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Catch up on our little Alien problem:  Karen (Jessy Schram) knocked Maggie (Sarah Carter) out, and she is bleeding.  Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) found son Hal Mason (Drew Roy) on the roof of the hospital, unconscious. 

Meanwhile, John Pope (Colin Cunningham) and Anthony (Mpho Koaho) were found on the side of the road and brought back to the 2nd Mass.  Pope woke up and informed Tom that the Skitters are coming! Captain Weaver (Will Patton) is still recovering from the alien infection, but will soon resume his role as leader of the 2nd Mass survivors. 

Dreamworks Television - Click to visit and learn more about Dreamsworks at their official web site!For good or bad, Dreamworks Studios has brought the viewers face to face with Ben (Conner Jessup) and Karen who have left the 2nd Mass and took to the hills.  Pull up a stool and let me tell you a little story about when the aliens came.

Before continuing my review of Molon Labe, please enjoy the sneak peek of “Molon Labe” and last weeks 2nd Watch with host Wil Wheaton covering the episode ‘Homecoming’ provided courtesy of the great Team at TNT Networks!

Molon Labe or There’s a New Kid in Town:

Falling Skies S2x07 - Ben spikes light up when Skitters are near

Ben is telling Karen about a group of Resistance Skitters that he has been in contact with.  I wish he would not confide in her. Ben says that they need to look for this group of Resistance Skitters so that is where they are headed.  Then they come to a standstill, Ben feels that they have Skitters, very near.  He is correct.

Falling Skies S2x07 - Molon Labe Overlord
Falling Skies S2x07 - Skitterized tries to convince BenKaren steps toward the group of Skitters and is telepathically communicating with them.  This is not the Rebel Skitter “Red Eye”.  Ben has a horrified look on his face. 

Karen is telling these Skitters about the group of Rebel Skitters and explaining to Ben how he needs to come with her and these Skitters. 

Skitterized Karen seductively leans really close to Ben and says ‘Remember how good it is, to be connected’?Falling Skies S2x07 Fishhead skitter 3

From out of nowhere, shots are fired at the Skitters, saving Ben from Karen’s control.  Karen runs towards the Skitters.  It is Tom, Anthony (Mpho Koaho), Hal (Drew Roy) and Dai (Peter Shinkoda).  They have been tracking Karen and Ben. The fish-head “Overlord”, the leader from the Ship, is with this group.  

A fire fight ensues between the opposing forces until quick thinking Tom levels a gun at the “Overlord”. Instantly all the other Skitters stand down.  Ben says they cannot afford for this one to be killed.  Tom decides that in that case this one, the Leader, should come with them.  This leader might well turn our to be their ticket out of here!

Falling Skies S2x07 - A firefight ensues

Falling Skies S2x07 - Young lovers Lourdes and JamilBack at the hospital, the 2nd Mass is getting ready to roll out. Maggie (Sarah Sanguin Carter) has been cleaned and stitched back up.  The tanks are all topped off.  Jamil (Brandon Jay Mclaren) and Lourdes (Seychelle Gabriel) are having a moment. 

Captain Weaver appears in the crowd and interrupts the proceedings informing the 2nd Mass that everyone needs to be ready when Tom and the group return.  It seems like it will be Charleston here they come. Falling Skies S2x07 - Captain Weaver takes a liking to young Matt

Weaver seems to have taken a shine to Matt (Maxim Knight), tells him he is needed for security and to get his butt moving. Matt retorts with a proud “Yes sir”!

However, instead of heading out for Charleston right away the 2nd Mass is going to have to hunker down and stand their ground at the hospital. They are under attack from the evil Skitters and their mechanical minions the “Battle Bots” as Crazy Lee (Luciana Carro), Tector (Ryan Robbins) and the Berserkers defend the hospital grounds!

Falling Skies S2x07 - Crazy Lee defends against attack on hospital

Falling Skies S2x07 - Captain Weaver suspects Skitter foul playCaptain Weaver thinks the Skitters are trying to trick them and sends Tom to check out the back way into the hospital.  Sure enough, Skitters are breaking in as Tom shows up.  Anne, Lourdes and Matt were getting supplies from the basement; they hear the commotion and take off for safety. 

