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Welcome back Continuum time travelers!

How can we express our sheer joy at seeing Continuum on Syfy every week since this science fiction drama series came to the United States?  

By catching up on all our analysis of this superb science fiction series, that is how!

Continuum - Kagame Leader of Liber8 author of the Manifesto

Before doing so, shall we consider if Edouard Kagame (Tony Amendola) is “The Rocker” as the Jesse Peters Trio suggests above? The “Wasting Time” episode featured another great song by this revered jazz band called “That Ain’t Today” and we would suggest that Kagame is indeed “The Rocker”, set to rock all timelines on planet Earth in Continuum!

Continuum S1x03 - Rachel Nichols as Kiera CameronIn the previous episode “Fast Times”, which we reviewed in detail as part of our week on Continuum catch up, we learned more of the back story on the series.

Ever since, our heroine from the future Kiera (Rachel Nichols) was still operating under an assumed identity that she took from a badge of a Portland police officer by scanning it in the pilot episode after arriving in 2012 via time travel from the year 2077.

Continuum S1x02 - Time Jump Device fragmentThe question of course is how long until Kiera is discovered, and will a young Alec Sadler (Erik Knudsen) be able to protect her from discovery in 2012? We did not have to wait very long my friends.

At the end of “Fast Times” subsequent to when Kiera saved the day after the time travel jump device exploded, our favorite cop from the future is getting ready to head home for the evening. Suddenly, Kiera observes the a piece of the time jump device, a fragment of the ball shaped device sure to play a role in future episodes of Continuum.

Continuum S1x02 - Kiera is sadChatting with Alec via the “Cellular Memory Recall” (CMR) communications system while heading back to her hotel room, paid for by using her technology from the future to empty electronic bank cash dispensing machines on a regular basis,we are treated to the acting talent of Rachel Nichols in an emotional sequence. Kiera is sad, observed crying silently to herself.

So are we. Kiera deals with the reality she must face in 2012, the fact is she may never be able to return to the future, her husband Greg (John Reardon) or her son Sam (Sean Michael Kyer) ever again!

Wasting Time:

Continuum S1x03 - Inspector Dillon conducts a brieifing on Liber8Subsequent to young Alec Sadler hacking the federal government computer records as cover, we find Kiera involved in a briefing with a newly formed Vancouver Police Department special anti-terrorist task force.

Created by Inspector Dillon (Brian Markinson) to track down and capture the Liber8 2012 Team before they can introduce irrevocable changes to the timeline to “control the past!”

In our opinion, Kagame wants to destroy the future! Kiera fills in the group with many details about the malcontent members of Liber8 that have invaded the year 2012 in Vancouver British Columbia.

Continuum S1x03 - Kiera briefs the VPD anti-terrorist membersAs Kiera briefs her Vancouver Police Department team members on each of the Liber8 terrorist capabilities, which are formidable, we have learned Edouard Kagame (Tony Amendola), author of the Manifesto, “appears” to have been killed during the time travel trip to 2012.

Unknown to the viewers at this time, Kagame is not dead. Kagame’s arrival in 2012 has been delayed for reasons yet to be revealed in the Continuum story arc.

Continuum S1x03 - Travis is sick in bedIn Kagame’s absence, ex-Special Forces member Travis Berta (Roger Cross) has assumed command of Liber8 in 2012. Unfortunately for Travis, he has a serious ailment that requires immediate medical attention or he may perish.

As Kiera continues her briefing, she reveals information about Liber8’s Lucas Ingram (Omari Newton). Lucas is the brains of the group who we observed in the last episode attempting to activate the time travel jump device which exploded.

Kiera shares with Carlos Fonnegra (Victor Webster) and others in the the anti-terrorist task force that Lucas is a psychopathic killer.

