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Friday the 13th has come and gone and still no decision about the fate of our beloved show, Fringe. I have faith that we will see a 5th season, how many episodes yet is still TBD, but however many we get I will be very happy.

Now, before we delve into the current episode, let us talk for a moment about the Observer filled, futuristic upcoming episode. It looks mind blowing, it has, like the other episode nineteens’s in the past seasons, been said that it will be the one that gives up the most answers. We include all available promotional .

The Consultant:

Fringe S4x17 - Alt-Lincoln fatally shotOkay…here we go. As much as it is unfortunate that Lincoln on the other side died, it is nice to see our Lincoln filling his shoes so to speak.

I know that he had unrequited feelings for our Olivia, let us hope that Faux can somehow benefit from those feelings instead.

The fact that both Faux and Lincoln lost their partners and Jones had something to do with both is another way for them to bond and become closer.Fringe S4x17 - Lincoln Lee tries to save Alt-Lincoln

I am going to prove that, once again, this episode had a theme or motivation, of love behind it as have all the episodes since Peter reappeared. The theme of love is scattered throughout and is even referenced by a couple of characters, more on that later.

The opening scene of Lincoln’s (Seth Gabel) funeral reminded me of Charlie’s (Kirk Acevedo) on this side, of the loss that not only the Fringe Division experienced, but Olivia did, too. Faux-Livia’s loss was just as great; she lost her partner and friend…just like Olivia. Loss is prominent as well in this episode, for without one the other could not exist.

Fringe S4x18-Lincoln's casket
It is a somber scene, to witness any kind of funeral in the Fringe world, because it scares me that we may have to witness one of our team losing their life again. It maybe a foreshadowing it may not, it is just never a good sign when we see that in a Fringe episode.

With what September (Michael Cerveris) said to Olivia (Anna Torv) about dying and the future Peter (Joshua Jackson) saw, it could possibly be. It is Fringe after all, anything is possible. The reason for the time change is because of Olivia’s death, the reason Peter changed time is to keep her alive…the loss was too great.

Fringe S4x18-RIP Lincoln Lee

The funny thing about this episode is that the title is deceiving in a way, most (if not all) fans, myself included, thought this would be a Peter-centric episode. Peter is “the consultant”, for all intents and purposes, but then again so is Walter, so my assumption was wrong…pleasantly so. It was great to see Walter (John Noble) be the one they were referring to, he is always such a pleasure to watch!

The statement that Lincoln’s mother (Chilton Crane) said that children are not supposed to die before us, the camera panned to Broyles (Lance Reddick) and you saw his face and knew he understood. It also reminded me of Walter and his reasons for Peter, what he did to save peter and the consequences that came out of that. The foreshadowing again of what we eventually find out about the reasons of Broyles actions.

Fringe S4x18-Parent losing a child

When Olivia is questioning Nina (Blair Brown) she is hoping or some compassion or at least some sympathy towards her plight. What Nina gives her is sarcasm, attitude and a whole lot of nothing. Her warning is stark and has all the cockiness of someone who is confident that they are going to be freed of any and all involvement…only time will tell.

Fringe S4x18-FauxLivia questions Nina

Fringe S4x18 - Boss yellingThe scene in the office building with the boss (David Lewis) scolding his employee, Mr. Delman (Scott Vickaryous) was I believe a tongue in cheek reference to the fate of Fringe itself.

Well done by the writer Christine Lavaf…you made us all laugh. The berating continues as venom is spewed outward, the ‘hand of god’ intervenes and pitches the boss towards the ceiling and then with great force crashes him down with a force that kills him. Odd considering that height he was at should not have killed him.

Fringe S4x18-Dead on impactI love love love Walter’s comment to Astrid (Jasika Nicole) about ‘my son and his girlfriend’. His elation is clear, his happiness noted in not only his snarky comment to them about making up for lost time, but in the smile he cannot seem to wipe off his face.

The look that both Peter and Olivia give him reeks of guilt, a happy guilt nonetheless. I, for one, am very happy to see Peter and Olivia back as it should be, together forever. I am just hoping that we get to see a little more of them as a couple, it is sadly missed among Polivia shippers, especially after Peter’s comment about Vermont from a previous episode.

Fringe S4x18-Peter and his girlfriend
The chemistry between the four main players in that scene is wonderful. The dynamic that has always been there since the beginning of the series is back, maybe not in full force, but very close. I equate it to a square or four legs of a table, together they are balanced and strong, on point and perfect, take one away and the foundation collapses.

The quote that Walter recites to Peter about the wrath of God is significant; because of what Jones is doing, what he has been doing to everyone on both sides. His karma will take affect soon enough and the consequences I feel will be felt throughout both universes. He is essentially playing god and has for some time. We will have to see in the coming episodes just what kind of hell Jones plans to unleash on all of us.

Fringe S4x18-Wrath of God

The use of the number 108 I am told is a direct reference to Lost, although I was never watched that show; I know that crossover Abrams shows (as well as actors) have come into play a few times on Fringe.

