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“Homecoming” began with Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) as he called Klaus (Joseph Morgan) to inform the Hybrid Original that his father, Mikael (Sebastian Roche) was dead. Well, Mikael was not exactly dead nor was he exactly Klaus’ father, but he had definitely been daggered, Stefan explained bluntly. Original vampires could not die, but could only be put into a deep state of a death-like coma until a dagger made of wood from the white oak tree was removed.

 The Vampire Diaries S3x09 - Mikael is daggered

Klaus awaited a thorough explanation from Stefan and the episode flashed back to one hour prior to describe more. The Vampire Diaries does not usually use this type of story, set-up in an anachronistic or flash back order. It was a bit confusing at first, but nicely set up a suspenseful mood of anticipation trying to figure out how the show would play out back to this first scene.

The Vampire Diaries S3x09 - The trio schemes a plan one hour earlier

The phone call continued and surprisingly it showed that Klaus was honestly shaken by the news of Mikael having been daggered. Klaus had tears welled up in his eyes as he warned Stefan not to lie. In a quick flash to Stefan’s memory, viewers discovered it was Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) that stabbed Mikael.

The Vampire Diaries S3x09 - Klaus tears up

The Vampire Diaries S3x09 - Elena daggers Mikael

Klaus did not know the specifics just yet and wanted to speak with his sister, Rebekah (Claire Holt). Rebekah confirmed Mikael’s “death” and with that knowledge, Klaus said he would be returning back to Mystic Falls. Then, Elena undaggered Mikael in a surprise move and the episode had officially began. Viewers had not been entirely filled in on what was going on, but it appeared to be some type of scheme concocted by the group. Whatever the plan was, it had at least succeeded in bringing Klaus back to town as Mikael had ordered at the end of the previous episode.

The Vampire Diaries S3x09 - Rebekah confirms death

The next day at the Salvatore Estate, Mikael was beginning to awake from having been daggered the night before. Rebekah had been keeping a watch over Mikael and began to confront him. Rebekah let Mikael clearly know she was on his side and hated him. Rebekah also told him that Elena had the special dagger.

Mikael explained to Rebekah that she was never the one he planned to kill and that it was Klaus that killed their mother. Rebekah still blamed Mikael for her mother’s death, because if he had not turned them into vampires then no murders would have ever resulted.

The Vampire Diaries S3x09 - Salvatore Estate

The Vampire Diaries S3x09 - Rebekah awaits Mikaels awakening

Finally it seemed, The Vampire Diaries began to focus on the character’s high school’s homecoming event, for which this episode was named after! It showed Elena and Bonnie Bennett (Kat Graham) at the Gilbert home as they discussed what to wear for the dance. Bonnie had decided she would be analyzing the ancient cave drawings instead of going to the formal. Bonnie was still distraught over Jeremy. Bonnie was unable to relate about her heartbreak with Elena since he was her brother. Personally, I never liked the two as a couple and cannot wait until Bonnie moves on to the next guy!

The Vampire Diaries S3x09 - Elena picking out homecoming dress

The Vampire Diaries S3x09 - Bonnie analyzing cave drawings

“Homecoming” shifted to the next scene and Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena were prepping an arsenal of weapons together. Elena was discussing how she was not sure if they should trust Rebekah or not. Damon revealed he had a secret back-up plan in case their plan to take down Klaus should fail.

Stefan interrupted them and announced he would be attending the homecoming dance as well. Stefan’s “Ripper” attitude shined through once again as he mocked Elena’s safety without him and their shaky plan that involved Klaus. Stefan pointed out their plan would fail like the many plans before due to someone letting their “humanity get in the way.” Sometimes, it has been as if the “Ripper” has been pointing out all the little things the fans have been thinking, love it!

The Vampire Diaries S3x09 - Elena and Damon prepare weapons

Tyler seemed to be getting more into the feeding on humans that Carolyn would like for him to.  While getting things ready for the dance Tyler told Carolyn that he knew where some humans were that liked to get fed on by vampires.  Carolyn almost seemed appalled.  Tyler added insult to injury by telling Carolyn it was Rebekah that told him about this.  Carolyn had been jealous of Rebekah from day one.

The Vampire Diaries S3x09 - Elena smiles before the daggering

Elena shared a moment with Rebekah where it appeared that they were bonding.  Rebekah told Elena that she  had never been to a high school dance because her and Klaus were always on the run.  Worried about her fathers plans to kill Klaus, Rebekah warned Elena that even though Mikael was going to kill Klaus he was not to be trusted.  

The Vampire Diaries S3x09 - Rebekkah is daggered

No one in her family was to be trusted.  Rebekah had spent her whole life loving and hating Klaus at the same time.  Elena gave Rebekah back her mothers necklace and put it around Rebekah’s neck.  Something very unexpected happened next.  Elena drove the dagger in Rebekah’s back!  Apologizing while she did it.

The Vampire Diaries S3x09 - Elena explains what happened

The “Homecoming” episode continues with the homecoming party and much jockeying for position between the rival Mystic falls factions. The end comes with Nina explaining what has happened while Klaus is busy looking for his coffins which have come home to Mystic Falls. The fate of the coffins is certain to be a focal point in future episodes in season three.

The Vampire Diaries S3x09 - Kalus demands answers

The Vampire Diaries S3x09 - The coffins come home

This is such a great episode, we include “Homecoming” in it’s entirety courtesy of the CW Network via Hulu for you to witness for yourself and for your enjoyment.

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