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 SyFy Banner Logo Chain Link -Click to learn more about Warehouse 13!Welcome back Warehouse 13 Fans and Wormholeriders

Thanks for dropping by our little corner of the #Sandbox!  In this episoe we were worried about Pete’s (Eddie McClintock) Low “T”, a genius kid and gated communities! 

Hang on to your Farnsworth, grab some popcorn, and let’s see what the Warehouse has in store for us as we approach the end of season four! 

We do need to keep an eye on Claudia, (Allison Scagliotti) she could have a big Target on her back, Artie (Saul Rubinek) will be with her and we know that experience matters in these areas!  That leaves Steve (Aaron Ashmore) and Abigail (Kelly Hu) who will be flushing out the neutralizer annex at the warehouse and as we know, that is always a blast!

Warehouse 13 S4x17 Claudia Steve and Artie

Before we drop in on our agents enjoy a preview of the upcoming episode of Warehouse 13 ‘Lost and Found’ provided courtesy of Syfy and Welcome to Powerful Mondays!

Warehouse 13 S4x17 Marlon Ohio Myka and Pete

What Matters Most:

This week in Marlon, Ohio it seems the local District Attorney, Terry Chambers, had a bit of a melt down while going to check his mail!  Pete and Myka (Joanne Kelly) were tagged for this one and are on the case as they pull into the “Leave It to Beaver” like neighborhood!

Pete does comment that it looks like these people are living in a 1950’s TV show! My thoughts were ‘Why are these people not at work? Who is paying for the nice houses?!’ Is there an artifact controlling the entire masses in here?  If there is, I just might want to jump on board with that!  Looks nice!

Warehouse 13 S4x17 Colonel Myka and Pete

The first person Myka and Pete meet is a Colonel Arnold Castle (Chris Ellis) and he runs the place. Like a military camp. He informs them that they cannot park in front of the house, there’s visitor parking and they need to move there now!  Colonel’s quote:  Rules are Rules! It’s a slippery road to hell once you start breaking them! It seems this is a very clean and nice neighborhood that is run like a boot camp for adults!

Just when you think there are no helpful people in the neighborhood Pete and Myka are approached by one of the local neighbors, Janice (Cynthia Watros), she comes off as the local gossip but could be useful in the days to come, you never know!

Warehouse 13 S4x17 Myka Pete Busybody

Back at the warehouse, Abigail and Steve are the ones left and they are about to commence the cleaning!  This looks ominous and gooey – yep – very gooey!  They are suited up, with cleaning utensils in hand!

Warehouse 13 S4x17 Abigail and Steve Suited up

Warehouse 13 S4x17 New York CityClaudia and Artie are in New York City investigating a 16 year old youth named Nick Powell, (Josh Blaylock).

Nick, who apparently, while in a trance, painted some really ‘smart math’ on the pillars of an underpass near where he lives, in a box – you heard me – in a box. 

No home, no parents, a street kid with no home!  But for now he is at the hospital, getting an MRI, Artie and Claudia are going to meet him in about an hour!

Warehouse 13 S4x17 Claudia and Artie New York

Myka and Pete are rummaging through the dead DA’s house and visiting with his son, Rodg, yes Rodg, not Roger (AJ Vaage) !  For a kid who just lost his father to mysterious circumstances, this kid seems like he might be in a trance!  No tears, but I do notice that he has his eye on Myka! 

He knows nothing about his fathers work or even that his father was known as ‘DA Gas-Chamber’,  sending 6 men to death-row in the last 15 years!  And his windshield was broken a couple of night ago, because he forgot to park in his garage!  These people, in this neighborhood are weird! 

I revoke my statement about wanting to go anywhere near there!   Rog seems surprised that his father might have been murdered vs. a having a stroke, we will see where this goes….

Warehouse 13 S4x17 Myka Pete and Rog

Just when Myka and Pete are about to leave and go check out some leads you hear an ambulance from the street!  They run out of the DA’s house and Pete runs in to another residence with the EMS guy, who says a lady called saying she was stuck!  We see exactly what she’s talking about – yeah, she’s stuck all right!

My mind goes to the song ‘Stuck on You’!  Turns out the stuck lady, Mrs. LaBelle (Stephanie Moore) needed some help with her candle business website and Spencer (Drew Dafoe), the website guru she is stuck too, leaned over, her shirt has kinda fell open, his came completely off and then – BAM! They are now stuck together!

Warehouse 13 S4x17 Stuck on each otherPete gets right to the glue of the matter and inquires if either of them had any contact with the dead DA Chambers recently! 

Sure enough, the stuck lady, well her husband, yes her husband, Gerry, (Robert B. Kennedy) worked for the former DA Chambers until he was fired recently!  AH-HA – another lead!

Back at the warehouse, Abigail and Steve are working on cleaning the gooey stuff that accumulates when artifacts are stored!  Steve admits that he did stay to unpack his stuff from his mothers, but also to evaluate his life. 

He realizes that his whole life is associated with the warehouse now and exactly what that means for him and his future.  Abigail is listening to him, and she does seem to be a good listener! While he is talking and trying to turn the pressure valve the pressure continues to build up in the gooey chamber and ‘Splat’ Steve gets the goo it full force in his face!