I like how Broyles is trying to divert Faux-Livia towards someone or something else regarding Jones. We all know he is the one who tipped Jones off and we all thought for a period of time that he was a shape shifter. I am glad that we do get a reason why Broyles decided to work for Jones, what Jones had that Broyles could not resist…again it goes back to my statement of love and loss…more on that later.

Fringe S4x18-The usual suspects

Fringe S4x18 - Recreational DrugsThe fact that both Fringe teams are working together to figure out the dilemma that both face is wonderful, it is nice to see them put their differences aside and work as a team.

Walter’s admission of recreational medication usage is yet another one of a thousand reasons why John Noble is so damn good at what he does.

His ability to seamlessly and without any regret admit that he is a little reckless sometimes is what makes him so endearing. The scene with both Olivia and Walter getting scanned is wonderful, it is a quick small scene, but it shows that even though Walter is capable, he is still the vulnerable man we know and love.

Fringe S4x18-LovebirdsThe lovebirds comment he makes to Olivia about her and Peter needing some time is priceless and another moment for him to be proud that his family is back together.

Of course he could not be Walter without the brilliant comment about his escort is arriving and his meaning not being confused with the other meaning of escort…hilarious!

Fringe S4x17 - Awkward scene between Lincoln and Alt-LiviaThe awkward scene between Olivia and our Lincoln is great. It shows how much the decision that Olivia made to be with Peter after all that happened has weighed heavily on their friendship. I do think it has affected it, it will never be the same, but then again, maybe it will be stronger.

If Lincoln and Faux have a chance at love together then all will be right again. Olivia does miss Lincoln that is for sure, she misses his friendship and his partnership that is evident. Hopefully all will work itself out and all parties involved will be happy.

I did notice something interesting, it may have absolutely nothing to do with anything, but I thought it was ironic. When Walter is on the dock with Faux and Lincoln and he is looking at the board of all the hot spots, he three colors that are featured are red, green and yellow. Now two of them harkens back to a previous episode where the lights hypnotized people and yellow is supposedly the ‘other’ universe that we have seen before. Maybe it was just an homage to them if so, again, well done!

Fringe S4x18-Red Red Green

Fringe S4x18 - Vibrations in GThe theory that Jones is yet again behind the cause of all the weird happenings is no surprise to anyone.

The way that Walter discovers that is perfect, something that has not been seen before in Fringe world.

I liked the severed hand comment made by Lincoln; he occasionally has some great one-liners and delivers them with a bit of sarcasm, as only Seth can.

Fringe S4x18-Severed HandI love tea reference that Jones mentioned was fun…I could not help but think of soul magnets. It was strange that he said that tea is one of the things that he is going to miss, did he mean because the universe was going to be destroyed or because he will be? I guess we will just have to find out in the coming episodes.

Fringe S4x18 - Curtis Harris as  Broyles son Chris with David Robert JonesIt was a pleasure to see Broyles son Christopher (Curtis Harris) again. Such a sweet boy and now we see him in a different light and now we know the reason why Broyles did what he did for Jones. It is also so great to see Broyles life outside Fringe division.

We rarely see it in the other characters and I find it a treat when we do, especially Broyles, who is always such an enigma to begin with. He is this staunch, by the book as best he can kind of guy that to see him be a husband and father is great. You see a lighter side when he is with his family and I for one am happy to see it.

The fact that Jones shows up unannounced to Broyles house and is talking to Christopher is the worst stunt David Robert Jones could pull. The audacity and cockiness that Jones holds is palpable, he knows that Broyles is on a bind, he cannot do anything, he needs what Jones provides and that makes him indebted to him.

It is such a sinister scene, such a great scene for these two wonderful actors to play against. It is really the first time you see Broyles helpless almost. He has to do what this evil, diabolical man says or his son will suffer.

Fringe S4x18-paying Broyles a visit

Fringe S4x18 - Alt-Broyles is shocked to see David Robert JonesThis scene is the reveal we have been waiting for and the concrete reason that Alt-Broyles has to obey David Robert Jones.

Broyles love for his son is immense; if he does not give Christopher the serum that Jones provides he will be in constant pain and possibly death would follow.

That is the worst pain imaginable, no parent wants to see their child suffer like that or even die before them, the words that Lincoln’s mother said echoing in his ears. It is understandable what he did and yes his actions had consequences and yes people died but his son lived, to him that is all that matters.Fringe S4x18 - Alt-Broyles is blackmailed by David Robert Jones

The parallel between Walter and Peter and Alt-Broyles and Christopher are similar. Both fathers saved their sons because of their love and in Walter’s case loss of Peter, both made sure that they were around to enjoy their lives and grow up.

The consequences be damned in either case, at the time or when Broyles asks Walter if he would do it again and his answer is yes, that is the justification for both of them.

Fringe S4x18 - Alt-Broyles does not like being blackmailed by David Robert JonesWould you do the same or different, only time and the situation would tell. What price are you willing to pay, what sacrifices are you willing to give up to save your own flesh and blood? What is a little blackmail between friends?

That is the fact that Broyles faces, he knows that Jones is the key to his son’s survival and has to do whatever it takes…

Fringe S4x18-Broyles dilemma

‘Love makes us vulnerable, but it also makes us human’ is what David Robert Jones says to Broyles. There is that word again, that theme again. It has been present ever since Peter came back and discovered that he is home that his family is his family.

