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This awesome space drama developed by Joseph Mallozzi, Paul Mullie, and was written by Robert C. Cooper, well known for his work on the entire MGM Studios Stargate franchise since 1998! “We Should Have Seen This Coming” was Directed by Bruce McDonald  well known for his work on Lost Girl, Bomb Girls and Heartland!

Dark Matter has been quite an enjoyable ride through the universe in the second season of this outstanding science fiction adventure!

And, before I forget, thank you Syfy for the vision to let the creators of Dark Matter develop this journey for all of us to enjoy each week!

Dark Matter S2x06 - Marvelous Mpho Koaho as Milo

Dark Matter S2x06 Alicia ReynaudLast week we were left wondering about a teleconference between Arax (Mike Dopud) and Alicia Reynaud (Inga Cadranel), now known to be minions in the corrupt Galactic Authority. They are discussing the key card, the one that is currently on the Raza, that Five (Jodelle Ferland) has in her possession.

This week The Android (Zoie Palmer) finds that the transmissions have been corrupted. Unfortunately, all that is left of them that can be pulled up on the computer memory is a fuzzy picture of Alicia.

We Should Have Seen This Coming:

Dark Matter S2x06 We are onboardWe drop in on the Raza crew discussing their lack of fuel and supplies, The question is just how they will go about this if they are indeed going to go find Alicia? To do so, they are going to need some serious funds to restock the Raza.

Two suggests raiding a supply ship to get some things they need. The down side? Finding such a vessel out here in deep space might prove to be out of range of the Raza.

Dark Matter S2x06 Melanie Liburd as NyxNyx (Melanie Liburd) has another idea, the ship she was being held on has a synthetic drug on board called ‘Shadow’ that is worth high value on the open market.

A plan is devised to board the ship that Nyx was being held on and make off with the ‘Shadow’, find a buyer, resupply and go after Alicia.

Little did they know that once they were aboard to ship to nab the ‘Shadow’, Nyx has hidden her alternative motive.

Dark Matter S2x06 First look at MiloWe learn that Nyx’s brother Milo (Mpho Koaho) is being held, along with hundreds of others, in what look like stasis pods.

Nyx explains to Two (Melissa O’Neil) that they are all being pumped full of the ‘Shadow’ drug which collectively makes all their minds meld together to make a collective huge body that can together predict the future!

Dark Matter S2x06 Nyx RememberingThere is really not a lot of time to explain.

In Nyx’s mind, we get to see a flashback off when she was prisoner aboard the same nefarious ship!

The criminal leader Hansmeed (Daniel Fathers) and his goons are at the bulkhead door and about to catch Nyx and Two who are helping Milo escape! Yikes!

Three (Anthony Lemke) and Four (Alex Mallari Jr.) have nabbed the ‘Shadow’ drug. With their cargo in hand, they all, plus one, Nyx’s brother Milo attempt an escape from the drug ship of slaves! Our heroes all return to the Raza, safe for now.

Dark Matter S2x06 Nyx Harper has some explaining to doNyx has some explaining to do! She says after the initial crew from a company called Electus was overtaken by the ones now in the pods, their leader Hansmeed convinced them that it would be good to continue the research with the ‘Shadow’ drug and that they would all work together for a greater good.

It seems after he got everyone, including himself, hooked on the drug he went power crazy and held them all captive, using the power of their minds and predicting outcomes to benefit only himself.

Dark Matter S2x06 The Seer Hansmeed

Dark Matter S2x06 Milo saw the Raza comingNyx explains that the ones in the pods are called ‘Seers’ and that some are more powerful than others and her brother Milo is Hansmeed’s prize pupil.

Hansmeed will do anything to get him back and that they are not safe. Milo keeps saying he needs to return to the ship and Nyx convinces him that once the drug is out of his system he will be fine.

Dark Matter S2x06 Quick Get AwayIn the meantime, Three and Six (Roger Cross) are taking the ‘Shadow’ to a buyer in the Marauder when the Seer ship shows up and attacks the Raza.

The Marauder makes is to the surface of a nearby planet but the Android says they only have enough power to hide out for 24 hours! Time is of the essence here people!