Warehouse 13 S4x17 Steve totally gooed

Claudia is talking with ‘Math Boy’; he doesn’t trust her at first but opens up a bit after she admits to him that she too was previously a child of the street, Minneapolis.  Since he has been in the hospital he already had another trance episode and the writing is on the wall to prove it! 

He says before it happens he gets visions, like he is somewhere else, like his body is present but his mind is someplace else.  Artie has the results of the MRI and they are not good!

Warehouse 13 S4x17 Claudia Artie with math boy

Warehouse 13 S4x17 Myka Pete and burning GuardThe security guard escorts Pete and Myka to Gerry’s house to let him know about his wife being stuck to the computer guru Spencer! 

After knocking on the door and nobody answering, they hear something in the garage, go in there and sure enough, Gerry is there, they introduce themselves and Jerry tries to take off running! 

Pete grabs him and while holding him against the wall accuses him of killing the DA for being fired, Gerry admits to breaking the DA’s windshield but to nothing else! Pete spills the beans about his wife messing around with Spencer, with Pete asking where the artifact is! Suddenly Myka smells something burning!  It’s the security guard who showed them where Gerry’s house was!  He is glowing green and smoldering!

Pete and Myka extinguish the fire but the security guard could still die!  People in the neighborhood are beginning to panic, who has control of this artifact and who is the next target?!  While sorting out the facts, they know of the 3 victims, the DA, Gerry’s wife and now the security guard!  Within the neighborhood of Crown Heights, who has there ears and hands in everyone’s business? 

Turns out our female busy body’s name is Janice! And she is making tea for Myka and Pete, Pete notices a plate of cookies I also noticed he took one for later!  By the way the security guard, his name is Rex, (Matt Birman) and his condo burned down about 3 months ago, faulty wiring is the word for now, we will see!

Warehouse 13 S4x17 Crown Heights Busy bodies

Warehouse 13 S4x17 Witness the TranceClaudia and Artie have moved Nick to a safe house and Artie is deciphering the mathematical equations that Nick wrote while in his state of trance!  He has figured out that it is a combination of C+ and a multitude of equations used by mathematicians hired by Wall Street Stock Market brokers to hedge the market on funds! 

While explaining this to Claudia they are not really paying much attention to Nick, who has slipped into another one of the trances!  Nick is up and writing on the white board and they need to know if he can see anything of the surroundings, where he is! 

He relays that he sees a blue mug and a clock with an antelope on it!  Then he seizes up and the episode is over, though it does take Artie reaching into his bag of tricks and pulling out Joseph Stalin’s sleep mask to stop the seizure and let Nick slip into a restful sleep!  How many more of these trances will Nick survive!  They need to find the artifact fast!

Warehouse 13 S4x17 Myka and Pete Ah Ha

Back to Myka and Pete, they are at the Rec Center, where Rex has been living since his condo burned down.  Pete notices that all his electronics seem to have survived the fire, Myka finds a notice from the insurance company that they found boric acid in the electrical outlets at the burned down condo and it has now turned into an arson investigation! 

Boric acid it seems has a green glow to it when ignited, the same glow that affected Rex when he went up in flames!  Myka, smart Myka, puts all this neatly together!  This could be an artifact associated with ‘Sin’!  Rex tried to burn down his own condo, Jerry’s wife was having an affair and got stuck, now what did the DA do? 

Was he underhanded with some of his prior death-row cases?  Did someone that received a lethal injection not deserve to die?  That would constitute ‘Sin’, yes it would!  Myka is brilliant and beautiful, and Pete, well Pete pulls the final clue from what they know!  Colonel Castle has the badge of morality stamped firmly on his face; he has no room in his little community for people that do not follow the rules!  Off to find the Colonel they go!

Warehouse 13 S4x17 Colonel Castle smoked

 They find the Colonel’s golf cart but he does not come to the door, Myka using her magical powers, and some sort of tool, opens the door.  They enter the house calling out for the Colonel then they see orange smoke coming from under a door!  They cover their faces and enter the room to find the Colonel lying in the floor! 

They help him from the smokey house and Myka calls 911!  Pete tells him, if there’s something he did, admit it, and tell them now because there could be a connection!  Turns out the “Play by the Rules’ Colonel does have a few skeletons in his closet, literally! 

While in Kuwait his unit, gassed an entire village of people, all of them, for hiding the enemy.  Well, the Colonel is not the one with the artifact; he is just another victim of his own past ‘Sin’! Are we any closer to finding the culprit?  Who has the artifact? They better hurry up and find who and where pretty soon!

Warehouse 13 S4x17 Pete Myka Colonel gassed

 SIDE BAR NOTE:  I noticed, that when the Colonal was lying on the ground, in front of his house, nobody came to see if he was okay or not.  All the neighbors came out of their houses when they heard the ambulance but not one person came over to see if he was okay or what had happened!  They saw it was him, seemed to discuss for a moment, went back into their houses, or got in their cars and left. Bam!