Tom is observed running from the evil Skitters. He is cornered, finds a lantern, throws is at the Skitter and there is an explosion, thankfully blowing the Skitter up.

However, with the explosion comes a back draft that travels thru the hospitals elevator shaft and exits into the basement where Anne, Lourdes and Matt were trying to escape.

Falling Skies S2x07 - Skitter on Fire

Falling Skies S2x07 - Tom watches the alien BBQ The explosion seems to have settled the Skitters down that were leading the devilish and devious attack on the hospital. 

We wonder; Are Anne, Lourdes and Matt okay after being knocked out during the explosion?

What is the power of this Fish-head Leader alien?  Is Captain Weaver cured of whatever the aliens managed to get into his bloodstream?  Can John Pope ever be trusted, even in a crisis? 

And then we have Karen, she did have an agenda from the very moment she came back into contact with the 2nd Mass.  How can Ben be trusted?  It seems they experienced the very same thing yet his reaction is very different from Karen’s, at least regarding the Skitters.  Falling Skies S2x07 - Weaver tells Tom Ben cannot be trusted

Captain Weaver tells Tom that they cannot protect Ben anymore and in fact he may not be able to trust him either. This is a hard thing, being a parent and not being able to protect your child. 

While they are contemplating their situation, Karen shows up waving a white flag.  Karen says that they all need to take a deep breath and calm down.  What the What?

Falling Skies S2x07 Karen Whiteflag 6
Falling Skies S2x07 - Can Karen be trusted even under a flag of truce Karen says if the 2nd Mass releases her ‘Master’, the evil fish-head “Overlord” leader alien, that they can leave in peace.  Her ‘Master’?  This is Creepyville for sure!  Karen threatens says if they do not release the fish-head, things will only get worse. Jessy Schram is very effective in this dark side role as compared to her character in “Once Upon A Time”. . 

Captain Weaver gives Tom the nod, to have the fish-head  released to Karen.  Tom and Hal go and talk with Karen and agree to release the fish-head, but all the Skitters have to pull back from the hospital area.  Anne (Moon Bloodgood), Matt and Lourdes wake up from the explosion, groggy but they seem okay.  Anne says they need to get out of there now.  Falling Skies S2x07 - Hal and Tom are given an ultimatum by Karen

Ben is blaming himself for the attack feeling that he should have left the 2nd Mass weeks ago.  Hal tells him that it was Karen that put everyone in jeopardy to no avail. News travels fast in a family as Ben tells his dad, Tom, that he is leaving, eventually. 

To make matters worse, the hospitals access tunnels need to be checked out for purposes of leaving that way if necessary and there is no time for blame, not right now.  Captain Weaver seems to have recovered from the heated blood transfusion, we will see.

Falling Skies S2x07 Ben,Hal,Tom blame 8

Anne, Lourdes and Matt come across Jamil in the basement tunnels, he is bleeding and hurt.  Jamil is not coherent but when Matt starts to open an exit door, Jamil shouts ‘No’ before it is opened, maybe there could be a Skitter behind that door?  Something is in the exit stairway.  This is probably not a good place to hang out for very long!

Falling Skies S2x07 Jamil tunnel no 9

Falling Skies S2x07 Hal gets kiss 10Hal and Maggie are searching for a tunnel leading out of the hospital through the basement.  They come upon what looks like an opening but the door is rusted closed.  Hal is attempting to get it open, talking about the relationship he had with Karen, when Maggie pulls him to her and yeah, this has been coming!  The kiss. 

When they finally pull that rusty door open, baby Skitters, cockroaches, are running towards them!  Do you think that is what was behind the Exit door that Jamil was telling Matt not to open?  Margaret and Hal get the door slammed shut, but one Skitter got throughFalling Skies S2x07 Jamil Skitter mouth 11, Hal slams it, it takes about 15 hits but it goes down!

We find ourselves back with Anne, Lourdes, Matt and Jamil.  Anne found a body board and they are strapping Jamil down to get him upstairs.  Matt notices that there is something scratching at the ceiling tiles. 

At this point I am thinking we have a whole colony of baby Skitters invading the walls and halls of this hospital.  Karen said they would pull back. Well, we know for sure we cannot trust her! 

