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Here we are for my analysis and review for the great FRINGE episode called Letters of Transit.

I will just break it to you; this episode is such a BOOM! I was left speechless in a way that I have never been left before, not even when Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) disappeared in the season four!

Before starting my review included below is the first promotional trailer for this Friday’s episode “World Apart” courtesy of FOX Broadcasting. We will add additional promos as they become available. Enjoy.

Fringe S4x05 - Peter Bishop

Fringe S4X19 - Brief description of Observers roleBeginning with the opening title sequence, the brief description of what the Observers (I just knew they were pure evil) have done to mankind and also the titles itself which showed us lots of people in some sort of prison when we saw a man briefly from behind from behind him.

I really think that this man in the scene was Peter Bishop, I do not know why, but I think he was there somehow.

Fringe S4x19 - Opening Titles

Fringe S4x19 - Opening Titles 2 - Man from Behind looks like Peter Bishop

Fringe S4x19 - Freedom and barbed wire

The color also called my attention, it was blue, but a different blue. It felt so cold and hopeless; it was such a weird thing to Fringe S4x19 - Observers Partyimagine a future like that. However, they did it. They took over the planet!

The first scene of the episode we got to see a party in a club where Observes and “Natives”, the survivors of the Purge can interact, not by free will of course as the Observers in the year 2036 take whatever woman that they want to.

Fringe S4x19 - Observer gets hold of Kitty at the bar

Fringe S4x19 - Windmark almost kills Rick, the pimpWhen an Observer (Kis Yurij) took one of the girls, Rick (Bradley Stryker), the pimp and owner of the club went mad and started a fight which almost got him killed, if it was not for Henrietta (Etta) Bishop (Georgina Haig) who saved him.

Later on, outside the club we learn that Etta is special as she avoided being read by the observers. That was when Rick showed her he had found Walter Bishop’s (John Noble) body encapsulated in amber.

Fringe S4x19 - Etta looking shocked

Fringe S4x19 - Etta has found Walter in 2036

In the meantime, Captain Windmark (Micahel Kopsa) paid a visit to Captain Philip Broyles (Lance Reddick). That conversation was so tense, but Broyles handled it really great to Windmark’s dismay, sarcastically threatening him in the process.

Fringe S4x19 - Windmark and Broyles have a little tense chatFringe S4x19 - Etta Bishop and Simon Foster have a conversation

We soon learn that the Natives have not completely surrendered to the Observers. They have been looking in secret for the missing Fringe team who was believed by some to be dead, finding them a myth, or something of that nature.

When Etta was finally presented to Walter Bishop encapsulated in amber, the myth was proved to not be a myth to the delight of the “new” rogue 2036 Fringe team .

Fringe S4x19 - Walter Bishop in Amber

Fringe S4x19 - Etta tells Simon about the Missing Fringe teamThe whole thing about “myth” in this episode was enjoyable, in fact it was in super great in my opinion.

Why? Because when we face a hopeless situation where there is no point at fighting, seen that the enemy is way more powerful, it is normal to think of past heroes as myths, supernatural beings that are no longer powerful or not even alive.

As Simon Foster (Henry Ian Cusick) himself said “they are not lost in a desert, or Peru or immortal, they are dead!” I cannot think of how much Simon must be suffering, or must have suffered to feel like that.

Fringe S4x19 - Simon gets really nevous saying the Old Fringe Team is a myth

Fringe S4x19 - Simon Foster examines a 3rd generation AmberEven though the heroes were not dead at all, and with the discovery of Walter’s body, preserved and alive in the amber, it gave them hope that they might have a chance. Something that was very cool that some Fringies commented on twitter was about his name, Simon.

Lyn (@runpaceyrun) and Aimee (@aimeeinchains) shared a theory about the name which was great; Simon was one of Jesus’ disciples also called Peter. This made me think that Simon must be Etta’s “Peter” besides his importance to the Catholic church history.

Fringe S4x19 - Walter is freed from Amber in 2036

After they freed Walter from Amber, it did not mean that things Fringe S4x19 - Walter Bishop would get easier; things never get easy on Fringe.

Walter had suffered memory loss and brain damage. Walter needed to be fixed but how?

An older and somewhat more loyal Nina Sharp (Blair Brown) of 2036 was to ultimately provide the answer to help Walter recovered from brain damage caused by a malfunction when he was encapsulated.