Continuum S1x03 - Barlos asks Kiera about details concerning Liber8

Continuum S1x03 - Betty Robertson now believes in Kiera because of her deep coverContinuing her lecture with Betty Robertson (Jennifer Spence) assisting, Betty is now a believer in Kiera. We learn that Jasmine Garza (Luvia Petersen) is Liber8’s resident weapons expert also quite skilled in stealing vehicles needed to operate in the year 2012. Last but not least are two other vicious members of Liber8, Matthew  Kellog (Stephen Lobo), a con artsist, and Curtis Chen (Terry Chen), a ruthless killer who will stop at nothing to carry out the plan of Liber8’s terrorist leader, Edouard Kagame.

During the course of the episode we learn that Travis requires a growth hormone not readily available in 2012. This will become the motivation of Liber8 to acquire the hormone by gruesome means to keep Travis healthy.

Continuum S1x03 - Sonya extracts the hormone for TravisDelightfully evil and arse kicking Sonya Valentine (Lexa Doig) is Travis’ lover who secures the required hormone for Travis. Sonya is trained as a military doctor which will come in mighty handy as Liber8 is certain to encounter Kiera who delivers a bit of arse kicking herself as we learn later in the “Wasting Time” episode!

Continuum S1x03 - Sonya is hard at work to save TravisCurtis’ lover Sonya will stop at nothing to get him the growth hormone to create a usable serum using any method possible. The process will require draining the needed fluid from people’s brains to keep Curtis alive!

In the beginning sequences, we see Sonya  apparently seducing another man. Not so. Sonya uses a laser like device to drain the fluid from a male victim which she delivers subsequently to a bedridden Curtis.

Continuum S1x03 - Kellog uses his knowledge to keep Liber8 flush with cashWith Travis not able to provide effective leadership due to his condition, Mathew Kellog appears to be more interested in saving his own skin. Kellog leaves the Liber8 safe house to locate Kiera.

Kellog seems to have some sort of inside information outside of using future knowledge to keep Liber8 flush with cash in 2012.

Continuum S1x03 - Kiera examines a blutooth headsetBefore Kellog locates Kiera, we get a humorous moment finding her at a local restaurant with people giving her odd looks from talking to young Alec Sadler via her CMS implant.

This reviewer giggled because before Blue Tooth headsets were commonplace, people often gave other people odd looks until the devices became a standard feature of cell phone technology.

Continuum S1x03 - Alec smiles as he tells Kiera to put on the bluetooth headsetAlec has instructed Kiera to purchase a Blue Tooth headset which she is reluctant to don until Alec explains its purpose. The device will provide Kiera with cover, or be mistaken as a crazy person talking to herself!

Kiera is lost in her own thoughts as a touching scene then unfolds in the restaurant. As Kiera see a happy family with a young son, she is reminded her of her own child in the distant future of 2077 that she may never see again.

Continuum S1x03 - Kiera sees a happy family in the restaurant

Continuum S1x03 - Matthew Kellog sits down at Kiera's tableDistracted from recalling her family memories, Kiera is suddenly confronted by Matthew Kellog who sits down at her table.

To make sure that nothing goes wrong, Kellog has brought a hand grenade him with his finger on the trigger threatening to explode the device to kill or maim everyone in the restaurant. Kiera has no choice but to listen to Kellog .

Continuum S1x03 - Kellog has brought a hand grenade as leverageThis offers an interesting premise for the Continuum story arc. Although we think of Liber8 as a dedicated group of terrorists, they are actually made up of individuals. Kellog is like any human being, seeking his own survival often at the cost of others or consideration of same.

This reveal will no doubt play a part in future episodes of Continuum as Kellog is more interested in himself, explaining he does not share the goals of the Liber8 terrorists, nor their heinous plans in 2012.

Continuum S1x03 - Kiera demands to know what Kellog wants with herAfter inquiring what Matthew Kellog is after or wants, while listening intently, Kiera has her futuristic weapon aimed at Kellog under the table to hold him at bay.

To Kiera’s complete surprise, Kellog offers to betray Liber8 so long as his own future is protected in the process. Kellog is seemingly sincere offering to protect both of their chances for survival in the world of 2012 Vancouver.  

Continuum S1x03 - Carlos arrives at the restaurant causing Kellog to departNot unexpectedly, as Kiera’s partner Carlos arrives outside the restaurant, Matthew Kellog makes a quick exit from the premises without obtaining what he was seeking, at least for the time being.

