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Our favorite agents have been busy indeed lately and this week it seems there will be no rest for the weary!  Artie (Saul Rubinek) is still carrying the killing of Leena (Genelle Williams) on his broad shoulders, and just does not seem to be grumpy or happy, he seems downright depressed! 

Could the arrival of a new owner of the Inn set things in balance? Maybe have the winds of change blown in his favor!

Included in the episode is a great song, “Trouble” by Pink that perfectly matches the story arc when Claudia gets zapped by the Warehouse multiple times, and is later covered in goo!

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Warehouse 13 S4x12 WH Agents

Before we get into everything that happened this week, lets watch a sneak peek from the upcoming Episode of Warehouse 13 ‘Runaway‘ , provided by Syfy!


Right out of the gate we get to meet the new owner of the B&B, Abigail Cho (Kelly Hu), and as it turns out she is also a psychologist, and Artie immediately confides with her that he recently killed a very good friend! 

Wow! Talk about fast friends!  What possessed him to confess this to a total stranger?  Is there an artifact at work already? Well, this could be good for Artie, or not…..guess we will see!

Warehouse 13 S4x15 New Owner

While in Boone, Wisconsin a man, Purcell, (Eric Murdoch) runs into the Police Station and confess to killing a guy that his lawyer had already had him cleared of the charges! 

I do not know about you, there already seems to be a chain of confessions happening people!  He is acting very weird, yelling his confession to every cop in the station!

Warehouse 13 S4x15 Purcell confesses

Warehouse 13 S4x15 HG Wells shows upPurcell agrees to DNA testing and of all doctors to perform the test, guess who walks around the corner but H.G. Wells (Jaime Murray), incognito as Dr. Emily Lake, but we know who she is! 

The plot is as thick as lemon pudding!  While swabbing his hands she notices that his hand seems to go shadowed then back to normal, as she smiles and softly says ‘Curiosity’, what does that mean? 

On another note, which might or might not come into play later in the show the local DA is being played by Todd Stashwick! This I do not mind one little bit!  Eye candy girls!

Warehouse 13 S4x15 shadowed hand

Warehouse 13 S4x15 Artie hammock shakingWe drop in and find Artie laying in the hammock and reading, awe it looks very comfortable!  Just then, the entire room starts shaking! Is there an earthquake?

Artie calls Claudia (Allison Scagliotti) to see if they felt anything at the B&B, they did not but they were having a nice discussion about what was being served for breakfast!  Wheeto’s – Cereal!

Pete (Eddie McClintock) was just saying how Abigail had not made a real breakfast!  Anyway, no, they did not feel the earth move or any shaking at all, which is weird because it about knocked Artie out of the hammock! 

Pete and Myka (Joanne Kelly) head to Boone while Claudia, Steve (Aaron Ashmore) and Abigail also go to meet Artie!  So lets go!

Warehouse 13 S4x15 Artie calling Claudia

Warehouse 13 S4x15 Myka in the lab HG and PeteWe find Myka and Pete in the lab talking with H.G. about the goings on in Boone.  H.G. has to explain to Myka and Pete about dropping out of sight since the incident at the monastery, well, these things happen!

We all know that!  Turns out the suspects name is Richard Purcell and she explains that while she was gathering his DNA he seemed to transform, she is not quite sure into or back from what, but a transformation happened!

Artie is in the desert where the F.I.S.H is located with Claudia, Steve and Abigail with what looks like a metal detector; of course, it is not a metal detector!  He ramps up the F.I.S.H. and it shows a 3D image of the landscape around the warehouse! 

By checking the real-time scan of the F.I.S.H, they see that the warehouse DID shake!  The mountain did not nor the ground around it, but the warehouse, YES! Now to the important question and ultimate answer, what is causing it?

Warehouse 13 S4x15 3D landscape

Warehouse 13 S4x15 FISHDuring the visit outside Warehouse 13 by the team, led by Artie, we witness one of the coolest visual effects sequences of the entire series when the F.I.S.H. takes back off to monitor the warehouse and surrounding area! 

I captured a very nice screen-cap of it taking off.Why?

Well, because it looks like a Spaceship to me and and I frakkin love anything with Spaceships!

