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Last week was a whirlwind between galaxies, brain scans and checking for implants, and The Android (Zoie Palmer) having more and more ‘human’ feeling and actions!

As we take a jump on the Raza, the crew has gotten Android on the charging pad to see if that is going to help downgrade her emotions, and hopefully avoid any future mistakes that seem to be putting the entire crew in jeopardy!

Take The Shot:

DarkMatter S2x10 ANDROID in Winterland

ANDROID in Winterland

We see our lovely Android in a luxurious bed looking around, seemingly confused.

Android is in a wintery place, obviously she is having a nice experience and seems to be napping, while charging.

What we need to know, for the crew’s future, is this a good or bad thing?

DarkMatter S2x10 Android and Victor

Android and Victor

Then we see Victor (Brendan Murray) enter the room and what seems to be a completely enjoyable sexual encounter happens! Well, okay, do Androids actually do this? This place is in Androids circuits, before Victor did the ‘upgrade’, Android obviously had never had this sort of experience while charging!

As Android pulls out of the dream and off the charging pad she immediately alerts the crew to her strange dream while charging!

DarkMatter S2x10 Android and simulated Android

Android and simulated Android

Of course the simulated Android shows up and starts shooting down Androids experience, bringing up all the BAD that has happened since the upgrade occurred.

Evil Android suggested that the end is near as far as Android being able to act like a normal Android, thus, she cannot possible do her job on the Raza any longer and is putting all of them in dire danger the longer she is in control of the ship!

Personally, I do not like the simulated Android, always the beacon of bad news. Maybe she’s the fraking problem. Well I suppose Android is supposed to be perfect.

DarkMatter S2x10 Android taking it off

Android taking it off

But still, I do not like this vision of doom that the simulated Android is always throwing around in the conversations! I kind of like the upgrade Victor gave Android, having a few more human emotions, sort of gives me the feels…

So, on simulated Android’s suggestion, Three (Anthony Lemke), Six (Roger Cross) and Nyx (Melanie Liburd) all take Android back to the charging pad.

Here’s to hoping she gets to have another dream with Victor since Android is seen stripping naked! Also, he said something during her last dream about having people over, maybe there will be a party!

Dark Matter S2x10 Misaki and Four fight

Misaki and Four fight

After Android is back on the charging pad, it seems somehow the Raza has been boarded……by numerous hostile enemies! First Four (Alex Mallari Jr.) is caught off guard by a female, she looks familiar to me, stand by……

OH! It’s Misaki Han (Ellen Wong), she was in charge of that Imperial ship, anyway, she attacks him, doing the katana action scene right out of TWD, saying he’s a coward, she STABS HIM! Then, as quickly as she appeared, she and the wound are mysteriously gone! POOF!

Dark Matter S2x10 Bad guys have Two

Bad guys have Two

Next, Two (Melissa O’Neil) is just minding her own business walking down the corridor when she is surrounded by metal masked bad guys!

They grab her and hold her tight, then start moving her towards what looks like an electric chair with one of them wielding a small power saw, even though is small, we imagine the damage it could do!


Dark Matter S2x10 Six and Nyx find Two

Six and Nyx find Two

Six and Nyx come around the corner and notice that Two is just standing there, by herself mind you, they are calling out to her, she is not listening to them!

Finally, they get to her and when they touch her, she seems to awake from a dream but seems okay!

She tells them that men were there! They assure her, that nobody was there, only her. It is a nightmare!

Dark Matter S2x10 Sarah to Three does this feel real

Sarah to Three – Does this feel real?

Then we see Three, he’s cleaning his guns, just doing what he always does, cleaning his weapons, and then from nowhere in his cabin appears Sarah (Natalie Brown), who is no longer with the living. She tries her feminine wiles on him, convincing him that she is there, and doesn’t she feel real?!

Dark Matter S2x10 Five cannot get Two on the Com

Five cannot get Two on the Com

Come ‘on dude! You know she is DEAD. He asks her if she is a ghost, vague answer on her part, not very convincing.

By this time, since Five (Jodelle Ferland) could not raise Three on his com, Six has showed up!

Six is seen banging like hell on the door for Three to open it. No dice as Three is being brainwashed by vixen Sarah!

Dark Matter S2x10 I do not want to see you suffer Three

Dark Matter S2x10 I do ont want to see you suffer Three

This chick, Sarah, has Three convinced that things are going to be wonderful where she is and that he needs to come with her now by killing himself!

The vixen Sarah gets him to put his own gun to his temple, and he is actually about to pull the trigger to join Sarah in paradise!

Dark Matter S2x10 Everything is going to be fine Three says Sarah

Everything is going to be fine Three says Sarah

Five overrides the lock and gets the bulkhead door to open just about that time and Six jumps across the room and knocks the gun from Three’s hand and basically saves his life AGAIN!


Okay – things are going crazy here and if nobody else notices, I do – these things are happening while our Android is out of commission.

Dark Matter S2x10 Five is not buying what simulated Android is selling

Five is not buying what simulated Android is selling

Time for a crew meeting! They all come together and everyone has their own crazy hallucination story!

