x14 Monty lifts an artifact

That is, except with Artie and Abigail. As she takes over the watering of the ferns duty, she wonders why she is there. She finds out as Artie enters, now, willing to talk. It looks like we have a new member of the Warehouse crew.


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