This week Sanctuary aired it is eleventh episode of season four, which is also the start of the 2-part finale of the season, and the stakes have never been higher for the Sanctuary team, or in a finale.

When Sanctuary delivers, it REALLY delivers with drama, action and we see a new side to Helen and Will’s relationship. In this episode they’ve raised the stakes; part 2 of the finale promises to be one heck of a ride for the show and the fans. Parts one and two will be directed by the creator and executive producer, (Damian Kindler).

Before I continue, courtesy of Syfy, included below is the extended promotional sneak peek of  “Sanctuary for None part two”, airing on Syfy Friday December 30, 2011 at 10 PM E/P. Enjoy!

Sanctuary S4x12 - Sanctuary For None - Title

Sanctuary For None Part One:

Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping) is asked to help put together a peace agreement between an abnormal leader, Caleb, and the world’s governments, an agreement which would allow Abnormals to be allowed to settle on the surface freely. Preparing to take military action against the abnormal forces, Greg Addison (Brian Markinson) forces Will back into the federal government, which further divides the Sanctuary team.

Sanctuary S4x12 - Helen greets Richard FelizThis unbelievable episode begins with Richard Feliz (Carlo Rota) visiting Dr. Helen Magnus in person at the Sanctuary to prove he is serious, and after a few attempts to convince him to come in, and he saying he will not, he finally gives in.  He comes in, and before Richard can tell Magnus why he is there, she asks him if he is there for a glass of wine, but he tells her that is not the case.

He informs her that he “wants to be released from his duties” but Magnus will not allow it. Richard respectfully tells her that he still adores her, and he will always support her, but he can not be a part of certain things to come, mainly what she is planning. He assures her that her money is safe, and only she has access to it. She puts her hands in his, and tells him Sanctuary S4x12 - Richard and Helen chat“You did come in person”. Richard kisses her hands in a, “thank you for understanding”, gesture then kisses her cheek.

She thanks him for being a friend and ally in the war, and he tells her that if there is anything she needs, she just needs to ask. Magnus quickly takes him up on his offer and asks him to perform one final favor for her, and after some Helen Magnus charm, she states that she only needs twelve minutes. Twelve minutes for what, we ask ourselves.

Richard then uses his phone, calls someone, presumably his assistant, Andre, and tells him to execute “Maneuver Delta Epsilon” right away. Richard tells Magnus he has managed to shut down Wall Street for twelve minutes, and Magnus thanks him by offering him a fine cup of wine.

We cut to a scene in an alleyway, where a young abnormal is being chased by humans. He finds himself trapped, and begs them to leave him alone. Just as it looks like they will hurt the young Abnormal, Dr. Will Zimmerman (Robin Dunne) steps in with a stun gun.

He is struck by another human from behind, drops the gun, and rushes to the side of the Abnormal. Will asks him if he can fight, but the Abnormal admits that he can barely see. So, Will just tells him to follow his lead.

Before they begin fighting, a big and tall Abnormal (Gil Bellows) picks out the stun gun, and shoots two of the humans warning them to leave. We then see more Abnormals all around, and the humans are clearly outnumbered, so they run off. The young Abnormal thanks the Sanctuary S4x12 - Will looks aroundother Abnormal, and tells him his life is his, but the other abnormal tells him it is not. Will thanks him, and the Abnormal hands over Will’s gun. Will is hesitant to take it.

The Abnormal tells him that if he wanted to shoot him, he would have done so already, and he makes it known that he knows Will’s name. Will takes the stun gun back as the Abnormal introduces himself as Caleb. The name is familiar to Will. He knows that Caleb is from Hollow Earth. Caleb tells him he is the most wanted Abnormal by human authorities. Caleb tells Will he knows who he is, and what he does, suggesting that the young Abnormal go with him to the Sanctuary so he will be safe. Before he walks off, he tells Will to tell Helen Magnus she has a new friend in town.

Sanctuary S4x12 - Tesla is back ipping wineAfter the opening sequence, we find ourselves back at the Sanctuary. Magnus walks into her office where she finds Nikola Tesla (Jonathon Young), who is depressed and trying to drown his sorrows in wine. He explains to Magnus, as if it has just occurred to him, that he is unable to get drunk due to his immortal metabolism.