Fringe S4x19 - Old Nina Sharp in 2036

Fringe S4x19 - Nina tries to help Walter in 2036It is impressive how Nina is always in the way of holding or withholding the answers to help the Fringe team. I still have my doubts about her role whether she is cool or not, not to mention trustworthy at all.

In this case Nina helped them, true, so I think she is a good person after all, it is just because she is often mysterious, I do not know exactly how I feel her. One thing I know is that the scene when Walter fixed with is own brain cells stored at the old Massive Dynamics facility her hand was adorable.

Fringe S4x19 - Walter calls an Observer "Monsters*

As they head to the city which is full of reading minds Observers to Fringe S4x19 - Walter calls attention of a guardgo to the old Massive Dynamic facilities, Walter went all sorts of crazy screaming “Monsters” and calling attention of a guard which meant trouble, even though hilarious.

His Star Wars reference was also mind-melting, “these aren’t the droids you are looking for” as we all know is a quote from Star Wars episode four “A New Hope” must have meant something, right?

Fringe S4x19 - A piece of Walter's brain

Fringe S4x19 - Walter speeps while Simon and Etta wait sitting on the floorThe Moment Walter is about to be injected with the whatever that will heal his brain was one of the funniest of the episode.

Telling Walter he has to take some pills was awesome, and also when he mentioned that brains taste sweeter than people think was again hilarious. “Simon says go to sleep now, Walter” was another great Walter’s moment.

It is unbelievable how John Noble is so underestimated by all Emmy award committee members in this universe of ours!

Fringe S4x19 - Walter Bishop in 2036

Fringe S4x19 - the team breaks in Massive Dynamic and forget to turn the alarms off A mistake was made, they did not turn off the alarms before getting in the building which got Fringe division alerted about the invasion.

Right when Walter woke up, the Observers’ agents got into the building with a  “shoot first” and ask later policy. Fortunately our beloved Walter had a different plan in mind!

Walter had some anti-matter stashed at Massive Dynamic with another funny line when asked what he was doing; “You do the math!”.

Fringe S4x19 - Observer and team of Loyalists invade Massive Dynamic to get hold of Walter, Simon and Etta

Fringe S4x19 - Anti-Matter makes Massive Dynamic building disappear

When Walter’s anti-matter device exploded  was another jaw-dropping moment in the episode. The whole Massive Dynamic building disappeared with whoever or whatever was inside including the evil Observer and his team of goons!

It was quite a nice revenge at William Bell, then the laughter started with more quips from Walter.

Fringe S4x19 - Walter and team leave Massive Dynamic

Fringe S4x19 - Old Fringe team trapped in AmberTime to release our loved agents out of the amber, the first one to be freed was Astrid Farnsworth (Jasika Nicole) and when I saw that William Bell (Leonard Nimoy) was there! I swear to god I screamed “what the hell was that”?

I really would like to tell J.J. Abrams, Joel WymanJoe Chappelle and the whole crew that my heart is weak, I cannot with these things… Lie, I totally can and please give us some more and maybe a return of Leonard Nimoy as William Bell in a fifth season!

Fringe S4x19 - William Bell

Fringe S4x19 - Simon sacrifices himselfAs we reached to the end, there was a team coming for them, again and as their equipment failed, the only option to free Peter from Amber was by sacrificing himself, so Simon went into the Amber to push Peter out.

Taking his place reminded me of the sacrifice Peter made for Olivia Bishop, or Dunham (Anna Torv)… I do not know anymore! LOL It was so lovely to see that Etta loves him, I hope he will be freed as soon as season 5 starts in September this year.

Fringe S4x19 - Simon in Amber

I have to point out here that his expression was amazing, and it reminded me of something familiar I might have seen in another life. There are no adjectives to describe how awesome Henry Ian Cusick is, it is as simple as that.

Fringe S4x19 - Simon Foster

It is not the first time we think Bell has passed away to later find a way to come back. I do not really know what to think of him being in 2036, I just feel there is something really wrong happening. What was so cruel is that Walter did not even think Astrid could be so compassionate after what Walter and William Bell had done to Olivia.

Fringe S4x19 - Walter and Astrid in the train

He was left there, in Amber, at least for now. When Astrid Fringe S4x19 - Bell's hand in Walter pocketquestioned him about the importance it would have if he was freed. Walter, in a wicked way showed her that he had cut Bell’s hand off so she did not need to worry about that. Wicked, yes!