Warehouse 13 S4x17 Armstrong Investing Antelope

 Claudia has Steve researching missing artifacts from the warehouse, while she and Artie try to narrow down the search from New York.  She has run a search of the Investment houses that might have an antelope in their logo and sure enough there is one!  About the time she pulls up the logo on the screen, Nick wakes up and confirms her find!  That is what he saw in his trance!  They have a match!

Warehouse 13 S4x17 Crown Heights board membersPete has brought it!  He figured out that the common connection between all the victims is that they are all Crown Heights board members!

Pete takes off to go talk to the last board member that has not been targeted yet, John Foster, and leaves Myka going through minutes of board meetings, oh fun!

Her last words to Pete are ‘Be Careful’!  Through Steve and Abigail’s research they might have found a connection with some old artifacts created that are covered in salt and originated from the Sodom and Gomorra incident in biblical times!

Warehouse 13 S4x17 Myka and Pete board members

Warehouse 13 S4x17 Artie at Armstrong Industries Artie has gone to the offices of Armstrong Investments to search for the artifact!  Claudia and Nick are helping him back from the safety of the safe house! 

Claudia has found an article commending the algorithms of Armstrong Industries trading analysts for their recent success; this could be a good lead for Artie! 

Just then Nick has been pulled into another trance and Claudia is trying to gain Intel from him as the computations pour from his hands!  He sees a desk in front of a smokey glass door, and as Artie turns the corner, the entire isle of desks have those smokey glass doors behind them!

Warehouse 13 S4x17 Its all about the algorithms

 SIDE BAR NOTE: Just have to say, when i hear the word algorithm, it takes me back, back to another Syfy show, any of the Stargates! And a beloved character named Rodney McKay (David Hewlett)! As anyone who knows Rodney – this was one of his favorite words!

Then, Nick hears music, and says ‘Kill the Wabbit’!  That is what he is hearing! That song!  Artie narrows it down, hears the music too and here we go folks!  The artifact has been found – Orville Wrights Aviator Glasses!  Artie grabs the glasses off the guys head, bags and tags them and Nick is saved!  Whew!

Warehouse 13 S4x17 Kill The Wabbit Bagged

Pete has busted through John Fosters (Brian Kaulback) front door just as Myka calls him, she has deducted that they are probably looking at Janice, the busy body, as the culprit of this artifact mishap!  All the board members voted against her constructing a Bust of her late husband on Crown Heights property, turns out her late husband founded this community, Crown Heights! 

Then Myka turns to see whats left of a plate of cookies in the office, and then she remembers that in every victim’s house or office she saw those same cookies, the same ones that Pete grubbed while at Janice’s house!  Then she gets down close and sure enough, there is SALT on the plate!  We have a Winner!

Warehouse 13 S4x17 Janice makes cookies

Just when Pete and Myka are putting all this together, and it seems just as Pete actually himself realizes that he did  did eat some of those cookies and very well could still have one in his pocket, he is lifted into the air and flies thru John Foster’s pretty plate glass window! 

He lands in the front yard and it seems Pete has broken his legs or the cookie broke his legs or the flying out the window broke them – somehow – Pete’s legs are broken!  Pete is in extreme pain people!  Instead of calling an ambulance or for help, Pete sends Myka to get Janice – NOW!

 Warehouse 13 S4x17 yeah pete that would suck

Myka runs into Janice’s house and finds her about to feed John Foster one of her famous cookies!  Myka knocks it from his hand and right there on the bar is a face mask of salt!  There is the artifact! 

Janice grabs the mask and a very sharp lookinWarehouse 13 S4x17 Janice with the salt maskg knife and starts waving it all around and saying how her husband created Crown Heights! 

Yeah, this woman has completely jumped the Salt!

After a brief struggle, John Foster runs from the house while Myka knocks the knife from Janice’s hands and grabs the salt mask and throws it into the containment bag!  Artifact successfully bagged!

Myka runs back to Pete and his legs are still broken! 

Just then the Colonel pulls up in a caWarehouse 13 S4x17 Myka bags the maskb and he said as soon as he left Myka and Pete be began to feel better!  The confession, that’s what put things right – Pete must confess his sins, to Myka, to repair his legs to normal! 

Now Pete, do the deed, let’s hear it. Turns out when Pete was young, young and stupid, he was drunk, got behind the wheel of his car, lost control of the car and hit a tree, he walked away without a scratch but his buddy, Dave, well, Dave was thrown from the car and broke both legs……

This is Pete’s sin, this is why Pete has never taken another drink and never will!  Pete’s legs were restored, his confession voiced, the artifact and all its evil bagged!

Warehouse 13 S4x17 Petes sin

Claudia convinces Nick, who lives in a box, to come back to North Dakota with them, just for a couple of days!  Artie relents and as they all arrive at the B & B for the welcome dinner homecoming, it seems really nice, at first – as they gather at the table for a meal prepared by Steve, lasagna, Yum!

You see a parting shot of Nick pausing on the stairs, texting someone……and this is what he had to say, to someone…..

Warehouse 13 S4x17 They believe me. Im in

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