Magnus asks why he is so upset, and Tesla explains to Magnus that he was fired from the SCIU (Specified Counter-Insurgency Unit) over at Area 51 and has lost his funds, and that his research was taken. Sanctuary S4x12 - Magnus understands

Magnus figures out that he was actually caught stealing, but Tesla, being the charmer that he is, is able to put a positive spin on it, and does not think of it as stealing. Henry Foss (Ryan Robbins) calls Magnus on her computer and informs her that Will is back with an intake (the Abnormal who earlier was about to get his butt kicked) and with information she may want to hear.

Magnus tells Henry she is on her way. Magnus says good-bye to Tesla. Tesla responds that it is fine because in the end everyone leaves him. Magnus walks off in annoyance, and Tesla begins talking to himself about how even pigeons left him back in New York in 1943, especially a certain white dove.

Sanctuary S4x12 - Magnus examines WillMagnus gives Will a quick medical exam in another office, and asks him what happened. Will explains that he was trying to help the young Abnormal who got lost, and was seen by people who freaked out and went after him. Will then explains it was Caleb who stepped in and helped them escape from the other people.

Right away Magnus knows Caleb is the Hollow Earth insurgent leader, Will explains that Caleb says he is tired of the fighting and is trying to spread the word of peace to the rest of his people. Magnus is surprised because this does not fit with anything they have heard about him. She feels that he may be telling the truth, and if so, it could help with how things are going at the Fifth Ward, the area in which several Abnormals from Hollow Earth have found shelter. Will says he hopes he can count on the support from Magnus.

Sanctuary S4x12 - overview of the cityWe cut to an overview of the city, which is the same overview shot we saw of the city in Breach from Season 3. Caleb and Magnus meet, as Caleb tells her he wants peace for his people, and quotes a famous quote by Martin Luther King: “Violence begets violence.” Caleb then explains to Magnus that he thought when Adam Worth (Ian Tracey) wanted to overthrow the city, he thought it was be the start of a new age.

However, Caleb tells her he came to realize that Adam was a madman. Caleb then explains how all he wants is peace for his people. Magnus asks him if he is willing to give up on the war on the surface. Caleb then explains how he knows all wars end, but it is up to him to decide how and when it happens. Magnus smiles and tells him now is as good a time as any to start.Sanctuary S4x12 - Caleb tells Magnus

Magnus returns to the Sanctuary and finds empty bottles of wine in her office left behind by Tesla. Will walks in and Magnus asks him if Tesla has left, but Will tells her that he is indeed still at the Sanctuary and in her wine cellar. That should keep Tesla occupied for a while. Magnus tells Will she thinks Caleb is sincere, and just wants peace for his people.

Will, however, has his doubts and they both begin talking about how they should proceed. Magnus tells Will that what he had to say made a lot of sense, and they both feel that humans and Abnormals should live as one. Will looks at Helen in disbelief, but Magnus thinks the Fifth Ward would make the right spot for an Abnormal settlement. She tells Will that Caleb has her full support. They will begin working with Caleb and the other Abnormals immediately. Will again looks at Magnus in disbelief, but Magnus has a look of pride and confidence on her face.

Sanctuary S4x12 - Video conference with AddisonMagnus contacts Greg Addison, the leader of SCIU, and they have a video meeting. Addison demands that Magnus tell him where Caleb is hiding, but Magus suggests that Addison just send his own people after Caleb. She reminds him that he wouldn’t stand a chance. After trying to convince him that all Caleb and his people want is peace, Addison still won’t have any of it and warns Magnus of what she’s doing. Magnus finally gives up and ends the video meeting with him. Magnus still can not believe how stubborn Addison is, and tells Will that they do not need him or SCIU.

Will informs her that what she and Caleb want will be harder to do without the support from SCIU, and suggests that they should take things a little more slowly in order for everyone to adjust to what is happening. Magnus, however, feels that all that will do is cause more to die, or more will be taken prisoner by Addison’s people. Magnus informs Will that they are moving forward with their Homeland project and that she is recalling Kate Freelander (Agam Darshi) from Hollow Earth because they will need “all hands on deck.” Magnus walks off, and Will quietly replies, “Yes, sir”, in a slightly disappointed voice.

Sanctuary S4x12 - Tesla examining Henrys suitWe find Tesla in Henry’s lab looking at the new suit Henry has been developing. Henry rushes in and backs Tesla (who of course has a wine bottle in his hand) away from his suit. Henry asks him why he has been drinking so much, and Tesla tells him he is drinking to unemployment, which leads Henry to ask what happened to all his “stuff”. Tesla clearly doesn’t like Henry referring to his work with that word.