Then before they can get moving, Jamil’s body starts shaking and all of a sudden he has a bunch of baby Skitters coming out of his mouth!  He is full of them!  Jamil had just told Lourdes that he loved her.  Anne, says there is no saving him, they must run!   And run they do with the baby Skitters chasing them down the hallway!

Falling Skies S2x07 Skitters chasing anne 12

Captain Weaver is getting the 2nd Mass setup to defend against these new and the old version of the Skitters!  These cockroaches are quick moving and they seem to hide and be everywhere at once!  Anne, Matt and Lourdes are trapped in blood lab, their only way out is through an air vent. 

They quickly discover that Matt is the only one that will fit through the vent. Matt’s final words when entering the vent system is that he will bring back help.  Hope he gets back with some help before those baby Skitters eat their way through the lab door. 

Tom, Hal and Pope, yes even John Pope, are trying to find them. Tom and his bunch do not know about poor Jamil, yet. 🙁

Falling Skies S2x07 Matt airvent 14

Pope, Tom and Hal are searching the basement tunnels for Anne, Matt, Lourdes and Jamil.  They come upon an air vent with noises coming out of it.  Pope starts to open fire!  Then they hear Matt’s cries for help, just in time. 

They pull Matt from the vent just in time to save him from the ‘cockroaches’ as Weaver calls them. As these baby Skitters?.  Matt tells them that Anne and Lourdes are in the blood lab.  Hal takes Matt upstairs while Tom and Pope head towards the blood lab to rescue the ladies!

Falling Skies S2x07 Tom finds Matt 15
Falling Skies S2x07 Karen message 17Outside, Captain Weaver, Hal and Tector (Ryan Robbins) are getting another message from Karen, and a captured comrade Boon (Billy Wickman).  Karen gives Boon the nod; he takes off heading for the 2nd Mass line. 

However, as he wobbles and tries to run, a Skitter instructs a Mech Battle Bot to take aim. Another hero is lost as Boon is gunned down! All of this occurs directly in front of the entire 2nd Mass holding the line at the hospital.  Weaver is not the only one shaking his head. Tector repeatedly fires his gun in frustration while the Skitter retreats. Boon is dead. We are sad.

Falling Skies S2x07 Boon down 18

Falling Skies S2x07 ryanrob firing 19Karen leaves them with the warning that the 2nd Mass is out of time.  While still hiding inside the blood lab, Anne and Lourdes have found an oxygen tank that they can use as a weapon. 

The cockroaches are about to eat through the door when Anne yells at Lourdes to open the door and she fires the tank and cooks the cockroaches!  The little buggers are frying when Pope and Tom show up from the other side and finish the job!

Falling Skies S2x07 Pope, Tom other side 21

Weaver tells Tom about Boon’s patrol not making it.  Then Anne tells Captain Weaver about Jamil not making it.  Lourdes takes off running down the hallway.  So much, so fast.  It truly is a minute-by-minute survival attempt for the 2nd Mass at this point.  Tom is pissed and heads off to pay the fish-head leader a visit, which he refers to as their honored guest!

Falling Skies S2x07 Tom visit to fishhead 22

Ben has gone with Tom to confront the fish-head leader.  When Tom threatens to kill him right now, the fish-head rips free from his restraints and begins talking through Ben.  Ben’s spikes are glowing, big-time!

Falling Skies S2x07 Bens glowing 25The leader says that the Skitters have a correction to make.  They now want peace and when what they came to Earth for is completed, that they will leave.  After speaking through Ben, when finished, Ben drops to the ground and begins bleeding from his mouth.  Tom first asks the fish-head to stop, then when he says please, it does stop. Damn.  Sentiment is a weakness of only humans, not aliens.  The Leader tells Tom that they are in over their heads, the 2nd Mass that is, and to release him before it is too late.

Falling Skies S2x07 Ben bleeding 26Tom is not taking it anymore.  He tells the fish-head leader that he now understands.  He then pulls his gun and unloads on the fish-head leader and down he goes!

The next scene is Captain Weaver and Tom talking, Weaver is not a happy camper.  He tells Tom that they cannot let their emotions get the better of them. 

