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Dark Matter: But First, We Save the Galaxy or Be Careful When You Blink!

Welcome Dark Matter Fans and WormholeRiders! The season two finale, But First, We Save the Galaxy, was another outstanding accomplishment by Joseph Mallozzi and his terrific Dark Matter team! The exciting episode featured an epic cliff hanger leaving viewers wondering what may have happened to the Raza crew and many of the guest stars who were feature in the season two finale! As the crew ramps up for the EOS-7 …Read the Rest

Dark Matter: Take The Shot or Do You See What I See?

Welcome Dark Matter Fans and WormholeRiders! Last week was a whirlwind between galaxies, brain scans and checking for implants, and The Android (Zoie Palmer) having more and more ‘human’ feeling and actions! As we take a jump on the Raza, the crew has gotten Android on the charging pad to see if that is going to help downgrade her emotions, and hopefully avoid any future mistakes that seem to be …Read the Rest

Dark Matter: We Should Have Seen This Coming, But Shadow Pusher Held Us Back!

Welcome Dark Matter Fans and WormholeRiders from around the world! This awesome space drama developed by Joseph Mallozzi, Paul Mullie, and was written by Robert C. Cooper, well known for his work on the entire MGM Studios Stargate franchise since 1998! “We Should Have Seen This Coming” was Directed by Bruce McDonald  well known for his work on Lost Girl, Bomb Girls and Heartland! Dark Matter has been quite an enjoyable …Read the Rest

Dark Matter Episode Three: It’s All About the Pudding!

Welcome WormholeRiders dedicated to seeking Dark Matter!  As we drop into the third installment of Dark Matter our seemingly unknowing crew are still trying to figure out who and what they are. Are they killers or space traveling Robin Hoods? One thing is for certain, Dark Matter, created by Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie of Stargate fame seems to have jumped into Faster Than Light (FTL) speed on our television …Read the Rest

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