He explains how the people at SCIU took it, and how it upsets him now that he has lost all his latest inventions and research, and he feels this is “Edison” all over again. He is clearly Sanctuary S4x12 - Tesla laments about SCIUtalking about Thomas Edison.

Henry tries to take his mind off his troubles by showing him the special rock Magnus and Will found in a cave from Bolivia (The Depths) but Tesla talks to himself and does not listen to a word Henry says, then gets up and leaves when he decides that Henry cannot help him, and pulls a wire out of the suit before walking out.

We cut to Magnus’s office. Magnus and Caleb are working together and reviewing maps of certain areas of the city, trying to find a good place for Caleb and his people. Magnus finds him an area of buildings where she believes is right for them, since those buildings have been unoccupied for some time, and she believes it will not get in the way of anything going on in the city.

Sanctuary S4x12 - Caleb thanks MagnusCaleb thanks her for all her help, and Magnus informs him that she is calling in Kate Freelander for help. However Caleb is not so sure. Magnus assures him that he can trust Kate as he would trust her. She also explains that because of Kate’s recent duty in Hollow Earth, she has a better understanding and appreciation of their cause. Magnus and Caleb lean on the desk, and both tell each other this plan could work.

In the Fifth Ward, we find Magnus with Captain Franklin (Venus Terzo) of Old City Police with several of her armed guards with her. Magnus thanks her for coming down, but feels the escort was not necessary. The captain feels it was, and tells Magnus she wished Magnus had given her more information regarding the meeting. Magnus tells her that the captain has always given her a wide birth when it comes to the things Magnus does down there, but the captain tells her it is because she has earned it and she feels Magnus can be trusted to keep things quiet. Magnus, however, tells her that is about to change.

They walk towards an open hanger door, and suddenly Abnormals, including Caleb come through. The men with guns raise their weapons, but Magnus tells them they have nothing to fear, and for that they have her word.  Caleb tells them they have his as well. Magnus tells them that it is time to hear the plan, but she asks for absolute discretion, and that in order for her plan to succeed, she needs everyone’s support.

Magnus walks over to Caleb and tells him not to blame himself and that things are not yet over. Caleb however feels the captain was not convinced with what they had to say. Magnus was right in what she had to say that they didn’t have the proper personal needed to make their own independent community work. Magnus tells him of groups of Abnormals in tribes who were self-governed back in Hollow Earth. Caleb however tells her that their leaders and thinkers where arrested after the uprising. Caleb then informs her that he’s been told that she’s a woman who can achieve the impossible. Magnus smiles and says “You are good.” They walk off together.

On a street in Old City, Will is riding his motorcycle. He gets pulled over by two vans, both from SCIU. Addison comes out of one of the vans, and tells Will that Will is coming to work for him at SCIU. Will sarcastically tells Addison that he always enjoys their chats, and that they should do it again some time, but before Will is able to leave, Addison tells him of what is becoming of the Fifth Ward. It seems that Magnus has joined with the enemy. Addison tells Will it is time Will comes back to the “real world.” Addison threatens Will by telling him that with his resources he can make Wills professional and personal life a lot harder and that he is authorized to re-activate former personal. Will gives Addison an S.O.B comment, but Addison smiles at him and welcomes him back the fold. He walks off, leaving Will with a very upset look on his face.

Back at the Sanctuary, Will is packing his things, and at one point brings up a temple in Nepal in which Magnus may have spent 113 years in. This is clearly a reference to the Nepal children’s home in which Sanctuary For Kids is heavily involved with.

Sanctuary S4x12 - Reference to Sanctuary for Kids and Nepal

Sanctuary S4x12 - Magnus tells Will about Addisons plansWill tells Magnus about Addison’s plans, and how he doesn’t want to go and work for him. Magnus, however, thinks Will may be making it sound worse than it is, and thinks it might be useful to have him on the inside. Will looks at Magnus with heavy disbelief, and does not believe what she is saying to him. Magnus feels that it could be vital to the Homeland project, and with Will on the inside, he could share information on what Addison is up to.

Will hates the idea and feels they would be watching him like a hawk. Magnus and Will look at each other for a few seconds, as Will realizes that she knew this could have happened for months. Magnus promises him that he will know everything when the time is right. Will tells her that she cannot ask him to do this, and she replies “But I am.”