They all take back off for the warehouse where hopefully they can stop whatever is shaking everything up around there!

Warehouse 13 S4x15 warehouse shaking up

Just a note:  Earlier Artie did ask Claudia if anything weird or strange had been happening at the warehouse, she had a flashback of a streak of lighting hitting her in the butt – Steve kinda saw the flash but wasn’t sure so he let it go. However, just now, when the shaking happened again, the very same flash showed up and yep, again tagged Claudia in the butt!  She acted as if it was a muscle cramp but I saw it and tagged it for you people! (This could come into play later)!

Warehouse 13 S4x15 Claudia zapped in the butt

While on the way to see the crazy guy that turned himself in, Myka is telling Pete that she is having a hard time believing that Helena turned over a new leaf for a normal life! Yeah, me too!

They get to Purcell, he is telling them about the robbery and that he was the only one there, and really does not know why he turned himself in and that he had no accomplice, his friend Donald Schultz, actually was not there!  Purcell says that Schultz just cannot say where he was…..this seems a little sketchy to me but let us see how this plays out! 

Myka asks Purcell where he was and what he was doing right before he came to the Police station and turned himself in, he starts to remember but then goes somewhat crazy on them yelling for them to leave him alone and go away!

Warehouse 13 S4x15 Purcell before Station

Meanwhile we see Purcell’s friend, Schultz and he seems to be in the same room and experiencing the same thing that Purcell did, except it looks like Schultz might have screamed his last scream! What artifact could be causing these hallucinations? An artifact that makes guilty people confess to their crimes or wrongdoings!

Hmmmmm well actually, that does not really sound so bad…..or does it?! In addition, maybe it is not an artifact at all but maybe a person….just a thought!

Warehouse 13 S4x15 Schultz with the artifact

Warehouse 13 S4x15 problem in the warehouseBack at the warehouse our agents have been busy trying to track down the sector of the warehouse causing the rift, they zero in on it and come upon a mini tornado-running wild within the warehouse! 

The expansion joints are breathing in and out and causing the disturbance!  Artie, Claudia, Steve and Abigail need to figure this one out before the warehouse completely blows its lid!

Myka has gone to Helena’s home in a quest for help but immediately discovers that a new life is exactly what Helena i.e.: Emily Lake, has created for herself.  To only keep the names straight is a challenge! 

For this story, I am going to refer to H.G. as Helena, you can just substitute whichever name you prefer as we move along!  It seems Helena has setup house with her man friend Nate (Tuc Watkins) and his daughter Adalaide!  Myka convinces Helena to come on just one more adventure and help them solve this mystery of the confessions!

Warehouse 13 S4x15 Helena and Myka

Helena get herself and Myka into the Police station to search the surveillance tapes for any clue about what might have caused Purcell to turn himself in and they find that as he ran up to the station, he was transformed into a primal state of human!  Not quite ape – not quite human! 

Excellent work ladies!  Creepy but really good work!

Warehouse 13 S4x15 Purcell transforms

Pete has been doing some tracking of his own and comes up with the name of a police officers named Briggs, this guy promised the victims family justice!  Helena knows whom Briggs; they find him on the tapes! 

Before Purcell ever comes through the station doors, he is at the ready with a pair of handcuffs ready!  He is also the one that did handcuff and take Purcell to a cell! 

Also,it  looks like the handcuffs might be the artifact, or not!  Regardless, of what it is the artifact does have a handler after all; someone pulling the strings and that seems to be Briggs!

Warehouse 13 S4x15 Briggs with handcuffs

Warehouse 13 S4x15 Briggs Nick Glowing jawboneNate is unloading his car when who walks up, yep – Briggs!  At first Briggs acts as if he is looking for Emily, shows his badge, starts out friendly, making small talk about kids. 

He then asks Nate if he can give her a message for her friends, the agents, but then he starts referring to Emily as Helena, Nate is confused then when Briggs realizes that Nate doesn’t really even know that Emily is Helena!

Briggs pops out this wolf/cow jawbone thing that starts glowing, he points it towards Nate and Zaps him with it!

This is the artifact people!  Omygods!  Scary looking evil thing! Where are our agents with the containment bag? Just then sure enough, Helena shows up, takes Briggs down and saves Nate!

