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Joe Flanigan – The Other Side! Promo Trailer and Change of Plans News!

Hello Joe Flanigan Fans, A bit about Mr. Joe Flanigan in case you are not In the know about his career. As you all know, Joe Flanigan had appeared in a movie – Change of Plans was earlier this month. Luckily for those of you who have missed it, it will be available for you to purchase at WalMart on March 22, 2011. For more exciting news as well, the …Read the Rest

NASA 101: What Every Film, Movie and Science Fiction Series Maker Should Know About Innovative NEWCOMERS!

Happy Holidays Science and Science Fiction Fans! We tracked Santa by NORAD on his journey knowing there was a special package he was delivering from NASA, and low and behold, look what we found in our stockings, Errrrr the WHR servers the day after Christmas! That’s right science and science fiction fans, we are talking about a wonderful event probing at the roots of television and movie series that need …Read the Rest

Hollywood Auction 43: Day One – Interview with Brian Chanes of Hollywood Treasure!

Hello again Hollywood Auction, Profiles in History and Hollywood Treasure fans, The fantastic Hollywood Auction 43 auction by Profiles in History began yesterday December 17, 2010! WormholeRiders was honored to be live at this super event where season two of Hollywood Treasure was being filmed and to let you all learn more about the happenings in Beverly Hills California! Upon returning to Hollywood, we headed over to Beverly Hills California …Read the Rest

Universal Pictures and SyFy Ventures Rock Industry by Forming SyFy Films for Theaters!

Hello Universal Studios and SyFy Fans! Continuing with their dramatic leap forward in movie entertainment production, SyFy in the United States and with future visions well beyond cable television, today astounded many when Universal Pictures and SyFy themselves announced the creation of a new “branded” division, SyFy Films. SyFy Films is designed for product distribution in theaters. Formerly SyFy has been producing and broadcasting made for television features we have …Read the Rest

Hollywood Treasure Mid Season Finale and Profiles in History Hollywood Holiday Auction 43

Hello again Hollywood Treasure fans, The time for the next wonderful auction by Profiles in History is here! Arriving just in time for Christmas, Kwaanza, Hanukkah or whatever you celebrate in the festive 2010 holiday season, several outstanding somethings are about to happen! What could they be you may ask? First, as you may be aware, our team of reporters loves Hollywood Treasure and have had the privilege of being …Read the Rest

Machine Man: A Film About The Human Condition Featuring You!

Hello fellow human beings, Something very special is coming our way from a visionary in the film making world IF we can all help make the dream a reality. Ms. Kellie Madison, writer, producer, director and creator of inspired film products at Madison Films is embarking on her latest project “Machine Man” about one of the most complex disorders known to humankind. Of what do we speak? Ms. Madison is …Read the Rest

Thieves Stole Harry Potter! Help Stop Criminals From Looting Entertainment World!

Hello Harry Potter and movie fans! WHR like almost everyone in the world has been waiting for the new Harry Potter movie “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows“. It is therefore with great sadness that WormholeRiders News Agency reports that thieves have stolen the first 36 minutes of the new Harry Potter movie premiering tonight at midnight from Warner Brothers Entertainment ! Warner Brother Entertainment issued the following statement about …Read the Rest

Goa’uld Teal’c Harkens Arrival! Register for Hollywood Treasure at Charity Auction 42!

Hello again rare memorabilia fans, On November 06, 2010 something wonderful will happen, Hollywood Auction 42! It all began (and has continued since) October 27, 2010  when something fun and exciting occurred: “Hollywood Treasure“, a new program aired on SyFy! “Hollywood Treasure” is a reality based program focusing on the adventurous journeys of Profiles in History’s Joe Maddelana (below) and his relentless team of entertainment memorabilia detectives! Hollywood Treasure is …Read the Rest

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