At the SCIU building, Will and his FBI girlfriend, Agent Abby Corrigan (Pascale Hutton) get settled into their new working environment. Abby tells Will how she knows he doesn’t want to be working at SCIU, but she likes that they will be really working together. Will tells her that he always thought one day she would come and work with him at the Sanctuary, and Abby asks if Magnus would let her do that. Will jokingly tells her no. Abby suggests that if they were to break up then something could happen, but Will assures her that they are not going to break up. He also tells her that he will not let Addison use him as his own personal stooge. Abby, with a concerned look on her face, asks Will if he will do anything stupid and Will says he probably will. 

We cut to a scene in a board meeting with Addison and several members of SCIU, including Will and Abby. Addison informs the people in the meeting that they have received rumors of an Abnormal threat and are planning to act on it. Will speaks up and clearly states that he does not like acting on rumors, and that by SCIU making the first move, it will only lead to retaliation from the Abnormals.

Addison tells Will that if they always waited for solid proof of threats, they would never act. He tells Will that after a few days at SCIU he will start to see the big picture. Meanwhile Abby sits there looking concerned for Will. Will sits back quietly and Addison goes on with is meeting.

We find ourselves in a secret facility with Magnus and Caleb helping to free a group of Abnormals. Two security guards throw a stun grenade at them, and Magnus tells everyone to get down. The grenade goes off, and everyone expect Caleb and Magnus are stunned. Caleb turns to one of the guards, hits him hard. which pushes him back into the other guard. Caleb runs to Magnus and the other Abnormals and helps Magnus off the ground, and they all head off.

Back at SCIU, an angry Addison walks over to Will’s desk and tells him to hang up his phone. He  uploads a screen cap of Magnus helping Caleb break the Abnormals out of their prison. Addison tells him that no one was killed, but Magnus has burned her last bridge. Will looks at the picture in disbelief. Addison tells him that this must be a wake-up call for him. Will tells him that he will talk to Magnus and find out what is going on, but Addison refuses to listen, and informs Will that his first assignment is to arrest and detain Helen Magnus. Will sits there confused at what has happened, and what could happen next.

Outside the Sanctuary, Will tries to put in his code to the gate computer, but it will not allow him inside. Henry comes on the com system and Will asks him to let him inside because he thinks a glitch is the reason the system will not accepting his code. Henry explains that Magnus retired it. Will, yet again, has that look of disbelief on his face. As Henry is talking, the camera pans around and we see Magnus behind Henry. Clearly, Henry is uncomfortable as he delivers the news to his friend.

Henry hangs up on Will leaving him confused and frustrated outside. Back inside the Sanctuary, Magnus and Henry look like they have a regretful look on their faces, and Magnus puts her hand on Henry’s shoulder.

Back at SCIU, Will and Abby review the footage of Magnus helping to free the Abnormals and Abby thinks it seems as if Magnus actually wants them to come after her. Will thinks maybe Abby is right and tells her Magnus is getting harder to read every day. Abby asks Will if he will arrest Magnus and he says he does not know, but thinks maybe if he brings her in, he will force her to give him some more answers. Abby reminds him that Magnus will not even open the door for him, but Will realizes he will have to draw Magnus out in order to talk to her.

At the Fifth Ward, Magnus, Kate and Caleb look over the work they’ve done at the ward, and feel it will impress the city leaders. Caleb believes once things are done, they can spread the word and allow more to come to the ward. Magnus and Kate tell Caleb he is doing well and continue to overview the ward.

We find Captain Franklin sitting in a car, and suddenly Will joins her. He startles her when he comes and commends her on being promoted to captain. They begin talking about how things have changed when Will left to join the Sanctuary four years ago. Will explains things got complicated for him very quickly, but Franklin finds it hard to believe that he never came to them for help. Will reminds her that he was a pain for all of them back then. Will tells Franklin he knows she is working with Magnus on the Homeland project, and Franklin tells him Magnus gave her the “Monster tour”.

That is when Will asks her to set up a meeting with him and Magnus. Franklin refuses at first, but Will tells her that he now has a lot of high clearance and that she had better do what he asks. Franklin asks why she should help him, and Will tells her if she does not, he will make her life a living hell. Franklin looks at him in shock and Will tells her he will see her around and gets out of the car.