No doubt the fascinating interaction observed in the restaurant between Kiera and Kellog will be explored in subsequent episodes with Kiera in need of intelligence about the terrorists from double agent Kellog.

Continuum S1x03 - Kiera and Carlos chat with morgue technician Clayton about the cause of deathWe segue to Carlos and Kiera at the local Vancouver morgue.

Their purpose is to examine the recent victims of Sonya Valentine with the resident medical examiner named Clayton portrayed by famous character actor Adam Greydon Reid.

People who have read our Sanctuary reviews will remember Adam played the memorable character Bruno Delacourt in Sanctuary among his many other roles.

Morgue technician Clayton has performed an autopsy to determine cause of death.

Continuum S1x03 - Laser cut curcular golf ball sized hole in skullEach victim has a neat circular hole “the size of a golf ball” at the base of the skull. The morgue technician explains that each of the victims have had their pituitary glands surgically removed with via a medical technology that he says “does not exist” in 2012.

Kiera shares with Carlos that she suspects Sonya Valentine is the culprit. Carlos is puzzled by the technology used, giving Kiera a look like “just what the heck does this woman know” believing that she has the knowledge  from her secret federal government sources.

Continuum S1x03 - Carlos and Kiera learn growth hormone glands have been removedKiera orders the medical examiner to secure the victims pending delivery to a secure site. Carlos, known to the examiner, who looks a tad puzzled, backs Kiera up.

During the examination of the corpses, Clayton, the medical examiner technician reveals reports that the glands removed from the victims have been harvested and could be used to create human growth hormone. Kiera puts two and two together, knowing that it is Travis who needs the hormone.

Continuum S1x03 - Kellog and Chen are not getting alongMeanwhile, although given a bit of hormone by Sonya to survive, we see that the condition of Travis has gotten worse leading to friction within the Liber8 2012 Team. Curtis Chen and Matthew Kellog are at each other throats figuratively.  Sonya is not happy without the strength Travis uses to enforce discipline and sets out to secure a permanent supply of hormone for Travis.

Continuum S1x03 - Kellog holds Chen at gunpointTurncoat Matthew Kellog contacts Kiera, apparently to make good on his offer to exchange information about Liber8 to secure his own existence.

Curtis Chen observes Kellog in the process, confronting him at gunpoint. Kellog says it is really a trap to kill Kiera and the tension between these two antagonists eases for the moment.

Continuum S1x03 - Betty grins at Kiera who is talking to a computer that is really AlecBack at Vancouver Police Headquarters, we are treated to another humorous scene. Betty Robertson is looking at Kiera who is trying to do a computer database search by talking to the computer!

The fun sequence was reminiscent of a scene from Star Trek IV, the Voyage Home, when Scotty tried to talk to a computer! I found the sequence to be quite enjoyable.

Continuum S1x03 - Alec explains about computers in 2012 to KieraYoung Alec Sadler explains things are not done that way in 2012 and locates the data needed by Kiera and Carlos to tie the two victims deaths to a common medical link, DNA needed to match Travis’ condition for the hormone he requires.

Both victims were sperm donors at a local clinic. Kiera goes to the clinic and scans the myriad number of boxes of records with her future technology matching the DNA records to ascertain the next victim.

Continuum S1x03 - Alec is forced by his mother and father to attend an anarchists meetingBack at home, Alec is ordered by his parents to join the family for a meeting of anarchists.

As an interesting side note, Alec’s parents are part of an anti-establishment group. We are left to wonder, is this what has influenced the older Alec Sadler (William B. Davis) to manipulate Liber8 of the year 2077 in the first place?

Back to Kiera and Carlos, they head out to a Vancouver area university that looks a lot like UBC (University of British Columbia).

Tracking down the doctor involved, we meet another Stargate, Fringe, Caprica and Supernatural alumnus Hiro Kanagawa who portrays a character named Dr. Ted Gibson.

