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Welcome back fellow Sanctuarians.

SyFy Logo-Chain Mail - Click to learn more about Sanctuary! This is the last episode of season three from this very awesome and very cool series.  The amount of talent and imagination that comes through each and every episode astonishes me as I watch each one.  From the acting, to the special effects, even to the writers who help give us such ‘sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat’ thrill is nothing but amazing and brilliant. 

And imagine, it all started with webisodes.  The shear determination alone to make Sanctuary what it is today is nothing less then total amazement.

The choice in people who plays each role equally contribute to the splendor and enjoyment each week.  I can see why this show has such a big and strong fan base.  Not just because of the awesome Amanda Tapping, but because each person brings a little of themselves into the characters they play, and thus make them so lovable.

Now onto the reason why you are all here.

With everything that happened from the last episode, we get a sense that something is definitely wrong with Hollow Earth.  Abnormals who were living far underground for centuries, have now started to come to the surface.  The cause has yet to be determined, but you can bet your bottom dollar it was not going to be something that Helen would have ever thought possible.

Sanctuary S3x20 - Helen, Henry and Will

They were called for a meeting with a representative of the U.N. and a General of the U.S. Military.  Not what Helen was expecting, but I guess she knew it was going to happen eventually.  Of course the man in the General role was someone I least expected.

Sanctuary S3x20 - awesome-effects

Every time I see this part in any episode, it amazes me that it’s all done by green screen.  The whole room is in green.  And knowing that, makes me appreciate the actors that much more.  Not only do they have to remember their lines, and react like you would in any situation, but to do it all in an empty room.  That in itself is WOW!

Sanctuary S3x20 - Not Maybourne, Tom McBeath as General VillanovaOh look who we have here.  Yes, you got it.  It is our lovable Col. Maybourne.  NOT! 

Do not get me wrong, Mr. Tom McBeath is a brilliant actor, but is there a role that he did not play where he was just as snaky and ruthless as Maybourne? 

Though General Villanova is not much out of character then Maybourne!  Both you want to knock up side the head.  Even though with Maybourne, he lightened up towards the end. 

Maybe – no hopefully – in season 4 he would see that General Villanova should have listened to Helen in the first place.

Sanctuary S3x20 - Doctor Lllian Lee

Then we have Dr. Lillian Lee, played by the lovely Francoise Yip.  This character I kinda felt bad for.  I felt she wanted to support Helen (Amanda Tapping), but because of her superiors and the General, she had her hands tied as such.  I liked her as she knows the good work that the Sanctuary has done in the past. 

At the same time felt that this was too much for just one place to handle.  Even with all the other Sanctuary’s in the different places around the world, they still did not have the space to take in all these abnormals that was surfacing.

Sanctuary S3x20 - Will and Kate at the camp

Then we are taken to the make shift camp that the military has set up.  Which peeved Will (Robin Dunne) off as it looked more like a refugee camp then a sanctuary to help the new visitors.

Sanctuary S3x20 - Will shakes the officers hand

Sanctuary S3x20 - Kate offers her handWill and Kate meet up with an officer in charge of the abnormal camp. When Will offered his hand, the officer promptly shook it. 

Unfortunately, when Kate did the same thing, the officer in charge rudely ignored her sincere offer of respect for his position and authority. 

That to me shows that he is one hell of an arrogant, young, (insert bad word), pigheaded, cocky, oh and (insert bad word again).
Sanctuary S3x20 - Kate jumps in

As the abnormals are being “escorted” into the gates to the tents that has been set up, one of the officers offer a giant creature a bottle of water.  Not knowing anything about this abnormal, it smacked the water out of the officers hand. 

Of course being surrounded by military, they went all up in arms with the guns all pointed and being very trigger happy.  That is when Kate jumped in to stop a possible altercation.  She told the officer that water is toxic to this type of creature.  And with that said, she took it inside.

Sanctuary S3x20 - Will is erked

At this point, Will is not happy with the whole situation.  They came to them looking for help and all they are getting is being treated like thieves.  That was up until Will spotted someone in the line up heading inside the gates.

Sanctuary S3x20 - First glance at TheloHmmm.  Now, where have we seen this guy before?  Oh dear lawd, it is none other than Edge (Adam Copeland)!

Well, Adam Copeland did make a great pain in the arse in the WWE wrestling program. This makes a person wonder if he will bring some part of Edge to this character named Thelo in this episode?