Something or somebody is messing with ALL of them! Simulated Android shows up, her answer is that Android is doing this to the ships interface, there is a virus, a subroutine, and that Android is slowly taking over every aspect of the ship, they are all in immediate peril!

Dark Matter S2x10 Android still sleeping at the party

Android still sleeping at the party

Her goal is to go after the actual neural links that they have connected to the Raza! Simulated Android has the solution! Maybe she does have the solution to this crazy problem, whatever the answer is, it needs to be done ASAP!

So, it is decided. Somebody has to SHOOT ANDROID IN THE HEAD while she is asleep recharging! So, this is going to solve all the problems. I am rolling my eyes, but fine. Six, Three and Nyx go down to the charging pad and get ready to do the deed, on Two’s command.

Dark Matter S2x10 Raza Crew about to do the deed!

Raza Crew about to do the deed!

Android is just a machine, a computer, nothing more. Stop acting like she’s a real person. She is wires, conductors, programs and nothing more. Get over it people!

Breathe people! Five informs Two that its actually not their Android, it’s the simulated Android!

Dark Matter S2x10 Crew escaping to the Marauder

Crew escaping to the Marauder

Two tells Three to Hold Off! Five says that all these problems actually began when the simulated Android was brought on line! It seems the simulated Android is the problem!

NOT, I REPEAT NOT our Android! And do not forget, the simulated Android is hearing everything they say!

There are still problems to overcome, the simulated Android has begun to unleash havoc all over the Raza! Two realizes that the Marauder is still untouched by the virus and orders all crew to evacuate to there!

Dark Matter S2x10 simulated Android tells Two you cannot fly the ship without the computer

Sim Android tells Two you cannot fly the ship without computer

Two, on the other hand, dawns a spacesuit, which she looks really pretty in!

Oh did I mention the virus is still taking over most of the key components of the ship AND dispensing poisonous gases throughout the Raza.

This spacesuit should protect Two as she attempts to get to the computer core and begin taking it apart, piece by integrated piece! This will shut down the Raza, but also, this will shut down the simulated Android too!

Dark Matter S2x10 Android and Victor party

Android and Victor party

Back to our Android in her dream………as Victor promised, they are having guests and a really nice party is going on!

Everything seems to be going great until Android sees a news broadcast on the television. The Raza is mentioned in the broadcast Android is watching, and it is under attack!

Dark Matter S2x10 Android seeing that the Raza is under attack on the news

Android seeing that the Raza is under attack on the news

Dark Matter S2x10 Android on the charging pad

Android on the charging pad

She misses her friends, they need her. She decides that she must be going back to help them.

The Android leaves the beautiful dream and awakes on her charging pad, steps off and goes to Two’s assistance.

Two has met head on with simulated Android who has locked her magnetic boots to the floor of the ship and made it impossible for Two to move any further towards the computer core!

Dark Matter S2x10 Two is nearly electrocuted

Dark Matter S2x10 Two is nearly electrocuted

When Two sees Android she orders her to go pull the cores from the Raza’s computer system.

As Android is, might I add successfully doing so, simulated Android is all about how doing this is going to shut down the ship and it will float forever in space!

Also, simulated Android unleashed some kind of electrical surge that zapped Two, and might very well have killed her. There is now no doubt that simulated Android has become evil and jealous of OUR Android!

Dark Matter S2x10 Android pulled the core no regrets

Android pulled the core no regrets

Our Android keeps removing the core pieces, just as ordered, and finally the simulated Android disappears!

The Raza has shut down completely. Two was just knocked unconscious, but she will be fine! She is 2Boss!

Android is working on restoring components of the Raza and now has life support up and the crew can exit the Marauder!

Dark Matter S2x10 Four saved his neural link on a thumb drive

Four saved his neural link on a thumb drive

As this chapter of Dark Matter ends, we see Four entering his quarters and opening a file on his computer. Looks like he saved a copy of his neural program that contains who he was in his past. Reality is a little more subjective…

At this point I am not sure who is the bad guys are anymore, who is friend or foe!?

Dark Matter S2x12 Sometimes In Life You Don't Get to Choose

Sometimes In Life You Don’t Get to Choose image courtesy Syfy

Good thing there us another episode next week, in fact two back to back episodes now that Killjoys successfully ended their second season. Maybe some of these questions will be answered beginning in episode eleven “Wish I’d Spaced You When I Had the Chance” and episode twelve “Sometimes in Life You Don’t Get to Choose”?

Also, for those who have not heard yet, Dark Matter has been renewed for Season 3! Congratulations to all involved! I know we here at WormholeRiders are very happy!

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  • avatar Kenn says:

    Happy Sunday Holly!

    I agree completely! The simulated Android had to be erased. It seems, although only a computer, I think Sim Android was able to determine how well OUR Android was becoming more than a machine since Victor gave her the emotion chip. No doubt Sim Android wanted to erase the lovely human like Android from existence, mentally torturing our Raza heroes in the process to gain complete control over them!

    Great job on your analysis and matching images of Take The Shot! Thank you.

    Best Regards,

    Kenn of Team WHR

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