Continuum S1x03 - Hiro Kanagawa as Doctor Gibson

Continuum S1x03 - Kiera is all set to black mail Hiro Kanagawa as Doctor GibsonAt first Dr. Gibson refuses to cooperate claiming doctor patient confidentiality until a bit of arm twisting, in fact black mail is applied by Kiera, who has future knowledge of an indiscretion by the good doctor Gibson.

Gibson provides the requisite information rather than face further complications from his past behavior of a dubious experimental medical nature.

Seeking the next victim, Kiera investigates a student dormitory room. Carlos is observed investigating the dormitory kitchen. With Alec’s help via CMR implant, Kiera discovers that next potential victim had withdrawn from the university the previous semester.

Continuum S1x03 - Showdown in the campus kitchenVia memory flashback to the first moments of the episode, Kiera realizes it is a trap. She and Carlos suspect it is all a trap that Kellog set up. Curtis Chen has been holding Matthew Kellog hostage in the dormitory, ambushing Kiera’s partner Carlos in the kitchen. Carlos exchanges gunfire with Curtis.

During the confusion Matthew Kellog makes his escape, but not before Kiera uses her future technology weapon to implant an electronic tag on him to track his future movements. Kiera then runs off to save her partner Carlos.

Continuum S1x03 - Carlos and Curtis fight it outIn a well choreographed fight scene between Curtis and Carlos, who have a cool but brutal fight, Curtis nearly kills Carlos. Carlos is knocked unconscious by martial arts expert Curtis.

In another great fight scene, Kiera and Curtis beat each other to a pulp fighting for control of her futuristic weapons. Kiera seems to have the upper hand in the fight, strangling Curtis, but he quickly grabs a live electrical circuit torn loose and damages Kiera’s battle armor knocking her across the room.

Continuum S1x03 - Curtis says do you want to go home but makes a fatal mistakeNow comes a fun line when Curtis Chen says to Kiera “You want to go home, you’re going home” pointing Kiera’s own weapon at her.

Here is a possible weak point in the story arc. One that we would think Liber8 would train their terrorists to avoid using a
“Protector” weapon, but perhaps the hot head Curtis did not attend Liber8 class that day?

Curtis is unaware as he fires Kiera’s weapon to kill her, that the gun apparently has DNA recognition technology embedded. This is consistent with similar technology available today currently under development by the United States and other governments.

Continuum S1x03 - Curtis is knocked out by Kiera's Protector fail safe

Continuum S1x03 - Kiera smirks knowing Curtis is about to be killedKiera sneaks a smirk as her weapon emits an electric charge knocking out Curtis Chen saying to him “you got it backwards!”

However, the situation with Curtis’ character provides cover for Matthew Kellog who reports back to the Liber8 hideout unaware he has been tagged.

Back at the Liber8 safe house, our dear villainous Sonya injects Travis with more growth hormone serum. Travis quickly recovers enough to resume command of Liber8.

Continuum S1x03 - Travis and Sonya find the tracking tag on KellogWhen Kellog arrives, Sonya realizes he has been tagged with an electronic homing device. Sonya is pissed off!

Matthew Kellog will be used as a trap to kill Kiera. He is secured a chair in the living room of the former safe house with a futuristic bomb detonator attached for when Kiera tracks him down from being “tagged”.

Continuum S1x03 - Kellog and Kiera barely escape the explosionRecalling when she captured Sonya in the future via flashback, Kiera recognizes a tell tale sound and barely escapes with her and Matthew Kellog’s life by diving into the pool which protects them from a massive explosion and fire ball in a well performed special effects sequence.

Kellog goes on the run now an enemy of both Kiera and the Liber8 terrorists running amok in 2012.

Continuum S1x03 - Kiera liberates the temporal jump device fragmentIn the final moments of the episode, Kiera informs the younger version of Alec Sadler that her battle suit has been heavily damaged and she needs help using 2012 technology to track down Matthew Kellog.  No doubt this factor will become an important part of the story arc in the next episode.

As the episode fades to black, we observe our favorite future cop Kiera apparently protecting her own future by “liber8ing” the time jump device fragment from the police evidence locker!

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