This is a fun episode to watch.  Not only am I a fan of Sanctuary, but I do love watching Wrestling.

Sanctuary S3x20 - Biggie and Kate are disgusted

Call me names all you want, but I just like to watch WWE wrestling, both RAW and Smackdown.  I apologize Edge, but my favourite wrestler is John Cena.  LOL

This was a nice section of the show.  Poor Kate was a little hurt by the fact that the abnormals there would not accept water from her, but they would from Biggie.  It was then that Biggie told Kate that it is her that is the strange one to them.

Sanctuary S3x20 - Kate meets Garris

Then Kate (Agam Darshi)looks over and sees a small table set up.  She walks over and makes a comment about the lovely stones.  She asks if she could see one of the stones and that’s when the gentleman informs her that they were from his home and all he could carry with him to remember where he came from.  She went to lay it back down on the table. 

This is when he introduced himself to her as Garris (David Milchard).  He told her that she could keep it.  Kate told him that was fine, but he took it and put it around her neck and tied it in the back.  It was a very sweet gesture, I thought anyway, and a nice way to break down the mistrust between the humans and abnormals.

Sanctuary S3x20 - Thelo is taken away

Then of course once Kate walked away, smiling, Garris looks over and sees Thelo and his sidekick, Herusan (Fraser Aitcheson) looking over at him.  Just like his alter ego, Thelo looks like he has a plan up his sleeve.  And knowing that, it cannot be good.

Sanctuary S3x20 - John Druitt shows up

Well this cannot be good.  Sometimes it is Helen calls on John to help her in something or another.  But when Druit (Christopher Heyerdahl) is the one who pays a visit, you can bet it is up to no good.

Sanctuary S3x20 - Adam Worth shows up once again

Now we cannot end the third season of Sanctuary without bringing back Adam Worth (Ian Tracey).  Once the evil Adam came back into the picture, you had to know that he was up to no good again! The Adam Worth character is one of the best played psychos that I can remember to date.

Sanctuary S3x20 - Helen is leaving will in charge of the SanctuaryHelen gets a notion that something else is going on with Hollow Earth that is causing the abnormals to surface. 

Helen Magnus reluctantly goes with John to investigate, leaving her young protege Will in charge of the Sanctuary. 

Magnus is absolutely furious with John for letting Adam stay alive, not just once, but TWICE! 

Really? Is John not looking for a death wish?

Sanctuary S3x20 - Helen and John on transports

Of course, with John’s motive for keeping Adam alive this time, was purely out of love.  Or was it?  Not in Helen’s eyes.  This line of thinking will come apparent little later.

This picture is one of the most brilliant special effects that I cannot imagine they surpassing.  And I say ONE OF the most as there have been so many during the past three years of Sanctuary that it is hard to find only the one.

Sanctuary S3x20 - Fallon with TheloInteresting how Fallon goes to Thelo to ask for his help.  It is apparent that Fallon wants to abide by the rules by the ‘surface dwellers’.

Unfortunately, Thelo has a different agenda.

On a side note though.  I felt really bad for John when he and Helen were walking through the tunnels to find Praxis City, only to find it destroyed. 

Helen was so furious that John would not think of the horrible consequences of going back in time just so he could change things that had occurred between the two of them in the past.Sanctuary S3x20 - Helen confronts John

“If who I am now is so meaningless to you, that you would sacrifice it just to bed me in some other timeline.  John, that’s not love.”  Can you say Ouch?  But oh so true.  They have been through so much over the years, that you would think that John would just let it go and stop pursuing Helen.  Maybe now he will.

Sanctuary S3x20 - Kate gives Garris a giftI thought this was a very lovely scene.  Kate had obviously changed from when we first met her.  The ‘tough-girl’ image is gone.  She no longer has to protect herself from people who might want to hurt her.  Now she is apart of an awesome family who cares and looks out for each other. 

With Kate offering Garris a gift as a token of friendship, as well as from the fact that Garris had given her a gift from earlier, proves that Kate is a very caring person.  She had proven that time and time again throughout this season.  Makes me wonder what is in store for us in season 4.

Meanwhile, all hell is breaking loose in the camp that Will meets up with Kate and Biggie (Christopher Heyerdahl) to see what the devil was going on.  That is when Kate tells Will that it was all over name calling. 

Sanctuary S3x20 - Will is in troubleOne of Thelo’s sidekicks called Kate a name that Garris took offense too, and that is what brought on this whole situation.