Back at the Sanctuary, Henry and Biggie (Christopher Heyerdahl) talk about the Homeland. Biggie tells Henry he has given it a lot of thought, but Henry cannot believe what he is saying. Biggie tells Henry he has been at the Sanctuary longer than Henry has been alive, and maybe it is time he moved on. Henry, upset, cannot accept it. Biggie explains how lucky Henry is that he can show his human face outside in the day. Biggie indicates that he cannot, but Henry tells Biggie that he also can– with a hoodie.  Henry enters the elevator and Biggie tells him that he has always wanted to be free, and now he has the chance and he is leaving. The Big Guy walks off, leaving Henry feeling hurt just as the elevator door closes.

At SCIU headquarters, Will and Addison talk about setting up a meeting with Magnus and Will tells Addison how he is not happy with it. Will also tells Addison how he hates how he had to blackmail a former colleague into setting up Magnus. Will then tells him that once Magnus gives him the answers he needs, he is done with her, Addison, and everything else. He turns and leaves the office.

At the Fifth Ward, many of the Abnormals are get used to their new home. Caleb talks to Kate about how things are coming along, and he tells her that Magnus said she would be an asset to the project, and Magnus was right. Kate smiles and Caleb sees the promise band on her wrist and knows the significance of it (Marriage). He then asks if “he” is on the surface, but Kate says he’s not, and Caleb simply responds with “soon.” Caleb walks off, and Biggie comes up to Kate.

She is obviously happy to see him. He then lets her know that he is giving the Homeland project a try, She also tells him that once things get settled, her and her lover, Garris (David Milchard) may move to the surface. She then shows Biggie her promise band, and tells him that a date has been set and that he is invited, but Biggie doesn’t say anything to her, and Kate asks what is wrong with him.  The Big Guy responds to her in a harsh voice, telling her to either go back to the Sanctuary or her man because her place is not at the Ward. He gives her an angry look, and walks off, leaving her with a look of hurt on her face.

We cut to a street where Captain Franklin is waiting for Magnus. Magnus tells Franklin that some problems have come up at the Mayors office, but before Magnus can finish her sentence, she turns around and sees Will sneaking up from behind her. She turns to Franklin, who tells Magnus she’s sorry, and Magnus responds with her famous” Bloody hell” line. Will slowly walks up to her, and tells her that he only wants to talk with her, but Magnus runs off, gets in her car and attempts to make a get-away. Will tells Franklin to call for back up. Will jumps on his motorcycle and begins to chase after Magnus, and after a few moments of a high speed chase, Magnus drives into an alleyway, where a truck backing up blocks her form going any further.

Will gets off his bike, takes out his gun, and tells her to get out of her car. Magnus, hands up, does so, and tells him that she does not want to do this. He looks her in the eye, and tells her she is under arrest. She looks at him with a stern look, then asks if Will should restrain her. Will asks if he should, and Magnus responds with an “Oh, definitely” just as she punches him in the face.

She puts her hands up to defend herself, and Will tells her not to do this, but she tells him she is sorry, and punches him again. This time, he returns a punch of his own, but she comes back with a hard kick to the chest which knocks him onto the car. Magnus runs for his motorcycle, and uses it to escape.

Two of Addison’s vans drive up and try to stop her, but she gets around them and gets away.

Later at SCIU headquarters, Will and Addison talk in Addison’s office, and Addison asks if Will is convinced about Magnus yet. But Will still thinks she has some kind of hidden agenda that Will is not quite sure about.  Addison has had enough. He tells Will that Will crashed and burned on the chance he had to bring in Magnus, and now it’s his turn. Will shakes his head at Addison, and asks if he is loving what has happened. Addison tells Will he actually hoped things would never get to this point, but he now has no choice. He picks up his phone and starts dialing.

At the Homeland, Magnus meets up with Caleb and begins talking about how things are coming along and how more people have been arriving. This is where Magnus and Caleb have their first disagreement, Magnus tells him if too many people start coming, the facility may not be able to handle all of them, Caleb tells her they will simply expand, but Magnus feels moving them, temporally, to other Sanctuaries will be better. Caleb looks at her, and gives her a direct no and tells her this is their Homeland. Magnus tells them they may have to start turning people away, but Caleb is certain that they will find a way to make it work, and that they will not turn anyone away.