Dark Matter S2x06 They found the RazaAfter taking quite a beating with power shields failing, the Raza makes a getaway but still the Marauder is stuck. To make things worse the Marauder has lost power. Three and Six are not getting along, Three is not convinced that Six is really on their side and nothing Six says is really helping, not yet anyway.

Six does get the Marauder powered back up and says he is sorry of Six. Six shrugs it off but they together decide to get the hell off this rock and head back to the Raza as fast as possible. They did not meet the drug buyers and get rid of the ‘Shadow’. So, no funds to resupply or refuel. What a waste of a trip!

Two has no idea what to do. Nothing has worked out so far. It now seems the Seer Ship can track and find them as long as Milo is on board the Raza.

Dark Matter S2x06 Devon taking ShadowWe see Devon (Shuan Sipos) sampling the ‘Shadow’, oh that’s just great! What’s up with that?! Devon told Five that he took the sample to help Milo detox. It seems he has other ideas about what to do with the drug.

The Marauder makes it back to the Raza about the time the Seer Ship starts firing on them again. The Android mentions that the Raza cannot take much more of this. Suddenly Two decides to open communications with the Seer ship.

Dark Matter S2x06 dont underestimate me says MiloMilo has confided to Nyx that he must go back, he is putting them all in jeopardy by being on board the Raza.

Before deciding this, Milo has confided to Four, who was asking questions about how the drug works and if Milo can see anything happening with the crew of the Raza.

Milo told him that he did see that one of the crew turns on the others, in the Dark Matter S2x06 Hansmeed and Milonear future.

Well that’s just great! Will it be Six, can he really be trusted or the drug induced Devon, guess only the future will tell!

The deal is made. Milo is going back. Milo tells Nyx that he can do more good from the inside, hopefully inspire another uprising from within with others that want to make a real difference.

Four escorts Milo back to the Seer shDark Matter S2x06 No theres another way says Four to Miloip, trying to get any information he can before the separation happens. Milo confides to Four that he actually thinks Hansmeed will take more drug induced youth for his evil plan, and eventually build more ships full of these connected pods, all for his own gain.

Oh and by the way, the Raza crew only returned half of the ‘Shadow’ that they took. If Devon doesn’t do it all they might actually find a buyer and turn some for the supplies and fuel they need to go find Alicia. Four looks at Milo and tells him it really doesn’t have to be that way. Dark Matter S2x06 Milo proving he will not be part of that future

When Milo is back on board the Seer ship, Hansmeed is talking to him about being back; Hansmeed says “One day you will see this is for the best, we are the future”. I guess Hansmeed’s predictive abilities were on the mark because after he left Milo in a room, the bulkhead door shut and he starts down the corridor, then he turns, kind of rushes back, opens the bulkhead door and finds Milo, throat slit, with Four’s knife in his hand. Sadly, his “prize pupil” had other ideas about the future!

Dark Matter S2x06 whats up with 2Boss handThe closing scene is a shocker!

We find ourselves with Two in her living quarters.  She is holding a beverage cup of some sort.

We suddenly see her hands shaking, dropping her cup to the floor as her right hand goes into uncontrollable spasms.

I never saw that coming……. maybe Devon did… ?

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  • avatar Kenn says:

    Hi Holly!

    A superb review of Dark Matter! Well done!

    Boy oh boy! What an episode “We Should Have Seen This Coming” is! I watched it 2 more times over the weekend and am mighty impressed with what Joseph Mallozzi, Paul Mullie created in an episode Directed by Robert C. Cooper! I truly enjoy the entire cast of Dark Matter, however, in my opinion, Melanie Liburd and Mpho Koaho stole the episode with their outstanding performances as sister and brother dealing with drug addiction!

    The danged Seer is trouble that dovetails the epidemic of addiction that is a plague to North America in specific, and the world in general due mainly to the failed policies of the past seven years in the United States.

    My consulting work takes me in direct contact with tens of thousands of the 14 million more slaves created over the past seven years who have no jobs. Many only want a good paying job, but too many have become addicted to EBT cards that they cash in to buy their booze or drugs, in effect enslaved.

    Thanks again for a great review!

    Best regards,

    Kenn of #TeamWHR

  • avatar Patricia says:

    Nice work, Holly. And you got it out really FAST! Good on you!


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