It also reminds me of the profound love that Olivia has for Peter and vice versa. That kind of love is epic, fairytale and perfect. The Princess Bride comes to mind when I think of true love. When Westley tells Buttercup ‘this is true love-you think this happens every day?’ The struggle each of them goes through regarding the love in their life, the pain, frustration, elation and sorrow it brings them, but it always keeps them alive. Shakespeare wrote ‘the course of true love never did run smooth’

Jared Harris is great as Jones, they picked a perfect actor to play him. He has a certain charisma about him that makes you love to hate him. Characters like that are what make television epic, it is what makes it memorable and what makes you come back time and time again to watch that show.

The other fatality of Jones’s scheme is a woman going about her business and random tasks in her life. It is sad that innocent people have to die to prove his point or to get attention, but then again that is what madmen do, no method to their madness.

Fringe S4x18-At the pet store

All I have to say is the reaction that Alt-Astrid had to her gift of coffee is the same reaction I have every time someone gives me coffee.

The way that both sides are working together to solve the latest case of Jones mess is wonderful, the way that both Astrids relay the messages is fun and yet there is still such a difference. The suitcase that Peter pulls out of the cab reminded me of the suitcase scene in Pulp Fiction, the only difference being we see what is in this one. That is when the confirmation of Jones and his plan is absolute.

Fringe S4x18-Suitcase

The scene in Broyles office when Walter snaps at him is wonderful, we see what brilliance John has and how well he shines in those scenes. His comment about sleeping naked is priceless and Faux’s answer even more precious. I love the part where Broyles asks him about his choice about Peter as I stated in an earlier paragraph. John Noble again is always brilliant. The fact that Walter still blames himself for the condition of the worlds is sad, it is because of him that Jones is able to do what he is doing. The sympathy that Broyles has and feels about Walter’s situation is real and completely relatable to him.Fringe S4x18-Would you do it again?

The scene when Broyles goes to meet Jones and Jones gives him the device to attach to the machine is creepy. Broyles is angry because he reminds Jones that the machine is healing the world and Broyles would not want to do anything to jeopardize that, Jones in turn reminds him who HE is healing, blackmail at its finest.

The father/son moment between Christopher and Broyles is wonderful it shows that the choice he made was right, despite the consequences. He would never have had moments like this had he NOT done what he had done. He would be a broken shell of a man, much like how Walter was when Peter died, never fully recovering, but always keeping a piece of his son with him.Fringe S4x18-Father & Son bonding

Now comes the scenes that I find not only endearing, but a testament to true friendship. The scene with Walter in Faux’s robe killed me. I laughed out loud and heartily, for some odd reason Walter in that robe reminded me of Liberace…I am sure that would be a compliment to Walter.

The reason I say this is a testament to friendship is because you can see it in the way both Anna and John play their respective roles. It is clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are great friends off screen, that John is not only a fellow actor, but a father figure to the younger cast members.

The dignity and humanity that Noble brings to Walter when it comes to the love of his family is what makes you love his character even more. It is so beautiful to watch; I as a director love it and always hope for that kind of chemistry on screen.

Fringe S4x18-Walter's Robe

The advice that Walter gives Faux about the evidence not being there or the obvious questions answered is brilliant. That is always what makes good detectives great, they find things that most overlook or do not even think about.

So when Walter maybe suspects Broyles, it suddenly begins to make sense to Faux it is sad that her friend and superior could be the one that is helping her worst enemy. On a side note, am I the only one that noticed that the pattern on the apron that Walter is wearing were zeppelins?

Fringe S4x18-Walter cooking

The scene with Nina and Faux is great; the way that Nina looks at her is perfect. Blair Brown always plays Nina with his holier than thou attitude that always has an air of mystery about it. She ALWAYS has something to hide it is never black and white with her, there are so many shades of gray that you get lost. The card that Faux plays is a risk, but the bait is taken, devoured and then regretted, well played. The pawn comment is great because as it turns out even though she was talking about someone else, she inadvertently is speaking of herself, too, nicely played Dunham.Fringe S4x18-Bluffing Nina

The choice that Broyles ultimately makes is right. He knows that even though this will devastate his family and sever the ties with them, it will keep his son alive and that is all that matters to him. He sacrificed himself to save his son, nothing in his mind is more important than that.

The fact that Walter asks Faux not to judge him is great, he most certainly does what it is like and what Broyles is going through. Walter’s statement of ‘how far they will go to save the ones they love’ has been my whole point and Walter proved it and so did Broyles.

Fringe S4x18-Broyles decisionThe end of the episode is when we finally know the why behind Jones’s plan. What he had planned to do and what the consequences would have been had Broyles completed his task.

It also makes me think about the next episode and how that ties in to the last episodes of the season. I know that sources on twitter say that it will be some of the most mind blowing, jaw-dropping episodes ever, I for one cannot wait!

Well Fringe fans, I thank you once again for allowing me to give you my thoughts and observations and taking the time to read them. Stay tuned for next week and keep those fingers crossed, I will leave you with one final thought, full fifth season of Fringe.

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