Magnus accepts what he has to say, and when she gets up to leave, she sees her oldest friend, The Big Guy standing behind her. Magnus asks if he has a moment to talk, and Biggie says he is sorry that he did not come to her first. When she asks if they can speak alone, Biggie says he can speak in front of Caleb, so they begin to talk. Magnus assures him that she would never try to stand in his way, and Biggie tells her that he knows that, and that things just happened quickly, and what he is doing feels right. Magnus asks if he has made a decision, and Biggie tells her that she understands. She takes his hand, and they spend a few moments looking at one another. Magnus tells him things will not be the same without him. He walks away with Caleb, leaving Magnus with a little hurt look on her face and in her eyes.

Back at SCIU, Addison is finishing up the phone call he made earlier. Addison hangs up, and Will asks him who that was, but instead Addison tells him that this is the “Eleventh Hour” scenario” and that it has been in the planning stages for a while, but has never been able to happen until now.  He tells Will how he is using Homeland as a part of their plan.

At the Homeland, the lights suddenly go off, and everyone looks around, not knowing what’s happening. Head lights come on, helicopters fly overhead and sirens come on in the distance. We then see a tank and military men coming up the street, just as a news reporter, Julia Hague (Dawn Chubai) reports that the reason for all this military action is because of a large toxic industrial spill, and she instructs residents on what to do in this situation. The name “Julia Hague” is clearly a reference and tribute to a good friend and fan of Amanda’s and someone who supports Sanctuary For Kids very much. Military men seal off the area with steal gates, trapping the Abnormals inside, while the reporter continues to instruct people on what to do, and informs them to stay clear of the area until they have the all clear from Captain Franklin’s office.

At the Sanctuary, Magnus and Henry watch what is happening on Magnus’ computer, and Henry says they are turning it into a prison. Magnus runs off leaving Henry to continue to watch what is happening on his own.

Back at SCIU, Will argues with Addison about what he is doing, but Addison tells him that their cover up about the toxic spill is holding up, and he tells him that people will believe whatever they tell them to believe. He then tells Will that they are in control of the situation, and Helen Magnus is finally out of moves (but Helen Magnus is NEVER out of moves). Will looks at the TV behind Addison, and sees Magnus talking to the reporter.

Will and Addison watch Magnus on TV, and Addison asks what Magnus is doing. The camera focuses only on Magnus, and she begins telling the impossible truth on TV; truth that people tried to cover up; truth that is finally coming out of the dark and into the light.

Magnus tells them what she is about to say may sound strange or frightening, but it is all the truth, she tells the people watching on TV that the district is full of strange beings that she calls “Abnormals”, but they are the same beings that the people call, “monsters”. And as the tension begins to rise, the episode ends with her saying “And they very much exist.”

As shocking as that ending was, that is NOT even the big secret Helen Magnus has yet to reveal, but she will in the finale episode, Sanctuary For None Part. 2. I think this episode had so much going on, and it all came together to really push the boundaries of what we have seen before, and what is yet to come.

Many things have happened this season, mainly Helen Magnus going back to the 1880’s and having to wait 113 years before she could rejoin her timeline just as she left it, the Sanctuary losing much of their support and going rogue, new allies and enemies appearing, MANY twists and turns, all leading up to the big finale.

Amanda Tapping said in an interview that all relationships would be tested this season, and she was right (As usual). We’ve seen sides to everyone we have not seen before, and a lot of it has had to do with trust, some trust strengthened, and some bruised, but it is no doubt that all relationships have been tested this season. There is still one final test left, and it promises to be a big one.

For weeks, MANY fans have been coming up with theories on what Magnus’s big secret is, what she did in those 113 years in the past; why she is doing what she is doing, who is in on it, and so on.  It seems that more questions have popped up as the season has gone on, such as “Where is John Druitt?” And, “what is happening with The Big Guy?” Hopefully, many questions will be answered when the truth comes out in Sanctuary For None Part 2.

I would like to end my review by thanking the cast and crew of Sanctuary, who work very hard and very long to bring us top quality entertainment. These hard working people do a brilliant job at bringing such fantasy and mystery to Sci-fi, and their work with Sanctuary For Kids alone is enough to applaud the people for not just what they do on the show, but who they are as people, and the lives they have touched.

When you take a show like Sanctuary, with the motto, “Sanctuary For All Is Not An Empty Motto” And the SyFy network, with the motto, “Imagine Greater” You have a winning combination of brilliance and adventure.

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