Nevertheless, says that he understands and does know that is much easier said than done.   Tom thinks the one-eyed Skitter is leading the rebellion and that is why the Leader fish-head sent Karen to take Ben.  Tom thinks that is the only thing that makes any sense.  Weaver is not sure he thinks maybe the Skitters just wanted Ben so he could fill them in on the 2nd Mass exodus to Charleston.

Falling Skies S2x07 Karen to bleedin leader 30

Instead of waiting until the Leader fish-head expires, Tom and Weaver decide to bring Karen in to see the fish-head before he dies.  Hal is escorting her to see her Master.  Hal is so mad at her, she rambling about sub-atomic particles and grains of sand.

Falling Skies S2x07 Karen Hal subatomic 31Then she admits that the whole un-harnessed kids in the leaves was a complete setup from the very beginning, just to get to Ben. Hal is getting madder and madder.  Karen is talking in that monotone voice. While explaining things to Hal, Karen gets a telepathic transmission and realizes that something is wrong with her ‘Master’.  Yeah, something is wrong alright!  Karen runs to her Masters side while Tom, Hal and Ben explain to her that her Master is in real dire straits, probably will not make it.

Falling Skies S2x07 Karen bleedmaster 32Karen tries to attack Tom but Ben intervenes and put her in a choke-hold.  Then Hal starts explaining to Karen how this entire floor of the hospital has been rigged with C4 and with the touch of a button, Boom!   Tom gives her a choice, let the 2nd Mass leave, harming nobody else; or she and her Master are going to be blown to smithereens. Period.  Karen does not like it but she really has no choice.

Falling Skies S2x07 Letusleave or die 33
The 2nd Mass is pulling out from what has become a home for a while.  Matt is a hero, for crawling through the air vent.  Lourdes has her own journey to continue with.  Anne and Tom, new steps to take.  Captain Weaver says it is about 500 miles to Charleston, and that they have just enough fuel and supplies to get there.  At this point, Charleston sounds like their savior, a paradise on Earth.  The way their expecting it to be and the way it really is, this is what worries me.  Everybody needs to look forward to something, and this is their hope.

Falling Skies S2x07 Tom leavin 34

Holy crap.  Anne is in the mobile lab and a frakking normal spider, hello! Normal spider?  Well it crawls out of a box and onto her hand.  She freaks out; I would too, and double kills it.  Tom comes in and assures her that she got it!  They have a moment, both realizing that nothing is guaranteed, time is precious and so are people. 

Lourdes is having a tough time and says some words of reflection; all any of them are doing is waiting, waiting on something terrible to happen.

“It does not matter if your good, or bad, or honest, or a thief.  Just wait long enough and something bad is going to happen, to them all.”

Falling Skies S2x07 Weaver 500miles 36

Falling Skies S2x07 Lourdes sumthin bad 36The 2nd Mass has stopped, and is taking a break.  Ben is loaded up and is taking this opportunity to make his exit, except Tom was a step ahead of him.  Instead of making Ben stay, they are talking.  Ben knows what the aliens are planning and thinks he can join the Skitter resistance and help save the Earth and humanity. 

Tom does not want to let him go, but does not know how to stop him.  Ben is leaving with or without his dad’s permission, so Tom accepts it and lets Ben know how much he loves him.  Hopefully, we will be seeing Ben soon.

Falling Skies S2x07 Ben Tom final 37

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  • avatar WR_Systems says:

    Hi Holly!

    Great job on the review. Thank you for having this ready to rock after the west coast airing and not spoiling for those in North America who had not see “Molon Labe;”

    What an episode! That delightfully evil Karen! The great adventure for Matt! AND the cockroaches. Can anyone say “get the bug spray!” 😛 and the return of the sarcasm between Pope and Anthony! OMG is it great to see Pope and Anthony trade sarcasm again!

    Poor Boon and Jamil though! 🙁 I liked those two characters.

    Thanks again!

    Best Regards,


  • avatar Angie says:

    Awesome job Holly! This was a very good episode indeed. The evil Karen is something to watch. Knowing that irl Jessy Schram is such a sweet person and then watching her morph into this character is awesome and a great job on her part. I agree with Kenn, I hated to see Boon and Jamil die. 🙁 I was so excited to see Brandon J. McLaren on Falling Skies. I was a huge fan of his on The Killing. Thank you for such a wonderful review.

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