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Most of the odd things on Warehouse 13 are things you do not see every day. That is what makes this show so much fun to watch.

When lava creates a hole inside a prison yard, that is most definitely something you do not see every day.

So, who created the invisible volcano that spewed the lava, we ask? It is time to seek out the agents at Warehouse 13!

Warehouse13 S4x16 - Allison Scagliotti as Claudia


Warehouse13 S4X16 LavaJinx (Aaron Ashmore) and Myka (Joanne Kelly) arrive to check out the hole in the wall. Is it time to mix up the teams or is this because Artie (Saul Rubinek) is planning Claudia’s (Allison Scagliotti) 21st birthday party and it might look odd discussing the plans with Myka if Claudia is hanging around. That is my theory, anyway.

Speaking of Claudia’s party, Artie has a black light in mind for some cool wall art he wants to use to add to the atmosphere, but, as is usual at Warehouse 13, something goes wrong and Artie gets beaned multiple times by a blue ball.

We know this will not end well. Speaking of ending well, would it not make sense that any time something unusual happens at the Warehouse and an agent like Artie makes contact with an artifact, that the first order of business would be for an evaluation of the agent to ensure that no harm has been done? Just my opinion, of course.

Warehouse13 S4X16 Beethoven's clock

Pete (Eddie McClintock) arrives to tell Myka about the Federal Marshal who is on the case, then introduces them. Liam Napier (Charlie Weber) has history with Jinx which becomes quite obvious as they shake hands in greeting.

As they discuss what has happened, Myka and Pete determine that the “incendiary device” as Jinx calls it, may have just been a diversion for the real prison break which took place somewhere else in the building.

Warehouse13 S4X16 Second Lava hole

Meanwhile, back at the B&B, Artie has set up the solarium for an awesome party. Claudia takes the opportunity to show up, causing Artie to try and hide what he is up to, which works terribly.

Since Claudia is on to him, Artie realizes that he has to come clean and admit his sneaky goal – Claudia’s birthday party!

Warehouse13 S4X16 Artie attempts to hide party

Warehouse13 S4X16 Artie gets beat up by ballNaturally, being now legal drinking age, Claudia informs Artie, thanks, but she has plans to go out to the bar with Jinx. There is some back and forth for a bit then Artie tells Claudia, that he would like her to turn off the music. “What music,” asks Claudia.

Artie takes a moment to realize that Beethoven’s clock  is responsible. Now, see, Artie, if you would listen to me and get things checked out as soon as you have an encounter with an artifact…

Yes, two prisoners are missing from another part of the prison, and there is a second hole made by lava. “It looks as if Barton (Vladimir Jon Cubrt) and Davis(Ronnie Rowe) have someone on the outside”, Pete says, “someone with an artifact”.

Warehouse13 S4X16 ArtifactA woman stops her truck on the side of the road and two prisoners jump into the truck. We also get a look at the artifact, which appears to be a metal pitcher of some kind, with a lid.

Pete, Myka and Jinx discuss the escaped convicts with the Marshall. He steps away for a few minutes. As he does, Pete suggests that one of them should keep an eye on him. Jinx quickly volunteers Pete, which leads to questions. Myka gets the reason right away; he is Jinx’s Ex.

He also dumped Jinx, making things even more uncomfortable for Pete and Myka’s friend. Once everything is cleared up, Myka offers to keep an eye on the old boyfriend.

Warehouse13 S4X16 Jinx as dumpee

Myka and Napier interview the bad guy who obviously was not invited to the escape party.  Very cleverly, they manipulate him to get information they want about where the escaped convicts are going.

It is interesting, at this point, and a little easy to forget, while Myka is involved in using police procedural 101, that the reason behind all this is to get the artifact. Sometimes you have to take a winding path to reach your destination. This is definitely the winding path.

Warehouse13 S4X16 Myka and marshal interview Griff

Pete and Jinx have a man to man chat in the oddest of places; a cell block. This has got to be the last place where anyone would talk about touchy/feely stuff like relationships.

Poor Jinx is along for the ride as Pete continues to discuss his failed relationships. Pete admits, “I’ve been getting in touch with my sensitive side”.

Warehouse13 S4X16 Pete has a man to man chat

Warehouse13 S4X16 Clever codeOnce Pete and Jinx reach one of the escaped prisoner’s cells, they discover a badly written poem, but they also discover that there is a cipher; a post card with holes cut out where the important words in the poem are located.

