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Revolution: Patriot Games Puts the Power of the Patriots to the Test!

Welcome back Revolution lovers, The story of human misery and revenge continues in “Patriot Games”, The exciting post apocalyptic adventure of life in the United States continues in an episode directed by industry veteran Charles Beeson. “Patriot Games” was co-written by Paul Grellong and Anne Cofell Saunders, two experienced creators we have all enjoyed in series such as Battlestar Galactica, Chuck, Eureka, and Terra Nova, each a favorite television series of …Read the Rest

Revolution: Love Story or How the Matheson’s Survived to Fight Another Day!

Welcome back Revolution lovers, The story of human misery and revenge continues in “Love Story”, a superbly written episode by Anne Cofell Saunders and Paul Grellong, while the brighter, more joyous side of life is also aptly illustrated. However, the good side comes to the forefront as situation in the third episode of season two of Revolution demonstrates something everyone show learn; that despite mistakes made in the past, people of …Read the Rest

Revolution: There Will Be Blood – But Why, Who Is Involved, and What Is It Used For?

Welcome back Revolution lovers, Excellently written by Paul Grellong, and directed by Philip Sgriccia, the situation in the second episode of season two of Revolution for our erstwhile band of heroes is escalating, both for the good, and unfortunately, for the bad. With the exception of Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell), Miles (Billy Burke), and Aaron (Zak Orth), we still do not fully understand how they all have become separated after the …Read the Rest

Revolution: Born in the USA – “When You Burn Down the Old” Do As You Are Told!

Welcome back Revolution lovers, It has been some time since the superb Revolution season one finale “The Dark Tower” When Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) attempted to convince her former professional colleagues Dan Jenkins (Glenn Morshower) and Grace (Maria Howell) to turn the power back on. It has been even longer since I wrote an analysis of Revolution. More on that at the end of this review of the second season premiere …Read the Rest

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