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Another fabulous episode unfolded on our screens this week of with one of my favorite Canadian actors, David Hewlett!

Well known for his famous role as Doctor Rodney McKay on MGM Studios hit science fiction series Stargate Atlantis, it was wonderful to see him in Episode Five!

So, while Three is complaining about the quality of the food on The Raza, and the episode begins, I’m excited because this is the first Dark Matter episode with David Hewlett.

Dark Matter S01x05 David HewlettNaturally, he does not disappoint. As Talbor Calcheck, Hewlett is the perfect irritating and smarmy used car salesman type, willing to do anything for a buck.

As I was saying, the crew are having a meal and discussing ways to make some money when Five asks if anyone is aware that there is a vault in the bowels of the ship. Of course, there is no way in. So, what is inside the vault will have to wait for another episode because we are about to meet…

Talbor Calcheck, the guy who turns out to actually be the crew’s agent. He promises to smooth things over with Ferus Corp. in exchange for a small salvage operation. They are to retrieve a freighter for half their normal rate.

Dark Matter S01x05 Meet Talbor CalcheckThree, who should know a low life when he sees one, identifies their agent/handler as a scumbag.

After five episodes, we do not know much more about the crew of the Raza. They are all supposed to be unpleasant people, however, Three seems like he would be the one closest to his real before memory wipe character. It is very hard to like him at this stage.

Dark Matter S01x05 One discovers Three in Twos bed

Especially when One drops by to viDark Matter S01x05 Six wants to have a look aroundsit Two only to find out that Three has gotten there first. It seems that it is not only One who can play fast and loose with members of the opposite sex.

On the cargo ship, Two tells everyone they are going to engineering so she can set up the freighter to head home on its own. Six, Four, Three and One have other ideas.

They decide to look around instead. One has little choice but to agree with Three thanks to their agreement in the previous episode.

Dark Matter S01x05 The Android identifies an object

While Six has paired up with Four and Three has paired up with One, Five and the Android have remained on the Raza. As usual, we are reminded of how literal the Android can be when Five asks if she can drag the Android away for a minute. “I higDark Matter S01x05 Two gets bittenhly doubt that,” replies the Android, “Despite your low center of gravity, you possess neither the strength nor the stamina to pull my body weight over any significant distance”. Once Five clarifies, they both head to the infirmary. Five has found an object that yield more questions than answers.

Back on the freighter, as Two works on getting the FTL drive on line, Six and Four come across several bodies. All of them had met a violent end. Two tells everyone to fall back to her position, except, she cannot reach Three and One. Before the others can reach her, Two is attacked and bitten by one of the freighters crew members, who looks more like a zombie than a treasonable guy. Fortunately, Six shows up in time to kill the crew member.

Since Two has been bitten and likely infected, Six returns to the Raza with her and Four. Meanwhile, Three and One are lost.

Dark Matter S01x05 Space zombie

They come across their own zombie/ infected crew member and are forced to shoot at her to kill her.

This causes a hull breach. It is becoming clear that, as Two suggested, these two really are not very good together. Despite their ability to get into trouble, surprisingly, they help each other out. Since Three has been blackmailing One, it is surprising that One has not only passed up chances to kill Three, but he has even saved Three from the hull breach.

Dark Matter S01x05 Three saved frim hull breach

Once they are safe in the next compartment, One tells Three that he no longer cares if Three shares his secret Dark Matter S01x05 Two in quarantinewith the rest of the crew. It seems that blackmail is not One’s cup of tea, so to speak. Once that decision is made, the two stalwart frenemies discover that the air in their area of the ship is getting thin.

While that is happening, everyone on the Raza learn that the freighter was on a planet under galactic quarantine due to a pharmaceutical company playing with nature. They accidentally created a deadly virus. Now, it appears that Two is infected.

Dark Matter S01x05 Blowing up the freighterBack on the freighter, One and Three have made contact with Six. He tells them to head to an airlock that is not too far away. He will wait for them there. The only problem is that there are Space zombies between them and the outer hatch where Six will be waiting.

They manage to fight their way through, as if there was any doubt, and reach the air lock and the shuttle waiting for them. Back on board the Raza, they agree that they should destroy the freighter. The one dissenting voice, as always, is Three. Fortunately, he is out voted, again.

Dark Matter S01x05 Two is immuneSince Two has not shown symptoms of the virus, One insists that they scan her again. When they do so, they find no evidence of the virus. It seems as if Two is immune. This raises more potential problems. Two now becomes very valuable to the pharmaceutical company. It looks as if the crew of the Raza will now become even more wanted.

Another question arises, why on earth did Three turn down a roll in the hay with Two? Why is Two getting up close and personal with her male crew? Will Six be next? As I stated in my first review of this series, I do not think that Four will be in the mix. His lack of interest in Two from the outset suggests that he prefers boys.

With lots of questions yet to be answered, I look forward to the next episode. We, at WormholeRiders hope you do too.

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