They determine from this that the prisoner had help from the outside.

Back at Warehouse 13, Claudia and Artie are checking out information on Beethoven’s clock. The top piece, a sculpture of a woman, is missing.

With Claudia’s superior search skills, now replacing what Leena did for them, they find out that the sculpture is in Boston.  Time for a quick flight east.

Warehouse13 S4X16 Melted DavisOutside the prison, Myka and Napier have come across what looks like the remains of lava bombs. As they explore further, they discover the cash that has been left behind and the remains of Davis.

His girlfriend is trapped inside the getaway vehicle. Napier concludes that whatever is now being used by Barton is not an incendiary device.

Will Napier be another in a growing line of people who know about the Warehouse? The agents are going to need a forgetting artifact soon.

Once brought back to the prison, Davis’s girlfriend provides information about what happened. There was a fight between Barton and Davis. Barton got the artifact and used it on Davis.

She also explains that the artifact belonged to her grandmother in Italy and that she got all of her grandmother’s belongings when her grandmother died.  Barton also took the girlfriend’s cell phone. Myka checks for calls made.

Warehouse13 S4X16 Accomplice spills

Barton used the cell phone to call a 24 hour diner that is used by the gang he belongs to.  It seems that a meeting has been arranged.

When Pete, Myka and Jinx arrive with Napier, they discover a blob of cooling lava at one of the tables. Another bad guy has bitten the dust…literally.

Warehouse13 S4X16 Another dead bad guy at caffe

Liam Napier is the third wheel. While he is trying to get to the bottom of what is going on, Myka, Jinx and Pete keep shutting him out. He is not happy about it. He confronts Jinx who immediately tells him that things would be easier if Napier was not around. Our hunky marshal does not agree.

As Myka and Pete come outside, Napier receives a call. He has an address for Barton and he is headed out to get the bad guy. Although Jinx does not want to tag along with Napier, Pete and Myka convince him that he has to so he can retrieve the artifact safely. They are going to look for a guy named Chris that Barton was after.

Warehouse13 S4X16 Liam not happy

Meanwhile. Artie and Claudia have arrived in Boston. Claudia breaks into the museum that holds the other part of the clock. Artie hangs back as he continues to have trouble hearing Claudia due to Beethoven’s extensive music library.

Artie admits to Claudia that the noise of the piece is making him irritable, to which Claudia makes a comment. Artie replies, “you just made a joke about that, didn’t you?” Yeah, Artie, she did.

Warehouse13 S4X16 Artie and Claudia in Boston

Inside, although they have a look around, they discover that the artifact is missing. It must have been sold. Fortunately, they find a manifest of the name and address of the buyer.

At that moment, the music in Artie’s head changes. He realizes that he is now hearing the last composition Beethoven made before he went deaf.

Warehouse13 S4X16 Manifest

After more digging, Myka returns to Pete who is sitting at the Diner’s counter eating a desert. She tells him that the name ‘Chris’, is short for Christina (Mary Krohnert). What is more, she has a name and address. Time to find this mystery woman who holds Barton’s attention.

Warehouse13 S4X16 Jinx and Napier argueJinx and Napier are fighting, they are having the fight they did not have when they were together. After lots of back and forth between them, Jinx admits that if he cannot make it work with Napier, he cannot make it work with anyone. So sad.

Pete and Myka arrive at Christina’s house. Unknown to them, Barton got there first. “We have reason to believe you may be in danger”, offers Pete, as he holds up his badge.  

Once inside, Pete questions the woman who keeps replying that she does not know anyone named Barton, but Myka’s keen eye spots a smudge on the door frame and a spot of volcanic ash on the table beneath it. “Why are you lying to us,” she asks.

Warehouse13 S4X16 Pete and Myka put it together

Jinx and Napier arrive at Barton’s safe house. They find evidence that he has come and gone. The two immediately look for clues that might be of use to the investigation. It looks as if no one needs a warrant to go snooping in other people’s buildings. That would slow down the story, so, perhaps we should let that go for now.

What the two find with their snooping is a pick-up schedule for an armored car company. They are off and running to the next stop on the schedule.