I must give credit to Garris though for standing up for a non-abnormal like he did says a lot about his character.

So Will decides to go and see Fallon, that is when Will realizes he is in trouble. 

With Fallon killed and Thelo & the gang just outside the tent, things are about to go very bad for Will.  Ultimately, Will gets chased down by Thelo and the boys until he is trapped at a dead end with no where to go.Sanctuary S3x20 - Will punches Thelo

Sanctuary S3x20 - Will gets clothes linedAwww.  Poor Will.  Knowing what is about to happen, he gives it his best.  First he goes for a punch.  But that did not do anything to Thelo.  Then Will tries a head-but.  That too is unsuccessful.  Then he tried a few swings at Thelo, again, with no avail.

Then Thelo turned it around and got in a few punches and ended it with a clothes line.  He should have done the “spear”.  LOL. 

Poor Will, he should have had John Cena on the side to help him out. That is when Biggie and the other officers came to Will’s rescue.  Biggie stayed to fight Thelo, as Will was escorted out.  Of course his next concern was Kate.  She was still in there somewhere!Sanctuary S3x20 - Henry and Will

Then back at the Sanctuary, something about this whole mess did not feel right to the guys.  What was the whole point to the fight in the first place.  Henry then tells Will that Druit came back with some info from Adam’s computers.  That is when Henry told Will that the city was gone.  And no doubt it had something to do with Adam and his weapon.

But… was it a weapon?

Sanctuary S3x20 - Will and Henry in conference

Will and Henry had to do the unpleasant task of having a chat with General Villanova and Dr. Lee.  Something just did not feel right.  That is when they discovered that this was all just a distraction from something greater.  The real threat was coming.  Adam’s invention was the cause of all this happening.  Only problem was that Will did not have the proof that Dr. Lee was asking for.

Sanctuary S3x20 - Thelo takes control of the situationThat was until they lost the feed from the camp and when it did come back on, they were confronted with something they were not prepared for. 

Yep, you got it, Thelo and his thugs had taken over the camp and had hostages.  One of which was Biggie.  Not what they needed right now.

Of course the General wanted to go in all guns a blazing.  Will wanted to go in calmly and try to talk to them. 

Though, I do not think any amount of talking was going to persuade Thelo and his gang to back down and let their people go.Sanctuary S3x20 - The invasion begins

But it was too late.  The Invasion has already began.

Sanctuary S3x20 - Helen calls out to Adam

Sanctuary S3x20 - Adam Worth comes into viewMeanwhile, Helen was working on the computers left behind by Adam, when the lights started flickering.  Still not sure what to think, she continues on with her research.  After the lights flicker a few more times, she does another search for Adam when John comes around the corner.

After some, with a bit more flickering, Adam finally comes into view.  Though, not for long.  Then he goes out of phase again.

Helen had tried to max out the power for the computers to bring him back.  It worked for some time.  Long enough for Adam to tell Helen the true reason why John let him live – yet again.

Sanctuary S3x20 - Adam comes into phaseWith John wanting to go back to the year to stop them from taking the source blood and Adam wanting to go back to the year to save his daughter, there laid the conflict that could affect all of history!

In the end Adam seemed to have won.  He compensated for the power and went out of phase again.  Then John had an idea.

With him using himself to max out the power, John had hoped to have stopped Adam from going back in time. 

Unfortunately, John was too late, the portal opened, Adam said his pleasantries in his egotistical manner and walked through.

Sanctuary S3x20 - Helen back in time

This cannot be good.  With Helen sent back in time, what effect will this have on her own self in that period?  Will the future Helen experience tropic cascade failure because of having two of them in the one timeline?  Think of SG1 – Point of View, when we had two Carter’s.  That did not work out so well, did it?

As well, other things come to mind as to what the possibilities could come from this.  Will Helen find Adam and stop him from saving his daughter?  If caught, how will this Helen explain a handgun that has not been invented yet?  If Adam does save his daughter from death, what will become of the Sanctuary as we know it?  So many thoughts and ideas that it is exciting to see how season 4 will play out.  And that in itself, makes me very excited to want to watch to find out.  And I hope you feel the same.

I like to thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts and analysis on this awesome episode.  Please do leave a comment, or you can nab me on Twitter.  Stay tuned for the fall when I and my team will be back to write up more of our thoughts on this fantastic series.

We include the full episode below courtesy of Syfy via Hulu! Enjoy!

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