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As we drop into the third installment of Dark Matter our seemingly unknowing crew are still trying to figure out who and what they are.

Are they killers or space traveling Robin Hoods?

One thing is for certain, Dark Matter, created by Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie of Stargate fame seems to have jumped into Faster Than Light (FTL) speed on our television screens. Dark Matter has literally taken the science fiction viewing community worldwide by storm!

Zoie Palmer as The Andoid

Dark Matter Main Cast - Image courtesy SyfyThe opening two episode Dark Matter pilot completely set the stage with fine series actor stars (listed in their numerical character order); Marc Bendavid as One (Jace Corso), Melissa O’Neil as Two (Portia Lin), Anthony Lemke as Three (Marcus Boone), Alex Mallari Jr. as Four (Ryo Tetsuda), Jodelle Ferland as Five (Das), and Roger R. Cross as Six  (Griffin Jones). The seventh lead actor is the gifted and gorgeous Zoie Palmer of Lost Girl fame who portrays “The Android”!

Dark Matter S1x03 Marc Bendavid as One

Dark Matter Episode Three:

Dark Matter S1x03 The Raza hurtling through spaceThe third exciting episode of Dark Matter opens with the Raza hurtling through deep space.

The Android is telling everybody good morning from the Bridge of the ship, that she has recovered more data from the ships computers, blithely informing them that in about twenty-seven hours, they will be arriving at the “space station”.

Dark Matter S1x03 The Android briefs the crew

Dark Matter S1x03 Three portrayed by Anthony LemkeThree is more than a bit irritated. He is definitely not to happy about the Androids hourly reports!

Three also seems to have his own ideas about what everyone else is going to do and what they’re going to do with the ship.

His plan is to split the cargo up, sell the ship and everybody go on their merry way! LOL Funny guy!

Dark Matter S1x03 Alex Mallari Jr as FiveFive speaks up first, “but….we’re a team”…  chirping in that this “team” has a lotta dead weight on it!

Two, obviously a taking charge type of character, tells him how it is going to go down! They are going to refuel and resupply at the space station, and then whoever does not want to be there is totally welcome to leave!

Dark Matter S1x03 Melissa O'Neill as TwoEveryone else agrees except for Four who takes this opportunity to exit the galley! Five attempts to connect with Four, who promptly shuts him down! They like the ship!

After breakfast, Five first asks Six to play a game but he’s going to take a nap, then she hits up One who blows her off because he found a book to read, then she tries to ask Four who promptly shuts his bulkhead door in her face…..what’s a kid to do?

Dark Matter S1x03 Five finds a dead bodyExploring …..that is what Five is going to do! Five heads back back into the ventilation system. At least this time she has a flashlight!

This kids got some amazing senses, feels something……not quite right….whoa….we’ve a body….looks dead…..

Yep! It is a dead male in his mid teens!

Dark Matter S1x03 Android says the body was preserved in the cold area of the ships cooling systemAndroid tells them his body was preserved due to the lower temps in that section of the ship!

She also knows how he died, was shot a single shot to the kidney, he bled to death. What she doesn’t know is who he is. No record of him in the ships computer…..

Dark Matter S1x03 Two and One tell Android a thing or two (pun intended)Two tells Android that she will be needing her help with something but it must not be shared with the others. Five is hanging back with Six. She is feeling a connection with this teenage male, did she know him, who was he to her?

I am thinking they were both stowaways on this ship, the Raza, remember….. Five’s identity was not in the computer logs…. Just how did she get there?

Six is wondering what Five is doing there too! He voices this concern to Two, who answers with, “Hey, she woke up in a stasis pod just like everyone else, so she must have done something right”!

Dark Matter S1x03 Six and Two wonder how Five got on board The Raza

Dark Matter S1x03 Lie detector time via The AndroidNow it is interrogation and lie detector test time, questions given by the Android!

Turns out nobody tampered with the stasis pods, nobody means each other harm, nobody has sabotaged the ship, nobody knows what day it is except Five who somehow knows that it is chocolate protein pudding day! Yea!

Seems everyone has passed the test ……well…. actually Three has not answered ANY questions! Guess who is “On Deck”!

Dark Matter S1x03 Five answers a few questions at gunpointAt gun point the group forces Three to answer a few questions about what he knows. He passes….so far, so good…..

Then the Android notifies the crew that lethal Doses of gamma radiation and within hours the hull will be breached!

I am guessing they are gonna have to deal with this ….ahhhh NOW!

Dark Matter S1x03 A Super Nova causes problems for The RazaA type 1A supernova is causing the disturbance, but they are a happy bunch so all eyes are peeked for the EMP!

Whoops….. emergency lighting came on……. And the Android is out there trying to fix the stuff, looks like a fuse box in your kitchen, she fixed it, Closed the access panel and whoops looks like we’re getting some more EMP charges! And she’s down…….

Dark Matter S1x03 Five hotwires the doorThree want to just leave her and FTL Jump….but the others have another idea they want to save the android.

Three has locked them out of the control room but they have got Five, the girl who’s going to save the day so she rewires the bulkhead door and they come in guns drawn and Three rearranges his plans!

I have decide I am going to call Five “Vent Girl”!

Sidebar: My friend Mandy she needs to get her hair done like Five next!

Dark Matter S1x03 Android is savedPutting a mag boots on and going to save android hello! Approaching the airlock, well that didn’t go so well……. Whoops were jumping! Six is not breathing hello because he is not breathing! Neither is Android!

Six is dead. Android wakes up puts her palm on his chest and it is like a defibrillator jars him back to life, she says it was very satisfying….

Three completes his interrogation and believe it or not he is telling the truth he did not try to sabotage anybody either…. We Move on!

Dark Matter S1x03 Two beats the hell out of a punching bag!Two is beating the hell out of a punching bag, then One comes in and starts the little chitchat routine with Two.

He says there is only one person on the ship is looking out for number one and we all know who that is; Three.

One then he lays a big kiss on Two. Then he says politely good night leaving her all flustered!

Dark Matter S1x03 One plants a big kiss on Two

Dark Matter S1x03 Five finds a Rubik cube box with mysterious items and a gun in itWe next are with Five who is exploring again, except this time she is searching for stuff in small drawers.

She finds what looks like a Rubiks cube and starts turning it all around until it opens. Inside are a bunch of mysterious items, including a not so mysterious gun!

Better be careful there little girl!Dark Matter S1x03 The Raza arrives at the space station

The episode ends as The Raza arrives at the space station.

This will set up the adventure for episode four rather nicely where we are sure to learn more about our seven crew members of The Raza!

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    Good evening Holly!

    Thank you for a wonderful analysis of the adventure unfolding in Dark Matter’s third episode! I enjoyed your thoughts about the action unfolding and the discoveries made along the way!

    I also want to see Mandy’s “Five” hair style ASAP! 😛

    Hope you are having a Happy 4th of July!

    Best Regards,


    Kenn Weeks of WHR

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