HG has Briggs on the ground, but as she is choking him, Nate is laying by his car in the driveway having his own trouble breathing!  Helena releases Briggs to go help Nate while Briggs runs down the street and escapes!

Warehouse 13 S4x15 Helena saves Nate

One good thing, Briggs dropped the artifact and its laying on the ground!

Pete and Myka are not far behind her as they are jumping from the truck, Helena is telling them to hurry and get the jawbone artifact! They get it contained, at least that’s in the bag! When the bag is sealed Nate finally takes a full breathe!  Now the ‘splaining’ begins, I guess…….

Warehouse 13 S4x15 Jawbone Artifact Contained

Warehouse 13 S4x15 stop the energyWe see that Abigail has learned to speak ‘Freakinese’ according to Claudia when she explains that they need to stop the flow of energy into the warehouse until they can figure out why the expansion joints have stopped expanding!

It seems the B&B has a very smart new owner! They are trying to figure out a way to contain the energy, talking smart talk amount themselves when again…..Claudia gets the zap on the butt! 

And yes, I screen-capped that for your viewing enjoyment below!

Warehouse 13 S4x15 Claudia get zapped AGAIN

Warehouse 13 S4x15 What is going onSteve and Claudia go to try to find something to shoot ‘goo’ up into the swirling tornado thing and he confronts her, Steve just wants to know what is going on? 

He admits that he has now seen, with his eyes, her being zapped twice!  Claudia says that she thinks the warehouse is mad at her!  Bawahahahahah!  Well, maybe she is right, turns out its been happening ever since they got back from England, after she stabbed Artie, and she thinks the warehouse has it out for her now! 

And NO, she is not going to tell Artie, not with Abigail, the doctor, around – they have very strong meds and special places for people that think buildings hate them! Then it happens again, yep, she gets zapped! And I knew you would want to see it so I got it for you again!

Warehouse 13 S4x15 Claudia zapped times 3

Warehouse 13 S4x15 Steve takes aimWhile Steve and Claudia were discussing the zapping of her butt, Artie has found out what is jamming up the energy, it’s a Railroad Spike from the Continental Railroad! 

Claudia and Steve show up with a ‘goo’ shooting gun and Steve takes a shot but realizes that he needs to be higher to get the right shot, they find a ladder, not just any ladder kiddos, this ladder goes all the way to the ceiling and is itself and artifact! 

It seems a bit wobbly and unstable but Steve nimbly scoots up higher and higher, then several rungs of the ladder fall to the floor along with the ‘goo’ gun, Artie steps on one of the boards and twists his ankle and goes down, Steve is hanging by one arm and its left to Claudia and Abigail, they need to get as close as possible and the the ‘goo’ up to the twisting twister of trapped energy, and its expanding inside the warehouse!

Pete is trying to convince Nate that Helena is a good person, just maybe not the one he thought she was when the phone rings, its Briggs and he has Adalaide!  Briggs wants the jawbone back!  Myka takes off for a warehouse that Nate knew about and she is hot on Briggs the trail! 

She finds the warehouse, goes in and yes, she finds Briggs but guess who he is there with?  None other than the local Boone District Attorney!  Myka only wants Adalaide and lays down the containment bag for Briggs to take. 

Then she tells Briggs that Mr. DA has been double-crossing him and that he used the jawbone on Schultz, killing him!  While they begin to argue Myka cross kicks them and takes off running!

Warehouse 13 S4x15 Myka finds Briggs and the DA

Claudia and Abigail are left to defend the warehouse, Claudia admits to Abigail that she thinks the warehouse hates her, and Abigail concludes that maybe it is not hating her.

Instead maybe it has been trying to get her attention by the zapping it could be asking her for help!  Claudia has realized that she does want to be caretaker of the warehouse and the decision is made! Claudia is going in!

Warehouse 13 S4x15 Claudia goes in

Claudia is in the eye of the storm, she made it!  Points the ‘goo’ gun upwards toward the clogged energy and fires the ‘goo’ into the stuck spike!  The tornado disperses, and all the energy is dispelled! 

The warehouse is saved from certain destruction! And as we see our warrior princess, we are reminded that the warehouse has spoken, Claudia is and from this point forward will always be the caretaker after all!