The loss of Olivia changed him just like that, I guess this is the reason that he is this super cool kicking ass Walter.

Fringe S4x19 - Broyles finds Walter's licorice

I am going to be very clear, they better find a way to free Olivia from that fate September said to be hers. I cannot stand another “The Day We Died”.

As Broyles arrived in the underground area, they were all gone. He found a piece of red vines left behind by Walter; his expression was of complete “I do not know”, seriously, I could not tell anything different from sorrow and sadness but that he suspected Walter was free!

Fringe S4x19 - Peter and Etta

Fringe S4x19 - Peter talking to EttaThe final scenes between Etta and Peter were so touching; it made me cry so much. The 20 years Peter spent trapped in Amber must have decreased his IQ or temporarily affected his memory somehow (like Walter), because he took a bit of time to realize Etta was his daughter.

I mean, the last time she saw them she was 4 years old, so Peter would have known he had a daughter and he should have asked about her, no?

Fringe S4x19 - Very emotional scene between Etta and Peter

Fringe S4x19 - Peter and Etta hug each other Anyways, it was so lovely when he finally got to know she was his and Olivia’s daughter. The moment he says “Henrietta?” and she says “Hi dad!” makes me cry a tsunami every time I watch it, and I have watched it several times!

I want more of this future episodic story arc in Fringe season five because I desperately need more of Peter and Etta!

Lastly and for goodness sakes, Olivia has simply got to be alive somewhere in the world of Fringe hidden in the year 2036!

Fringe S4x19 - Heading away from "The City"

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  • avatar WR_Systems says:

    Hey Raphael,

    Super review for a fantastic episode. You always bring out the feelings in your analysis. Great job on image selection too! Really loved the William Bell in amber shot! Thank you for a timely and insightful review.

    Best Regards,


    • Hey Kenn,

      Thanks alot, it was a tough review but fun too. I always like to put my feeling on it, makes it so real, right? I also think that the pictures selection was amazing! Thanks!

      Best regards,


  • avatar silkensoul says:

    Cool, review Raphael! Walter is our funny guy swinging from the red vines out on the Fringe! He makes the whole show pop & come alive. I liked your thoughts on the droids, I thought that as well. Simon was a lovable character, i liked him right away with his easy smile. Too bad he is left i the amber. Henriettta was a good choice for the daughters’s name. Named after the taxi driver. There were so many references in here that it was hard to choose one 🙂 Thanks for a great review! 🙂

    • Thank you, Mel! 🙂 He is, isn’t he? Walter was such bamf in this episode, flawless as he always is! The reference to the Droids was super cool, as well as the titles in the beginnign with the text about the observes and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the opening titles, so cool! I believe that if we get a season 5, he will surely be freed from Amber, I strongly believe so! (It’s just me trying to see Brotha back on my TV) xD lol Henry, the taxi driver helped her so much, it was adorable to see that she thought of him, as Bolivia did too. Fringe is flawless, that’s all! xD Thank you so much for your kind words, Mel!

  • avatar Lori says:

    Raphael, my friend! Great review! I loved it and you did such a fantastic job. I love that you mentioned myth…that didn’t even cross my mind until you said it!. The Observers are evil and where the heck is Olivia? You know I died when Etta said “Hi dad” to Peter…my Polivia heart wept tears of joy! Bravo my friend…:)

    • WOW thank you my friend! I’lm really happy to receive such a positive review from you, such a skilled writer whom I admire a lot, mostly because of honey! 😀 and certain hammocks too! So you loved my mention to myth? Quite cool, right? and also agonizing, don’t you think? Simon definitely had this hole in his life… I guess something bad happened to Olivia, but she did not die, otherwise Peter would be devasted. He wasn’t! that moment when we saw Etta saying “Hi dead” made me cry my heart out, seriously, so freaking touching! their eyes, on tears… :”) Thanks again for your words, Lori!

  • avatar Abyssmiss says:

    The 20 years in amber must have decreased Peters IQ? are you kidding me? Are you honestly bashing Peter for being trapped in amber for 20 darn years and not remembering what Henrietta looked like? She was 4 freaking years old the last time he saw her.


    • avatar WR_Systems says:

      Hi Abyssmiss,

      Thanks for your comment. It was a figure of speech not a literal meaning. Raphael is from South America and meant could the same thing have happened to Peter as what happened to Walter. Have updated the text to reflect this. Thanks again.

      Best Regards,


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