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Welcome back WormholeRiders to our web site dedicated to Destination Truth! On Saturday April 23, 2016 we had the distinct privilege and honor to conduct a WHR You Decide interview with awesome Amanda Rosenblatt! Amanda is a wonderful person whom Team WHR has followed for many years. We have long admired for her dedication to quality work and loyalty to all those she has worked with! Amanda Rosenblatt is creator of the superb Singularity Fan Pages , a fan website for Joshua Gates. She is also the operator (Tweeter) of the hugely popular DTonSYFYFans account on Twitter! For those who …Read the Rest

Erin Ryder: Exclusive Interview with Wonderful Woman of Many Mantras!

Welcome back to WHR You Decide! We here at WormholeRiders You Decide are proud, honored, and more than excited to welcome Erin Ryder, Actor, Director, Producer, Monster Hunter, Mouthy Blond, and renowned world traveler to include our forty-minute exclusive interview recorded Tuesday evening, May 21, 2013 at 6:30 PM Pacific time for your enjoyment! For those unaware, Erin Ryder has been named as “Today’s Girl” by Maxim magazine in July …Read the Rest

Our Women of Destination Truth!

Welcome Destination Truth Fans! I hope you enjoy my special, and consider this a New Years present from me to all of you! Well #Truthies, it has been a few months and I do not know about you, but I have been starving for some Destination Truth! Syfy gives us the occasional tidbit, a Marathon or two, and I truly thank them for those wonderful days of DT! Myself, I …Read the Rest

Destination Truth: Top Ten Scary Moments – Hang On!

Hey Destination Truth fans! Well Truthies, we are not going to let yet another Season hiatus get in the way of a good time, now are we? In the spirit of October being the month of Halloween, let us chat about the Top Ten Scariest Moments of Syfy’s Destination Truth featuring host Josh Gates. PLEASE BE WARNED: from creepy dolls to gory gashes, some photos in this article may not …Read the Rest

Pop Culture Fandom Explored in “fanATOMY”

Pop Culture is at the heart of why WormholeRiders exists today. This begs the question, though, as to where pop culture would be today without the fans that drive it to being a major part of our lives? Resident WormholeRiders contributing writer Amanda Rosenblatt has recently released an independent film called “fanATOMY” that touches on the international subculture and psychology of pop culture fanatics. Featuring footage from concerts, conventions and …Read the Rest

Destination Truth – Hanging Coffins and Search for the Kiyik Adam

Hi Destination Truth fans, As this is the Season Five Finale, and I hated it to see it end, I have taken extreme care preparing this analysis for Destination Truth.  As an ardent member of Team Truth myself, my thoughts are with all Truthies around the world.  We have become a family and families stick together, through thick and thin.  We have seen some things we cannot explain and watched …Read the Rest

Destination Truth: “Vampire Monsters and Island of the Damned” or Josh does not like Haunted Houses!

Here we are, WormholeRiders! Another episode closer to the mid-season finale of Destination Truth, season five, on Syfy. The thrills have not disappointed at all, and they certainly do not stop with this episode! Before continuing my review, please enjoy a sneak peek for next weeks exciting Destination Truth – Hanging Coffins/Kazakh Monster provided courtesy of Syfy! Vampire Monsters & Island of the Damned: Grab your passports and pack your …Read the Rest

Destination Truth: “Spirits of Tikal and Creature from the Black Lagoon” Rise Up!

Hold on Destination Truth Fans and Welcome to Wormholeriders! We have another exciting adventure this week on Destination Truth – Spirits of Tikal/Creature from the Black Lagoon, so buckle up, grab a backpack and here we go with Joshua Gates, Erin Ryder and Team Truth which consists of Kyle Wheeler cameraman, David D’Angelo cameraman, Katy Murakami field investigator, Adam Butler audio tech, Tristant Icaza equipment tech, and Richie Fung medic. …Read the Rest

Destination Truth: “Alien Invaders/Swedish Lake Monster” What Are We Looking At?!

Ahoy, WormholeRiders! We return with another romp into the unknown with Syfy’s Destination Truth. Episode Four brings us two cases – unidentified flying objects in Kazakhstan and a sea creature in Sweden. Before continuing, please enjoy my interview with Josh Gates from Comic-Con 2011 before reading my review of “Spirits of Tikal/Creature from the Black Lagoon” courtesy of Syfy. Alien Invaders/Swedish Lake Monster:  Our team is at the Los Angeles …Read the Rest

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