Warehouse 13 S4x15 Claudia Is Trouble

Pete and Helena show up to help Myka, but where is Myka?  They see Briggs and the DA but no Myka in sight!  They remain hidden from sight and Helena tells Pete that Briggs is hers!  So, we have our 3 agents surrounding the bad guys, Helena gets to take Briggs down with a pipe and some swift foot action! 

Then Pete runs up on the DA, almost gets the cuffs on him but Mr. DA grabs the jawbone and does manage to use it on Pete, who starts transforming, just then Myka zaps him takes him down and re-bags the jawbone! 

Pete’s transformation stops and he returns to normal, his first words to Myka are – “No, Cave-Man jokes‘, she responds with ‘I will not agree to that’! Yeah, like she’s gonna let that go – Not!

Warehouse 13 S4x15 Pete goes CaveMan

Helena has found Adalaide in the office of the warehouse, she is safe and sound! Helena does have some explaining to do, granted she has her reasons for remaining mum about her past.  She is bringing Nate’s daughter home safe, which was the goal! Here’s hoping Nate might understand the role she must play at times to help save the world!

Warehouse 13 S4x15 Helena and Adalaide

Whew!  What an excellent show this was and I cannot wait to see what adventures our agents take us on in Runaway this week!  I hope you enjoyed my analysis of ‘Instinct’ and invite you to drop in for a visit as often as possible!

And on another note never let us forget all the work that goes into creating just one episode of Warehouse 13, Kudo’s to Jane Espenson and Brent Mote, creators, they are the glue that holds the production team, writers, crew, visuals, stunts, makeup, sound, casting and many, many more together! Thank you all for bringing such top notch entertainment to our televisions on a weekly basis!

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  • avatar Kenn says:

    Good evening Holly!

    Great work on this analysis! What a nice Claudia centric episode and so cool that she saved the day! YAY!

    Thank you!

    Best regards,

    Kenn Weeks of WHR

  • avatar Fred says:


    I like your reviews, but it seems like you have fallen behind? Will you finish the season and series? thx


    • avatar Kenn says:

      Hi Fred,

      Thanks for the nice comment. Yes we will complete Warehouse 13 as a series with analysis although we are changing as a news site featuring more reviews and human interest at our WHR You Decide radio show now running two channels at Blog Talk Radio (BTR).

      We are considering what is next in Phase Nine of a Ten Phase business plan after completing capital formation.

      Thanks again for dropping by.

      Best Regards,

      Kenn Weeks of WHR

  • avatar andrea says:

    –About this episode and a small rant–

    Did anyone notice when Claudia made it into eye of the storm that in the ‘silence’ there were little chirps coming from within the Warehouse?

    It was likethe Warehouse was communicating (or similar) with Claudia.

    I love how the Warehouseisorgani9c ..but even more- communicates.
    — I wish wegot to know more about Leena. She communicated with and was deeply in touch with the Warehouse.

    Also love (in other episodes) where areas in the Warehouse was the heart..and the mind..and etc.

    In the end it clearthat Artie truly felt asif her were “married” to the Warehouse…
    I LOVED how it was a slight breeze then fog-likepresence..butdone in a way that wasnot cliche oretc.. and then the apple came rolling down the aisle to Artie …

    I just think that the way things likethis – and mu7ch much more- are portrayed is brilliantly done.

    But.. even though the last season had so much in it..it felt “jammed in”and rushed.

    I still do not “truly’understand why the show had to end!? There were -in all episodfes- varied hints of many more episodes that never came to be.
    Summing it up justmadeit worse.

    Therewassomuch in this episode (Instinct) ./..but in most all episodes… that tied to so much.

    I just question…why begin a series that has such powerful ways of threading stories and realities in history and etc but cuitit off when it was noteven close to being finished.

    The many ideas of what the Wartehouse “is’ ..from Warehouse 1-13.. the psychic as well as electricitry/time/ etc etc..was so created through the acting and design and stories..

    it was a GREAT ..no, brilliant, show.. and so many npeoplelearned so much from it…asit was done SO well.
    sorry..just sad. So much hinted to-but just thrown onto the fire..

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