Warehouse13 S4X16 At safe house

Back at Chris’s house, Pete and Myka determine that Chris has a teenage son, Kyle (Landon Norris), who is a member of Barton’s gang. However, Barton is not there to harm the boy, but to try to save him since he is the father.

Artie has discovered a ‘crap collector’, a crazy aunt who collects junk. Hey, at least it is not cats. The nephew is helping Artie and Claudia go through boxes and boxes of stuff at the music academy.

Naturally, this will not be cut and dried. The nephew wonders if the artifact has any value. Claudia assures him it does not, but he does not believe her. He runs off with it. As Artie and Claudia chase after Mr. Greedy, the music in Artie’s head stops, and so does his hearing.

Warehouse13 S4X16 Artie discovers crap collector

With Pete and Myka on the way, Jinx and Napier have found Barton’s gang in the middle of an initiation. Barton shows up to put a stop to the initiation. Things do not go so well and the top bad guy aims his weapon at the teen.

This is when Jinx and Napier step in. A gunfight ensues. Barton gets shot instead. Since he has the artifact, he uses it, but then he drops it and lava spews forth. It is time to seek higher ground.

Warehouse13 S4X16 Bartons son initiation

Back at the music academy, the bad guy is back on his feet. Artie has arrived on the scene. With one good solid punch, he sends the bad guy over the railing.

Claudia zaps him for good measure and because she hurt her ankle taking him out. Artie bags the artifact, his hearing comes back, and all is well with the world.

Warehouse13 S4X16 Bagging artifact

Except for, Napier is now trapped on top of a truck with the tires popping as the heat from the lava burns through them. Pete and Myka arrive, quickly assess the scene and realize that they have to re-cork the bottle, so to speak. Jinx has other plans.

He uses the Toyota Prius he has been driving, to drive next to the truck where Napier is stranded so he can be near the person he loves. This gives the writers an opportunity to sell the Prius as a real bad boy car! It can even handle CGI lava.

Warehouse13 S4X16 Jinx comes to save friend

Personally, I think it would have been smarter for Jinx to drive up next to the spewing bottle and grab it so he could cork it, but I suspect that is the hero of the show’s job.

Fortunately, cars seem to float around in lava, so Myka and Pete climb on to the nearest car and let it take them over to some other cars, where they can jump from rooftop to rooftop until they reach the right car.

Then, working together, they shut off the lava and bag the device. This, of course, causes the lava to stop being molten. It quickly becomes  slightly warm rock. Everyone is safe.

Warehouse13 S4X16 Stopping the lava

With the authorities at hand and clean-up underway, Kyle is reticent to go over and talk to his dad whom he says he does not know. Mom tries to convince him. He does not seem too eager.

Pete arrives to explain things, “he did take a bullet for you,” and, “he risked everything to put you on the right path”. Pete manages to convince Kyle, he should get to know his dad.

Warehouse13 S4X16 Pete tries to make it right

That just leaves Jinx and Napier. Although Jinx never admits that he works for a secret organization, Napier has figured it out and promises to keep the secret. He also agrees that Jinx ability to know when people are lying is a good thing, since Napier knew he was not going to make it out of the lava. It all worked out in the end.

Jinx arrives in a brand new Prius to Claudia’s birthday party, giving the producers a chance to show off the new car as Jinx admires it. Inside the bar – looks like Artie did some compromising – Claudia wants to know all about Jinx’s relationship with the ex boyfriend.

Jinx admits that the goodbye between the two of them was a really great goodbye. In other words, they slept together. Artie arrives, to present Claudia’s big surprise, and it is not a clown.

Warehouse13 S4X16 Jinxs goodbye

In fact, the talent who enters the stage to entertain at Claudia’s birthday is none other than Cherrie Currie of the legendary all female rock band, The Runaways, providing us with the reason for the name of the episode.

Warehouse13 S4X16 Claudia and idol

With Warehouse 13 in partnership with Toyota to market the Prius during the show, is this a new tactic for advertising? Does it work? It is believed that advertisers have resorted to this method of marketing because so many people now use DVRs to record shows, thus eliminating commercials when they watch a recorded show. 

Warehouse 13 is not the first show to do this. The Sopranos, Alias, Chuck and Eureka are just a few of the many television programs that have used this method, not to mention movies which have done so for over 80 years.

What do you think of this new take on a system of television advertising (product placement) used for many decades in movies?

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